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Cost and Features to Develop a Fitness Trainer Finder App

Being fit is just a term, but the growing internet world is taking the word into another definition. Mobile apps are seamlessly helpful to use for every requirement. The Mobile app development services are combining or knotting our needs to virtual worlds to comfort more. The apps are rekindling the overall health and fitness system with their multiple features.

Internet and apps have intervened everywhere, from the kitchen to learning, now making the terms wider while assigning you with an own trainer.  Obviously, it is pretty much strange, but it is true, as now the traditional gym registration is getting a call of yesterday. This gets possible because of the mobile apps that comprehend very much to grab the fitness.

As per research of the US population, the fitness apps have gathered much crowed in just last few years. This is really a high proof that when people were saying that Smartphone is not that good for health but an alternative to this, they are serving your health amazingly. There will be extra benefits if you are getting guidance on your phone instead of by any person.

You can also refer as an at-home fitness trainer, where every fitness need is served well with the instant communication with the trainers. Once you have found a fitness trainer, your every moment gets served with great fitness terms. Your trainer will help you find the best ever practices to achieve fitness. Thus, the overall app development is consists of multiple functionalities and features to serve the need a better and smooth way.

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Architecture and Features of a Fitness Trainer Finder App

Fitness trainer app Development is a trawl of multiple functions, and the architecture is complicated enough to understand. But once you have followed the entire process well, you can easily communicate the same to convey the best possible design for your required app. Let’s dig out some most crucial information to sooth the comprehension –

1. Trainer Panel

  • This is the panel where the trainers register themselves with some credentials. After the registering panel, the next feature which is needed to add is the appointments.
  • Here, every trainer is allowed to accept or reject the appointments as per their own schedules.    
  • Trainers must be able to review the customers’ profile so that they can grab an idea about to whom they need to serve and what will be the best suggestions.
  • There must be an option of accepting or rejecting any user who has clicked for the appointments.
  • Trainers must be able to share the diet charts with not only their customers but also to the public, who are already registered with the app.
  • There must be a blogging section through which the trainer can publish their fitness related articles. The nutrition concepts, trends and many more that are published on the app by the multiple trainers, injects the desire to the people to move for acquiring the fitness.

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2. User Panel

  • This panel should be more attractive and friendly so that people can feel the attraction to enroll them as a user. Here let them log in with their other related accounts like social ones.
  • Users will search their own trainers and then select the most appropriate according to their need.  They must also have the opportunity to choose the services from the list.
  • Payment option is the most crucial one where you need to play very specifically. Here the user is transferring the money; therefore, the path must be so secured and smooth.
  • There must be an option where the customer can ask for the diet charts to their trainer and review the others including the blogs too.

3. Admin Panel

  • Here the admin is responsible for managing the users and their associated trainers in concern to meet with the best fitness.
  • One additional feature which is required, admin can also assign the trainer to a user after reviewing the requirements.
  • Admin should be able to manage and track the overall fitness reports of the users. This lets the business run smoothly.

4. Video Session

When the video sessions take place, it lets the people understand everything in a better comprehensive manner. Many times a user can not attend the gym session because of some urgency; hence if you are having this feature in your app, users will get attracted towards it.

5. Sounds and push notification

Music boots the acceleration in every term, and the exercising is not a rare one.  If you are enabling a music feature with your app, users can experience better.  Additionally, push notification is a great inclusion to your app. This keeps your audience entertained and engaged by offering them multiple services and motions.

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Cost of a Fitness Trainer Finder App

The cost entirely depends upon how many features you are using. It may vary from the place to place, here is a quick idea according to this if you will Hire app developer

  • From North America, it will cost you around $150 per hour
  • From Australia, it will cost you around $190 per hour
  • From India, it will cost you around $25 to $ 80 per hour

Additionally, if you are looking to create an excellent app with splendid features, it may cost you up to approximately $ 15,000 to $25,000.


After grabbing all the required information about Fitness trainer app Development, this is the time to set the all competitors stay behind. Create your app and take a step forward to make people fit and healthy. It will be a tremendous worthy and wealthy deal for you too.


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