The epidemic has changed much of the daily routine. For most of the time this year, people throughout the world have been locked up in their houses. They have been forced to manage their companies from home. Video conferencing is now the sole method to hold corporate meetings. Individuals have been required to modify their mode of communication completely. Read this blog to know more about how to develop social networking app like clubhouse.

Live communication and social interaction in the digital business have increased significantly. Web development companies are beginning to emerge from the recession. Video-on-demand, live streaming, and social networks have experienced significant growth. Many firms have recognized brand marketing potential on social media and have started to advertise through it. As a result, they have created a huge audience, unlike in the past.

Let’s explore how the social media business evolved as a result of the current pandemic situation. According to a study conducted in October 2020, more than 4 billion (4.14 billion) individuals in the globe used social media every month, in comparison to the 3.80 billion users in January 2020. It is an astounding 53% penetration rate for the whole world population. An average of 2 million individuals signs up every day for social networks.

The popularity of social media is even more apparent when you look at the shift in percentage between October 2019 and October 2020. In this period:

  • The global population rose by 1.0% (+81 million)
  • Single mobile users grew by 2.0% (+102 million)
  • Internet users grew by 7.4%, (+321 million)
  • Active users of social media rose by 12.3% (+453 million).

Almost 60 percent of the world’s population currently has an internet connection. Current trends predict that over half of the world’s population will use social media by mid-2021. Let’s have a look at the most popular social media app development companies in 2020.

As we know that Facebook alone is not the only social media app. In the lockdown, a mobile application development company released an intriguing venture, called Clubhouse, which started in the spring season and rapidly accelerated. The audio and social network received 2 million new users in December 2020 and January 2021 alone.

During its whole existence, from April 2020 to February 2021, the Clubhouse community has grown to 12.7 million. (data taken from research by App Annie). This app was released only for the example you iOS platform but later the company decided to hire android app developers to release an app for Android users as well. The Clubhouse is one of the most promising of all the new applications introduced during the 2020 shutdown. Why? Let us take this scenario into account in the following section.

What is The Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is an audio-chat social networking software. Initially, the app was only compatible with iOS devices. However, CEO Paul Davison indicated that preparations are underway to provide software for Android users. The company took the help of an android app development company, and later it was released for android users as well.

Clubhouse allows users to participate in a conversation by establishing rooms, joining groups, or interacting in a meeting hall with others. In essence, converting the conventional Club House idea to a chat room gateway allowed users to enter any live chat and start talking to other players. The main feature of Clubhouse is that it allows users to enter into a virtual room and communicate with others present there via audio.

clubhouse features

This audio-centric social media project was started for podcasts in 2019 and later released for the iOS operating system in March 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when this situation compelled individuals to remain at home. The social media app developers of the Clubhouse app saw it as a potential to create a mobile alternative. It is gaining popularity at a fast rate as it helps people deal with boredom easily while also placing them under one platform.

In addition to Elon Musk’s tweets about Clubhouse, which helped the platform expand and influence people enormously, the idea of adding interactive social activities also helped attract individuals towards the Clubhouse app.

What is The Reason Behind The Popularity of ClubHouse?

Not everyone wants to be part of a video-based app such as TikTok, and it is always appalling for the camera-shy people to be on-screen. Clubhouse appeals to users who are wary of visual interaction since the service is voice-only. In addition, voice chat allows you to be spontaneous on social media.

The need for other ways for connecting users during the covid pandemic is a huge reason why Clubhouse has become a successful IT development company. It offers a simple way to communicate with the world without video or email. Clubhouse’s charm stems from its features that allow obscurity. No messages can be captured in the app. You must be present when you want to engage in a discussion.

Why You Should Be Developing An App Like ClubHouse?

The social media app developing market is an ever-growing one. We already have innumerable apps for social interaction, and the numbers are constantly increasing. So let’s look at the best instances of why users should not miss the fast-growing social and music sectors.

1. Valuable Insights For Consumers

Clubhouse and other sharing programs give a plethora of interesting information to a huge demographic. In most cases, their dissatisfaction with a condition or service is analyzed and investigated. It enables the software development company to use social media to gather essential and user-friendly information. It includes customer service, marketing improvement, product or service creation, and other important areas.

2. Consumer Purchasing Power

Nearly 43 percent of buyers worldwide utilize social media to perform commodity testing. The social media platform simplifies regular revenue generation for company owners within a very small time. The arrival of these businesses on social media applications has been essential in their growth which also helps to drive the global economy.

3. Consumer Experience Improved

Social media users typically want to locate businesses/service providers for numerous reasons, including needing help in making purchases. 54% of individuals presently utilize social media for customer service. Businesses providing social application programs thereby benefit from enhanced brand exposure, increased word-of-mouth references, and faithful consumers.

4. Web Traffic Is Always Booming

The majority of SEO activities usually help with social media, which boosts traffic to the website and improves the page’s ranking. They may also help build relationships by posting on their social media profiles. Therefore, investment in a web development company¬†is a wise decision because the company can capture and rate high traffic.

5. Opportunities for CRM

Since many mobile app development companies can watch and measure the behavior of collective customers, they may give the owner companies this important information. As a consequence, multinationals may better understand and serve their customers, enhancing the CRM capacity.

6. Scalability

When you or a mobile app development company construct a social network platform from scratch, it might experience significant traffic loads by a quick increase in the active user base. On the other hand, dependable cloud providers will meet the ever-increasing demand comfortably. As a consequence, your firm will develop without modifications if you employ the latest technology.

7. Business Achievement

With such a significant user base on social media networks, companies profit from a broader market scope and a wider prospective customer pool. The niche culture frequently unites like-minded and connected choice buyers who support the firm as loyal consumers. As a result, it also helps in building society.

How To Build An Audio-Only Social Media App Like ClubHouse?

1. Develop Your Corporate Strategy

Decide what your ad users desire or what your software can accomplish with your people. For example- you wish to construct something that resembles a private chat room or focus on presenting large podcasts and free collaborative sessions. Knowing your goal you can decide what features should your app hold.


Strategizing will also help you identify the type of audience you want, the advantages and limitations, and its comparison with other market alternatives. Given these characteristics, you can design a strategy around the core aim of your firm, which will bring your venture into the market as a competition.

2. Choose Your Company Model

The business model shows how a mobile app development company may function and achieve long-term cash inflow. It is how companies generate funds by selling their goods and services. Four typical business models for social networking sites or any software and a specific approach for clubhouse-like applications are available:

  • By compelling users to pay a one-time app payment, you monetize your product
  • It might be a subscription-based app where you charge for the services you provide- a weekly, quarterly, or annual cost
  • The software could be a digital marketing tool for which companies pay to promote their products
  • You provide your customers an opportunity to connect and learn from business professionals. Even though you can offer free private rooms for your friends and family, you may charge extra memberships or “seminar fees” for someone with a huge fan following. It is a win-win situation where the famous personality and the company split the fees.

Based on your company model, you will need to create a business plan that defines some key goals and how you can achieve them. The strategic plan would include the significant assumptions, goals, and methods for achieving these goals.

3. Select The Attributes For Your Application

During the pandemic, the Clubhouse startup went on to hire iOS developers for releasing the application for iOS-based devices. You can have the following Clubhouse-like features in your software:

  • The Clubhouse gives people the opportunity to access public and private chat rooms. It is, therefore, a requirement and a critical component of social media. The app should be able to provide roles in a chat room. For example, it may allocate roles such as host, guest, interviewer, delegate, or speaker. It will make managing the chat room easier, and individuals can communicate more uniformly and in an orderly way.
  • Crosstalk is a concern since the Clubhouse-like software can communicate with speech. It may be a chaotic scenario. Now you must make sure that just one person speaks at a time, and while addressing a serious question, the chat room does not become unorganized. One function can be to mute all members, with only the moderator having the power to allow everyone to speak. Alternatively, an AI-based capability can be included in the app which helps detect distinct voices and enables everyone to communicate in turn.
  • If the app pays for lectures or charges for them, payment gates might be another integration. Secure payment channels are now necessary, such as Amazon Payment, WePay, PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe.
  • Another helpful feature that could be included is integrating a way for people to share their opinions on an issue being discussed anonymously through surveys in large chat groups.
  • Not the SIM card minutes, but the app feature captures the meeting minutes. Minutes are necessary for official meetings and your clubhouse rival. You now have to keep the minutes of all other formal meetings. You document them in summary and hire dedicated developers to work on them. It would be useful when you or your customer, wishes to discuss their previous meetings.

4. Get The Right Design

There is not much room for mistakes in an app market. Developers must give priority to your program’s user interface and intuitiveness. Some detected flaws and users who have difficulty navigating the UI might undermine the app’s success.

Visual appeal is not enough to engage and attract smartphone customers. It would be best to have a deeper understanding of what the consumer expects the app to deliver. It is difficult to strike a balance between beauty and utility. However, it is essential to hire dedicated developers to create an experience that fascinates your target clients.

5. Working On Your MVP

You could have an extensive list of functions in the voice chat app. However, it is not easy to develop a program with all its capabilities from the ground up. It is costly and might lead to a long time break from the market.

Instead, you may construct an MVP and test the basic principles as quickly as feasible. You might also only want to incorporate the essential elements in the MVP and save others for further upgrades.

6. Start, Iterate, And Grow

In the technology industry, you often stumble upon the phrase “data is the new oil”. Anyone building an app, particularly social networking websites, should be aware of this.

Any place would be a storehouse for vast numbers of incoming data concerning identifying the user and other demographic data. These app analytics can assist you in discovering more and how your consumers are using your app.

It would be considerably more beneficial if the app’s income strategy instead based on advertisements. Marketers on your website would target their consumers appropriately, resulting in more brand sales.

How Much Does Building An Application Like Clubhouse Cost?

Suppose you want to build and benefit from a Clubhouse-type app like the Clubhouse creators. In that case, you will need to understand the complexity of chatting and messaging app development and also hire mobile app developers. Take a moment to investigate Clubhouse and other comparable chat apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook.

According to Statista, 79 percent of the United States population have a social network profile, with over 3.2 billion smartphone users accessing the internet. Given these figures, it with highly profitable for corporations to create a social media platform with user-friendly features.


It is crucial to realize that each app is distinct and will vary significantly based on various aspects. It includes the requirement review, user interface definition, visual design, and QA process. Including a wide range of features in your audio-chat app helps in making it the best and standing out from the crowd. Here are some features that outline the essential elements to consider when creating an app such as Clubhouse.

  • Audience target
  • Infrastructure backend
  • Complexity and application characteristics
  • Stacking of technology
  • Visual element inclusion

Let us get to the point: How much did it cost an iPhone app development company to create an app like Clubhouse? It is, however, apparent to industry experts that the more their software is simplified, the more money they have to spend. Furthermore, you would have to pay around $50,000 to $60,000 if you are a firm that wants to include clubhouse-like features in your product. Many messaging apps have had a

Let’s look at the instance of Clubhouse and how it instantly got renowned. As we know, it was advertised by notable celebrities and prominent capitalists on other social media platforms. Suppose you’re looking for a top clubhouse alternative. In such a case, you’ll see that users identify no other software with a comparable function. It is one of the reasons an app receives so many new users each day.


The world has changed, and everything has become available online. Communication and entertainment were also available online. The power of solutions by an IT company that links us through the internet and provides the possibility to share experiences is difficult to underestimate. Their popularity will only continue to increase because of the distinct features provided in them. That is why investing in online audio conversations is a fantastic option. To create such an app you need to first create an excellent set of features, define your unique value proposition, and pack all the features up in a beautiful design that will attract customers.