An expert approach to develop android apps in 2019 will always be provided by different Android app development companies. They are there to fulfill all the requirements for android app development.

There are many android app development company that provides world-class service. This, in turn, will enable you to increase your revenue and your total profit on investment. They will help you meet all the enhanced technical requirements of a particular start-up, SME’s, etc.

The best approach will be developing a skilled android app development team who will work together to fulfill the goals. This, in turn, will help to reduce both the cost and time which will eventually be invested in developing some of the robust applications to increase your business growth.

It will allow you to alter the infrastructure and will provide all the leading technologies that will complete all the task at one go. There are many mobile application development companies which work very hard to serve its clients.

The mobile application development company provide many services. They successfully understand the requirements and needs to develop a successful Android app in 2019. Their uniqueness nurtures the needs of the enterprises and will bring to you engineered services instantly. It will fulfill all the modern requirements of the company. The modern approaches are as follows:

1: Building familiarity

Building familiarity with the internals of an android framework is very important. In modern times you cannot be afraid to look into the Android framework in depth. You need to take the initiative to learn and discover how the actual work takes place.

Finally, you need to have knowledge about how the scattered pieces fit in properly to build up the larger whole.  You cannot avoid but start understanding the workings of the Android SDK if you really want to speed up your android game.

2: Learn languages, build familiarity with coding

By language, we do not mean the Spanish or French for that matter but technical and programming languages. Having updated knowledge about what is happening in the industry is really necessary. Do not restrict yourself to the Android space. Make sure you learn some programming language every year to develop a good android app.

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The Kotlin language is known to be the language which is to be used for the future generation. The IDE created it and there were no Java-like problems when using this language. Switching becomes easier with the use of this language. Therefore the most you need is a Kotlin plugin which will help you to convert the Java file to Kotlin.

In order to be a good android app developer and develop Android apps in 2019 one needs to be very familiar with coding. You need to be very experienced in reading codes. Therefore start looking for more coding techniques and you will in no time be a good android app developer.

3: Keep in touch with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Google is known to provide a brand new template and according to it, the android app developers are expected to design Android web pages which will load very fast especially on the mobile phones.

This is the only strategic way you can increase your traffic in no time. It will also look into much better visibility for the advertisements and also increase the count of the visitors. Therefore if you want to count yourself amongst the top app developers make sure you be at par with this.

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4: Provide better security services

Improvement should be made on security services. Security is the most important aspect you should consider to develop a good android application. You should never underestimate the capacity of the hackers who are constantly increasing their knowledge of hacking. Therefore you should also make an effort to increase your knowledge of providing better security services.

This strategy should be your topmost priority in the year 2019. You should consider delivering secure products to your clients to reach their satisfaction level. Knowing about the security details is extremely important before you consider hire android app developer to provide best android app development services. Using the JavaScript framework will easily help you to provide more secure services to your clients.

5: Consider what the user is demanding

The customer should always be considered as the KING. Always strategize your plans keeping in mind what the customer demands. Make sure you carefully study all the latest trends and then develop your ideas for making the android applications. Never compromise to hire good android app developers who will provide android app development services after considering what the consumer demands.

No assumption should be made about the users. For example that the users are not willing to pay for Android applications and that only the iPhone users will consider such payments. It is extremely important to consider the praises as well as the criticism of the different users.

In this way, you will be able to earn their trust and loyalty. All the users will love when their wants are being looked into. It will make them realize that their wants are cared for. Only then will your development of the Android application be successful. Only then will you be able to meet the sales target.


It is very important to understand the hard work required in order to develop a good android application. There are a number of strategies which one must consider in the year 2019 to be among the best android app developer. It is very important to hire a good android app developers who provide the latest android app development services. You cannot afford to lag behind the latest demands of the market.

Viewing the trends in the market is a very important task without which you cannot understand the needs of the consumer. There is numerous application developed every day in the market. Interest should be taken to view the pros and cons of the app, what the consumers are demanding.