Conglomerating with the pace of technology, now the business owners are also looking forward to stepping along the transformation of the traditional IT platforms. Loyal customers love to use different platforms for the smartphone. Android has the largest market share globally, while iOS possess different market share.

Maintaining the different platform-based solution results into the large cost of development and the additional time and effort. React native is appreciable solutions for the cross-platform application development. The cross-platform app is an app which ensures the successful functioning over the platform resulting in the more access to required customer base. Alongside, what matter are the less time for development and less cost?

Now, with the increased demand to hire react native developer, often business owners look to compare the two development frameworks. Native apps vs Cross-platform is the big question for the time. The core of every business is to save money. Investment also demands the cost-saving with high return of investment. React Native apprises your business with every pro while keeping cons at the minimum. For knowing the cost of React native app development you need to look into the features the framework offers along with the number of pros it is associated with.


A little introduction about React Native

React Native is a popular javascript framework backed by the giant social media platform Facebook. The framework was launched in 2015 and since then it has seen immense popularity. The framework is widely used and being learned by the developers worldwide and the most popular apps of this era use React Native, including, Skype, Instagram, Tesla, and Airbnb, etc.

Pros of hiring React Native Development Company


Whenever the app development is talked about, the cost stays the biggest factor before opting. React Native app development is cheaper and consumes less time in development considering the development for both major platforms. The development cost decreases about 30-50 percent with react native. This results in the huge adoption by startups who look for the cost-saving option.


One of the major benefits for the mobile application development company is time-saving. Let me tell you a story. One of my clients, say A wanted an Android-based app for his business. On the business analysis, he got to know that a major percentage of his customers are iOS users. But client A was adamant for android app, so we gave him react native app. After one month of the solution, he demanded an iOS app. Here React Native helped us. We gave him iOS app in a few days, because the codebase was already there, so it didn’t take much time.


Smoother development and few developer’s need

When you go for native app development, the development pace goes slow, because at least two developers are needed for any native app. But the React needs less. The workflow becomes smoother when the team-leader need to communicate with two developers in place of four.

Although there are few drawbacks as well, which are manageable. The react native does not support a few native app features which can be made by developers in the native environment.

How much does it cost to build a React Native app?

React Native framework is a proven cost-effective medium for app development. The startup has a tight budget, consider to hire app developer for React Native as the best option. The development cost varies depending upon the location. The southeast Asian countries are majorly hired for the development work where the cost is $15 to $25 per hour. Additionally, the experience of the developer is also an important factor affecting the cost. However, the smartest way React offers for low-cost development is to reuse the development components.

The cost of development depends on various factors. Few are:

Development Experience

The experience of the developer depends on the level of the project. When the business requirements are less complicated, then you may hire react native developer of medium level, which costs less. When the development requirements are high and seem too complicated, senior and high-level developers are required. We will suggest you to first assess the requirement of the project before hiring the developer.

ERP integration

Do you need an app, that works as a standalone or an app which needs to be integrated with the existing system? Some app requires the simulation with the existing ERP solution for the proper analysis and real-time data updation. These apps generally run over BYOD platform. These kinds of the app require much time and understanding. Therefore, the price goes up high. The extension libraries and third-party APIs are involved which takes prices up. On the other hand, stand-alone apps require no dependency, hence comes at a low cost.

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Maintenance and Support

For a mobile app development company, it is not a single day process to build an app. Every IT tool needs proper maintenance and updates. The development company you hire is expected to offer support for the app. The bug fixes are important, which also increases the cost. The maintenance and support is always a significant factor for the cost estimation. It is recommended to hire on a retainer basis and then hire the company for the updates.

App distribution

There are many distribution channels available with different pricing list available. The commercial stores such a Google pay and App store charges around $100 for licensing cost. The host ensures the proper follow of the set rules and policies. These hosts permit apps to be distributed. The other option is to install the app in the storefront for Enterprise Mobility Management.

User Authorization and Security

If your app does not require the logins and security authentication features, it tends to have less cost. But if the security is the bigger concern here and your enterprise system demands the authorization along with profile management, it requires third party API and development efforts by React Native Development Company. These kind of apps are costlier and requires safe deployment.



The apps can be as vast as possible and as small as a single-page app. The core matter is what your needs are. When you are developing an app for the customers, this may require some luring features such as authentication and profile management through social media. The number of APIs included in the app increases the cost accordingly.



React Native is the widely used framework and majorly works best when the budget is a concern. The cost of development stays less and it strictly depends on some factors. Above, factors are few noticeable features, but there are many influential features, which need to be considered while opting for the favorable framework and looking for react native development company. Assuming the exact cost of any app is never possible, therefore the hourly cost of development is considered which helps in determining the cost.