Looking at the mammoth ocean of developments, it interprets modern-day computing. There are major intertwined efforts come in waves. From the rhetoric arrival of mainframe computers to a personal computer, everything transfigured. Today, computers have been embedded into routine objects all around us. Undoubtedly, As technology kept to evolve, It meticulously targeted the individual’s routine aspect. In 1988, Mark Weiser coined it as ubiquitous computing. The ubiquity of these computers extended its reach to education sectors as well. with the continuous exploration in the educational field, it kept on becoming mandatory for the children.

At the same time, Internet access, and especially wireless Internet connectivity, has elevated ordinary communication with students. Here, IoT (Internet of Things) comes into gigantic frame of innovation and improvisation. Now it has morphed into a mainstream term. The significance of its contribution in the educational sector can be vividly seen. In between competitive educational app development, every tool that assists students to activate and deploy information is a part of IoT. It has been a part of a sound pedagogic praxis.

Why Internet of Things a game-changer in the education industry?

The Internet of things ( IoT) network connects various types of devices like tablets, smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and all other hand-held embedded devices. Today, IoT is exclusively preferred as an intuitive mean of teaching and research in education. The IoT application development in an expeditiously changing environment has been conducive than using conventional techniques. It facilitates the interaction between the people and objects.

Now, It is a highly attractive and adaptable platform. IoT technology has played an impressive role in the potential improvement of education at all levels. From school to university teaching, it extended a smart environment for reasoning, learning, and predicting. So, it’s imperative to have a glimpse of Internet of Things applications in education.

1) Smart Classroom Management

As the name implies, it’s an approach or a way a teacher applies to manage or control the classroom.
With the rapid progression of smart devices, it has become quite easy for them to manage their classrooms. They can compressively foster the quality of class management. Indeed the extensive use of IoT devices garnered the need for of innovative and effectual approach to education.


There are plenty of tools that are already being yielding effective results. Some of the prominently preferred IoT devices by IoT Development Company are Interactive whiteboards, eBooks, Tablets and mobile devices, student ID cards, attendance tracking systems, etc.

2) Smart Classroom Attendance System

It is always a time-consuming responsibility to take attendance of a class. Marking presence and absence of the students are more mind-boggling than a rational process to hire app developer. But the use of IoT has enabled to save your time and effort. Today there are SCRCS (smart classroom roll caller system) that collects student’s attendance at equal time interval accurately. Students Id cards are attached to RFID tags. The SCRCS is ready to be installed and read the students’ ID collectively.

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It not only shows the total attendance of the students on LED display but also shows their ID cards on multiple SCRCS slots. Furthermore, there may be a web-based attendance system for the student. It is used by their Android smart devices utilizing NFC technology. The students are to tap the matric card towards it. Their attendance will be saved automatically on the server.

3) Interactive Learning

In the present era of modernization, education has been leveraged with new heights. The process of learning is not restricted only to the monotonous composition of images and texts. It extends beyond all compact and old techniques of learning and development.


Today, many textbooks cast different roadmap of the learning process. These are joined to websites that extensively incorporate additional videos, assessments, animations and other relevant materials. The educational app development has introduced a new perspective that knits a broader vision. Now students are flooded with a range of interactive educational content. It probably caters to the need for real-world problems.

4) Security

Although technology has taken off for another kinetic exploration in galaxies, still security irks. Yes, even in a field like education, it keeps gathering deliberations. Today, it’s quite challenging to monitor the whereabouts and every activity of every student in a class.

Furthermore, the students are now a day more exposed to unprecedented dangerous events. So, it becomes now important to encircle them with dedicated security mediums apart from process of teaching and learning. Undoubtedly, the role of IoT development company has more centralized in education.

5) Educational Apps

The high proliferation of smartphones has augmented the value of mobile applications. The development of education apps is leveraged with updated IoT advancements. It encompasses effective and powerful tools to deliver a creative pattern of learning. In other words, it seamlessly transformed the pattern in which the process of teaching and learning is executed. Undoubtedly, the role of educational apps has more centralized to deliver quality education.

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The teachers and students can create graphics textbooks. Educational apps also offer numerous games that provide potent resources for teaching and learning. It has defined education more appealing and embracing than ever before.


6) Wearable devices


As smart wearable devices embroidered the market, it also explains its utility for some specific niche. The use of wearable devices is more frequent in education. The demand to hire app developer to integrate these devices with IoT keeps on increasing. In schools, the wearable devices are issued to the students for monitoring their movements. The central digital platform is connected to all the wearable devices.

Dedicated App Developers

An effective part of these devices is detection whether a student is present or not. It also nullifies the need to take attendance. The devices are leveraged with multiple features. The parents can be intimated about the child’s whereabouts


The role of IoT application development has witnessed to be transformative and comprehensive for all students and teachers. It ratchets up an interactive, inclusive and valuable pattern of learning as well as teaching. Indeed, it is coded to coordinate the learning process with greater flexibility and efficiency. It will bring appealing, engaging, flexible and quantifiable education system shortly.