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Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11 is rapidly growing due to providing a different kind of joy to the people who like to play games on their smartphone devices. Many applications are available on the app stores, such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Having multiple attractive and interesting features, there is a large fanbase of app like Dream11.

Fantasy sports actually immerse the players in a virtual game that can be played in a more imaginative style. Let’s find out more about it. In this blog you will get to know about fantasy app development cost and time estimation for app like dream11.


What Is A Fantasy App Like Dream11?

A fantasy app like Dream11 is a type of mobile application that allows a user to play a game in a virtual environment where they can select the players, form a team and play the contest. On these apps, several teams compete with each other based on the statistical performance of players in the real game.

You can play fantasy sports like Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Baseball, Golf, and so forth on these apps as per your interest. The market size of fantasy sports was $5.58 billion in 2014 where it is projected to reach $8.37 billion US dollars in 2021, and its fans are from the age group of 18-34 years.

Although other age group persons also like to play it. When it comes to fantasy app development, then Dream11 is always a solid reference for it. More than 60 million users used to play it.



How A Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11 Works?

In 2012 two sports lovers, Mr. Harsh Jain and Mr. Bhavit Shethi came with an idea named Dream11, where users can play games virtually based on the real-life statistics of players they will choose for their team. It is a successful app and has investors like Tencent, Stead View Capital, Think Investments, Multiples Equity, and Kalari Capital.

To date, Dream11 is a $1 Billion company. Most users like to play cricket via this app, where they can compete with other teams. The best part is that a user can win lots of cash prizes. It is one of the biggest inspirations for any Fantasy app development company to develop app like Dream11.

If you are searching for how to play on the Dream11 app, here is some amazing information that you would like most.

Let’s see the steps involved.


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Step 1: Download & Install 

Download from the app store, i.e., Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.


Step 2: App Installation & Sign Up 

Install and Sign-Up by providing essential information.


Step 3Match Selection

After login, a user gets OTP for verification. Once it is done, you will have an opened window from there; you have to choose ongoing or upcoming matches.

Step 4Team Formation

It is one of the crucial steps for choosing players to form a team where you will get by default 100 credits. Suppose if you are interested in cricket the team will be same as the actual formation of cricket team such as-

  • Wicket Keeper (1)
  • Batsman (3-5)
  • Bowlers (3-5)
  • All Rounders (1-3)

Note: for selecting the players, you have to first see their real-life statistics by clicking on their names available in the Dream11 app. So here you can choose the best performing players, and it will be worth it to form a strong team. After selection, you can easily track the performance of players.




Step 5: Selecting Captain & Vice-Captain 

Once you are done with team selection, you have to choose the best captain and vice-captain. If the player selected as captain plays well in the actual game, the user will get 2x points, and if the vice-captain plays well, then the team owner gets 1.5x points.


Step 6: Multiple Team Formation

Any user can form a maximum of 6 teams and join the game with any of them.

In addition to the above steps, you can also manage your team. For example, at any point of time before reaching the deadline, you can modify the team, such as adding new players or removal of old ones, changing captain or vice-captain before the deadline.



The Dream11 Revenue Model

It is a top-notch Fantasy Cricket Sports app. It has created milestones by getting attention from millions of users, generating excellent revenue, and earning multiple cash prizes. If you are also interested in getting the app like Dream11, it would be best if you carefully read out the details of its revenue model.

At this app, the user can join free and paid contests as per their interest. There is no cash prize for the free contest. While playing paid game, a user is supposed to pay a match fee for 20% of the match fee collection by the app, and the rest, 80%, is distributed as a prize to the winners.




In simple language, you can understand it as suppose match fee is $10 / per team and 21 teams participated in the cash-oriented contest then total collected match fee will be $210 then $42 will be revenue and rest of the amount such as $168 will be cash prize to the winners. So, it is just an example the revenue generation is much large than this.

The fantasy cricket app generates revenue in three ways, i.e., commissions, selling user data, and advertising. For it, you can refer to the following image-


revenue model

The Basic Features You Should Consider for Developing Dream11 Clone App 

To develop a fantasy app, you should consider some basic and common features available in the Dream11 app. It will help you to create a basic version fast. The app will have two panels user panel and an admin panel, so let’s discuss them one by one. When you want to add some advance features,  the fantasy sports platform development cost will be more compare to the basic app version.


#A. User Panel

It is related to the features and functionalities that an end-user will use while interacting with an app.

  1. Registration/Login/Sign Up – Users can register themselves via social media and Google accounts on the app.
  2. Profile – The user can manage their personal information by using the dashboard feature.
  3. Search – It allows users to search game-specific information and features related information available on the app. For streamlining the search user can also apply the filters.
  4. User Screen – It showcases the necessary information and all the options to access which are available for the user. Via home screen or user screen can navigate to the desired page or a portion of the app.
  5. Contest – Via going through with this option, the user can see the complete details of ongoing and upcoming contests such as type, name, entry fee, commencement date, and join the contest as per their choice.
  6. Create Own Contest – User is allowed to create their contest followed by submission of entry fee.
  7. My Contest – The content creator can see the details of the players who have joined the contest. The creator can also edit the details of team players.
  8. Payment Modes – It facilitates users to pay via an online payment gateway such as debit card, credit card, and net banking.
  9. See Transaction – Here the user can look at transaction details such as earning from every match, the number of games played, no if games won and lost.
  10. Invite & Earn – The Dream11 app allows the users to generate a referral URL that can be shared to friends or family members to join the game. It also gives some credit points to the message sender.


#B. Admin Panel

It empowers the admin to manage all the activities. So, following are the features of it-

  1. Login – Admin can log in into the admin panel by using their specialized credentials such as admin id and password.
  2. Dashboard – It allows the admin to control app features, and it facilitates the performance of the different tasks.
  3. User Management – The admin can manage the users smoothly, including controlling the user’s activity, information editing, adding or removing the information.
  4. Match Management – It allows the admin to manage the ongoing and upcoming matches.
  5. Games Management – The admin can manage different categories of games. If you look closely, then Dream11 similar apps hosts game like cricket, football, basketball, etc., that user can choose as per their interest. So, the admin can handle it easily.
  6. Rewards/Cashback Management – The admin has control over rewards and cashbacks. He can look over all the details related to it.
  7. Revenue Management – It allows the admin to manage all the revenue-related activities even if they can have the revenue generated by each source.
  8. Payment Requests Handling – The admin can manage payment and withdrawal requests made by Fantasy game app users.


The Unique Features You Can Add in Your App Like Dream11

Already there are multiple similar apps exist in the market, and it is the reason for tough competition so

If you want to build an app like Dream11, it would be best to include some unique & trending features that will help you overcome the competition and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Player Prediction – You can consider the player prediction as one of the potential features that will suggest the prediction about key team players.
  2. Utilization of Earned Game Fee – Instead of paying the match fee every timeit would be best if the user were allowed to use their earned game points as a match or game fee.
  3. Live Score – It can also be a great feature to attract the attention of more users. It does not matter that a user will play a game or not, but they will spend more time there.
  4. Sports Quiz – You can also add a quiz feature to increase their knowledge, and it also improves app usage.
  5. Multilanguage Support – In terms of targeting the global audience, it would be fruitful to include multilinguistic support for the users to enjoy the app in their native language.
  6. GPS Location Tracking – This particular feature is quite effective in sending push notifications and alerts to the app users about the ongoing and upcoming leagues and matches in the nearby location.
  7. Live Score Prediction  – Your app must organize the live score prediction feature so the users can participate in it with interest and win prizes. In addition, it will draw the attention of more people to your app.
  8. Player Replacement During a Match – Now, the team owner can only replace the player before a defined deadline, but if you allow them to modify the players during a match, it can be an interesting feature for them.
  9. Cryptocurrency Payment Option – Dream11 already has multiple payment options, but if you include new-age payment methods such as Cryptocurrency Payment, it will attract more users.
  10. Real-time Analytics – This technology allows the apps to capture the data in real-time. The data constantly gets stored and updated in real-time.




Cost & Time Estimation of App Like Dream11

Two major mobile platforms exist, i.e., Android and iOS, and betting software development such as Dream11 averagely costs between US $5000 to US $10,000. The specifications, features, and functionalities can range from $10,000 to $20,000. Still, if there will be more features, then the fantasy sports website development cost can be increased.

There are different aspects of calculating the fantasy app development cost:

  • Domain Registration– can cost you around $10 to $20 per year for a new domain.
  • Data Feeds– It can vary from $500 to a few thousand dollars, all depending on the sports and the requirement of the data.
  • Legal Fees– It can cost you nearly $1,000 in the market and vary depending on the various geographical locations.
  • Annual Maintenance– It can be around $1000 per year, depending on the level of updates and support required.
  • Hosting– It can cost around $100 a year, depending on the hosting services and traffic. You may have to pay extra for more security features and regular website backups.
  • Revenue Model– It can vary depending on the type of app you develop.
  • White Label Solutions– They are ready-made products that you can start using easily. If there is a terrific revenue opportunity, you can just buy such solutions, and you don’t have to worry about marketing. Such white label solutions generally start at $5,000.
  • Custom Solutions– If someone has a unique idea and wants to create your own fantasy sports website with a limited budget with custom UI, he can buy custom solutions for $12,000.
  • Premium Product development– If someone is ready to invest more and thinks he can earn millions from the app, he can get premium consultancy along with the features of custom.

Important Things To Take Care of While Sports Betting App Development

It is okay that you are keen to develop a fantasy application similar to Dream11, but it would be much better to take care of the following things in your mind.


1. Objective

for any app development, defining a clear objective is crucial, and if you are looking at it as a business opportunity, you should be more careful. The fantasy sports business is one of the best options for generating good revenue. So, before initiating the process, you should be ready with your vision, mission, and objective.

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2. Appropriate Research

You need to do extensive research about crucial features that will affect your app, such as focused location, the unique features your competitor apps have, and so forth. For example, suppose you should research it properly if you want to develop an app like Dream11. You should also compare the existing fantasy sports apps and chalk out the features that you want to implement in your app to stand out from the crowd.


3. Strategy & Planning

The success depends upon the plan. So here, you need to derive a perfect plan focused on the sports type, budget, targeted audience, etc. It also includes the blueprint of marketing strategy.


mobile app ctaas


For app success, you need to apply authentic and impactful marketing tactics via multiple online mediums such as social media.

4. Platform

You need to choose a platform such as Android or iOS, or both. It will help you to decide what kind of tech stack you will use. For example, cross-platform app development will be a cost savior if you want to target both platforms.

5. Listing Out Sports to Include

Once you have decided to go with an idea about cricket app development, it would be fruitful to list out the sports you want to include. The point is that demographic interest plays an essential role, such as in Europe, the favorite game is Soccer, where in USA baseball, the NBA, and football are favorites. So, you should take care of it.

6. Game Rules

Here Dream11 can work a fantastic reference that provides a wide range platform for fantasy gaming where user can form own team, participate in contests and earn cash prizes. However, it will be more beneficial if you include something more than it.


So, considering the normal basic model, developing a fantasy sports app can cost you around $5,000 to $10,000. In comparison, a customized one will cost around $20,000 to $30,000 if you hire an experienced mobile app development company. The total development time can range from 500 hours to 100 hours, depending on its complexity and features. The Dream11 is the second topmost fantasy sports app based on the findings by similar, so it would be great for you to take it as a reference for the growth in the fantasy sports business.