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Know Features and Cost to Develop Ticket Booking App

The world is currently expanding at quite a rapid pace on a daily basis with every aspect of our lives being affected by technology. It won’t be a wrong assessment that technology has transformed our lives to quite an extent. Everything has become easier like booking a cad, order food online etc.

It allows us to essentially carry out various tasks of our daily life and led to a rise in certain fields like online ticket booking. When it comes to booking tickets for travel, movies or concerts, ticket booking apps are saving a lot of hassles of actually going to a particular location to book a ticket.

In their rigorous lifestyle, people don’t have time to go out in order to book a ticket in advance. But with the help of ticket booking apps coming out in the market, the audience can easily book tickets for a variety of purposes.

These apps have changed different industries like transportation, restaurant, travel etc. For a business which is venturing into event ticketing solutions, it is vital to know the important features as well as the cost of development of a ticket booking app. Let’s have a look at these features and cost of development.

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Features of Ticket Booking App

  1. Booking in Real-Time: It allows the users to easily book tickets at the time of their convenience and then receives instant information of the ticket booking that they have made.
  1. Multiple-Payment Mode: It allows the users of the app to easily make payments within the app in order to purchase tickets for travel, concert, movies or even hire a cab. For these multiple payments, a mode can be easily integrated like Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Stripe etc.
  1. Booking Confirmation: The users receive the vital information of booking confirmation through the ticker with its own unique QR code that is readily sent to the user of the app
  1. Integrated Calendar: This particular feature is quite helpful to the mobile app users as they can easily manage their calendar utilizing customization feature that assists the users to easily keep track of their own schedule and also remain prepared in advance.
  1. Integration of Google Map: The mapping facility actually serves as a route between the source as well as destination and it is quite useful. Utilizing this feature, a user can easily find where the location is exactly and can even find the best and optimized routes. The users are allowed to easily add their own favorite places and hence saves the hassles of starting from the beginning.
  1. Embedded Smart Search: This feature provides the comfort to the users of the app like offering the suggestion on the basis of the search history of the user and available options nearby. Also, multiple options such as price and other aspects are included in the entire search algorithm which proves to be quite a useful tool for the users.
  1. Integration of Visual Media: To make the app much more appealing to the users, visual media can easily be integrated. Visual data can easily enchant the users and also increase their engagement with the mobile app. You can choose to provide appealing images and videos which are related to details of product, staff, venue, the ambiance of the location etc.
  1. Support to Global Currencies: In current times, where the entire market is consistently thriving, it is almost impossible for the mobile apps to attain overwhelming success by merely targeting the local market or audience. It is vital to target a worldwide audience and also increase the global reach of the app. For this purpose, it is important that multi-language support, as well as multiple payment options, are added along with major worldwide currency support.
  1. Customer Support: An improved customer support is a vital aspect of online event ticketing software. In case of this software, you need to create good telephonic and online support system to please the users of your software.
  1. Integration of Cloud Storage: For a particular ticket booking app which holds a large amount of data, it is quite essential to integrate the cloud-storage technology to store the user data and also ensure its privacy and safety.
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Cost of Development of Event Ticket Booking App

To develop an app, you can hire app development companies specializing in developing apps for online event ticketing services. But you need to know the inherent charges made by these services. When you are hiring such services, you should know the team which will be developing your app.

The entire process of Ticket Booking app development is quite extensive and to create an app which is rich in above-mentioned features, the team should comprise of a project manager, developers, UI/UX designers, graphic designer, backend app developer, and QA tester. Each of these people cost you money, so you need to take this into account when estimating the cost of development of such app.

On the basis of total numbers of hours that are required, along with features as well as technologies involved, you can successfully estimate the development cost of ticket booking app. Such an app with reasonable features can cost somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000. In case you choose to develop for Android as well as iOS platform, the cost can rise up to $40,000.


Ticket booking app can essentially streamline the process of booking the tickets for any user. But for the development of such an app, you need to know the features which need to be inculcated and the total amount of cost of development which is duly explained above.