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Tips to Choose the Best Ecommerce Development Platform in 2019

There is a plethora of e-commerce platform has revolutionized the retail industry. The businesses strictly need the ecommerce platform for stretching the clientage. Magento is one of the most preferable choices taken by any ecommerce development company. With the users tendency to go online and shop online, e-commerce development has increased manifold and become the most sought after choice. With the constant increase in sales figure, the ventures are less dependent on the brick stores and switching to the ecommerce world.

Why is an E-commerce Platform Essential for Business?

E-commerce platform is a way to take your business online, where the most important step is to choose the right solution. Choosing an ideal e-commerce business can shape the future of business. Either to choose, you must hire a company or you have to take a proper analysis of the strength and weakness of the platforms. Magento ecommerce development is one of the most reliable e-commerce platforms available and provides amazing support for your business.

Stay in Pace with the Cutting Edge Technology

To stay ahead in competition it is needed to stay updated with the technology. Every second day, ecommerce platform offers a new update, which makes it tough to choose the best one and appropriate for your business. The idea is to pick the one, which is future ready and easy to update.

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Pare Down the Option as Per Technology Preference

There is a number of ecommerce platforms available in languages like Ruby, .Net, Php, and Perl/CGI. Choosing the best becomes a herculean task. The best way is to figure out the best for your business according to technology preferences. By whittling down the choices, list of platforms become more manageable.

The popular platforms are more easy to start with their add-ons, huge support, extension, and plug-in. Magento ecommerce development has its stronghold and community support and used by over 2 lakh businesses worldwide. With 500+ extensions available, there are thousands of developers out there to support the Magento stores.

The extension marketplace is the crucial thing to have with the growth of the business. Check out the demo of the software and go through the easiness of admin handling. The flexibility of the admin section can make you do business freely in 2019.


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Mobile is the New Space for Ecommerce

Like every industry, mobile is an undoubted tool of e-commerce. Customers hardly give it a damn effort to use PCs and laptops for online product searches. Almost 80 percent of the searches are done via mobile or handheld devices. The easy scroll down ease without opening hefty laptops is now an addiction.

If you are looking to hire developer (as Magento is the best platform according to me) or web development company, the online shopping website must be perfectly compatible with mobile devices. The incongruence of your shopping portal with the updates mobile devices can make you lose your potential customers. The key is to stay compatible with the latest as well as old prevalent smartphone operating systems.

Amazingly Responsive and Elegant Design

The customer is the undoubted king of the market. Businesses have to present what customers actually need. Their easiness to reach the desired product decides the fate of every business. The most responsive design is the most important factor to affect the business.

The customer always uses a website with the good UI and elegant showcase of products. With the beginning of 2019, technology updates have started coming in plethora. Therefore, your e-commerce platforms must be responsive to every screen size ensuring the better client conversion. 


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Localized Payment System

The maximum sales prospect also depends on the ease of payment gateways. The availability of personalized pricing system can make exponential profits to your business. The customer sitting in Thailand will be less interested in shopping with the dollar. His preferable choice would be Baht.

Therefore, the price-overriding feature gives additional ease to your customer. Before hiring any ecommerce development company makes sure, the global customization must be there. Magento development offers the impeccable guarantee with the globalization.

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Break the Language Barrier

The most basic but most important feature is language flexibility. Having a multilingual website is the basic step you must follow, which not only fetch out the increased revenue but also gives a huge market to explore. The 2019 business strategy must revolve around the globalized market instead of localized business perspective.

How to Make the Final Decision

Marketing is the most important when you draw your business online. Check

  • How fine the chosen platform is set up for organic rankings?
  • How friendly is the product URL?
  • Is source code clean enough?
  • Where does customer sites rank?
  • How better the tools are.

Before hopping over to the ecommerce development, you must check out the big names using each platform of your list. This could be the digging task, but not necessarily. As few platforms proudly boast of their renown customers. As the powerful giant platform, Magento works with Nike, North Face and many more.

Searching out the forum for reviews could be the cool task. Jump into the discussion and look at the advantages, reviews, complaints and technical issues user faces. If the company does not respond well to the complaints, this is always a red flag.

This way you can narrow down the list, if you are still not sure where to go, you can hire Magento developer as it is considered a most powerful platform with huge community support, or hire a good e-commerce development company.


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