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Tips to chose correct technology for mobile app development

Nowadays mobile applications are used by all smartphone users. The application that is available in the app stores or plays stores is developed by software professionals through various technologies. Multiple numbers of programming languages are present today to form applications for smartphones.

However, it is difficult to understand the use of various programming languages. This is why huge companies hire various famous app development companies like the famous mobile app development company in Dubai. The professional developers understand the API required fulfilling the desire of the company for its application. The application programming interface is very important, without which the application cannot function. It acts like the brain of the app. The developers specialize in two fields one for android and the other for Apple. The success of an application depends on the language the developers choose to act upon.

Some of the technologies to develop mobile apps are listed below.

1. C++ - C++ is an extension of the C programming language. They follow the same rule as both languages have the same characteristics. It is a daily used language and low features for memory utility. The language is used in various sectors from finance to manufacturing. C++ has developed powerful applications for Windows, androids, and IOS. The tools like Amazon, Google Chrome and many more are created by the language. The language is object-oriented and simply effective. The language is portable and powerful and has a huge library.


2. JAVA- the most used object-oriented language is JAVA. It was developed by Sun Microsystems. It is the official language for androids. Most of the functions of android are made through this language. It is a flexible language and can perform both in brow window and virtual machines. Enterprise, java and JavaBeans are the three systems related to JavaScript. However, mobile app developments are done only by using Java. It is the only object-oriented language that functions on all platforms. It has the support of the Application Programming Interface. It is simple, effective and easy to learn.


3. PHP- hypertext preprocessor is an open source language. Zend Technologies in 1995 first developed the language for developing websites. The PHP is also used for coding applications apart from server side and command line scripting. PHP is considered as the topmost programming language in developing applications and websites. Facebook, e-buddy, family tree are various apps created by this programming language. The language is an open source program and has no definite platform to perform. It is easy to learn and highly efficient.


4. SWIFT- swift is a general purpose powerful program that is used as a regular language. It is the fastest growing language for IOS, MacOS etc. To work with the apple products Cocoa frameworks and Objective C-code, the Apple.Inc developed the language. Swift is specifically made for IOS apps. The developers of the language are the highest paid developers as the demand for the language has increased to 600% in recent years. Even though the language is only developed for IOS users, anyone can use it. Due to the extravagant performance and the huge demand of the language, it has become the best programming language. It is an open source language. The language is easy to maintain and code. This language is IOS oriented and develops great mobile applications for Apple.  iPhone app development is famous for using this program.


5. PYTHON- it is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages. The language is used by the top mobile app development companies. Python language is also used for software development. The language is taught in school and college levels as it is used in various sectors. T is an easy language to read and learn. Any type of mobile and desktop app can be developed through this language. Applications such as Dropbox, YouTube, Spotify, Quora etc are developed using this language. The language interacts and runs on different operating systems. Android app development uses python to develop android apps.


Final Words:

To choose the correct technology for mobile app development, it is necessary to understand the differences between the following mobile apps. Native mobile apps, Xamarin apps, hybrid web apps, hybrid native apps, and progressive web apps are the various tools used to develop mobile applications. It is very important to have knowledge about the necessary technologies and tools that perform the basic actions of the applications. The first job before choosing the technology is to identify the requirements of the company for the application. The android app development Dubai and the iPhone app development are both famous for the skilled developers who specialize in the development of applications and provide the customer with its requirements for the apps.

The mobile app development company in Dubai specializes in choosing the correct technology for mobile app development. It is a great deal of business when it comes to mobile applications. The new startup companies are having huge success in developing new applications every day. Be it company based or games or education oriented. People nowadays use the application to perform day to day tasks even earn money. With the right technology, the mobile application can generate huge profits.



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