WordPress 4.9.7


All About WordPress 4.9.7. Security and Maintenance

WordPress 4.9.7 update is on the roll and there are many contributors that are more focused on planning out the awaited WordPress 5.0. Clearly, there won’t be much of a change than what we have currently.  However, you will find a total of 17 bug resolves. It also includes the one in which you can modify files using media metadata exploit from a logged-in user account.

The update comes with strong security and maintenance elements which makes it very necessary for all the versions since WordPress 3.7. Some other bug fixes which you will find in WordPress 4.9.7 are:

  1. Taxonomy: Introducing improved cache handling for term queries.
  2. Posts, Post Types: Clear post password cookie when logging out.
  3. Widgets: Now, allows basic HTML tags in sidebar description on widget admin screen.
  4. Community Events Dashboard: Shows nearest WordCamp, even in the case of multiple meetups happening first.
  5. Privacy: Helps ensure default privacy policy content to not cause fatal error.

How to update

Updating WordPress themes and Plugins can be a lengthy process and complicating too, however here are some instructions that can help you save a lot of time and pain, and make you a WordPress expert:

Follow these steps:

To help you simplify WordPress updating process, here are some easy step that help you update to the latest WordPress.

  1. Before we start the update process it is necessary to clean up a little bit. To start with you have to save your WordPress XML file to hard drive, for which click the Tools icon on the left side bar and click export. Next click Download Export File and create a new folder on your hard drive to save all your website files.

    You can name it WP backup or anything that you like to remind you that it contains important WordPress backup files. Secondly, it is recommended to back up your files once a month, regardless of updating.
  2. Now to start the backup, see if you are on Managed WordPress Hosting Platform, glide to the hosting Dashboard, create a backup point. In most of the cases you will find an option to create a backup point in most on the WordPress Managed Hosts in the hosting dashboard which is a quick way to back up your site.

    On other hand if you are on a shared hosting platform, you will find a plugin named WP-DB Manager. This helps you in repairing and optimizing your database which helps you in maintenance of your site efficiently.
  3. Finally start the File Transfer Protocol into your web hosting server and start downloading the copy of your database backup. You can also store the backup file on cloud or on an external drive which helps in prevention of losing the backup in the case of server crashes. Also, it helps in saving data in case your system faces any problem.

    In case you have customized your theme files, you need to cover all the bases and download your theme/framework/child theme folders to your local hard drive. And now you are all set to deactivate your plugins before upgrading to the latest WordPress 4.9.7.

One of the most desirable change in 4.9.7 is the new WordPress Events and News Section on the dashboard. It is very handy, which helps in spotting WordPress Meetups and WordCamps holding nearby, sorted by date. It also introduces us to the WordPress Community and other WordPress Users to website owners which are now acquaint with the WordCamps and Meetup Groups where you can also find WordPress designers for hire.

Is it an important update?

Why you need to update? It is very important to keep your site up-to-date with latest trends. Both plugins and core WordPress are equally important components to make up an efficient and manageable website. Everything needs maintenance and your website too is a part of that category. It is highly recommended by us to undergo the updating of your WordPress before you move on to WordPress 5.0. the major reason behind which is, it comes with important improvements.

Of which our favorite is one cuts you a slack to modify files even when you are logged-in. Also, updating your website help you in preventing small and minute problems which can raise big ones. Other than that, you can always back up a copy of your website safe aside before you update on your live site. Some websites that helps you in it are WP Engine where with a click of a button you can back up your entire website in moments.


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