Dev Technosys is a custom website development company known for its extraordinary work experience in custom web design services that puzzle-fit diverse business needs of enterprises and make them grow in their workspace. Their work reflects, customer-centric and industry specific solutions that is a builder of brands and grower of large profit margins for an enterprise. Dev Technosys is a top-notch web development company where you will find skilful and well-versed Custom Web Developers, engineering highly-responsive, feature-packed web projects of compelling quality and functionality. Their bespoke custom web development services are visually stunning state of art that are backed with intelligent technology and advance features that empowers a web project to render high-results.

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The peculiar feature that makes our Custom Web Development services different from the rest lies in exceptionality of functions, seamless UX and stunning visuals that are well integrated in our websites. We make Websites that not only make you standout in the industry but lead your way to the prominent edge of the industry. As a best web development company, we provide result-driven web applications and websites that are centralized to meet peculiar business-needs which advance with the advancement in your business size whether small businesses, large or medium size. At Dev Technosys we make sure your websites and web applications are speedy, efficient and retainers of high User Experience to render you expected results.

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Custom Website Development

A leading web development company as us strives to develop responsive and highly customized web development solutions giving you more edge over your business-specific needs. Find the in-depth knowledge needed in creating customized solutions powered by features and technology at Dev Technosys that gives you an assurance of acute security, scalability and high performance.

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eCommerce Solutions

Find website development solutions for your business eCommerce life, helping you in reaching a whole new base of potential users in the digital marketplace. At Dev Technosys, you will find the right technology and expert developers creating something very much reliable for your guaranteed feat in your specific market vertical while adding a whole new chapter in your business life.

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Enterprise Web App Development

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to partake in your journey to become the leader of your domain. With technology as our strong-hold, we make performance-oriented and process-based powerful software solutions that help you to efficiently manage and scale your everyday business problems with perks of enhanced seamlessness, transparency and employee-productivity.

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Software Product Development

Get the unyielding power of technology in your business operations by hiring our web Developers ensuring a multifaceted outlook of your software products while enhancing your business performance and security. With best web development company rendering the advanced features, we make sure your website development scalable and in-sync with your business specific needs.

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Frontend and Backend Development

Grab our web development services and expertise and ensure a secure, scalable and feature-rich development solution that allows you to efficiently get the needed efficiency, performance, and responsiveness on the frontend designs, while giving you the much needed scalability, security and transparency in your business operations to steer it to the top of your industrial space.

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Third Party Integrations and Customizations

We ensure your standalone performance with our expert web development solutions powered by robust technology stack and API development and integrations. Moreover, here you can find expert web developers that create web API’s, Custom Data Connectors, custom website development services and middleware for securely integrating the third-party components and services.

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Protyping & UXD

We have an elite team website development company that bring out the visual quotient in your products. Here we are talking about the expertly drawn raw sketches that are transformed into the working prototypes as per your needs and requirements. Find visually stunning and bespoke web design services that not only render the essential functionality but give away stunning visual experiences.

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Upgradation & Migration

For migration or upgrade or complete revamp of your software products, do contact Dev Technosys. Here you will find the needed expertise to transport you to more dependable technologies, without disturbing your already set business operation process. Call us, mail us or chat with our expert team that can guide you more on technologies that will help you outperform your competition.

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Technology Consultancy

With so many technologies evolving each day, it might become very difficult for you to choose the one that will work out perfect for your next big project. Understanding the same, we have deployed a whole team to help you choose the right technology stack for your next custom web development project defining whole new set of opportunities that open with it.

Our Web App Development Verticals

Being amongst the best web Development Company in the global tech scenario, we have had the opportunities to annex every important industrial opportunity with our technology breadth and commitment to customer satisfaction. Some of the wide arrays of business verticals we cater our services to are as follows:

Online Marketplaces & Portals

Developing an online marketplaces needs a lot of expertise that you will find in an up top website Development Company like us. Here we make sure we build an online marketplace, which is highly information oriented and is able to feature a lot of wide range of products owning from various business backdrops given the vendors, shops, brands, person onto a singular platform.

Accounting Apps

We develop highly efficient and performance oriented Accounting Apps that gives you accurate calculations and empowers your business operations like never before. At Dev Technosys you will find custom design services and custom web development which allows us to easily meet your business needs while giving you more edge over your financial data to be accessed from any central location.

E-Commerce Websites

Custom website Development of your eCommerce websites allows us to help you outperform your competition while catering advance features and high functionality to your customer base. Moreover, here you will find an expert developers fleet that helps you scale, manage and secure your website, making your users fall in love with your eCommerce website, ultimately converting them to loyal customers.

Custom Business Apps

Built to render the needed functionality and seamlessness in the business operations, we do web development that allows you to enhance your employee productivity while allowing you to access your business activities from anywhere in the world. We build specific to your business processes and give you the needed security in it.

CRM Systems

Managing a wide customer base is something that can be time-consuming if not technology-enabled. Thus, find our expert web development services, supporting you in developing custom CRM business web applications while managing your customer data efficiently. It allows you to interact with the data which includes accessing business information, automated sales and marketing & customer support.

Social Networking Apps

Feature-rich, modern, secure and visually stunning social media web and mobile applications are built here. You can make your social media dreams come true at a power-packed custom web development company like Dev Technosys that allows you to captivate global user engagement to your applications. Our applications are fun, secure, scalable, and information and user centric.

Our Fortress of Technology

A leading Web Development company doesn’t only leads in ideas, but also its technology tool box. At Dev Technosys, you will find the advance technology stack needed to provide you with next-gen web development services while targeting your variegated demands and needs. Our web development technology includes:

Core Technologies & Frameworks

PHP & Frameworks Ruby-on-Rails Python Django Java Magento
Opencart Shopify Wordpress Drupal

Microsoft Technologies

Sharepoint ASP.Net

JavaScript Development

AngularJS Node.js ReactJS Vue.js


For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

  • Getscorecard is a predictive CRM that monitors customers health score and allows you to set automatic tasks so that your sales team takes action before the customer churns....

  • Myworkboard is the CRM solution from where you can manage all of your working tasks, manage your team and such other activities related to your work....

  • Voiver is the voiceover marketplace where registration of both customers and voiceover artists is free. It is the platform to promote your profile for free and no limits. Here you will charge from your customers according to you. So, here you c...

  • DDR App is a soccer league Android/iOS mobile and Web application that provides media updates with central attention to the RCA team. The sports app and website aims at uniting the fan base of RCA team and serve them as a platform to share upda...

  • Tready is a proximity based hotel/restaurant/shops coupons and deals application that allow users to check currently running offers on their walkway/market and redeem offers. This application offers a separate panel to cafes, where they can lis...

Dev Technosys : The perfect partner for your next web development project!

Being the best web development company is not fun rather it means harsh competition from all sides and constant research and analysis to deliver you what you expect from us. Technology, experience and our unbending craze for customer satisfaction, but there is lot more what makes us the best web development and web design company for your next big project. Let’s have a look at them:


Analysis and Research

A great deal of prominence given and time is invested at Dev Technosys to understand your business model and your needs regarding the project. Thus, it enables us to surpass your expectations and provide you with the custom web development that works perfect.


Well Designed Web App

With our creative web design services, we make sure we make bewitching mobile and web designs for your products that allows you make your users fall in love with your products, given the seamlessness in the design and functionality of the overall product.


Mobile Friendly Web app

With our in-depth knowledge of what works out perfect for your business, we make our web applications that render seamless functionality and responsiveness of the custom web development in a mobile friendly user interface.


High Performance & Speed

We make sure you are always the first choice of your potential user base. As an expert web development company we bring down the website load time down till 3 seconds that helps you impress your users while enhancing conversion chances and improved Google ranking.


Advanced Security & Scalability

Our expert web developers, ensure maximum scalability and security on your websites integrating high security measures like security plugins, data encryption and secure admin dashboard etc, allowing you to think beyond your business present needs.


Complete Search Engine Optimization

The quality of our codes, allows us to render responsive interface, with user-friendly designs. This way you are able to maintain a cherishing quality in your web products. Furthermore our web design services, allows to have advanced navigation system leading to SEO optimization.


End-to-end Web Development

Given our reputation in the top best web development company, we have designed our web services line up to provide you end-to-end web development solutions. Here at Dev Technosys, you can rest assure of the prototyping and UX and UI designing to development.


Easy Communication

We bring the seamlessness in the communication, and make sure the needed transparency is rendered throughout the product development cycle. We focus on making easy communication where you can opt for various channels including Skype, Phone, Messages to point few.


Extended Software Protection Plan

However, there are very few chances, yet as we go beyond to bring convenience to you, in our custom web design services, if you find any bug or security issue in the software you can request a free quote and within 24 hours our experts will be on the matter.


We are top-notch web development company & our development can highly be scrutinized by it’s under the hood optimized development process. Our first step involves intimate interaction with you to makes sure we have a clear-cut approach to your enterprise needs. Our web development services largely depends upon your expectations and needs, for which we opt to bring you work which has high-end quality, functionality, visuals and most importantly features that par your enterprise needs.

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