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We are an experienced mobile application development company that offers various apps and scalable solutions for diverse industry verticals.

If you require a native app or cross platform app, our mobile app development services promise cutting-edge, customized solutions that cater to the business requirement in the best way.

As a mobile app development company, we believe in providing result-oriented app solutions.

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Mobile App Development Services to Suit Your Purpose

Mobile app development services market is growing at an incessant pace. To be able to keep your business and product relevant to the market expectations you need to go with something that adds to the power of mobility to your users, keeping your underlying functional purpose and intent of communication served well. At Dev Technosys, we aim at delivering just that – with highly resourceful, cost effective World-Class Mobile experiences Innovation Expert Committed To App Development company Excellence! and authentic mobile app development services that know the pulse of your user.

All of which is backed by our years of experience in the mobile app domain offering technologically advanced, robust, and scalable digital products for various industry segments and utility niches, including the global SMEs and innovative start-ups – keeping it focused to value and vigilant to ever evolving trends.

iPhone App Development

We are tuned into the world’s most sophisticated processes to reveal finest of iPhone app engineering traits that belong to class of users that iPhone boasts to own. Quality strikes with every pixel coded and designed to put forth the iPhone apps that are built in tech-vetted production labs aimed at delivering best of iOS application development results!Read more

  • Custom iPhone App Development
  • Native iPhone App Development
  • Hybrid iPhone App Development
  • Hire ios developer
  • iPhone app UI/UX Design
  • Objective-C

  • Swift

  • Python

  • C#

  • Html5

  • SwiftUI

  • RxSwift

iPad App Development

While delivering iPad application development services we aim at providing fine selection of tablet design and programming practices that radiate with your utility and value dynamics. Robust mechanism, intuitive interface, seamless navigation, advanced features, and clean and adaptable coding are the top traits that we strive to deliver for your user base.Read more

  • Custom iPad App Development
  • Native iPad App Development
  • Hybrid iPad App Development
  • Hire iPad app developer
  • iPad app UI/UX Design
  • SwiftUI

  • Corona SDK

  • Adobe Air

  • Xcode

  • CocoaPods

  • CircleCI

  • Swift

Android App Development

Dev Technosys is among the first known entrants in the area delivering mobile application solutions to a broad array of utility and application verticals in the Android application development front. Our Android app developers have created apps with services including GPS, Payments, Multilingual properties, and Social APIs, and more for Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables & Android TVRead more

  • Custom Android App Development
  • Hire Android App Developers
  • Android App Consultation
  • Native Android App Development
  • Hybrid Android App Development
  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Dart

  • C#

  • Corona

  • C/C++

  • PhoneGap

Hybrid Mobile App Development

People and businesses are continually moving towards all-round and pervasive solutions. Hybrid technology is one such change bringing new possibilities and advantages to the world of enterprise mobile apps. And we are endlessly bringing best of the resources and practices together, to get you the best of hybrid and cross-platform privileges in your budget.Read more

  • Hybrid Application Testing
  • Hybrid Application Maintenance
  • Hybrid Application Design
  • Custom hybrid App Development
  • Hire hybrid app developer
  • PhoneGap

  • Ionic

  • Sencha

  • Xamarin

  • Framework7

  • Scala

  • Python

Wearable App Development

We are all-equipped with latest skills and ideas that brew in the realm of wearable application development. Our team of top mobile app developers for hire have proven expertise and characteristic ability to conceptualize, design and build feature-rich and engrossing apps for wearable devices for iOS and Android – embedded and sourced by the next-level automation.Read more

  • Wearables App Development Consultation
  • IOT-based Wearable Apps
  • Wearable Healthcare Apps & Utility Apps
  • Augmented Reality Apps for Wearables
  • Wearable Apps for iOS and Android
  • C/C++

  • Java

  • Swift

  • Titanium

  • Objective-C

  • Python

  • Html5

IoT Application Development

We help you to transform devices into smart devices by the aid of smart connection with your Mobile applications. Our mobile application development solutions are impressively preoccupied with IoT Applications and set the users all ready to enjoy the services beforehand. Read more

  • IoT App Development
  • IoT Implementation & Support
  • IoT Cloud Platform
  • IoT Maintenance Services
  • IoT consultancy
  • C

  • Java

  • Python

  • Java Script

  • Swift

  • Golang

  • Parasail

Pro-domain Mobile Application Development Services

As a top mobile app development company, we are accustomed and attuned to bring forth the virtuous suits of finest resources, advanced methods, proficient ideas and stern values to serve the elemental purpose and evolving needs of people with great level of compliance and corroboration to offer finest of Mobile app development services. We house top mobile app developers for hire and technical experts who have hands-on expertise and in-depth knowledge in delivering custom mobile app development solution. Everything that we plan and execute to serve our client’s mobile app ideas is driven by user needs and business value propositions and our services in that purview, are designed to eventually help you leverage the technological growth as it comes and deliver user-first value at its prime.

Idea Incubation And Validation

As a responsible top Mobile app development company we value ideas. And know how to nurture them to plan and facilitate the development base for building a flawless mobile apps that well resonates with its cores and cruxes. Our team of analysts incubates and puts everything through a clinical scan to bring your idea into a valid form and executable shape.

App Prototyping And Product Strategy

Everything happens to take that legible form when you bring them into evidence with illustrative wireframes and prototype screens. Most of the product level consulting happens here. This takes a series of discussions, documentations and approvals *repeated n times* among the team of analysts, designers and project leaders to develop web and the basic anatomy of the app.

Mobile UI-UX Design

We are passionate about bringing awe-inspiring interfaces to life. Our experts are proficient in their craft of building attractive and stimulating screen communication properties. Perfectly aligning visual themes, navigation plan, design elements, functional resource, aesthetic detailing, and responsive core into a well-deployed close-knit UI-UX arrangement.

Conversion Factor Usability

While every mobile development company in the clutter talks about building secured apps, offering cross-platform utility, and making use of latest features. We cut down the implied crap and talk about conversion optimization. And mark you this, your mobile strategies are going to love the way they are treated to create excellent usability matrix that strive to convert.

Product Up-Keep And Augmentation

We are a top mobile development company that works on lasting commitments and aims at providing mobile app development services to not only get you the desired product but also to keep it up and running with all-round quality support and maintenance services. So, it remains unaffected against any surprising tech update or overwhelming user response. While, you keep adding new features, modules and updates to it as you need by the time with our pro-augmentation support.

Building Novel Capabilities

We are an inventive enterprise Mobile Application Development Company. Talk to us about anything that is hot and soaring in the technology circuit. Our specialized team of growth hackers and tech ninjas in the business innovation cell will get you the served with cutting-edge technology to help you build the next disruptive mobile app. Be it anything from realistic AR try-on feature, IoT enabled health diagnosis, CV-driven Inventory tracking to advanced Home Automations – you are all sorted!

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Car Rental Near Me APP

Car rental app from is designed to help you compare car rental deals from more than 1,600 cars hire vendors worldwide and find the most suitable car rental near me....
Dev Technosys

KnocKnocK- Home Services To Your Door

A dedicated customer service support team. Available 6 days a week. - Laundry & Dry-cleaning services To Your Door: Serving over 50,000 families in Singapore, KnocknocK is Singapore’s No. 1 Dry-Cleaning & Laundry services App....
Dev Technosys

honestbee: Grocery delivery & Food delivery

honestbee is an on-demand delivery service. Now buzzing in Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Manila....
Dev Technosys

Live Movie Streaming app

STARZ PLAY brings you Hollywood movies, original TV shows and childrens programs on our on-demand entertainment subscriptions services - anytime anywhere. It is available to 19 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. ...
Dev Technosys

Doctor On-Demand Application

Doctor Anywhere is the platform from which you can video consult to Singapore-registered doctors for healthcare concerns, with medications delivered to your doorstep. It supports diagnosis, treatment and referral services so that doctors can of...
Dev Technosys

Interactive Classroom Tool

Nearpod is the award-winning instructional software that engages students with interactive learning experiences. It offers to students have the ability to participate in lessons that contain virtual reality, 3D objects, PhET simulations and so ...
Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys Development Process

We believe in simplifying technology for you.

Our development process is carefully curated to guide you from one end to another successfully. At Dev Technosys we give you number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our intelligently designed process. From Development to Optimisation we work effectively to perfect you enterprise needs.


Analysis & Planning

UI/UX Design

Development Process


Publish & Launch

World-Class Mobile App Developer company Committed To App Development Excellence!

Dev Technosys is a globally accepted enterprise top Mobile Application Development Company, known for delivering top-of-the-league mobile app experience meeting latest conventions and preferences in the domain. We are a process-driven engineering facility lead by passionate mobile professionals with proven work record. Our well-appointed concepts and systematic development customization techniques fluidly work with cohesively designed value differentiators to create wonder results for diverse needs of our clients. Allowing us to deliver authentic and reliable results that make businesses and users gain the right perspective of mobility science in their purview of technological excellence.

  • 11+ years of engrossed experience

  • Fast reflexes. Prompt results

  • Strict NDA policies

  • Dedicated single point of contact

  • Round-the-clock expert support

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure

  • Agile development with modular approach

  • Standardized practices and quality-driven processes

  • Lead by latest technology and tools

  • Proven track-record with global acclaims

  • ISO certified mobile app development firm

  • Accredited and recognized globally

Our Technological and Industrial Specialties


Our profound expertise and detailed understanding in the area of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions make us deliver expert mobile app development solutions addressing different application and utility needs in various interactive realms, delivering significant value to users and businesses in their respective domains.

Geo Tracking

GPS is relevant to every dynamic mobile service facility that you can think of today. As a progressive mobile application company we are well-equipped and aligned to serve you with latest Geo tracking and mapping technology with features like location detection, geo-targeting, asset tracking etc.

Biometric Sensors

IoT, wearables and automation systems are fast making their spaces in the business and personal domains. Our team of mobile experts is aware of the latest trends in the space and makes use of best of technological exposure to create empowering apps using biometric and sensory engineering.

Beacons for AI and ML

As a trend-leveraging mobile application company we have built solutions using Beacons technology (using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) to broadcast signals and communicate desired message for different customer performance points. The most recent are for retail industry with cross-selling suggestions and for a healthcare client to let their patients get alerts on temperature change.

Why Dev Technosys is a reliable mobile app development services partner?

The below headers will help you to determine why we are counted as the top mobile app development company


Thorough Requirement Analysis

As we initiate the communication with you and take details about your requirements, we selectively put those details and comprehensions through our detailed screening and validation parameters. To be further vetted and processed with rigorous technical references and logical checks to get you a dependable and firm head-start analysis.


Stringent QA Policy

We take the process of development and everything back and forth through highly sanitized methods of quality checks that are built over time referring to ever prominent global standards and the most recent QA tools. This allows us to offer you authentic mobile development services and help you arrive at a solution that is negligibly low on flaws, risks and downtime.


Scalable and Interoperable solutions

Every solution *practically* needs a re-solution after a point in time. This is mostly because your solution architecture and product viability may get disregarded by the changed user requirements or technological growth happening over time. We know this quite well and thus provide for scalability at each level to get you a timelessly scalable and interoperable solution.


High Performance Solutions

While we aim at building a solution that is robust, user-driven and gorgeous to look at, we make sure it is high performing one too. With high performance solution you mean that it has least loading time, it works fluidly across sections, is effectively responsive and is completely free from any cracks or spills that may ruin the user experience or impede the underlying purpose of the solution.


Accelerated Delivery

Our delivery model lead by expert mobile app developers and delivery professionals is all-conditioned to accommodate and adapt with changed client requirements. We follow and implement value delivery practices that work towards achieving rapid delivery as per client requirement. This ensures you get the project delivered to sync in with your requirements, implementing possible functional and deliverable tweaks.


Code Protection and NDA

As a responsible mobile development company, we are highly protective and vigilant about keeping your codes well safeguarded against any kind of risk of loss or disclosure. Our thoroughly schemed and standardized code protection policy (NDA assured) uses the most advanced and authentic practices for code protection, implementing high-end encryption standards and security plans.

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Our Mobile App Development Industry Specifications

  • Real Estate

    Dev Technosys strives to provide the best services in the market. Our experienced and skilled team of professionals strive to deliver the newest technologies to bring about a change in the conventional real estate processes.

  • Educational

    Our mobile app development company has done great work in the education development industry. With the help of optimum quality applications, we are providing efficient applications for students around the world.

  • On Demand

    We cater to the needs of fortune 500 companies and deliver our services according to their requirements. Having a good track record of clients from every corner of the world is our ultimate goal.

  • Service Marketplace

    We provide end-to-end applications for the service marketplace by understanding the changing trends of consumer satisfaction. Our enterprise mobile application development company keeps a close eye on the market and never fails to satisfy the clients.

  • HealthCare

    As the healthcare industry is advancing towards technological development, we are eager to help organizations with next-generation technologies to integrate with the medical domain to provide unmatched services to every patient.

  • Automotives

    Dev Technosys is known to render more than 1500 projects on automotive and transportation. It is the most famous mobile app development company in the USA which is known for its consistent and incredible work in this industry.

  • Banking

    Banking, finance, and insurance need technology in order to avoid discrepancies and do quick transactions. Dev Technosys has made a name for itself in the market for providing the best mobile application solutions.

  • Gaming & Leisure

    The gaming technology has evolved with time. We have kept up with the pace and have successfully developed gaming and other leisure-related projects to our clients with commendable graphics and smooth gaming experience.

  • Event & Tickets

    In this era of digitization, every individual does even the most basic things online. Thus, for every organization, event and ticket booking has become a must. We provide seamless services regarding bookings so that transactions at both ends can become hassle-free.

  • Travels & Tour

    We develop travel and tour applications for our clients with amazing graphics, interesting icons, and new ideas to build creative solutions for conventional purposes, unlike other app development companies.

  • Food & Resturants

    Food and restaurant services need to be eye-catching. We keep up with the changing world to develop amazing web and mobile application solutions that are user-friendly and modern.

  • Ecommerce

    As a mobile developer company, we understand the expectations of our customers and thus develop easy-to-use and attractive eCommerce, retail, and B2B applications and gain the attention of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the advantage of hiring your mobile app development company?

    Our mobile app development company produces a stellar combination of UI and UX and helps your mobile app development to glow amongst thousands. Delivering quality, committing to excellence and time, skilled professionals and standard work ethics are our top advantages for the clients and the reasons why they should hire us.

  • What if my complete project is found to be developed in Android & iOS? How would the engagement be done?

    Our engagement and marketing services are a different set in the pool of mobile app development services. Here you can hire android app developers and, we also help publish your app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and help in SEO, advertisement, campaigning, content, and other marketing fundamentals.

  • How Can I consider the data security of my mobile app is solid?

    By signing an NDA and we assure you to deliver the source code at the time of project submission.

  • Does Dev Technosys provide the required service once after the launch of my Mobile App into the Market?

    Listening to our clients, is our top priority. we believe that good relations bestows good results thus, we assist our clients and provide the services as many times as they want. We are a mobile application development company that delivers quality into the products we engineer and aid business to prosper in every virtue.

  • Should I Choose both Android and iOS mobile platforms to build my app or either any one of the Platform?

    For acquiring the user base, Android is best and for making money, iOS. The choice completely depends on the requirements and vision of your project.

  • What steps are followed for the mobile app development process by top mobile app development companies?

    Requirement analysis, wire framing , Development and design, QA, testing and deployment. We discuss on budget once; the client approves wireframes and ask for initiating the development.

    Our mobile app development firm adopts the core work cycle and produces the results in a way, that really matters.

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