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Along with app development, the maintenance cost of mobile app is also an important factor when it comes to retaining the momentum of business via an excellent mobile app. There are several aspects related to it. This blog is dedicated to the evaluation of mobile app maintenance costs. Here we will go through about that what it takes to maintain the mobile app and other points.

The mobile app development industry is advancing every day due to the increasing number of users. By 2025, smartphone owners are expected to reach 7.49 billion. There are millions of apps launched to date, and new apps are yet to come. In 2021, the app downloads were 230 billion, and the average user spent 4.8 hours on their smartphone. That is why companies are focusing on mobile app support and maintenance.

Launching an app is okay, but for the best user and business experience, mobile app maintenance sometimes becomes crucial. So, before we proceed to the further points here, I would like to ask a question-

Do you think that an app needs maintenance? 

The only answer is yes, not in terms of just supporting this blog also in realistic terms. The reason for mobile app maintenance is to make the app compatible with the time and updates. So, while using your app, a user must find it interesting always. While maintaining the app, implementing the updates into it is such a nice practice.

Let’s dive deep into the blog to find more, but before let’s check out some basic information such as.


What Do You Mean By The Maintenance of The Mobile App? 

It is self-understood that the cost of maintaining the mobile app is called mobile app maintenance cost. But it looks like juggling with the words that will not work fine to know the exact meaning. So besides reading the definition, it is more important to understand it in practical terms than how it works.


Maintenance of The Mobile App


A mobile app is a combination of components, and each component requires its own cost of development and maintenance. For the best experience hiring an experienced application maintenance services company is best.

You also need to know what types of app maintenance mechanisms exist are. The next section is dedicated to the influencing factors, but before we proceed to it. Here we need to look at types of maintenance which are-

1. Perfective Maintenance

Due to the latest trends, the users demand new changes or user’s requirement changes. When a user search for the functionality and they do not find it in the app, then it can work as a future suggestion. Perfective maintenance stands for adding the new features and excluding the non-functional features.


2. Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is required when the app’s environment changes. The changes can occur in the OS, software requirements, hardware, and database storage or the cloud storage.


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3. Preventive Maintenance

Its key function is to eliminate the source or specific reason for errors. Preventive app maintenance can make your app larger than life. It helps to implement the new changes and adapt some new functionalities to make your app more stable. It also includes code optimization, documentation update, and code restructuring.


4. Emergency Maintenance

Sometimes, apps get stuck due to heavy errors that could be sudden and unexpected. Emergency mobile app maintenance is for these kinds of reasons that offer uninterrupted app experiences.



The Factors That Influence Maintenance Cost of Mobile App

Mobile app development is such a significant investment in the business. On the other hand maintenance cost of mobile app is also essential for the best user experience and app functionality.


Factors That Influence Maintenance Cost of Mobile App


Some factors exist that influence mobile app development costs. It will be helpful for you to evaluate the maintenance cost of apps. These are-


1. Business Model

The app store spending reached $170 billion worldwide in 2021, and it is going forward with a 30 % increase every year. The business model refers to the concept that a business app follows for revenue generation. It can be an app like Uber or an ecommerce app development solution or a customer service app; each app requires maintenance. Therefore, the business model is one factor that influences the maintenance cost of mobile apps.

For example- if some app facilitates the users for payment, then it happens with the help of payment gateway integration. Sometimes payment issue occurs due to the update of the system. Then it affects the cost of app maintenance to upgrade the payment integration.


2. Team of Developers

The number of experts involved in mobile app development is one of the influencing factors for the cost to develop a mobile app. The interesting point is that it also applied to the mobile app maintenance cost.

The small-scale apps can be maintained by one or two developers, but if the app is large-sized, then it requires more experts to include for maintaining the app. Therefore, it can dramatically increase the cost of app maintenance.


3. Developer’s Location

Including the team size location of developers is also one of the factors that affect the maintenance cost. The app maintenance can be done by experienced developers. So, the maintenance service price varies depending on the location of the developers.


4. Type of App Platform

Several types of mobile apps exist, such as native apps, hybrid apps, cross-platform apps, and PWA apps. Each app type requires a different maintenance mechanism, so the cost will be accordingly.

To make it simple, you can understand it as not only the iPhone app development services also the iOS app maintenance cost is a costly affair. The next example you can refer to is native apps vs. cross-platform apps. The cross or hybrid app maintenance cost is easier to manage rather than a native app.


5. Bug Fixing and Updates

The bug fixing and update implementation come under corrective maintenance. The time to fix the bugs and implement updates depends on the degree of issues. If they are of a high level, then it will take more time and money.

If bugs are minimum, then it can happen at a minimal cost. For bugs elimination, a certain level of experience is required; for the same, you can hire a mobile app developer with having proven track record in it.


6. Third-Party Integration x

The third-party integration services provide additional functionality to the app. These are licensed software services that come with a cost. Third-party services can be SMS integration, payment gateway integration, Push notification, support chat, cloud server, etc. It influences the overall development price and maintenance cost of mobile. In addition, you have to pay it on a monthly or yearly basis.


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7. App Hosting

The SaaS (software as a service) subscription is referred to as the app hosting where a business can host its app on the cloud server for better execution. Some of the branded SaaS examples are Amazon web services (AWS), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Microsoft Azure. It is one of the factors that contribute to the overall app maintenance cost. What kind of server you choose for hosting, you have to pay accordingly.


8. App Marketing & Promotion

For the success of the app, marketing and promotion are crucial. It will help you regarding business growth, boosting sales, and making your business a brand. It can be done manually and with the help of tools. The manual tactics are old, traditional, and less effective.

With the help of tools, you can do it in a better way. Although the quality tools remain costlier, they provide the best result and add worth to the business. It also requires maintenance, so the cost is associated with it.


mobile app ctaas

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Mobile App?

It will be tough to say what will be the maintenance cost of the particular mobile app as there are several factors associated with it. But, yes, it can be said that it may cost you around 20-25% of the overall project cost, and it can go up to 50% if the project is complex and large-sized.

There are several things involved in it, such as monitoring DAU (Daily Active Users), MAU (Monthly Active Users), traffic handling, and others. The app maintenance can happen monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually.

The app maintenance services require additional cost, and the expense heads can be – Servers, Push Notifications, Payment Gateways, Emergency Maintenance, App Store Management, Requirement Based updates, and others.


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Mobile App


Suppose you have recently launched the app and want an app maintenance service; then, as per the market trends and statistics, it can cost you 40%-50% of the initial cost. In upcoming years you can curb it to 15%-20% per year.

In the above section, you have already read about the factors that influence the maintenance cost of mobile apps. Here I am again going to mention that the app platform is most influential for it. For example- native app development remains costlier than maintaining the cross-platform mobile app.

The app maintenance and mobile app development process seem different, but these are related to each other in technical terms regarding fine functioning and longevity of the app.

While execution, the apps require continuous monitoring under the technical supervision that only an expert can provide. They take care of how the app and its components are working in real-time conditions. The cost of an expert is also involved in it.


Importance of Mobile App Maintenance

The maintenance cost of mobile app is not just spending; it is a great investment towards your business directly. The reason is when the app performs better, then it offers the best user experience and engages the customers best.

Therefore, mobile app maintenance is one of the most required components for a business to retain customers in the best way. For implementing the same, the best part is you only need to hire a mobile app developer having in-depth knowledge of mobile app development and practical experience in technical maintenance of a variety of apps.


Importance of Mobile App Maintenance


Here are some top reasons that say why mobile app maintenance is important.

1. Reduced Uninstallation Rate

Most of the users uninstall the apps when they find that apps are not performing well or any component is mall functioned or if they have doubt of privacy. For avoiding this scenario, it is best to update the app with the help of an app maintenance service. When the app functions fine and works as per the user’s expectations, it will have a reduced uninstallation rate.


2. OS Compatibility

Whenever there is an update in the OS platform, it also affects the app’s GUI, features, guidelines, and developer tools. If an app is not compatible with the latest OS update, then it may cause security and other issues that can be dangerous for the business as well. Simply you can understand it as there is a variety of devices available in the market, so the app must be compatible accordingly.


3. Following The Latest Trends

The users always demand trending solutions, and their expectations remain high always. The best way to implement it is by updating and maintaining the app. Suppose you have an existing app built on the Android platform, but it lags somewhere to meet the trends, then it will be worthy of hiring a top android app development company to update the app.


4. The Best User Experience

The best user experience is something that every professional app must provide. It is advised by the experts that whenever we are planning to develop an app, then providing the best user experience will be a must on your checklist. That is also a crucial reason that an app must require maintenance. It will help you to have a long relationship with the customers.


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5. Cutting-Edge in The Competition

Mobile app maintenance is one of the things that can promise you a cutting-edge in the competition. The direct point is users prefer updated apps instead of apps with old versions and not compatible with the latest devices.


6. Bug Fixing

Nobody wants bugs in the professional business application, not the brands and not even the customers. Although pre-launch of the app, testing happens, but for run time bugs removal app update and maintenance work fine. It is also necessary for improving ROI.


7. App Security

App development is advancing every day, so cyber threats also increasing. The best method to avoid and handle cyber threats is continuous app maintenance. It will also add worth to the app to add some latest security protocols to make an app secure.  


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What Are The Best Practices For App Maintenance?

There are some best practices that you can follow for app maintenance to create the best user experience.


Best Practices For App Maintenance

1. Addition of New Features

Continuously adding new features to the app is such a best practice as it makes the app worthy, and users find it interesting for use.


2. Updating App Layout

The app devices are changing overnight. Every day we can experience the launch of new devices. So continuous updating app layout or implementing the flexible layout is best to make app compatible.


3. Performance Monitoring

The sole purpose of app maintenance is to analyze the performance. So, while running the procedure, you should look for each component that how it works.


4. Additional Functionalities

Adding new functionalities will also be best for the app that you can implement while maintaining the app.


Final Words

Mobile app development is one of the most significant segments of worldwide industries where millions of experts are working to craft business applications. Daily, several apps are being launched. Only those app that survives gets appropriate maintenance and stay updated.

If you are a business owner and catering to the needs of your customers via mobile app, then you also need to focus on app maintenance and updates. It will help you to take your business to a new horizon, including excellent customer satisfaction.