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Summary: Most businesses avoid maintaining their business app, and hence, the app fails to generate profit. So, this blog sheds light on everything about automotive app maintenance services that businesses must know to take their app to the heights of success.

Technological advancement and the Internet of Things have greatly expanded the capabilities of businesses via mobile applications. The new advancements in mobile applications have been really important in multiple business sectors, and the automotive industry is one of them. Thanks to the latest tools & technologies that have made it easier for developers to create automotive applications.

Simply developing an automotive app isn’t enough to generate revenue. To ensure long-term profit, it is essential to avail of automotive app maintenance services. Most businesses simply go for automotive app development and neglect mobile app support & maintenance.

As a result, the app fails to drive the desired profit. Not only this but there is a lot better that app maintenance can do for businesses and its applications that you will discover while reading this piece.

So, let’s begin!


What is Automotive App Maintenance?


Automotive App Maintenance


Automotive maintenance or vehicle maintenance can be a daunting task if performed manually. It becomes difficult to schedule an oil change, servicing, and more, especially when you have ample things to do. In such a situation, automotive mobile app support & maintenance services come handy. Automotive app maintenance helps people keep track of their vehicle maintenance while automating all the tasks.

From scheduling timely reminders to fuel tracking, there’s a lot more than automotive app maintenance can do. We will discuss the benefits of automotive app maintenance later in this blog.


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What Are The Different Types of Automotive App Maintenance Services?

When it comes to maintaining automotive mobile apps, five types of automotive mobile app maintenance services are available. Let’s understand the motive of each of them one by one.


Different Types of Automotive App Maintenance Services

1. Perfective Maintenance

With the introduction of advanced and improved mobile functionalities, the user needs and demands increase. So, while considering perfective automotive app maintenance, businesses consider users’ feedback in advance and take care of all functional changes.

2. Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is focused on tracking the required changes in the automotive app to maintain it as per the latest trends. While performing this automotive app maintenance, developers need to make adjustments in a working environment like operating system, software & hardware environment.

3. Corrective Maintenance

While working on automobile app development, there might be chances that errors and bugs will encounter after development. This is where corrective maintenance comes in handy, as it helps to eliminate the bugs and defects in the app’s functioning.


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4. Preventive Maintenance

Preventive automotive app maintenance entails eliminating mistakes before they develop or arise. This type of maintenance aims to reduce the app’s complexity while increasing its maintainability via code optimization, documentation updating, and reorganization.

5. Emergency Maintenance

Unforeseen situations can arise at any hour of the day. It doesn’t matter whether you are developing a fleet management app or an automotive app; faults can occur all of a sudden. At that time, emergency maintenance service acts as a savior as it quickly resolves the issues while maintaining a smooth user experience.

Maintaining an automotive app can be a game-changing situation for your business if performed the right way. So first, analyze your business mobile app maintenance and support needs to choose the right type of maintenance services required. Still, if you aren’t sure and wondering, ‘Why should I develop an automotive maintenance app?’ continue reading the succeeding section.


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Why Should Businesses Choose Automotive App Maintenance Services?

Not every business is well-versed with mobile app maintenance and hence, focuses only on the application’s development. This mistake results in the increased cost of automotive mobile app development. If you also belong to the same category, you must know the importance of keeping up with automotive app maintenance services.


1. Deliver Better User Experience


Deliver Better User Experience


Businesses are nothing without their customers. Right? To ensure business success and growth, it is crucial to deliver a better user experience. Besides automotive app development on-demand, its support and maintenance are a strong pillar in keeping the users satisfied and happy with the application.

An enhanced app user experience helps businesses to increase customer loyalty, get better feedback, and develop long-term relations with the users.

2. Secure Automotive App From Cyber Attacks

With the ever-growing demand for mobile applications, the chances of Cyber Threats are also increasing. As a result, it has become mandatory for businesses to keep an eye on automotive app security, which can only be possible with proper maintenance.

So, when you hire a mobile app developer for app maintenance, they will make your application fully secure and effective.

3. Fix Technical Bugs

None of the business applications is developed perfectly. Even the tech giants, including Google & Facebook, have acknowledged that they encounter faults and errors even after investing enough amount in mobile app development.


Fix Bugs & Errors


So, considering automotive app maintenance services is helpful to fix technical glitches and errors encountered after automotive app development. The same applies to other business domains, including logistics mobile app development, SaaS development, etc.

4. Revamp UX/UI Design

Users often get bored when they access an application for years with the same boring design, which further leads to significant customer churn. That’s why it is essential to revamp the UX/UI of a mobile app with time. It will entice the automotive app users, and they will not going to leave your application anytime soon.

You’ll need to take care of automotive mobile app support and maintenance to make it possible. Besides development, maintenance services are good for application redesigning as well.


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5. Reduce Unnecessary Downtimes

Downtime is a very common thing in this highly competitive app development market. Even renowned brands like Blackberry have suffered revenue loss due to unnecessary downtimes. Lack of regular app maintenance is the major reason behind such mishaps.

Availing automotive app maintenance services from dedicated mobile app developers will help you match the standard performance levels and achieve improved business growth. A well-maintained app can fetch more profit and sales than one couldn’t even imagine.

6. Promotes Consistent App Monitoring

Consistent app monitoring is crucial in today’s competitive world to keep pace with the ongoing trends and technologies. Things become complicated when businesses do not have a desired mobile app maintenance team to keep track of everything.

In such a situation, businesses need to take the assistance of an automotive mobile app development company. Regular mobile app support and maintenance promote consistent app monitoring, which proves beneficial for businesses.


Car Sharing App Maintenance Services

7. Improve App’s Functioning

The major motive behind automotive app maintenance is improving the application’s functioning while eliminating bugs, reducing load timing, and updating the application as per the latest trends. An outdated or buggy application cannot function properly, and as a result, users uninstall the application.

To overcome this, automobile app maintenance comes in handy. It improves the app’s functioning and increases the app’s lifespan for years to come. You can also take the assistance of the artificial intelligence app development company or any other to inculcate the latest technologies into your app and increase its worthwhile maintaining it properly.

Stepping into automotive mobile app development isn’t a big deal, but maintaining its lifetime is a big deal. Now that you are well-versed with the business benefits of automotive app maintenance services go for it without thinking twice. The more you delay, the higher will be the automotive software development cost.

How Much Does Automotive App Maintenance Costs?


Automotive App Maintenance Costs


Now comes the most crucial part of automotive app maintenance, i.e., the cost. The thumb rule states that the maintenance cost of a mobile app is around 30-40% of the total automotive app development cost. For instance, if your business app costs around $40,000, you will have to pay around $8,000 for its maintenance.

This is just an idea of the automobile app maintenance cost estimation; multiple factors influence the cost.


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Major Factors Influencing Automotive App Maintenance Cost

The following is the list of the major factors affecting automotive app maintenance costs that can save you bucks on app maintenance.

1. Hosting

Unlike any other factor, the cost of automotive app hosting plays a crucial role in mobile app maintenance. Businesses should focus on the type of server they need for automotive app development, which will further decide their automotive app maintenance cost.

For extensive app hosting, businesses might need CPU, memory, and disk space, and it would cost between $70 and 320 per month, depending on project growth. This will also impact your cost to hire a software developer, so choose the hosting platform wisely.

2. Third-Party Plugins

If you use any third-party plugin in your automotive app development process, you will have to pay additional development costs. So, if you have your plugins, well and well, and if not, use reliable and trustworthy third-party plugins.

It will save your automotive app cost in the future while enhancing the performance and productivity of your business application. If you find it difficult, hire mobile app developers, and they will assist you with the same.

3. Analytics

Mobile app errors, bugs, and other glitches need to be analyzed and monitored regularly to ensure smooth performance. With the help of tools like Google Analytics, businesses can keep track of their automotive app analytics. So, the tools used for checking an app’s analytics can be a great factor in increasing app maintenance costs. But, an investment made once can benefit your business in the coming time.

Undoubtedly, it is a cost addition factor, but it is worth investing in. So, do not overlook this factor while availing of automotive app maintenance services from professionals.


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4. Bug Fixing & App Updates

Businesses need to update their mobile app regularly to monitor unseen errors or faults and resolve them on time. It is known as bug fixing. Also, updating the app regularly is a good idea to maintain its efficiency and performance. So, these two automotive app maintenance factors can either increase or decrease your app maintenance cost depending on how you are doing it.

5. Customer Support

Resolving customers’ queries is a major factor in ensuring application success. As customer queries keep arising with time, it would be great if your automotive business application could resolve customers’ queries with time. This will be possible when you incorporate customer support features into your business application.


Customer Support


Of course, it will add little cost to your mobile app development and maintenance process but will deliver a better and more user-friendly experience to your automotive app.

These are the five major factors that impact the cost of automotive app maintenance. Now that all the factors are in front of you consider them while planning to avail of automotive app maintenance services from the professionals. This isn’t specifically for the automotive app but for other types of mobile app maintenance as well.


Automotive App Maintenance Services

Standard Automotive App Maintenance Practices

To offer a seamless automotive app experience to the users and ensure smooth app performance, it is imperative to follow standard automotive app maintenance practices, as highlighted in the succeeding section.

1. Update Features Timely

Constant app monitoring is a must to stay updated with the latest features, tools, or technologies and update them in the application timely. Adding new features to a mobile app quickly is a must to keep users attracted to your automotive app. It is the foremost yet crucial app maintenance practice that businesses shouldn’t ignore at any cost.

2. Monitor App Performance

Performance is the key to application success. Agree or not! So, to ensure better automobile app performance, it is crucial to monitor app performance regularly. It will also help you know the major flaws or errors if any.

3. Schedule System Maintenance

Simply developing a business shouldn’t be the only motive for your automotive business app. Right? So, besides focusing on app maintenance, schedule system maintenance to eliminate all the bugs and errors with time. It will keep your business app error-free while ensuring better performance and efficiency.

So, these three are the standard app maintenance practices that businesses should follow when they work on automotive app maintenance or hire mobile app developers.


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Ready For Automotive App Maintenance? Let’s Begin!

The type of mobile app support and maintenance you follow for your business app will define its success and lifespan. So, do not take mobile app maintenance for granted. Whether you are running an automotive business or any other, scheduling system maintenance is a must to ensure high profit and ROI.

We hope that this blog is helpful enough for you to identify the importance of automotive app maintenance services for your application. At Dev Technosys, we have a team of skilled and dedicated mobile app developers and a team of QA who develop a successful and error-free business application.

Share your business requirements with us today, and we will offer the best mobile app development and maintenance services at a reasonable cost. Feel free to reach us at any hour of the day.