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Get excellent mobile app maintenance & support services from the experts to stay out of the crowd in ongoing market competition.

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Dev Technosys - Mobile App Maintenance Services Company

A mobile app is like an employee who works round the clock without taking any leave. So, it is the responsibility of the business to ensure its satisfactory maintenance as you arrange the health check-up facility for your employees. The experts can help you out with mobile or web application maintenance; the only condition is that you need to choose wisely. We have done it before and already doing maintenance for our multiple clients. The reason is developing complex application skills made us an eligible mobile app maintenance services provider.

Our experts can help you in server monitoring, backup, glitch removal, and automatic crash review & reporting.

  • Software & App Support Services and Management

    Software & App Support
    Services and Management

  • Application Enhancement Services

    Application Enhancement Services

  • Performance Analysis

    Performance Analysis

  • Security and Verification

    Security and Verification

  • System Verification and Monitoring

    System Verification and Monitoring

  • Recovery Scheduling

    Recovery Scheduling

Dev Technosys

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Our App Maintenance Services Highlights

  • Proven Track Record of 10+ Years
  • Flexible Pricing
  • High Quality IT Services Management
  • ISO 9001-Certified Company
  • Expertise in Maintaining Complex Applications
  • High Performance Monitoring Standards
  • Availability of Different
  • 3rd Party App maintenance

Our Maintenance Service’s Key Offerings

Mobile App Maintenance Consultation

Mobile App Maintenance Consultation

It all starts with the consultation. Ultimately the choice is yours by which app maintenance service company you want to go to. You can contact us for free mobile app maintenance consultation at any time.

Tech Support & App Updates

Tech Support & App Updates

We will always be there for you if any technical fault arises. You can trust us regarding continuous app updates as we have done it several times for multiple clients. To date, we have updated a variety of apps.

App Migration & Release

App Migration & Release

We are not limited up-to maintenance; you can leverage our app migration skills for overall app transformation from one platform to another. Our experts ensure the flawless release of mobile applications.

Wide Range of Mobile App Support and Maintenance Solutions by Dev Technosys

Application Maintenance & Support

It gives us the thrill to implement the custom app maintenance strategy for the client’s app. Not only mobile apps if you need them, we can also help you regarding web application maintenance.

Mobile App Upgradation

If you are feeling that your app is missing something, even having a robust built, then it is the right time to upgrade the app. Our experts will help you for enriching the app with UI and backend.

Software Migration

Migration is beneficial when apps are not performing due to the uprising user’s requirement and business needs. Our team can help you to migrate your software from the existing to the new platform.

Post Launch Support

We provide post-launch support for the mobile application. The post-launch support services cover such as backups, integrating or removing API, routine maintenance etc. In case of any issue, we can also help you regarding the prelaunch of the app.

Bug Tracking

Reporting and bug-tracking are important activities to maintain the app in a fine way. Our experts have in-depth practical experience in deploying the bug tracking strategy that gives real-time results.

System Maintenance

We have our own set of methods to provide the best experience of system maintenance. First, we analyze it deeply and figure out the requirements. To ensure uptime, we deploy our best resources for it.

Code Revamping

When existing code does not work fine, then it decreases the app’s performance. If you are also concerned about it, then our experts can refactor or revamp the code to optimize it best via the removal of redundancies, correcting code structure and others.

Multi-Tier Support

With us, you will get multi-tier support such as L0 to L3. Our support team comprises senior-level, mid-level and junior level support executives who can help you with app audit, system audit, server maintenance & monitoring, and other services.

Web App Maintenance

Instead of mobile applications, some organizations prefer web apps such as PWA or website-based applications. Our web maintenance services cover website migration, database maintenance, implementing security measures, real-time web monitoring and others.

Dev Technosys

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We Lay a Perfect Resonating Ecosystem for Maintaining and Supporting Your Application

We deliver excellence via our mobile app support and maintenance services. Our talented pool of app maintenance experts are committed professionals who never left any stone unturned. Considering the complete requirement analysis and the documentation, we leave no free space bugs and errors. For routing the issues and purposes, we align the JIRA-oriented Help desk system to handle all the concerned issues.

Our support team works around the clock to handle the user's inquiries and associated requests. We deliver a profound range of maintenance services such as:

  • Issue Verification and Bug Detection

    Issue Verification and Bug Detection

  • Application and Software Updates

    Application and Software Updates

  • System Analysis and Performance Tracking

    System Analysis and Performance Tracking

  • Security and Verification

    Security and Verification

Streamlined Workflow of Our App Support and Services

Streamlined Workflow of Our App Support and Services

We have created an ecosystem for support and maintenance services where you can find all solutions at a one-stop destination regarding your mobile and web application maintenance. Our experts follow a unique process to create the best user experience and to implement a perfect application maintenance solution.

Our Unique App Maintenance Process Works Like This-

  • Existing Requirements Collection
  • Requirement Analysis & Refining
  • Pre-Maintenance App Testing
  • App Refactoring & Troubleshooting
  • App Retesting & Debugging
  • App Integration & Migration
  • Verification & Validation
Mobile App Maintenance Services Company

Mobile App Maintenance Services Company – Dev Technosys

Our comprehending and iterative application maintenance services target improving and maintaining the application. Our system improvement services are comprised of redesigning, fixing the errors and upgrading the system functionality and performance.

Dev Technosys app maintenance services are designed in a way such that it delivers stability to all your business and hardware operations. We are known for delivering a complete range of updates, support, release and management services influenced by the latest technology and fundamentals.

So, if you are looking for professional support for your next venture, we are here to help make it out. We can resolve all your business problems in a go. For your all existing system, we deliver all the activities for troubleshooting for providing an optimized performance in the software system. We make sure that our products and services help your businesses to flourish at a competitive edge.

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Dev Technosys

Our Multi-Tier Application Support Services

You can choose up to the L3 level of support services from our strong team of technocrats based on your requirements.

L0- Users Self Service

L0- Users Self Service

  • FAQs
  • User Manual
  • On-call Support
  • Technical Information
L1- Basic Support

L1- Basic Support

  • Request receiving via call, video call, message or e-mail
  • Basic issue solutions such as a password or profile reset
  • Service Feedback
  • Escalating issues to the next level
L2- Intermediate Support

L2- Intermediate Support

  • Resetting & Resolving app configuration
  • Issues handling related to the admin or users account
  • Software Installation or Integration
  • Refactoring coding patches
L3- High Tech Support

L3- High Tech Support

  • Live troubleshooting by experts
  • Live chat or video call with the experts
  • Complete Code Refactoring
  • Fixing complex issues
  • Database migration or Integration
  • Customization issue handling

Why Should You Choose Dev Technosys As Mobile App Maintenance Company?

Several reasons make us the most preferred choice for app maintenance and support. Some of the key reasons are the following:

  • Latest tech stack required for maintenance
  • Experience support professional
  • Multi-tier support mechanism
  • Best user experience
  • On-demand availability of support
  • Flexible payment model

The Maintenance Services You Can Demand From Us For

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Products Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Web Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • AI App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • Blockchain App Development
Dev Technosys

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Dev Technosys Development Process

We believe in simplifying technology for you.

Our app development process is carefully curated to guide you from one end to another successfully. At Dev Technosys we give you number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our smartly designed process. From Development to testing we work effectively to perfect you enterprise needs.



Analysis & Planning

Analysis & Planning

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Development Process

Development Process



Publish & Launch

Publish & Launch

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is application maintenance and support?

    The term Application maintenance and support comes with requirement and skills for supporting application system, modifying, including troubleshooting, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems. In the production environment application and maintenance and support also applies in the application running. Application Maintenance Services is one of the important part of all the application.

  • What is support and maintenance?

    Application maintenance and support come with their own set of skills and requirements. For instance, the application maintenance & support services involve functionality growth, modification, and troubleshooting. This even applies to the applications running in a production environment. When working on new projects, the support teams prepare a service level agreement to outline the response time and ensure needs availability. Software support and maintenance services are one of the essential part of all the application.

  • What Are The Benefits Of App Maintainance?

    There are several benefits of app maintenance:

    • Helps in improving communication
    • Reduced Downtime
    • Improving Communication
    • Improved User Experience
    • Comes better user experience
    • More efficient
    • Comes with an available app store there are so many maintained app that are free to download.
    • You must hire Application Maintenance Services Company whenever you are planning to maintain and support your application.
  • What's The Cost To Maintain An App?

    The maintenance cost of mobile app remains 15%-20% of the original development costs. For example, suppose the app development cost is around $1,00,000 during development, then the estimated mobile application maintenance & support price costs around $20,000 yearly.

  • What is The Process of Mobile App Maintenance That You Follow?

    There are some steps that you need to be followed for the mobile app maintenance process:

    • Add the new features update that is required.
    • Make sure that the app must be compatible with new hardware or software.
    • Always keep the user interface updated
    • Fix all the bugs on time
    • Monitor and check the performance
    • Always maintain the maintenance of the app on time
    • Renew the business license timely
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