Application Maintenance Services Company

We proffer complete range of support and maintenance services to your software for delivering a remarkable quality and performance. We make it a priority to deliver a fault free ecosystem and tend to boost the overall agility of the product. Our software support services encapsulate dedicated improvement, UX development and business productivity.

Our rapid app development services let you evaluate the products in just the right and justified way
Software & App Support Services and Management
Application enhancement services
Performance analysis
Security and verification
System verification and monitoring
Recovery scheduling

We lay a perfect resonating ecosystem for developing and supporting your application

We deliver a swift interactive platform to the users for interacting with our software support and network engineers. Taking into account the complete requirement analysis and the documentation, we leave no free space bugs and errors. For routing the issues and purposes we, align JIRA oriented Help desk system for handling all the concerned issues.

Our Help Desk team is works around the clock for handling the user's inquiries and associated requests. We deliver a profound range of maintenance services such as:
Issue verification and bug detection
Application and software updates
System analysis and performance tracking
Security and Verification
Charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business.

Standards and operational workflow of our App Support and Service architecture

Under our service and app support architecture, we lay all the associated parameters that define scope, functionalities, quality and ethics of the concerned ventures. We deliver our complete range of services in the form of below comprehending stages:


Stage 1

The product is delivered to the users, as per the response of his problem.


Stage 2

Accordingly, a service is provided the Dev Technosys team, and the bug is being fixed according to the problem.


Stage 3

Troubleshooting is being processed in order to fix the complex issues and tedious technical problems.

Application Maintenance Services

Our comprehending and iterative application maintenance services targets at improving and maintaining application. Our system improvisation services are comprised of re-engineering, fixing the errors and for upgrading the system functionality and performance.

Our management services are designed in a way such that it delivers stability to all your business and hardware operations. We deliver a complete range of update, support, release and management services influenced by the latest technology and fundamentals.

So, if you are looking for a ground setting support to for your next venture and other project development, we are there to assist you via all the proven technical measures. For your all existing system, we deliver all the activities for troubleshooting for providing an optimized performance in the software system. We make sure that our products and services help your businesses to flourish at a competitive edge.

Tailored Software support and maintenance services

We deliver a complete 30 day warranty for our products and services and provides you a complete range of QA and testing services. We fix all the defects free of cost during all the developmental phases. Below are the further phases that we cover during our developmental period:

  • Level 1

    In the level 1, we fix the issues without infusing any changes into the database and the source code. These types of issues include data fixation, server installation and application updation.

  • Level 2

    In level 2, the issues are fixed by making the changes in the database and applications. Under this scenario, client discussion is the top priority. We make changes by altering the source code as per the venture and bug requirement. These developmental activities are carried in such a way that it does not affect the overall activities of the businesses.


We believe in simplifying technology for you.

Our development process is carefully curated to guide you from one end to another successfully. At Dev Technosys we give you number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our intelligently designed process. From Development to Optimisation we work effectively to perfect you enterprise needs.

Frequently asked question

What is application maintenance and support?

The term Application maintenance and support comes with requirement and skills for supporting application system, modifying, including troubleshooting, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems. In the production environment application and maintenance and support also applies in the application running. Application Maintenance Services is one of the important part of all the application.

What is support and maintenance?

The term application maintenance and support includes the requirement and skills for even supporting application system, modifying, including troubleshooting, maintaining and enhancing legacy system. This even applies to the applications running in a production environment. when taking a new projects the support teams comes up with service level agreement which helps in outlining the response time and ensuring the availability of needs. Software support and maintenance services are one of the essential part of all the application.

What Are The Benefits Of App Maintainance?

There are so many benefits of app maintenance:

  • Helps in improving communication
  • Reduced downtime
  • Comes better user experience
  • More efficient
  • Comes with an available app store there are so many maintained app that are free to download.

You must hire Application Maintenance Services Company whenever you are planning to maintain and support your application.

What's The Cost To Maintain An App?

For the software maintenance the industry norm is about 15 to 20bpercent of the original development costs. If the cost of the app is $1,00000 when the app was building then the estimated price of mobile application maintenance and support may cost $20,000 every year.

What is The Process Of Mobile App Maintenance That You Follow?

There are some steps that re needed to be followed for the process of mobile app maintenance:

  • Add the new features update that are required.
  • Make sure that the app support is with new hardware or software.
  • Always keep the user interface updated
  • Fix all the bugs on time
  • Monitor and check the performance
  • Always maintain the maintenance of the app on time
  • Always keep a check on the licenses.

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