Determine The Exact Cost of Mobile App Development

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The businesses that are prevailing nowadays are just looking forward to investing in the quality development accompanied by the low cost. This whole framework is currently being chased by everyone or the other business and more likely it can be shaped in Eastern Countries like India that is reserved with the app development cost of around $15 - $25/hour. The range is slightly low when compared with Western Nations that charge around $100 - $350/hour.

Thus, whether your app will take a cost ratio of $25 per hour or $350 per hour, the same directly proportionate to a few factors. So, let’s have a look at them

How To Estimate and Calculate The Mobile App Development Cost

The equation to calculate the mobile app development cost to find out the answer to the aforementioned question, the business is required to calculate the number of hours a mobile app development company is consuming and the features that are forming a part of your product.

App Development Cost Calculation

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    UI/UX design
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    Platform selected
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    Backend development
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    number of billable hours

Determine The Exact Cost For Developing and Maintaining A Mobile App

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App idea identification

Before any mobile application development company prepares to come on-board for developing a mobile app, a rough cost structure is being shared with the clients as per the mobile app development services they are looking forward to. The idea is properly analyzed accompanied with detailed research, mobile app development solutions that will be included and also the funding and capitalization are being taken into account.

We at Dev Technosys offers just the right standards for validating an app idea. We infuse the design sprint parameters, to meter the respective interest zones, so as to begin looking at the most influential corners of your app idea.

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In-depth Research

We process some really important modules at this stage. Right from analyzing the device on which the user will work will identify the features that your user will love, fall right under this category. In-depth research also includes competitor and market analysis as well.

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Structural Development

Plentiful of factors such as App size, features, UI/UX design, etc differ as to the user switch from one geographical location to others. This aid mobile app development company to breakdown the cost in an appropriate way.

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Funding and Capitalization

Well, this is similar to your business fundamentals. Just as your businesses are weighed on the basis of its market value same goes with the app idea as well. All the details regarding the idea are being fetched from the market and according to the worth of the idea is charted. Accordingly, the funding is calculated that can be drawn from the app and the features are also outlined that can aid in making the app all the way better and distinctive from the competitor.

The estimated time that is consumed in App Discovery is between 40 - 80 hours.

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Scope Development

The scope of the app focuses directly on what the app can do and how it can help users to accomplish their task. All the features and technological requirements are finalized.

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The complexity of the app is directly proportional to the features of the app. A plentiful number of features can impact the complexity but here find the major ones that play an emphasizing role.

  • Architecture Model Development -The backend development helps the users to avail the solutions that they seek to avail. When we talk in the perspective of Backend development, two options can be considered here –Custom and BaaS. In Custom, clients can get the backend architecture as they required while in BaaS, readymade and customized backend architecture is delivered.

  • Admin Panel Development - This can be said as the most crucial part of the app that helps in It managing the app, tracking the processing and activity, view stats, and provides an update to content without involving developers.

  • Third Party association - Needless to say, your app is required to interact with the functionality of other apps for easing down its own processes. For instance, your app can use Google login for signing into your LinkedIn account for making the overall login process swifter.

  • Device’s Hardware analysis - The modern range of mobile app development solutions is inclusive of the number of advanced feature such as Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, etc. These solutions when linked with the app, helps in multiplying the app efficacy plus attracts the user base as well.

  • Now, when we move towards the app complexity, it becomes more and denser as the number of features increases. A mobile application development company hikes the cost as the complexity of the app increase. Find out the below cost breakdown structure.

    • Simple Mobile Apps - These apps can be defined as the ones with basic features require only necessary and standard UI components are loaded with a very simple backend and are developed in the form of the pre-defined template with basic comprehending features.

      Time taken for developing a simple mobile app is 600 - 900 hours.

    • Medium Level Apps - These apps can be defined as the ones that are developed with API integration, custom UI/UX design, real-time communication, and a robust backend.

      Time taken for developing a simple mobile app is 900 - 1600 hours.

    • Complex Apps - These apps can be defined as the ones that are loaded with high functionalities, sophisticated animation standards, real-time synchronization, and complicated backend and are encompassed with sophisticated database queries and relationships.

      Time taken for developing a simple mobile app is more than 1600 hours.

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The various App Categories

How to determine the cost of developing a mobile app? Well, the answer is quite tedious as it differs on the basis of the app category that is being selected. While switching from any of the app categories, the whole of the scenario changes users, features, cost, security standards and everything that is associated with the app development.

  • Concrete Apps - Such apps does not require any external support to run and are not dependent on any device feature. They are encompassed with low data consumption and development cost thus is a true win-win scenario for both - the users and the business.

    Minimalistic features independent apps cost somewhere around 600 - 900 hours

  • Social Networking Apps - Social networking apps are the pool of features such as real-time sync, location-based solution, and others. Such types of apps must be highly capable as they are required to store plentiful media files and must be able to link with a camera and other media based files.

    Developing Social Networking Apps such as Instagram or Happn takes around 1800 - 2500 hours

  • mCommerce Apps - Online retail is growing at an unstoppable pace with the rise of people and competition around the globe. So, the task here is to develop a mobile app that can replace the brick and mortar stores. mCommerce apps are designed in such a way that they perform on a real-time basis and cater abundance of the people at the same time. Thus, for developing such types of apps, all you need is a strong backend that can deal with the plentiful of people at the same time. All the updates and maintenance activities are also taken into account while developing such apps. API integration is also a major part of mCommece mobile development.

    Developing mCommerce Apps like Alibaba or eBay cost can consume around 2000 or above hours

  • On-Demand Apps - On-demand apps are creating a lot of buzz amongst the toady’s businesses. Reason being they target the three categories of people at the same time- the user, the person that is attuned to deliver your service, and the business. The UI and the app architectural flow are completely different for On-demand apps and thus, the developmental cost is high for such types of apps.

    Reason being they are loaded with complicated features such as in-app payment and communication, real-time sync and tracking, rating/review support accompanied by the push notifications and other features.

    Certainly, a Mobile application company will charge a handsome amount for developing On-demand mobile apps as they are developed into three segments and with different features.

    Developing On-Demand Apps like Swiggy or Uber consume around 2000 or more hours

  • Enterprise-based Mobile Apps - Enterprise Mobile Apps are just like any other app category. Such types of apps are being used by employees for delivering a swift approach to their business processes. Thus, hire a mobile app developer to get an app developed in such a way that it helps to foster the business growth and escalates your overall productivity.

    Developing Enterprise based Mobile Apps cost around $45,000 to $1, 80,000.

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Hardware-oriented Apps

IoT based mobile apps are accompanied via minimal interactions and are operated with the firmware that is programmed for controlling the hardware. However, all the interconnected devices require appropriate collaboration with the hardware and must allow the users to seamlessly receive the data and to fetch an action instantly.

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App Design and Development

The factor that plays a decisive role in determining the cost of an app is app design. If you are looking for great user attention, app design is really accountable. While charting a customized design for an app, a mobile development company looks out for two options. Custom development or Standard UI development.

Customized UI is difficult to design and implement than the Standard UI, thus making the latter one all the way more expensive.

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App Wireframing

All the crucial features and design standards are building through Wireframing. They are being developed by and using tools and programs such as Balsamiq, Photoshop, and MARVEL. Each and every wireframe is processed only after it has received an approved from the client’s and.

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UI /UX Design

For all the apps( Android or iOS) that we develop at Dev technosys, we infuse standard material design and flat design for delivering the essence of creativity, simplicity, and elegance in our Mobile App Designs.

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Animation plays an inseparable part in some apps such as gaming or social media apps like Snapchat. The whole of design and coding that is being used to build animation can be counted as a complicated process, thus augmenting the overall app design cost.

The app design cost differs for each of the apps depending on the features that are being infused. For developing a simple app can consume around 150 hours and a complex one can consume around 400 hours.

Dev Technosys

App Platform

How much does it cost to create an app? Well, the question can be directly answered by the OS versions and the app platform you are selecting.

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Native App Development

As a top Mobile application company, we believe that there is a very slight difference between the building of iOS and Android-based apps. The cost for the Android Apps tends to escalate, as the number of attached devices increases. Well, iOS is free from any such scenario of dealing with different OS versions. For iOS development, Swift or Objective C is used while for Android Kotlin and Java remains the choice.

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Web App Development

Apps that under the category of Progressive Web Apps and Web Apps tend to deliver much more high performance with a cost-efficient structure when compared with native apps.

The cost of developing a Web App cost around $15,000 to $ 30,000.

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Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform application development can be defined as developing both iOS and Android-based apps simultaneously. Your app will work for both the iOS and Android devices and will be developed with a single code structure. It consumes less development cost. Currently, two of the major platforms that are being used cross-platform application development are Flutter and React Native.

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Flutter is a new name in the market and is equipped with its privileged set of advantages when it comes to delivering a complete Native experience to your cross-platform apps and is reserved with full and detailed documentation.

Since the platform is new, therefore, the availability of Dart programmers is still fairly less, and thus cost structure for the Flutter App Development falls at the higher side.

Cost of developing Flutter app ranges between $15,000 to $40,000

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React Native Based Development

React Native app development is the first name that strikes the one’s mind when we talk about the cross-platform app development. The framework is widely used for presenting the Android and iOS app in the right way. If we talk in the context of cost, React native app development is much more cost-effective when compared with the native app development and flutter app development.

Cost of developing a React Native App Development ranges between $15,000 to $50,000

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Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Apps can be said as the composition of both Native and Web App. When deployed as a native app, it can run in a web view component.

In the case of Hybrid mobile app development, three frameworks are widely used: PhoneGap, Ionic, and Sencha Touch. However, Hybrid apps stand quite behind on the grounds of performance when compared with the cross-platform app development, react native app development and flutter app development.

These are liked by businesses only because the developing costs of such apps are quite low when compared with the aforementioned app development.

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Blockchain App development

Blockchain app development is one of the biggest trends surrounding that is sweeping the industries across the globe. The lack of knowledge and Blockchain app developers are the only reasons that increase the overall cost for the blockchain app development.

Mainly two types of platforms are used in the niche of Blockchain App Development Platforms, there Permission based and Public. In Permission based model, Blockchain app development reaches a higher level of cost when compared with Public as security consideration is given very high priority.

Cost of developing a Blockchain App Development Cost lies between $30,000 to $1,80,000.

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App Deployment and Publishing

Well, once the idea is formulated and the app is developed after so many efforts, it is being processed for publishing to Google’s Play Store or the Apple’s App Store. The app must adhere to the guidelines of the platform on which the app will be deployed. There is a number of times when the app gets rejected is not processed further due to some mismatch on the conditions.

Thus, as a reputed mobile application company, we make sure to measure all the belongings of your app against the mentioned guidelines and remember to match the checklist before getting on board.

While Submitting an Android App on Google’s Play Store, the user is required to pay a one-time fee of $25 while the Apple charges $99 per year, for getting an app launched on its App Store.

Dev Technosys

App Maintenance and Support

Needless to say, there is no end to the expense once you land in the niche of mobile apps services development. App maintenance is a crucial activity, in case you are looking forward to coping up with the evolving user requirements, market trends and frequent OS updates

Dev Technosys

App Updates

The complete user experience scenario and the features are mapped via wireframing. Tools such as Balsamiq, Photoshop, and MARVEL are used and one is approved by the client, we get on –board for developing the final version of the app.

If the client has its own readymade wireframe, we do not include it in the overall cost of mobile app development.

Dev Technosys

Bug Fixation

Well, while developing a mobile app, errors and issues are likely to come. In some cases, the issues are unraveled, once the app is published. Thus, do let us know in case of such issues so that they can be fixed accordingly

Dev Technosys

Design Updates

App designs are a crucial part of the mobile app that holds the users for a pretty long time.

Once it gets ruffs and loses its elegance, remember to revamp so as to keep the users entangled with the app.

App Maintenance Cost is charged 20% on the basis of complete mobile app development cost.

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Code Reusability

Code reusability is most of the most promising element in crashing the overall cost of mobile app development. If a business is ready with its source code and just looking for some minor updating on the grounds of brand and features, the development cost falls impressively.

However, at Dev Technosys, we suggest the businesses use only the common sections of the source code such as Contact us, Login, etc and rest we suggest to get it to develop from scratch.

Dev Technosys

The Development Team

Depending on the conditions, whether you look out for a mobile app development company, or hire mobile app developer, the cost of development varies.

If you hire an app developer or a new start-up company for developing the app, it would certainly charge you less, but in case of you decide to invest in some large scale company working with a huge number of employees, it would certainly charge you high.

Depending on the team you are selecting you; the price for developing the app rises up. Hire app developer for working on the projects in case you are looking for development of simple apps. In case you hire android developer, who is experienced, probably you would get an app at a low cost.

In a big mobile software development company, the team would look like:

  • Project Manager

  • Technology Experts and professionals (Blockchain, React Native, Flutter, AI, IoT)

  • Business and Sales Analyst

  • UI/UX Designer

  • Tech Leads

  • iOS Developer

  • Android Developer

  • Quality Analyst

Apps that are developed by reputed mobile software Development Company imbibed with a team of 3000+ experts cost around $450,000 to $1,500,000

Apps that are developed by medium level mobile App Development Companies, like Dev Technosys, with 200 - 500 experts cost around $25,000 to $2, 00,000

Apps that are developed by Freelancers or start-up, with 10 to 50 experts cost around $2000 to $25,000

The above cost structure is being developed by keeping in mind the mid-level mobile app development.

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Geographic Location

The geographical location matters a lot in determining the cost of app development. There is a huge change in the cost when we move from the West to the East. The per hour cost of development changes drastically.

Dev Technosys
  • North America - $110-$170

  • South America - $20-$70

  • Russia - $30-$50

  • Asia - $15-$50

  • Australia & Europe - $70-$100

How Dev Technosys Calculates The Cost of Your App Development?

As a reputed mobile application development company, we analyze and ideate your app in just the right way. We accumulate all the understanding of the mobile app development services and mobile app development solutions that you seek to avail. As per the expectations, we chart an estimate containing the number of hours that are required for completing the project. All the technological standards and the team is deployed during the project allocation itself.

Next, once the estimate is approved by the client, we break down the cost structure on the basis of scope of work, mobile development solutions and followed by developing a framework and aligning all the project related parameters. We lay complete paradigms for mobile app development, mobile development solutions, deployment and maintenance that are all in one our fixed price. So, this is the exact answer to question how we calculate the cost of our mobile app development and your mobile app.

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