Our Comprehensive Video Streaming Application Development Solutions

Dev Technosys is committed to provide end-to-end live streaming app development solutions to enhance the overall user experience while allowing your enterprise to build a global viewership.

VOD Video App Development

Provide individual access to watch the favorite TV shows to the end viewers with the help of our advanced VOD app development solutions. We provide unique VOD video creation ideas from the expertise of our app developers to create the app as per the specific requirements of our clients.

Video Online Streaming App Development

We are capable of designing as well as developing high-performance video streaming applications for the famous OTT platforms to enhance the overall user experience. Our advanced range of digital video OTT App solutions ensures the delivery of the right content to the right set of target audience across multiple devices.

OTT App Integration & Migration

We create effective strategies to upgrade the overall custom web development and app performance with the help of custom integrations with advanced plugins & third-party functionalities. Our OTT migration services offer the assurance that your app data gets successfully transferred to the right OTT platform with minimal complications.

Support & Maintenance

We are experts in performing routine checkups as well as testing procedures for your live streaming app development. Our team of professional QA engineers tests the VR apps through a series of performance metrics for significantly improving its overall performance across multiple devices.

How We Empower Video Streaming App Development?

Wish to convert your video streaming app idea into a lucrative business? The team of highly qualified as well as experienced video app developers can help you out. With our comprehensive range of mobile app development solutions, you can expect to receive a customized range of solutions along with the assurance of timely delivery and affordability of our in-depth solutions.

  • Attractive UI

    The presence of an interactive user interface along with an appealing design throughout keeps the live video streaming apps highly engaging for the end users.

  • Cloud Management

    The live streaming app that we develop is managed by high-end cloud platforms with all the vital content being stored on the cloud. This allows our apps to run faster and efficiently.

  • Advanced Backend Configuration

    With our help, you receive the benefit of advanced backend configuration in the live streaming app. This allows you to configure the settings while providing other vital details.

  • Multiple Categories

    Our advanced live streaming application solutions provide access to a wide number of video categories or playlists to allow the users to come across their favorite videos.

How it Works?

Our app developers at Dev Technosys go through a step-by-step comprehensive process to deliver the right results when it comes to ensuring top-class video streaming app development solutions.

  • 1

    User registration

    Our app developers provider multiple options to the users when it comes to app registration or login.

  • 2

    User Profile

    We provide the option of creating, editing, and personalizing individual user profiles on our live streaming apps. We are also capable of utilizing functional statistics like number of subscribers, watched videos, liked videos, saved videos, and so more.

  • 3

    Privacy Settings

    Privacy is vital to any video streaming app. Therefore, our skilled app developers keep in mind the utmost privacy of the users by allowing them to choose their respective friends & social platforms while broadcasting their selections.

  • 4

    Interactive User Experience

    We implement a top-notch UI design to enhance the overall video watching experience of the end viewers.

Looking for advanced video streaming app development solutions? At Dev Technosys, we feature a team of seasoned app developers having in-depth industry knowledge as well as relevant expertise to deliver the best results.


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Interactive video Streaming App Features

The admin panel of the on-demand video streaming app comes with built-in interactive app features allowing the admin of the app to manage user profiles and various aspects of the video app dynamically.

  • Watching video streaming.

  • Creating private as well as public playlists.

  • Adding video on the playlist.

  • Downloading videos & watching offline.

  • Managing user profil.

  • Ensuring in-app purchases.

Revolutionary video Streaming App

The users of the video app for Android and iOS can make use of the app through its high-end features.

  • Uploading video (bulk upload).

  • Publication of the video with a single click.

  • Adding, editing, and deleting videos.

  • Managing users.

  • Managing advertisements & promotions.

Model of Video Streaming App Development


Subscription-based video on demand (SVOD) is similar to traditional TV subscriptions. In this model, a user pays yearly, quarterly, or monthly to access platform content.


Advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) is free for consumers, but AVOD apps regularly show advertisements.


Transactional video on demand (TVOD) requires users to pay for each TV show or film. This model is divided into electronic sell-through (users pay for permanent access to the content) and download to rent (users get access to the content for a limited time).

Are you looking for dynamic on-demand Video streaming applications solution?

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom music streaming app development services.

Salient Features of Video Streaming App

When you wish to come up with a high-quality, revenue-generating video streaming app, our skilled app developers can help you with including the essential app features.

Video Sharing

Our video sharing software development capability allows the end users to share the video instantly –something that they might have liked.

Adaptive Video Streaming

Even with lower network bandwidth, our adaptive video streaming solution allows the viewers to watch their favorite videos in a hassle-free manner.

Local Storage

Our video streaming app development solutions feature local storage to allow offline access to users.

Personal Profile

The users are given the option to create a personalized experience through a personal profile that they can edit in their own ways.


We aim at keeping the users engaged and interactive with the live streaming app that we develop. For achieving the same, we enable the high-end subscription feature for the best outcomes.

Updated Content

We also include a section in the app to help the users know about the latest content that has been added to the application.

Benefits of Using Our Video Streaming App Development Solutions

We offer a wide range of potential benefits –both to our clients & the end users, with our comprehensive video streaming app development solutions.

Behavior Tracking

Our on-demand video streaming applications are capable of tracking the searching as well as browsing behavior of the viewers while suggesting relevant videos for improved user experience.

Social Media Integration

The users are allowed to login or register themselves through the respective social media accounts through effective social media integration solutions.

Reviews & Ratings

With our advanced app development solutions, the users can also review as well as rate the videos to enhance the overall browsing experience.


The admin is capable of easily analyzing the live viewers with the help of a graphical representation.

Geolocation Tracking

Our application solutions allow the users to come across the video suggestions as per the region.


Our VOD streaming apps are also known to support multiple languages for an excellent viewing experience.

Frequently asked question

How to create live video streaming app?

  • First of all, it is very important to select an online video host. To create live streaming app it's very important to invest in online hosting.
  • For ios android, you need to download SDK.
  • In the mobile development software load SDK.
  • The start with the Live Video Streaming App Development.
  • Then package and submit the app on a suitable platform.

Here marketing will play an important role so the proper strategy is needed.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand video streaming mobile app?

There so many video streaming app is available in the market. if you even planning to Develop a Live Streaming App then the estimated cost can be $63000 to $180000. This can even vary depending on the type of features you are coming up with. Whenever you plan to come up with this app always do a proper competitive analysis this will help in getting a clear picture. In this way, you can see the loopholes in others and try to solve them in your app.

How to create a movie streaming app?

  • First, you need to select the niche that your app will stream to the customers.
  • Then the content availability needed to be decided.
  • Select the monetization model
  • Then try to study the video streaming app requirements.
  • After this develop an on-demand streaming service MVP.
  • Then collect the feedback from the customers and make suitable changes.

How can I create a live video streaming Android application?

  • 5 Steps to Build a Live Streaming App
  • Choose an Online Video Host. To build a live streaming app, you're going to need to invest in online video hosting.
  • Download SDK for iOS or Android.
  • Load SDK to Mobile Development Software.
  • Begin App Development.
  • Package and Submit App.

How can I develop a live video stream app and website?

Live video stream app for website

  • Try to invest in live recording equipment
  • Select the best software and then encode it
  • Reliable internet connection
  • A hosting platform with video streaming
  • Generate an embed code
  • Embed a live stream into a web page.

Can we integrate live video streams in mobile apps?

Yes, you can integrate live video streams in mobile apps. As there are so many apps on the market that revolve around the tech of live streaming?

  • You need to choose the best programming language
  • Then select a professional-grade CDN
  • After this, you need to choose the best hosting service
  • Then the media processing software that is best for your app.

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