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“Video streaming is not just a trend; it’s the new way people connect, share, and consume content.”

– Mark Zuckerberg.


Welcome, tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs! In the fast-evolving landscape of digital entertainment, the demand for video streaming apps is skyrocketing. If you’ve ever wondered about the cost to build a video streaming app, you’re in the right place.

In the era of digital content consumption, video streaming apps have become the cornerstone of our entertainment landscape. With a projected CAGR of 18.45% from 2022 to 2030, the worldwide video streaming market, which was valued at USD 375.1 billion in 2021, is predicted to reach over USD 1,721.4 billion by that time.

By looking at these statistics, it is clear that investing in video streaming app development can be beneficial for businesses and startups.

Whether you’re envisioning the next Netflix, YouTube, or a niche streaming service, understanding the costs involved is crucial to turning your app dreams into reality.

Thus, in this blog, we’ll break down the key factors, features, and other essential aspects influencing the cost to build a video streaming app.

So, let’s begin.


What is a Video Streaming App?


Build a Video Streaming App


A video streaming app is a digital platform that allows users to enjoy and watch videos in real time over the Internet. These apps offer a convenient method to access videos such as movies, TV series, live events, and user-generated material.

The users can watch content on demand, removing the need to follow a traditional TV schedule. These apps offer features such as personalized recommendations, streaming in HD, and offline viewing.

So, if you are planning to develop a live streaming app for your business, then now is the correct time to invest. But before that, let’s check out the market stats of the video streaming industry.


Market Statistics of Video Streaming Industry

  • In 2023, the projected revenue for the worldwide Video Streaming Market (SVoD market) is estimated to reach US$95.88bn.
  • This shows a promising potential for growth in the market.
  • The projected Compound Annual Growth (CAGR), from 2023-2027, is 9.47%. This will result in a US$137.70bn market volume by 2027.
  • The demand and popularity of on-demand video streaming services is increasing globally.


Build a Video Streaming App
Source: Statista
  • Comparing the revenues generated by different countries, it is clear that the United States is the leader in the market.
  • The United States is expected to generate revenue of US$39.250.00m by 2023.
  • In 2023, the average revenue per user in the Video Streaming Market is estimated to be US$73.51.


Cost to Build a Video Streaming App

The first question that pops into your mind when you think about how much does it cost to build a video streaming app. A rough estimate of the cost to create a video streaming app ranges from $10,000 up to $25,000. The actual cost cannot be determined as it is dependent on a number of factors. The table below shows the entertainment app development cost estimation according to their level of complexity.


Level of Complexity Estimated Costs Time Duration
Simple App $10000-$15000 2-3 months
Medium App $16000-$21000 5-6 months
Complex App $25000 9 months


Multiple factors, such as the location of the video streaming app development company, its UI/UX, the underlying platforms, and the coding processes, affect the cost to build a video streaming app.


Build a Video Streaming App


Although it’s difficult to calculate the exact cost to develop a video streaming app, an app development company will be able to give you a budget estimate based on your requirements.


Factors Affecting the Cost to Build a Video Streaming App

Before deciding the budget to be allocated to the development of a video streaming application, it’s important to know the features that will go into the app. Additionally, it’s important to know that the right team of developers can ensure maximum ROI. So, let’s have a look at the factors affecting the cost to build a video streaming app.


Build a Video Streaming App


1. App Complexity:

App complexity has a significant impact on the budget for app development. A complex streaming platform with a long list of features will cost more than a mobile video app with minimal features. You have already seen the estimate of the cost to develop a mobile app based on various levels in the upper section.


2. App UI/UX Design:

A well-defined UX/UI strategy is essential to the success of a mobile app. A smooth UI/UX is crucial for the video streaming platform to boost engagement and retention. Multiple testing procedures will be required to meet the custom requirements. It’s important to remember that these testing procedures may impact the cost to build a video streaming app.


3. App Platform:

The platform you choose for your app has a major impact on your budget. iOS and Android have different budgetary needs based on a variety of criteria. Budget considerations also apply to cross-platform apps.

It is best to start with a single-platform app and then switch over to a multi-platform one once the app gains traction. This helps keep mobile app development cost down and ensures that the launch is successful.


4. Team Size:

The number of people employed for the app development team is another crucial consideration. This may significantly affect how much a video streaming platform costs. If you hire offshore developers to work on your project, then the overall budget for development will be lower.

You will still have to compromise the quality due to the lack of expertise. Outsourcing your project to an app development company can optimize costs and leverage their expertise.


5. App Maintenance:

The cost of live-streaming app development is heavily influenced by the maintenance and upkeep of mobile apps. It is vital to take action in order to guarantee that apps operate at their best and function flawlessly across all platforms. An app’s lifetime and seamless user experience depend on proper maintenance.

The cost of maintenance includes the charges necessary to maintain the bug-free quality of the app as well as the charges needed to upgrade the app or implement new technology according to market demands.


Build a Video Streaming App


6. Features List:

When determining how much it will cost to develop a mobile application, the feature list is critical. In general, the cost of an app increases as it has more features. A well-defined set of features that distinguishes the app from its competitors will help it achieve success on the market. The feature set of the app should enhance the user’s experience and increase the app’s functionalities.


7. App Development:

The mobile app development is the process where we turn your idea into a product that users can use. Wireframes are created, and then a prototype is developed – the mobile application. If you are looking to reduce the cost to build a video streaming app and save time, then hiring Android developers can be a great option.


Top 5 Video Streaming Apps

If you are planning to build a video streaming app for your business, then you must check out the best video streaming apps that are ruling over the entertainment industry. So let’s have a look:


Video Streaming Apps Available Platforms Ratings Download
Netflix Android | iOS 4.3 1 Billion
Amazon Prime Android | iOS 4.2 500M+
YouTube Android | iOS 4.2 10B+
Jio Cinema Android | iOS 4.2 100M+
HBO Max Android | iOS 3.5 100M+


1. Netflix:


Build a Video Streaming App


Netflix is the most popular online video streaming mobile application, with more than 1 billion installations. It allows users to stream and search TV shows and movies directly on their device.

Netflix allows you to manage up to five profiles, allowing for unlimited family entertainment. However, if you want to create an app like Netflix, then you must focus on user-friendly interfaces, diverse content libraries, and seamless streaming.


2. Amazon Prime:


Build a Video Streaming App


The second most popular video streaming app. Amazon Prime Video was the leading video streaming application in India with a large collection of movies and TV shows. The app offers quick TV and movie streaming services as well as the best sports streaming services in the world.


3. YouTube:


Build a Video Streaming App


There are many other apps like YouTube, but it is the most popular platform for video streaming that is famous among various content creators. It’s installed on 90% of all smartphones.

This popular mobile app allows users to create channels and upload their content online. The feedback section allows users to receive valuable reviews on their video content. Its premium feature also allows users to listen to audio files in the background, while they are checking other work on their phone.


4. Hulu:


Build a Video Streaming App
Source: Google Playstore

Hulu is a popular American subscription-based streaming service offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content. Owned by Disney, it provides on-demand access to a wide range of entertainment, with options for live TV as well. Hulu is known for its diverse content selection and user-friendly interface.


5. HBO Max:


Build a Video Streaming App


HBO Max is an app for premium streaming that provides a wide range of content including movies, series originals, and exclusive releases. It offers a user-friendly interface, personalized suggestions, and the option to stream across multiple devices.

Additionally, if you are looking to build an app like HBO Max, then consider hiring experts. However, these services offer original programming and a wide range of entertainment options. They also allow you to access content on multiple devices.


Must-have Features to Build a Video Streaming App

A successful streaming service requires a concept that is well-thought-out and features that are full of functionality to help the app serve its users, attract viewers, generate revenue, etc. Here’s a list of the top streaming companies and their video streaming app development cost estimation.


Build a Video Streaming App


1. User Registration:

The MVP is the most important feature for the development of any video streaming application. This application’s login should be easy to use and capture basic user information for data collection. The app will be upgraded in the future to allow registration by phone number and other options. Social signup allows you to bypass the lengthy form-filling process.

Costs for developing an app that allows users to register and login can range from $4,000 up to $8,000.


2. Payment Integrations:

Payment integration is a non-negotiable feature of an entertainment app development. It allows users to pay for premium content via the OTT app and can also be used as a monetization strategy.

Payment gateways are essential for any video streaming application as they facilitate a secure and efficient transaction, improve customer experience and allow global reach. Payment gateways handle automatic billing. Users are charged according to their subscription model.

The cost of creating payment gateways, as well as the integration of several payment gateways in the application, can range from $3000 to $7000.


3. Easy Streaming via Social Media Accounts:

The ability to sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account is crucial. These social media behemoths’ accessibility has helped them gain popularity.

It should be simple for you to upload your own video and view the videos that other people have posted on social media. If your app has one, you should also be able to browse and access your personal video library.


Build a Video Streaming App


4. Cloud-Based DVR:

The cloud-based DVR services provided by Apple TV and Roku are already accessible. But it might be challenging to remember which recordings you made if you have many devices at home.

Make sure it’s simple to use so that customers won’t have to worry about synchronizing their material across devices if you plan to provide DVR capability to Android users with the help of an Android app development company. Provide a search function to enable visitors to quickly find particular episodes and series.


5. Push Notifications:

Push notifications are now a feature that every app has had in the past few years. With the use of these capabilities, consumers may receive title recommendations based on their watching history. Also, alerts on recently released titles will be sent by this.

Apps that broadcast videos can see increases in user engagement and retention through push notifications. By providing users with timely and relevant alerts, your app may enhance click-through rates.

Before you integrate push notification in your app with the help of a mobile application development company, you should know its development cost.

The cost to develop push notifications ranges from $800 up to $1500.


6. In-app Chat:

One of the most important things that every video streaming software should have is chat. If you don’t provide this function, many users will probably move to another app as they’re accustomed to seeing it in other apps. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Netflix first approach, an increasing number of applications now have chat capabilities. So, if you want to integrate in-app messaging features for the iOS platform, then it is vital to take help from an iOS app development services provider.


7. Search:

Search options in video streaming apps should include not only the title but also the genre and content. Users may search for new playlists or by searching using criteria such as:

  • Content language,
  • Artist-based search,
  • Content genre,
  • Release Years
  • Ratings
  • The number of viewers.

It enhances user experience as it saves time that can be used to watch the app. Metadata consistency and quality are crucial to the success of the search function in the app. Metadata that is accurate and consistent across all videos will make searching easier.

Costs range from $3000-$6000 for a customized user interface that includes content search.


8. Multi-Language Support:

Netflix is popular around the globe because it offers multiple language support. This allows users to consume content in their native tongue. Multi-language support will increase the number of users who download your app.

The on-demand app development with multi-language support will increase the market addressable (TAM) because it caters to a wider audience.

For an even greater appeal, you can add different language options to the subtitles. Localization of content can enhance the viewing experience of non-native English speakers. This can make your content accessible to those with hearing disabilities.

The cost of adding the feature to support multiple languages in the video streaming application can range from $5,000 up to $9,000.


Build a Video Streaming App


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Video Streaming Apps Work?

Video streaming apps work by transmitting audiovisual content over the internet, allowing users to watch in real-time. Users access a vast library, selecting desired content that streams seamlessly on their devices. The app optimizes quality based on internet speed, providing an on-demand, buffer-free viewing experience.


2. How to Create a Video Streaming Website?

To create a video streaming website, you need to follow the below major steps:

  • Choose a niche and target audience for your streaming site.
  • Secure high-quality video content and obtain necessary licenses.
  • Select a reliable hosting platform for smooth streaming.
  • Build a user-friendly website with intuitive navigation.
  • Implement secure payment gateways for subscriptions.
  • Optimize for mobile devices for on-the-go viewing.
  • Launch with a marketing strategy to attract users.


3. How to Build an AI-powered Video Streaming App?

Building an AI-powered video streaming app involves several key steps to ensure a seamless user experience with excellent features:

  • Choose a development platform and language.
  • Select AI frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.
  • Hire the top video streaming app development companies
  • Implement video analysis features
  • Develop user authentication and authorization.
  • Optimize for scalability and performance.
  • Test thoroughly for quality assurance.
  • Launch the app


4. How to Reduce the Cost to Build a Video Streaming App?

To cut the costs to build a video streaming app, prioritize essential features, use cost-effective cloud services, opt for open-source technologies, and consider a phased development approach. Minimize unnecessary functionalities, leverage existing frameworks, and collaborate with a skilled development team for efficiency.