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Due to the evolution of OTT app development, multiple modes of entertainment are available. Once upon a time, people used to wait for their turn to buy tickets at the theater. However, a fanbase still used to watch movies in cinema halls. But you will be surprised to know that viewers have been shifted to mobile apps where they do need to wait. They can directly watch their favorite movie on their devices, such as mobile phones and TV, with the help of video streaming app like HBO Max.

People like the concept, and it has set the trend. The content creators have changed the pattern, including movies; they are focusing on OTT shows, series containing episodes that come in seasons. Now, big movie houses are also focusing on releasing movies and web series on OTT platforms, where app like HBO Max,  Netflix, Hulu, and more are playing a crucial role.

From the business point of view, there are several benefits to having video streaming apps for business. We have created this article to share valuable information with readers interested in developing video streaming apps. So, let’s start exploring the blog.


Key Stats of Video Streaming App Development

App like HBO Max


Before we go deeper into this blog, it will be fantastic to read some key stats about video streaming app development.

● In 2022, the video streaming(SVoD) segment’s revenue will be US$80.83 billion, and it is projected to reach $139.20 billion by 2027 with a CAGR(2022-2027) of 11.48%.

● The ARPU average revenue per user in SVoD is $69.66 in 2022.

● By 2027, the number of video streaming app users will be 1,636 million by 2027.

● In the USA, SVoD revenue will be $34.10 billion in 2022, and it is expected to be $54.66 billion by 2027 with a CAGR (2022-2027).

● Till further updates in stats, OTT TV and video revenue worldwide is 135.1 billion, and the total number of OTT users is 3.08 billion.

App like HBO Max


● In Q4 2021, HBO and HBO Max subscribers were 70 million, and it is expected to reach 150 million by 2025.

What Is HBO Max And How It Works?

HBO Max is a pioneer Video streaming app with a huge fan following. If you are new to this app, there might be a question: What is HBO Max?


App like HBO Max


So, it is an app that streams movies, TV shows, web series, and other video content. It is from Home Box Office, Warner Bros Discovery’s parent company. While using this app, you can also access other content from Warner Bros Library. All Warner Bros movies find their new home at HBO Max after leaving the theatre.

There is no need to mention that shows like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, or movies like the Matrix trilogy, Lord of the Rings, etc., are available on the app. It will excite you that you can watch all the episodes of Friends- one of the famous shows of the 90s.

After replacing HBO Go and HBO Now, HBO’s launching date was May 2020. Now it is available in 55 countries and has 70 million subscribers.

Now there is another piece of information you need to know – How does HBO Max Works?

It works similarly to the other streaming services, where you need to plug in your mobile device, PC, or smart tv and then log into your account, search & find a movie or show, and then enjoy.

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The web and app interface allows you to search content from different tabs or hubs such as DC, Max Originals, CN Library, and more. To access all these files, you need a good internet connection. Overall, app like HBO Max are such a good example if you want to build live streaming app.


What is a Video Streaming App and How It Works

Making Of A Video Streaming App Like HBO Max

Making video streaming app like HBO Max is not easy, although it is possible. You need to follow some steps carefully. In this blog section, you will find useful information about how to create a video streaming app like Youtube or HBO Max.

Developing a robust video streaming app requires advanced technology or tech stack, idea formulation, a team of video streaming app developers, testers, and others.

Let us have a glimpse of the key features of HBO Max. It will give a basic understanding of the app and then determine the steps to create the video streaming app.

HBO Max has been designed to focus on the app’s user experience and usability. Several features make this stand out from other competitors like the Netflix app and Amazon Prime Video, including:

  • Ability to download videos for offline viewing.
  • Ability to watch all episodes of certain series without having to wait for new ones to arrive.
  • A one-tap resume function
  • An updated design that includes a section for trending shows, movies, and the most popular categories.
  • An easy-to-use calendar that can be set to show upcoming events or past events

Now, let’s come to the question again – How to create a video streaming app?

So, here are the steps to turn the idea into a real video streaming app like HBO Max.

App like HBO Max

Step 1. Identify Your Needs

The first crucial step to creating a video streaming app is to identify the need for it. Obviously, you want to develop it for business, but do you want to develop it for full-length video streaming like Netflix, or do you want to develop it for streaming short videos similar to an app like TikTok?

Step 2. Idea Formulation

Once you decide on the need, the next step is to formulate the idea. The idea formulation stands for deciding about the app’s functionality, features, UI/UX, backend, streaming servers, and others. Still, if there are doubts, then it would be best to discuss them with experts or a trusted mobile app development company.

Step3. Identify Technical Requirements

A fine tech stack is always required for the seamless experience of the app. It will be according to the platform on which you will launch your app. The next points to be considered are how many online sessions can be with the app and the stable architecture for creating the best user experience.


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Step4. Team Formation

The team formation will be based on the size of the app; if you need a small-sized app, then it  can be done with a team size of 3-4 experts, but if you need an app like HBO Max or Netflix, then you need to create a complete team that includes:

  • Project manager(1)
  • Team leader(1)
  • UI/UX Designers(2)
  • Graphic Designers(2)
  • Web Developers(2)
  • Mobile App Developers(Android or iOS 3 to 4)
  • Testers or Quality Analysts(2)

Step5. Content Delivery Network and Hosting

Content Delivery Network or CDN is like the soul of a video streaming app to deliver content in a subtle way. Hosting ensures faultless and quality streaming of videos so the viewers can enjoy their favorite content. The perfect example of CDN is Amazon S3. Choose it carefully, as the execution of the app depends on it.

Step6. Frontend and Backend Development

The actual coding to create the app will take place at this step. The frontend development is for the visual appearance of the app & website, and the backend is for connectivity with the database, connection with the server for streaming, user account creation, and more. Backend development requires hardcore programming, where mobile app developers for hire can help you the best.

Step7. Feature Development

Features are the components that make strong bonds between users and apps. Usually, the features remain categorized into two – basic features and advanced features.

  • Basic Features: basic features stand for the MVP version of the app, where you will launch the app with core functionality. It will help you to gain real-time feedback.
  • Advanced Features: the features that make an app advanced in terms of execution, use, and functionality are called advanced features.

Step8. Testing   

Did you know that crashes cause 71% of app uninstallations?

If not, remember that whatever app you want to develop, wait to launch before testing. This principle is applied to all. Testing is not only to ensure the app’s quality but also to bring out the real potential of the app. The quality analysts ensure that no bugs are left in the app’s final version. for better results, it would be best to take a consultation from a video streaming app development company. The experts will help you to turn your video streaming app idea into reality.


Learn How to Build Video Streaming App Like Hulu

Features of Video Streaming App Like HBO Max

Suppose you are looking to develop a video streaming app and want to know what features to include in the video streaming app similar to HBO Max. The features can be categorized as follows:

# Basic Features

App like HBO Max

User registration: users can create their account on the app with their phone number and email id.

Profile creation: a user can showcase their interest and some details such as name, email id, and others.

Search bar: powerful search bar allows users to search for their desired movie, web series, and show.

Search filters: users can search for a movie or a tv show by applying filters in the search bar.

History: the history option showcases what movies users have watched based on date, week, or month.

Wishlist: video streaming website or app users can make their wishlist of which upcoming shows they want to watch.

Favourites: suppose there are any movies or shows users want to watch multiple times, then they put them into favorites.

Playlist: users can create a customized playlist to enjoy the available content on the app.

# Advanced Version


App like HBO Max


● Content suggestion logic: most of the new-gen video conferencing Apps come with content suggestion logic that suggests personalized content to the user.

● Offline watching: It allows users to download and watch movies offline so they can watch them anywhere without the internet.

● Geoblocking: with the help of geolocation features, you can allow or restrict the users to watch the content.

● Social Sharing: social sharing allows users to share information about shows and movies. It will also help you to create indirect publicity.

What is a Video Streaming App? How Video Streaming Apps Work in 2023

The Cost to Create Video Streaming App Like HBO Max

The average cost to develop a video streaming app like HBO Max ranges between $30,000-$50,000. However, there are several influential factors to the cost. For example, the cost of video-streaming Android apps is different from advanced on-demand app development. The most influential factor in the cost of Video streaming app development is the client’s requirement.

The other major influential factor is the number and type of features. If you need to develop a basic app, it will cost you $20,000-$30,000. The version of the app will be MVP. But, if you need an app’s advanced version, then it may cost you more than $50,000.


App like HBO Max

Specifically, if we see closely, then the following are key reasons that influence the cost of streaming apps.

  • More features
  • Multiple streaming sessions
  • Quality management of uploaded content
  • Interface of app
  • Content Delivery Network(CDN) Services
  • App Hosting

The rest of the influential factors in the cost are testing, app launch, and submission. It is all about the cost of developing video streaming app like HBO Max.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Video Conferencing App?

How Does OTT App Earn?

If your question is how an OTT app earns or how to monetize the OTT or video streaming apps then it works in the following ways.

App like HBO Max

1. Paid Apps

If a video streaming app is based on a paid model then users have to pay once after confirmation they can use the app and access the complete content.

2. Freemium Apps

The freemium business model works like the basic version is free. Suppose, if users need advanced features in the app then they can purchase a premium version.

3. Third-Party Ads

Under this model, app owners earn by allowing third parties to showcase their ads on their platforms.

The Final Thoughts

The best part of video streaming app like HBO Max is you can access these anywhere while traveling via a plane or in a cab. These apps provide the best experience of online cinema. If you want to create an app like HBO Max or HULU, it is a beneficial idea as these apps are in trend, and people really love them. The better idea to launch these apps is to consult a mobile app development company with similar experiences in developing OTT apps. You can launch the app on the Android or iPhone platform, but if you want to target users of both platforms, then Hybrid App Development is for you.