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After 2022, it is safe to say that live-streaming services are the future for the audio, video, and TV industries.  Two among every three online users use these live streaming services for their entertainment, educational, or healthcare purposes. That is why this market has a constant increase in user base.

It has been observed that 70 percent of business owners or organizations get direct influence in their business for these types of applications. According to GBKSOFT, the online live-streaming app development services will be for 80 percent of the total global internet traffic in 2023.

Advancement of the technologies is changing most of the priorities. Nowadays we don’t download music and video on our devices to watch it more than one time. We just access the music streaming app development services to watch it again and again.

Moreover, the pandemic situation caused serious hype in the mobile live video streaming software market. This is because due to the pandemic, people are advised to stay inside their respective houses to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

That’s why many of the established organizations and start-up are investing in web development company. So, that they can develop a feature-packed live streaming application for their business. As mentioned above the live streaming services can be used for many purposes. For this reason, a single application cannot fulfil all the needs of the users.


What is a Live Streaming App Development?

Live streaming applications are the apps that give use live feed or real-time feed of any video or audio program to all of its users at the same time. Usually, these type of services is very famous among the gamers. But the demand for these streaming app solutions also presents in other fields.

Research has been shown that 56% of the watched contents are occupied by the life steams of any concert or news or sports. This will help you to increase the brand value of your business. As people are there who are willing to pay for your branded video content rather than reading a free blog.




Plus, people also like more accessibility, so creating an app with the help of video and music streaming development companies. Can ensure your business success in the market easily. The live streaming application can be accessed for the user smartphone anywhere and at any time.

Thus, if you have a unique and innovative idea for a live audio or video stream business. Hiring a fullstack development company can help you to create a dynamic and robust application for your business.


Live Streaming App Development

What are The Types of Live Streaming App Development?

There are numerous types of streaming applications and each and every application have unique streaming content. There are 5 types of these on-demand solutions that can be divided on the basis of the type of stream they do. Such as,


1. Audio Streaming App Development

These are the application which provides their customer’s facility to listen to more 10,000 songs without even downloading them. Yes, there is a download option for the songs but that option is only used when the user has zero access to the internet.

Apps like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Hulu, Pandora and Apple Music are worth of mentioning. These music streaming apps are capable of providing good quality songs to their users. Plus, the application can detect your choice of songs and make a recommended playlist for you.


2. Video Streaming App Development

These types of application facilitate their user in such that they can watch various TV series, movies and other video content without downloading it on their devices. These OTT app development are capable of playing high-quality HD videos, in some cases 3D videos.




Along with features like play, pause, rewind and record. Users use these applications and choose the streaming services on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Some of the examples are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc.

3. Live Broadcast Streaming App Development

Live broadcast streaming is basically used for sports events or any award ceremonies. One of the most important features of this kind of application is to record for watching the events later.




It has a huge impact on social media, as many people talk about various topics or answer various questions by coming live. Here are some of the created video streaming apps which are famous in the market like a periscope, Facebook and Instagram live and Twitch for games.


4. TV Live Streaming App Development

These applications are the replacement of the traditional cable services. By choosing these TV live streaming app development services, you can record the live events of sports, award functions. And also can choose only the specific feed of TV channels and pay for those only.




Hulu, YouTube TV and Fuboo TV are some demanded developed video streaming website and apps in this category.

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Which Industries Demand Live Streaming App Development Solutions?

After the entertainment, there are other fields where the implementation of live streaming app development services can benefit the users extensively. A video streaming app development company can create a vast change in the various field of our community with their revolutionary applications.


1. Social Media App Development

Implementation of live streaming features in various social media application can help the social media influencers do their job with better efficiency. Usually, well-known brands do their brand marketing through social media app development company. With the live streaming features, they can create more creative, attractive content.

So that they can attract more and more people towards their brand. The best app lives video streaming service can make the branding of your start-up companies more effective while enabling you to reach more targeted customers.


2. Education App Development

Live streaming services can make a huge impact on the educational industry. Due to pandemic, education app development is on hike, the student is not able to attend proper classes. That is why many teachers or lecturers are conduction live doubt clearing and mistakes clarifying sessions. Here students are able to communicate with the faculty and clear their problem easily.

In apps like YouTube you can access live classes of a various teacher or on various topics which is basically free of cost. This increases the efficiency of the knowledge gaining process of the students in a cost-effective way. These applications developed by audio and video streaming mobile app development services are capable of conducting live events like graduation and prom online.


3. Healthcare App Development

The live streaming app development services have also helped the medical industry as well especially during this time of the pandemic. It helps the doctors to broadcast various surgeries, many staff trainings and also remotely monitoring patients without the need of any person.

These applications created by video app developer make the difficult times of people a little bit easier. This is the time when people are looking for healthcare app development services with that they can easily take or schedule their appointment.


mobile app ctaas

Guide to Develop a Live Streaming App

In order to build a music streaming app best in the market, you have to follow certain steps. Try to focus on every aspect of the application so that you can provide a dynamic and better application service to your users.


1. Choose The Best CDN For your App

CDN is basically content delivery networks that help your application enlarge the scale of your server. If you are starting your video android app development business, you might think you don’t need it right now. But you have to pay for it in the future when you have more content.

So why don’t pay it from the beginning, moreover it will ensure that you users can enjoy uninterrupted service of the content. There are many CDN present in the market and choosing the right one will make your services better.


2. Always Think About The Storage

If you’re the better mobile app developers for hire, they will look always look after your space of the application’s content. You will need vast cloud storage with better computing power. So that you can provide a better video viewing service to your users along with a number of contents.


3. Attractive UX/UI Design

People always love to use application with a better, smoother and easy to understand interface. Implementing informative content with basic designs and graphical content is the sweet spot for all the applications. Hiring the right mobile app development company can ensure this for you.


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4. Try to Opt for Reliable Hosting

Choose the cloud hosting services carefully. As the cloud computing power of your host will decide the performance capabilities of your application. Hiring a better music app builder can take the right decision for your business.


5. Implement All The Necessary Basic Features

Implementation of the basic features in the MVP i.e Minimum Viable Product is mandatory. Here are some of the basic features that should be available in your product,

  • Signing Options
  • Streaming
  • Chat box
  • Search bar
  • Privacy settings
  • Screen sharing
  • Personal user Profile
  • Video Quality
  • Presence of multi-language subtitles.
  • Hosting room for other streamers
  • Notification and scheduling.



Required Tech Stack For Live Streaming App Development

To develop a feature-packed, dynamic application you have to hire the best iOS and Android app development company present in the market. You can use a hybrid framework to create your application or hire individual developers for both platforms. The best music player app development service will always try their level best to use the effective framework for efficient outcome.

Here are some of the tech stack that you may need while developing your applications,

  • Web apps- JS and Express.js
  • API hosting and server- Nginx, loopback and Node.js
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)- Cloud front and AWS.
  • Live server- FFMPED, Node media server, and Node.js.
  • Push notification- Firebase Notification from Google, Twilio
  • Mobile applications- Kotlin and Swift for both Android and iOS respectively.
  • Hosting – Web Services from Amazon
  • Database- MongoDB and MySQL
  • Monitoring- AWS and its various parts like Cloud Watch and Kinesis.
  • Messaging services- simple queue system from AWS.


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What is The Cost of Developing a Live Streaming App?

The cost of developing an video streaming app depends on various factors like features, type of development company locations etc. If you consider a basic application along with all the basic features of the application, it can cost you around $8,000 to $25,000 in Countries like America. Here are some of the factors which govern the cost of development of an application,


1. Features

Application with high-end features custom features can cost you more. Plus, there is a chance that your application will become more complex which can lose the interest of the users. Try to keep your application simple and implement all the basic necessary features that are required for viable developing music streaming website or application.


2. UX/UI (User interface)

Sometimes hire dedicated developers to use high-end graphical content along with pictures and video to attract more user towards the application. But this may end up lagging your application with high development cost. So ask your developer to keep simple graphic content. So that your application can provide a seamless, and better users experience to your users.


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3. Application Size

More the complexity of the mobile movie streaming app more will be the size of it. It is better to keep a light application. As research has shown that users usually tend to like apps with less sizer and full of features.


4. Hourly Rates

Basically the development cost of your application will be calculated on an hourly basis. Rates of developing each and every aspect of your application are different. Here is some idea that how long a music streaming app development could take,

  • User registration+ login – 13 hours
  • User profile- 58 hours
  • Chat and comments- 20 hours
  • Settings- 40 hours
  • Payment gateway- 58 hours
  • Content – 30 hours
  • Push Notification- 15 hours

5. Location

Hire video app developer from countries like America and UK can cost you more as they charge around $10-$15 per hour. But if you are sure about the requirement of your business and outsource the development process to any established development companies in countries like India. A basic viable product can cost you around $12,000 to $20,000.



As the live streaming app development is the future of entertainment and another fields of society. There are ample opportunities for start-ups, having a unique idea, and implement it by hiring the best development service available in the market can ensure your way to success.