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Are you looking for a social media app development company? Look no further than Dev Technosys. We are here to help you build social media platforms with feature-rich and seamless integrations. We have a team of social media app developers developing social media platforms over the past decade to help businesses grow faster in this cluttered market. Our focus is to build a social media app that will become a brand for users. Partnering with our team will offer world-class social media app development solutions with feature-loaded and user-engaging features. So, if you plan to join the social media industry, connect with us now!

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At Dev Technosys, we enable entrepreneurs to design the latest social media networks that might be custom-designed to their goals. With what we have experienced, you may create dynamic networking applications, attractive, visible content apps, modern-day brief-video apps, professional networks, attractive sharing systems, and compelling messaging structures.

Motivated by using the incredible fulfilment of the most significant social media structures, we offer social media app development services that make your app stand out within the crowded market.

Connect with Dev Technosys collectively to make your creative social media app come into existence entirely with modern features and an uncomplicated user interface.

App Like WhatsApp

App Like WhatsApp

Our strong point at Dev Technosys is creating reliable messaging apps like WhatsApp. We offer apps with messaging, stop-to-end encryption, multimedia sharing, mobile and video calls, and actual chat. Provide a secure, easy-to-use platform for verbal exchange that makes connections and improves messages for customers.

App Like Discord

App Like Discord

With Dev Technosys, you may additionally create flexible apps like Discord. We offer development services for community servers, document sharing, text, video, and voice chat, as well as powerful moderating tools. Provide a fun platform for communities, experts, and game enthusiasts to engage, work together, and communicate effectively.

App Like Instagram

App Like Instagram

With Dev Technosys, you can create a visually appealing app like Instagram. We provide services such as direct messaging, live streaming, storytelling, photo and video sharing, and sophisticated filters. Provide individuals with a platform wherein they will interact with others through visual content material and specify themselves creatively.

App Like Snapchat

App Like Snapchat

At Dev Technosys, we develop functions like testimonials, AR filters, disappearing messages, and multimedia sharing. With pleasing and original techniques for connecting and sharing reminiscences, our service guarantees a dynamic, engaging user experience that draws people in and keeps them fascinated.

App Like YouTube

App Like YouTube

Use our services to create a sturdy video-sharing website that rivals YouTube. Some of our services include personalised recommendations, individual channels, video uploads, streaming, and sales-producing possibilities.

Give visitors an area to discover and enjoy plenty of video content and a platform for content creators to showcase their talents.

App Like Twitter

App Like Twitter

At Dev Technosys,, we can build an app like Twitter's dynamic microblogging software. Our development offerings include real-time publishing, trending subjects, hashtags, multimedia sharing, and direct messaging.

We want to create a platform where people can converse, share their ideas, and keep up with the newest trends.

Our Trending Social Media App Development Services Empower You to Lead at Front

Witness our trending social media app development services as we develop advanced solutions tailored to your needs, leveraging the latest technology and business qualities. From customized user experiences to seamless integration of social networking features, we make sure your app stands proud within the incredible market. Let us assist you in the future of social media interaction and increase your digital presence.

Social Media App Development Consulting

Social Media App Development Consulting

Dev Technosys provides entertainment app development consultation services to offer a proper vision of your idea and enhance it with imperfections and barriers. With our team, you can communicate effectively on different aspects of your app, whether related to features, tech stack, or anything else. We perform in-depth consultations to help you out!

Custom Social Media App Development

Make sure not to put a barrier on your vision by asking if it is possible. With Our social media app developers, everything is possible. Our custom social media app development services focus on all your needs and consider your goals and vision with our R&D expertise. Our team builds custom social media apps with unique features and the latest technology.

Custom Social Media App Development
On-Demand Social Media App Development

On-Demand Social Media App Development

We provide on-demand social media application development tailored to your requirements with our edge-cutting technologies and innovative solutions. Our social media developers empower businesses to build attractive social networking apps that connect users globally. We ensure that you get intrusive features with seamless integration and robust security by offering quality that drives growth and engagement on your app.

Social Media App Design & Development

You can improve your online visibility with our all-inclusive social media app design and development services. Our team of experts creates customized solutions that appeal to and engage your target market by fusing modern-day layout and robust development. We assure you of perfect operation and user-friendly interfaces from thought to launch.

Social Media App Design & Development
Hire Social Media App Developers

Hire Social Media App Developers

Maximize social media's potential with the help of our knowledgeable social networking app development team. Our expertise is creating modern-day, fascinating social networking apps that can be customized to fulfill your precise needs. Hire a social media app developer and establish connections with your target audience more than ever.

Social Media Maintenance & Support

Utilize our social media maintenance and support services to improve knowledge, which consists of developing thrilling content material, strolling your social media bills, and placing triumphing plans to increase the visibility of your social media app. We deal with the whole lot of your social media accounts, from network involvement to daily updates, so that you can concentrate on your leading commercial enterprise.

Social Media Maintenance & Support
Dev Technosys

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At Dev Technosys, we provide exclusive social media app development solutions to lead the social media industry. Our tailor-made social media app ideas are focused on offering clients high-quality results with edge-cutting designed user interfaces. We can bet your industry success is secure with these intriguing solutions. Know that our top-notch social application development solution is trending in the market.

Social Networking Apps

Through digital interactions, these systems assist humans join and build relationships. They characteristic as online accumulating places wherein people have interaction, converse, and trade special sorts of cloth with their social networks.

  • Profile Customization

    Profile Customization

  • Friend/Follower Connections

    Friend/Follower Connections

  • Newsfeed/Timeline


  • Status Updates

    Status Updates

  • Groups/Pages


  • Events/Calendar


Dev Technosys
Media Sharing Network Apps

Media Sharing Network Apps

These provide customers a place to add and proportion multimedia files, inclusive of snap shots, videos, and audio documents. Within the community, users can find content material provided by others or percentage their very own creations.

  • Photo/Video Uploads

    Photo/Video Uploads

  • Filters And Editing Tools

    Filters And Editing Tools

  • Stories/Ephemeral Content

    Stories/Ephemeral Content

  • Likes/Comments


  • Tagging/Mentions


  • Discover/Explore Section

    Discover/Explore Section

Messaging Apps

With messaging applications, users may talk in actual time via texting, sending multimedia messages, and making audio or video conversations. They improve connectivity and permit on the spot communication over long distances through supplying organization and private verbal exchange functions.

  • Text Messaging

    Text Messaging

  • Voice/Video Calls

    Voice/Video Calls

  • Group Chats

    Group Chats

  • Emojis/Stickers/Gifs


  • Read Receipts

    Read Receipts

  • Message Encryption

    Message Encryption

Dev Technosys
Interest-based Networks Apps

Interest-based Networks Apps

These join humans who have similar passions, hobbies, or interests. Users can join organizations, engage with others who share their hobbies, and participate in talks or events relating their pursuits.

  • Topic-Based Communities/Groups

    Topic-Based Communities/Groups

  • Forums/Discussion Boards

    Forums/Discussion Boards

  • Follow Interests/Tags

    Follow Interests/Tags

  • Content Curation

    Content Curation

  • Recommendations


  • Expert/Celebrity Q&A Sessions

    Expert/Celebrity Q&A Sessions

Blogging and Microblogging App

Through prolonged weblog entries or succinct, to-the-point updates, users can submit and percentage their ideas, critiques, and studies. By interacting with other humans's content material, customers can develop a following based totally on their specialised pursuits.

  • Text-Based Posts

    Text-Based Posts

  • Hashtags


  • Followers/Following


  • Reblogging/Retweeting


  • Threaded Comments

    Threaded Comments

  • Analytics/Insights


Blogging and Microblogging App
Community Based Social Media Apps

Community Based Social Media Apps

Social media apps with a community consciousness aim to build on line groups round specific subjects, regions, or companies of humans. Within their community networks, users are capable of guide one another, exchange resources, and participate in debates.

  • Local/Community Events

    Local/Community Events

  • Neighborhood/Area-Specific Groups

    Neighborhood/Area-Specific Groups

  • Recommendations For Services/Businesses

    Recommendations For Services/Businesses

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community News/Updates

    Community News/Updates

  • Real-Time Alerts/Notifications

    Real-Time Alerts/Notifications

Streamlined Social Media App Development Process

Leading social networking app development company Dev Technosys excels at supplying pinnacle-notch solutions for social networking app development. Our social media app creator employs a robust development technique to produce remarkable social networking apps. We execute the social networking app development procedure, carefully recollect each venture, and ensure the release is worthwhile. If you're looking for social networking app development, which might be a good step forward, let's discuss our all-inclusive development method.

develop a fitness app 01

Project Analysis

Firstly, we analyze the project scope and start doing research

develop a fitness app 02

UX/UI Designing

Our team focuses on creating a user-friendly website design

develop a fitness app 03

Software Development

Next, we begin the social media application development process

develop a fitness app 04

Test the Software

After social networking app development, we carefully tested the website to remove bugs.

develop a fitness app 05

Project Launch

Launch social media website development on the desired platform.

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Trending Technologies for Social Media App Development

Explore the most up-to-date developments in social media app development company ways of incorporating modern-day technology. We utilize the blockchain era for secure transactions, IoT for seamless connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized content material suggestions, and augmented truth (AR) for immersive experiences. Upgrade your app with these revolutionary fixes.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Our information lies in developing social media applications integrating the most superior Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. Our development services offer creative solutions that improve user experiences by ingeniously fusing social connectivity with IoT functions. We integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) to convert how users interact with social media app from real-time data integration to smart device connectivity. With our custom advent, you can integrate the blessings of IoT with the social networking ability to decorate your social media presence.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Our social networking app development service ideally includes modern cloud computing technologies to ensure dependable, scalable, and firm performance. We provide your social media platform with real-time updates, a safe information, and practical aid management by using the cloud. Social network app development company improves every facet of your social media presence for expanded engagement and achievement, from outstanding user studies to dynamic content material distribution.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Do you know our region of information-growing social media apps that leverage the modern-day artificial intelligence (AI) era? Our solutions with AI algorithms offer extended security capabilities, sentiment evaluation, personalized content material recommendation, and user behavior prediction. We have an advanced app. Knowledge of models, herbal language processing, and computer vision abilities allows us to offer personalized experiences, insightful analyses, and smooth interactions for a social media platform.



At Dev Technosys, we understand it lies in integrating Blockchain generation with social networking app development, imparting unequaled security, transparency, and decentralization. Our new solutions remodel social networking by guaranteeing statistics integrity, privacy, and user autonomy. We provide userauthority over their interactions and content by utilizing Blockchain generation while selling reliable surroundings. It comes with our use of ethics and innovation to form social media's destiny.

Social Media App Development Cost

The social media app development cost ranges from $8,000 to $25,000 or more. It is crucial to know the app's complexity, platform choice, and size, as well as the many factors that affect the cost to develop a social media app. For example, a social media app with image sharing, chat, and profiles might cost between $8,000 and $25,000.

However, budget as much as $25,000 if you're deliberating on whatever extra complex features like location sharing, stay streaming, or AI integration. However that the functionality functions, design and hourly rate of social media app development companies are also included.

Before launching a complete-fledged app, reflect on the consideration of attempting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to see how things work. So, if you want to build a social media app, then it is essential to connect with a social media app development company for a free quote.

Our Portfolio

For years, Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as textbooks for others to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional understanding in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Explurger: New-Age Social App

Explurger is redefining the way we socialise. Sharing experiences take centre stage on this social media app. Besides posting pictures and videos you can keep a count of the exact miles, cities, countries & continents travelled. ...
Dev Technosys

Plato - Games & Group Chats

Plato is the best chat app with group games built around having fun with friends. No sign-ups, emails, or phone numbers are required! ...
Dev Technosys

Amazing Features of Social Media App Development

Are you interested in the process to build a social media app? Understanding its features is crucial. Before starting development, familiarize yourself with the numerous essential components of such an app. This section's phase aims to help you navigate social media app development services.

Dev Technosys

User Panel

The user panel features of a social media app refer to the interface and functionalities accessible to regular users. Here are seven functions commonly observed inside the user panel:

  • Profile Management
  • News Feed
  • Messaging/Chat
  • Content Sharing
  • Notifications
  • Search Functionality
  • Settings/Options
Dev Technosys

Owner Panel

The user panel features of a social media app refer to the interface and functionalities accessible to regular users. Here are seven functions commonly observed inside the user panel:

  • User Management
  • Content Moderation
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Advertising Management
  • Settings and Configuration
  • Push Notifications Management
  • Revenue Generation and Monetization

Are You Interested In Creating A Social Media Application That Maximizes Revenue Potential?

Get in touch with the team of Dev Technosys and explore the world of pre-built social media app. Our skilled staff can develop complex social media website within the timeframe you have set. Tell us about the necessities for your project right now!

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Latest Tech Stacks Of Drive Thru Restaurant POS System Development

Did you know what tech stack is required to develop a social media app like Instagram? No right! Explore this segment to look at the tailor-made era stack on your social media app requirement. Partner with a social media app development company to leverage today's technology for top-notch mobile app development. Discover the superior technology applied for crafting top-tier solutions.

Blockchain Platforms

  • Ethereum
  • Multichain
  • Wax
  • Cortana

Front-end frameworks

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • VanillaJs

Programming Languages

  • Golang
  • C++
  • Python
  • Php

NFT Standards

  • Ethereum
  • dGoods
  • TRC-721
  • BEP-20

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
    IBM Bluemix
  • Kaleido Insights
    Kaleido Insights

Storage Platforms

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB

Why Choose Dev Technosys For Social Media App Development?

Dev Technosys is a leading social media app development company with exclusive social media app development solutions. Our dedicated developers team strives to craft your custom social media app. Curious about our part? Discover what sets us apart!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Social Media App?

    The cost to develop a social media app varies depending on elements like capabilities, complexity, platform, and social media app development company rates. Generally, it can variety from $8,000 to $25,000.

  • How Long Does It Take To Make A Social Media App?

    The time required to create a social media app relies upon factors like capabilities, platform, complexity, and team size. Typically, it can take anywhere from some months to over 12 months.

  • Why is Dev Technosys the Best Choice for Social Media App Development?

    We are the prominent social media app development company that often is the high-quality preference for mobile app developmentdue to its expertise, experienced team, strong development system, timely shipping, and commitment to client pride, ensuring top-nice apps tailor-made to users desires.

  • What Are The Benefits of Social Media App Development?

    Social media app development offers several advantages, along with improved logo visibility, more advantageous consumer engagement, targeted advertising possibilities, precious facts insights, improved customer support, revenue era via commercials or subscriptions, and staying competitive within the digital panorama.

  • Do You Sign NDA?

    Yes, Dev Technosys respects purchaser confidentiality and is open to signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to make certain the safety of sensitive information for the duration of the social app development procedure.

  • What Services Do You Offer In Social Media App Development?

    We provide complete social community app development services, which include app design, development, testing, and maintenance. Our information encompasses community systems, messaging apps, and personalized social networks, guaranteeing a smooth user experience.

  • What Platform Do You Work Social Media Apps For?

    We create social media apps for Android and iOS. Our social media app development company makes sure the apps are well matched with a range of working systems and devices and are optimized for overall performance.

  • Do You Provide Post-Launch Support And Maintenance?

    In response, we offer thorough submit-release guides and preservation services. Our dedicated developers provide frequent updates and computer virus fixes to ensure your application stays safe, steady, and working at its high quality.

  • Can You Integrate Third-Party API Into The Social Media App?

    For increased functionality, such as charge gateways, social media logins, geolocation offerings, and more, we may additionally join a variety of third-party integrations and PIs, ensuring an exmoreratifying user experience.

  • What Technologies Do You Operate for Social Media App Development?

    In response, we hire the latest equipment, such as Flutter, Kotlin, React Native, and Swift. Our tech stack guarantees high performance, scalability, and a smooth user experience on all structures.

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