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Are you looking to develop app like Twitter?

Do you know there are 7.9 billion people on our planet, out of which 50% use social media applications? Yes, you heard it right. It is true.

We don’t need to tell you how big social media is, but still, we’ll provide you with some statistics to make you believe the unrealistic. Social media platforms changed several individuals’ lives extensively. In today’s scenario, we have the power to develop software related to business, education, and culture.

Due to its immense growth, some businesses want to invest in social media app development. You must have heard the best social media application ranked the top application used worldwide.

When we talk about social media, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, and Twitter come into our heads. But we already mentioned creating an app like Instagram, skype, and WhatsApp in one of our blogs. Now it is time to learn how you can develop app like Twitter.

Are you also one of the people who get tired of searching for how you can develop an app like Twitter? In that case, you should know you are in the right place. This blog will discuss everything you should know about creating app like Twitter. Still, if you find anything complex, why not contact us.

Current Market Stats on App Like Twitter

Current Market Stats on Apps Like Twitter

● In 2021 Twitter’s user base reached 429.79 million users.

● The expected user growth of Twitter will reach 497.48 by the end of 2025

● In 2021 Twitter was the 9th most visited website worldwide with 2.4 billion sessions.

● Twitter ranks 7th favorite social media platform for people between 16- 64.

● The expected user base of Twitter expects to grow to 329 million by the end of 2022.

● More than 40% of individuals in the US use Twitter. From which 97% tweets every day.

● Twitter saw an immense growth increase of 21% after banning Donald trump.

● The annual revenue generated from Twitter was over 5 billion dollars in 2021.

● Twitter has only a 0. 2% exclusive audience, becoming one of the most liberal social media platforms.


Key Features to Add in App Like Twitter

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When it comes to how you can create app like Twitter, in that case, you must use its essential features. We have mentioned below some core features that app like Twitter must-have. So read carefully to understand.

1. Sign In

It is a feature that enables users to register using various methods, including mobile number, Facebook, email and password, and more.

You must add this feature in your mobile application development to offer users various options to sign and log in to provide them easy access to their accounts.

2. User Profile

A user profile is essential, and a user should be able to establish various profiles, depending on the type of social app. Customers may subscribe if you create a sensible profile. Therefore, you should think about user experience and page style.

3. Content Feed

The content feed is the most exciting feature for users. The user can view the engaging content posted by others by enabling the preference of their interest. The content feed attracts users to increase user engagement on the app.

4. Search

Users may quickly locate the app’s groups, content, persons, and other information using the search option. A convenient search engine is required for users to find friends or bloggers to follow.

The search feature can make it possible to search, for instance, using tags, user names, and locations

5. Chat

Chat is another feature that is a must in a social app. It is another exciting feature. Whatever the app’s primary purpose, chat is a necessity.

Users that utilize chat messengers can communicate by text, audio, images, or videos. Hire android app developers team that can excellently build an app with this exciting feature.

6. Push Notification

Push notification alerts are helpful to inform users of events like messages, comments, and fresh information that they might find interesting. A notification alert is a must for social media accounts.

7. Integration of Social Networks

The user probably uses two or three social media platforms regularly. To promote or attract users to our app content sharing and app growth. Integrating the app’s connection to a third-party social networking network would be best.


8. Newsfeed

Several people are active on Twitter due to this feature. It is the most crucial feature you must include in your app like Twitter.

Here you may find all the latest news and updates from your friends and communities. In this scenario, the social networking app’s home screen is the news feed.

9. In-App Advertisements

It is the most exciting and intelligent feature that every social media user utilizes. In-app advertisements generate revenue with libraries that provide integration with ads, and developers must access other associated services.

10. Tweets

A tweet feature of Twitter involves text that only has 290 characters in it. The tweet can be grammatically incorrect and written in an informal style.

Still, it should be communication with the audience. Their followers can see the tweet posted on the user profile.

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11. Follow Content

Following the preferred content is the most exciting thing that makes a user stay. Users can follow hashtags or accounts they prefer to get updates on the information in their newsfeed.

Hire android app developers to build this creative feature in your app to enhance user engagement.

12. Verified accounts

Yes, an app like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter has this feature where the account will verify with blue badges. If the application authorizes you, this account will show up with a blue badge.

13. Twitter Polls

In this feature, people can ask questions and utilize Twitter polls to moderate discussions about any precise sector. It is essential to know that a company can use Twitter polls in a variety of other ways.

14. Live Streaming

People are getting used to viewing live streams more and more. A live streaming option ought to be provided. It’s a fantastic technique to engage an audience. Every social media application has this feature to attract users.

How to Create App Like Twitter?


How to Create App Like Twitter?


Now the time has come when you must know the steps to create an app like Twitter. It is essential to know that the development process requires you to hire team of dedicated developers to achieve the results.

Below we have mentioned a step-by-step guide to developing app like Twitter which will help you understand more thoroughly.

1. Define Business

It is the first stage of development in which you must define your business needs. If you have recently decided to develop a social media application, then you must think from the perspective of a user.

You must make sure about what task you should perform to ensure the smooth development of the social media app. You must also go through the market and competitor research in this step.

It is an important step you must perform to know what value you want your business to offer.

A market study is essential to understand the market growth structure. A competitor’s study is vital to learn their strategies and marketing tactics.

Having a profound piece of knowledge in market and competitor research will hand you a report of steps you want to perform and avoid.

2. Wireframe and Prototype Creation

Wireframing is the most critical stage in social media app development process. It helps the client, and the mobile app development company should build and envision the app’s basic structure.

Many of you don’t know what a wireframe is but read it more quickly. Wireframes allow you to create a foundation for a product’s future design and provide a structural view.

After that, the task of designers comes. After developing a structure, the designers will create mobile app prototyping to show what the final project will look like with its virtual functions.

Additionally, mobile app prototyping can help you to employ it to test your concept on the intended market.

3. Work Planning

It is the next step after the prototype is made and the software requirements and project are precise for you. Now is when you must strategize your business work plan by listing things you need in the pre-and post-development process.

After the prototype, you must make a timeline and budget while designing your social media app’s business model and revenue model.

At this stage, you need to think about the customization you want in your app.

The step is all about planning the further step of development and the post-development application process. Hire a team of dedicated developers that can help you create a plan for your business.

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4. Design

Now, coming up with a design, it is time for you to decide the features and UX/UI for your application. You must know that designing is about attracting users to your application and increasing user engagement.

Hire dedicated developers that can offer your premium users a personalization and a seamless experience. It would help if you understood that your app must look different with exciting new features yet simply.

The app’s simplicity, elegant and easy features, and functions will attract several users. Still, as we mentioned, it should have a unique taste in everything.

Make a list of features and functions you want in your application and the design you think will offer you a blast launch.

However, before creating a social networking app design, make sure that your competitor doesn’t have the same thing you have. It is why we mentioned competitor study in the first step. Your app should be unique for everyone and eye-catchy for users.

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5. Engineering

Finally, now the time has come. It is the most critical step of development in which you must Hire mobile app developers to develop a social media app.

After completing the step to hire mobile app developers, you should discuss with them your business requirements.

Discussion with the development team is essential as you must disclose everything you want and avoid in your app. Hand over the list of features and functions to the developers and discuss the teaching stack they will use in development.

The step is the most crucial one. It is vital to know that getting in touch with the development team time is essential to be updated about the changes in the project.

Your Mobile app development company will build you app like Twitter. So, wait and get feedback timely.

6. Testing

Several businesses forget that this step is necessary. But it is essential to know the development steps after testing the application. The iOS app development or custom Android app development company will provide you with an app after testing bugs.

If they didn’t follow this step, you must ensure they follow it and offer you a filter application. Every Mobile app development company offers testing before the launch.

Examining the application before launch is essential to look for faults and ensure the outcome conforms with the specifications. Pay close attention to this phase because rigorous testing is essential to achieving high quality.

How Much Does It Cost to Create App Like Twitter?

If you want to create app like Twitter but can’t know the accurate cost estimation, you must read the following information. The precise cost of development isn’t actual.

If you don’t believe us, why not read till it ends. The social app will cost you roughly around $60,000k to $420,000K. Knowing several factors that affect the cost of developing app like Twitter is vital.

The below-mentioned points are the factors that influence the cost of building social media app like Twitter.

1. Type of App

The type of app is the most prominent factor affecting the development cost. Below we have mentioned the table that shows how different types can influence the development cost.

  Type of App Time   Estimate Cost
Simple App Development             3-6 months $60,000 to $100,000
Basic App Development             6-10 months $100,000 to $160,000
Complex App Development More than 15 months


$300,000 to $425,000



2. Features and Function

Adding several features and complex features can also influence the cost of development. But when developing app like Twitter, adding similar features and functions is vital, which may increase the development cost. Several features and the complexity of features will increase the cost extensively.

3. UI/UX Design

Building a clone of Twitter may cost you a little as expensive as it may require you to add a similar UI/UX or more. Creating a social media that you want to stand out requires skilled and expert designers that may cost you money, increasing the development cost.

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4. Development Team

The development team generally has a significant turnover that increases the development cost. It is essential to know that the cost to create app like Twitter takes more than 1000 hours.

The increase in the development cost will lead to a rise in the hourly cost of developers. Below we have mentioned the hourly cost developers charge to build an app like Twitter.

● The average rate in the US market is $150 per hour
● In Eastern Europe, the average rate is $50 per hour
● In India, the average fee is $20 per hour.

5. App Platform

The cost of development will increase depending on the development platform you choose. iOS app development will be a little more expensive than android app development.

Always ask your development company about every platform cost with hourly charges to estimate cost. So above mentioned factors were quite helpful for you in calculating the cost of developing app like Twitter. But if you still get an idea, you must hire dedicated developers.

What Tech Stack Used to Create App Like Twitter?

When creating a social media application, knowing about its tech stack is essential. In the below section, we mentioned the tech stack you must include in your creation of a Twitter clone app.

You will have excellent depth knowledge of its tech stack. Still, it is also essential to know that your tech stack will depend on these several factors you should read.

● The Project’s Specifications,
● Your Budget to Create App
● The Platforms You Choose

Below we have mentioned the table that shows the tech stack you can use in creating a clone app of Twitter.


Functions Tech Stack
Mobile Application Tech Stack Swift (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)

React Native


Location Services Google Maps

Apple Maps

Backend and Admin Panels PHP (Symfony/Laravel)

Python (Django/Flask)

Ruby (Ruby on Rails)

Server DigitalOcean Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services



Microsoft Azure

Databases MongoDB



Caching tool Redis


Web servers Apache HTTP Server



As we know, the tech stack is a crucial part of development. So, make sure you check before hiring the development company that they offer application maintenance and support after development.

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So the above we have mentioned, you should know when it comes to creating an app like Twitter. Further, we want you to know that digitalization isn’t easy.

To build an application, you need an excellent development team that can offer you the best software development. Suppose you want to create a social media app. In that case, the only solution is to look for a custom android app development company.

If you have come this far, there must be something you liked about this blog. As you must know, we are the leading software development company that can offer you quick and premium software development.

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