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Influencer marketing or influencer management has swiftly emerged as one of the most effective marketing strategies for increasing brand recognition and boosting conversions. As per the Influencer Marketing Hub Report, marketers make an average of $5.78 for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing campaigns. Also, the value of influencer marketing industries was $9.7 billion in 2020, which is expected to increase 2x time by the end of 2022. Therefore, it has raised the demand for influencer management platform development today.

But to attain the best outcomes, businesses should consider many crucial factors, such as – Picking the top influencers, identifying the target demographic, and choosing the best influencer management platforms. So, this blog is a must-read if you plan to develop an influencer management platform.


What Is Influencer Management Platform?

An influencer management platform is a marketplace or platform to discover influencers and connect with them for a specific event. It acts as the best asset for managing multiple influencers within one campaign. The best influencer management platforms help people find different social media influencers at scale while streamlining campaign management till its completion.


How Do Influencer Marketing Platforms Works?

The working mechanism of the influencer marketing management platform is very simple. Brands looking for influencers to promote products or services post their requirements on the platform. The influencers who find themselves suitable for a particular brand promotion contact the brand for the same.

On the other side, brands that will work with specific influencers directly get in touch via influencer relationship management platforms. Similarly, the influencers can also directly get in touch with a particular brand they are willing to work with. Overall, the influencer marketing platforms act as directories for both brands to look for the best-fitted influencers and vice versa.


Importance of Influencer Management Platform Development for Brands

Offline influencer marketing management is a big mess. So, to ensure efficient and smooth marketing, brands use influencer campaign management platform that allows them to keep everything on track. Not only this, these platforms offer many more benefits to brands, from planning to reporting.


  1. Streamlined & Automated Manual Campaigning

Tracking data and executing tasks manually are a thing of the past. With the introduction of influencer management platforms, brands can easily create customized workflows and track every campaign stage. From reaching out to influencers to sending products and making the final payment, influencer platforms have streamlined and automated campaigning.


  1. Searching for Suitable Influencers in No Time

Imagine you need an influencer to promote your products, and you are sifting through different social media platforms and contacting different influencers one by one. Sounds hectic, right? Not anymore! Online community management platforms can help you scale your efforts with advanced searching options, such as – Keywords, industry, location, audience demographics & engagement metrics.


Influencer Management platform


  1. Creating Content with fewer Efforts

Creating unique and catchy content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially when doing it manually. To resolve this, influencer management software comes as a savior. Its amazing features enable brands to organize content in a streamlined manner.

The platform also offers ownership rights and makes it easier for brands to identify which content they have usage permission for and which ones are restricted.


  1. Tracking Progress & Measuring the ROI

Every business prefers to keep track of their business progress, including – Where did they start and where are they now? Don’t you? Well, the only way to get started is through influencer content management platforms. It helps brands diligently track their progress while accurately managing the ROI to improve business performance.

Also, brands can get monthly work reports to compare their business from previous months and make efforts accordingly.


  1. Managing Multiple Influencers in One Place

Managing influencer relationships is important these days. Besides running paid advertisements and campaigns, brands invest time and money in people and relationships. So, it is crucial to track the lifecycle of a relationship which could be possible with the influencer CRM feature. Also, there is a contact database where brands can manage influencers and analyze the best relationships for further work. Such a type of social media app development process has made influencer management hassle-free, which one could have never thought of.

A well-developed influencer management platform helps businesses gather valuable data insights, measure ROI, analyze monthly progress, and more, as discussed above. Now that you are well-versed with the importance of the best influencer marketing platforms for your business let’s discover the top platforms that are earning success and profit these days.


Top 5 Influencer Management Platforms 2022

Hundreds of influencer marketing management platforms are available, so choosing the best platform can be tricky. So, to ease the situation, we’ve explained the top 5 influencer management platforms ruling 2022.


  1. Tapfiliate


Influencer Platform Cost Rating App Link
Tapfiliate Starts at $69 p/m 3.5 Tapfiliate.com


It is primarily a referral management solution, but brands majorly use it to manage influencers. While using this influencer marketing platform, brands can embrace the power of online media and get in touch with the influencers to reach new audiences and promote a brand.

Features of Tapfiliate Influencer Management Platform

  • Generate sharable social media posts
  • Manage banners and other marketing stuff
  • Provide personal coupons and referral links
  • Customize performance bonuses and commissions


  1. Influencity


Influencer Platform Cost Rating App Link
Influencity Starts at $48 p/m

(After 7-day free trial)


4.5 influencity.com


Influencity works to create the best AI-powered influencer marketing platform on the market. This platform has around 60+ functionalities that help approximately 2000 companies manage end-to-end influencer campaigns worldwide. It is one of the most popular social community platforms that offers a search engine with around 70 million results, including demographics, brand affinity, KPIs, and more.

Features of Influencity Influencer Management Platform

  • Customizable & affordable plans
  • Complete influencer’s relationship control
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Easy usability & intuitive design


  1. Traackr


Influencer Platform Cost Rating App Link
Traackr Starts at $30,000


3.7 traackr.com



Known as one of the best influencer marketing platforms, Traackr features a comprehensive influencer database with advanced search filters. Not only this, but the platform provides complete software for managing all influencer marketing programs aspects and delivering exceptional outcomes. Its smart partnership programs drive sales and help brands build awareness.

Features of Traackr Influencer Management Platform

  • Monthly reporting and analytics
  • A comprehensive database of the influencers
  • Instant customer support
  • Easy platform usability


  1. Afluencer


Influencer Platform Cost Rating App Link
Afluencer Free (potentially forever)

Paid Options up to $199/month


4.5 afluencer.com


If you are new to the business world and don’t know how to search for the right influencers for your products and services, Afluencer is the right platform to get started. It is one of the easiest online community management platforms where brands can post a ‘Collab’ opportunity in minutes and get the right influencer the same day. In addition, you can meet influencers and creators here on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook. Overall, evaluating influencer candidates is very easy while using this influencer management platform.

Features of Afluencer Influencer Management Platform

  • Collaborating posting in just a minute
  • Quick & easy to get started
  • High engagement influencer base
  • Phone, live chat, and email support


5. Onalytica


Influencer Platform Cost Rating App Link
Onalytica Price varies 4.0 Onalytica.com


It is one of the established industry leaders and positions its influencer management marketing platform as a technology partner to brands and agencies. The organization offers a mix of technologies with professionals dedicated to customer success, analytics, and influencer activation. The platform is mainly about finding and managing influencers rather than campaign creation and management.

Features of Onalytica Influencer Management Platform

  • Offer powerful brand analytics
  • Dedicated and helpful customer support
  • Huge influencer database of around 700,000 members
  • Simple and easy-to-use platform

It is an understood fact that creating your own social influencer network is a tedious practice in this highly competitive world. However, we hope the tools mentioned above will be helpful for your brand to identify the right influencers to promote your products and services. On the other side, if you are planning for influencer management platform development, the succeeding section will greatly help.


influencer content management platform


Developing A Successful Influencer Management Platform

Planning to create a successful influencer management platform but don’t know where to begin with? Don’t panic! Try the following influencer relationship management platform development steps and get well-crafted software in hand. So, let’s get started.


#STEP 1 – Clear Your Business Requirements

Before you step into the influencer management platform development or app development process, get your business goals and requirements clear. Influencer marketing platforms can either make or break your brand’s success. So, get your concepts clear as to why you want to develop software, what products and services you want to market, etc.

Getting clear with yourself will ensure long-term business success and help you get perfect software adhering to your business needs and demands.


#STEP 2 – Connect with Dedicated Professionals

Many brand owners don’t have a team to develop an influencer management platform, and in the end, they choose the wrong people to create software. So, to avoid such a situation, it is better to start searching for the best organization or hire a dedicated team of developers to get a perfect influencer platform for your business.

Hire Dedicated App Developer CTA

#STEP 3 – Deliberate the Right Development Platform

Different software or platforms have different development approaches. For instance –

  • For web app development, you can opt PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • For mobile app development, MBaaS (Mobile-as-a-Service) will work best
  • To offer the best user experience, native applications are perfect.
  • If you have a low development budget, choose cross-platform mobile app development
  • To expedite web development, use SDKs or to expedite mobile development, use third-party APIs.


#STEP 4 – Incorporate Suitable Features

Similar to An app like Instagram, the development platform and approach, features also contribute to the application’s success. So, take enough time and incorporate the best-suitable features that could take your influencer management platform to the heights. Also, make sure to add the basic features and functionalities into your software, as they are a must to ensure business success.


#STEP 5 – Use Secure Payment Integration & Tech Stacks

You might need a payment gateway integration and tech stacks for your influencer content management platform and others. So, use the best third-party integrations and include the latest technologies to keep the platform updated.

influencer management

#STEP 6 – Begin Influencer Marketing Platform Development

Finally, when you gather all the essential information, begin the influencer management platform development process. Suppose you are availing services from an organization. In that case, the professionals will get everything done perfectly, but you must still be aware of the entire process to eliminate errors during the app development.


#STEP 7 – Test & Launch the Software

Once the community software platform is developed successfully, test it carefully before launching it on the Google Play Store or App Store. It will help brands identify the bugs and errors before users encounter them.

So, this is a simple seven-step process to create a successful influencer marketing management software that will earn you success and profit in no time. Along with focusing on the development steps, include the following features to help both brands and influencers get the best experience.


Influencer Management platform


Key Features of A Unique Influencer Management Platform

Today, the list of the best influencer management platforms isn’t limited, so brands keep incorporating new features to make their software stand out. So, let’s look at the essential features you shouldn’t miss incorporating while creating influencer marketing software.


  • Search & Discovery Engine

Thousands of different influencers are available, from mobile phone reviewers to food bloggers. So, your influencer management platform should have a managed search & discovery engine that helps brands and marketers search for the most relevant influencers for their products and services.

Remember, a search and discovery engine is the core or prime feature of the software, so don’t miss including it, as it will increase your platform’s reach and visibility in this competitive market.


  • Channel Integration

Some influencer marketing management platforms focus only on a single social media platform such as an app like Twitter, so you can make your software stand out by integrating multiple social channels. Make sure the software should offer seamless integration with multiple social community platforms via SDKs or APIs.

With automation and content promotion, brands can reinforce the impact created with influencer content.


  • Contact & Relationship Management

It becomes tedious for brands to maintain a relationship with influencers manually, which is why your influencer content management platform should have this feature. It automates tedious tasks, including signing contracts, messaging influencers, and negotiating prices.

Brands can use such amazing features to track contract signatures, send automated reminders to influencers, and create custom groups.


social media influencer management


  • Campaign Content Management

This feature of the influencer campaign management platform allows users to manage ad text, hashtags, deadlines, giveaways, and other ad campaign features for different brands and influencers. While using this feature of the influencer software, brands can easily receive creative content from influencers and accept, preview, negotiate, or reject it as per their needs and demands. Here’s a complete guide on Content Management systems.

Overall, the content relevant to the running and upcoming campaigns can be managed through this feature.


  • Analytics & Reporting

The best influencer management platforms enable brands to analyze the actual impact created by influencer ad campaigns for particular products and services. It also allows businesses to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) for the entire campaign.

To make the accurate calculation of statistics, you can also utilize your own custom tracking pixels or some affiliated links that influencers can insert on their blog while promoting a product or service.

These are some crucial influencer management platform features that will make your software successful in today’s time and help your brand grow. Every feature mentioned in the list above contributes to the influencer relationship management platform’s success, so do not miss these features. After that, if your budget allows, you can go for some advanced features and functionalities.


Influencers management models


Three Best Approaches to Managing Influencers the Right Way

Imagine you have successfully developed influencer management software; what next? How will you manage all the influencers efficiently? There are different approaches available that will help you manage influencers the right way. Want to know what are those approaches? Try the following ways.

  1. Managing Influencers Directly

Most businesses prefer to manage the influencers all on their own. So, if you have the desired team who can manage the team of influencers, go for it. But, remember, the process will be manual, so choose this option only if you have enough professionals to take care of it. Furthermore, it is quite a costly process that will require you to make an investment in the beginning, and later on, you can reap the benefits for years to come.

  1. Managing Influencers via Software

An influencer management platform is undoubtedly one of the best ways to manage all the influencers under one roof. So, all you can do is develop software by following the steps mentioned above and automating the process in a go. Also, you can hire a dedicated team of developers who can do the work for you.

  1. Managing Influencers with Agency

Finally, the last technique for managing influencers is connecting with an agency. Today, ample organizations can help you connect brands with potential influencers who can promote products and services. Working with an agency is a productive way to reduce the workload and get things done by professionals.

So, these are the three different approaches that you can opt for managing influencers differently. Now that all the strategies are in front of you, it is up to you which one you want to go ahead with.


cost to create a mobile app cta

Final Thoughts!

Whichever influencer management technique you choose or whatever type of influencer management platform you choose, make sure to keep the system efficient and transparent enough to get accurate campaign metrics. Also, get your business expectations clear at the beginning of the process, as doing so will help you achieve perfection while creating an influencer marketing management platform. We hope this blog is helpful for you to know everything about influencer management and its development.

Still, if you need professional assistance for software development, Dev Technosys doors are always open for you. Feel free to get in touch with us at any hour of the day. We would love to assist you. So drop your influencer management software development requirements now!