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“The distance between parents and kids studying abroad, long-distance friendship, and many other relations need messaging apps like a telegram to stay close. Yes, staying close is much more delightful because of the Apps’ high levels of accessibility and security.”

As we all know, social media has the most intense rivalry in the industry. It is challenging for startups to gain awareness but not impossible. If you are reading this blog, we consider you someone who wants to make an app like a telegram. Telegram has become one of the first social media apps that new startups want to clone. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to develop a chat app like telegram by covering every aspect of making a messaging app. By reading this blog, you’ll have a good piece of knowledge in chatting app development on android.

Let’s dive into the blog further and see how to develop a chat app like telegram in depth!


Market Stats Of Telegram Messaging App


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  • According to Statista, the telegram application generates 500 million active users every month worldwide.
  • WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update received a telegram in January 2021 with 64 million installs worldwide.
  • The telegram reached 62 million downloads at the beginning of 2021 and 38 percent of downloads globally in the first quarter of 2021.
  • More than 75 percent of telegram users reported using the app for news.
  • Telegram will have 550 million active users in 2022, making it one of the top-rated social media app developers.
  • More than 67.2% of the traffic of telegrams comes from searches.
  • In 2016 the telegram app users sent over 15 million messages every day.
  • Telegram has more than 18 million users from Uzbekistan.

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About Telegram

Pavel Durov launched or developed a chat app telegram on iOS on August 14, 2013, and Android on October 20, 2013. It prioritizes privacy, encryption, and an open-source API. Telegram is a cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging (IM) service that is freemium.

The telegram app has innumerable unauthorized clients. Various accounts on the same device are also permitted, as well as the usage of multiple devices with the same performance (confirmed by SMS).


Why Do People Use Telegram?

There are several reasons why telegram or other chat app development like Skype is getting immense popularity in recent years. Go through the mentioned graph and witness the reasons for using telegrams.


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Some Similar Apps Like Telegram

As we all know, several types of applications developed similar to the telegram, but only a few have a popularity. We have mentioned below the table that shows the top 6 chat apps like telegram with wide users worldwide.


Apps Like Telegram Operations Subscription Plan Ratings & Downloads On
Signal Android/iPhone Free
  • 4.6 Rating
  • 100M+ Downloads
Snapchat Android/iPhone Freemium

Paid $10 to $30

  • 4.2 Rating
  • 1B+ Downloads
WhatsApp Android/iPhone Free
  • 4.3 Rating
  • 5B+ Downloads
Skype Android/iPhone Freemium

Paid- $2.99 a month

  • 4.1 Rating
  • 1+ Billion Downloads
Line Android/iPhone Freemium

Paid- $150 a month

  • 4.2 Rating
  • 500M+ Downloads


Element Android/iPhone Free
  • 4.1 Rating
  • 500K+Downloads


How To Make App Like Telegram?

When it comes to how to make an app like Telegram, it is essential to follow the steps below. We have covered all the critical steps you must go through to understand the development process of an app like a telegram.


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1. Do Some Market Research

It is essential to remember these tiny differences throughout the process that each messaging app development has a somewhat distinct market. Every step of any messaging app’s development process requires a particular market study. So before going further to develop a chat app like Telegram, it is essential to be aware of what your target audience wants. Here’s a guide to developing an app like WhatsApp.

Start with the competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews, and user feedback and validation. All this research will give you a report filled with several market studies which will help you create an app like Telegram.


2. Strategy & Monetization Model

Strategizing the product planning and revenue model of messaging app development like Telegram is essential. Get ready for the product planning and implementation process. All this report on product planning will offer you ease in launching your app. But here is another thing which always requires your attention. Are you wondering what? Its monetization model.

Strategizing the revenue model of your social media app development is essential. There is always a cost associated with creating an app, but how you generate revenue can differ. You need to decide if you want your app to employ advertising or add-ons that cost more.


3. Product Design

Suppose you are considering the development of an app like Telegram, even though you will probably require many of the same services that Telegram offers. There are many other things which you should keep in mind. Hire a chat app development company and make a list of features, functions, and other characteristics you need to consider. In this step, you should discuss with your chat app development the potential UI/UX you want in your Telegram clone app.

It would help if you concentrated on any last additions you might need once your user design is exactly how you want it. Brand designing, UI/UX, and design prototypes are the essential part of this feature that must be completed to go into further development steps.


4. Engineering

Now the time has come when you need to hire iPhone app developers or android to develop an app like Telegram successfully. Even though there are many app developers from whom businesses may pick, keep in mind that not all have a lot of experience in live chat app development like clubhouse. A developer will create a higher-quality app if they know how the messenger app experience should function.

In this feature, you can witness your app backend and API development of your app like Telegram. The development steps will end when the developer team tests the app—testing the application before launching is vital to avoid a lack of brand visibility and poor user feedback. After rectifying the testing errors now, your app is ready to launch.


5. Launch and Growth

Here comes the step awaited! It is the step that starts with the app store app set and approval of your live chat app development. A great way to collect honest feedback and learn about any issues in your app is to let a limited number of users use your app before the launch. Several companies use this tactic to avoid unnecessary brand breakdown. You should launch your video chat app development to limited users and get a genuine review about the better position in the app.

With this, you can also identify ongoing measurement and prioritization of your app like Telegram. Also, agile planning and release management are other factors after the launch. Make a plan for your application’s booming growth, including marketing strategies.




Key Essential Features To Add In-App Like Telegram

One should go through A Complete Guide on Messaging App Development to create a whole new and unique messaging app. The below-mentioned section has covered essential features that must be included in your app, like Telegram. Please read carefully to understand it thoroughly.


1. Login/Sign Up

You need a phone number to confirm the verification code to access the application and get your profile for signup and login. Getting detailed information or an email address that isn’t already in use is not essential. It will make it possible for you to create your account quickly.


2. Verification

You’ll get a verification code after signing up. To start using Telegram, you must first authenticate your phone number using this code.


3. Instant Access

You can chat with other users on Telegram after verifying your phone number. You only need to click on contact as there are no passwords or user names to remember.


4. Create Groups

Group chats are one of Telegram’s most important features. It is essential to add this feature to your app like Telegram. With this function, you can include more than 180k people in a single group conversation.


5. Image Filters within Apps

Telegram has a feature that displays images in high resolution. Before sharing your photographs with your contacts, friends, and groups, you can modify them using the app’s built-in photo editing features.


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6. Support MultiMedia

On Telegram, you may send your contacts images, movies, documents, and other media types. All common file kinds you want to send from your device are supported.


7. Deactivate Notifications

On Telegram, you have the option to disable alerts from irritable individuals. Therefore, you can disable them if you don’t want to get notifications.


8. Cloud Storage

Telegram has cloud storage from which all texts will save in cloud storage without occupying your device storage. You won’t have to be concerned about message loss when using Telegram.


9. Exporting Data

By selecting settings on your phone, you can quickly export your Telegram contacts according to what you want. Next, choose export and a location to save all of your communications by clicking on it.


10. Voice Calls

In the telegram app, you only need to click on a contact’s name or a message to initiate a voice call. After that, kindly enter your phone number and wait for them to answer.


11. Video Calls

Tap on a contact’s name or a message to start a video call. Next, choose a call to open the dialer on your phone.


12. Share Location

Yes, this application’s live/current location sharing feature is inbuilt. On Telegram, it’s simple to share your location with other people. To share your live site, you must click on a contact’s name or message and then choose the live location option from that screen.


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Unique Features To Develop A Messaging App Like Telegram

It’s time to see some unique features that will help you learn how you can make your clone app or Telegram go viral. Don’t wait! Read the following pointers below.


1. Multi-Platform Availability

The main benefit of Telegram is that it is accessible n to Android and iOS devices. To start creating an app like Telegram, it is essential to seek help from a chat app development company like Dev Technosys.


2. End-to-End Encryptions

End to End encryptions is one of the essential features that should be included in messaging apps. Telegram uses this feature to protect the data shared on the network. It is one of the primary reasons why users easily attract this application.


3. Multiple Accounts

Rather than limiting the usage to one account. You should know that Telegram allows users to log in from several reports and use it from various numbers. It helps users to explore creating several accounts on one platform.


4. Chatbot

One of the first messaging services to include chatbot features was Telegram. From providing the most recent news to facilitating in-app purchases, the bot assists users with various tasks.


5. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is only used in an app like Telegram. Additionally, as cloud storage is renowned for being dynamic, users can retrieve their data once saved in the app from any location without having to back it up.


6. File Format and size

You can transfer 1.5 Gb of data in an app like Telegram. Additionally, the program does not prevent users from sending particular file types. It is essential to know the features that make the platform a preferred messaging service for users of uncommon file types.


7. Channels

Channel feature is another feature only seen in an app like Telegram. It would help if you thought about including channels as another intriguing feature in your app. The feature is helpful in various ways, as by posting links, users can share a message with others who do not use Telegram.


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Cost To Develop App Like Telegram?

We will not lie about this. There’s no precise cost of chatting app development in android or ios. The cost of development varies depending on several factors. But still, we have found the cost of developing an app like telegram varies between $12,000 to $25,000. There is no single software that creates the price. Every part of the app requires a different set of skills and tools. however, the cost of mobile app development app like telegram depends on these factors


1. Functions And Features

Several features and functions significantly impact the cost of developing an app like a telegram. It is also essential to know that the complexity of features increases the cost with numbers.


2. UI/UX

The UI/UX of any application requires a lot of time in development and a skilled designing team that influences the cost of development. It is essential to add a unique user interface to users to focus on that does cost you a little expensive.


3. Chat App Developers

Chat app developers influence the overall cost of developing a messaging app like a telegram. The location of developers and the number of developers required to complete the project calculate the development cost of the mobile app.


4. Duration Of Development

The duration of developing an app like telegram varies depending on the complex features and functions of the app. Suppose your app has numerous features and functions to add. In that case, it will take a lot of development time to increase the developer’s hourly cost, resulting in an advanced development cost.


5. Complexity Of App

The complexity of an app is another factor that may increase the cost of development. For instance, if you want ios app development of an app like telegram, that will demand several complex features and functions that may raise the cost of the product.

We have mentioned a table of features with time duration. The table will help you conclude the development cost of an app like a telegram.


Features of Chat App Development Hours Cost of Development
Registration 42-45 2350
Push Notifications 12-15 7800
Messaging Option 170- 200 11000
Contact Sharing 14-17 7600
Video/Voice Calling 100- 115 6000
Multimedia Sharing 32-40 2000
Total 350 – 400 Hours $36,750


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How Can Dev Technosys Help?

Hopefully, the information mentioned above in this blog was quite helpful for you in knowing about how you can create a chat app like a telegram. Until now, you must have been aware that creating an app like delegation isn’t easy. This blog has mentioned everything necessary to develop an app like a telegram.

Still, the development process is incomplete without a reputed mobile app development company. You should hire developers to get the final successful outcomes from your clone app. It will help you in every development step.


Frequently Asked Questions about Messaging Apps Like Telegram


Q1. Does Telegram Have a Paid Plan?

No telegram is a free application that runs on donations.


Q2. In Which Country Was Telegram Used The Most?

USA, India, Brazil, and Ukraine have many active users of the telegram, among the other countries.


Q3. Can We Trust Telegram Security?

Telegram features end-to-end encryption that shows your privacy will be a secret to the application.