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People are crazy about smartphone apps. There are several messaging apps available and competing with each other. Some names are on the mind of the smartphone users, such as apps like Viber. There are 1.17 billion users (2011-2020) using this app to connect with others. It allows users to share HD- quality video calls, images, messages, and more.

There are multiple alternatives available in the market, and they have their presence on different platforms, such as Android and iOS. Officially, its strong competitors are WhatsApp and Telegram. Its other competitors are Skype, Signal etc.

Most messaging apps are known for their unique features. So, here are some USPs of the Viber App that can fascinate an individual for instant messaging app development.

  • Group chat option for communities
  • Always secure
  • Endless stickers & GIFs
  • 100% sync between mobile and desktop
  • 1-tap Call transfer

And more.

An app like Viber is a perfect reference for anyone interested in developing an instant messaging app for business. Could you think that over an app like Viber, 70 million interactions happen per hour? If you want to make a similar app, there is no need to delay.

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Viber App At A Glance – The Legend App For Social Networking & Messaging!

There is a reason behind another name for Viber: Rakuten Viber. But before we reach the revelation about it, let’s see where it started.

There is an interesting story behind Viber messenger. Its founder Talmon Marco was living in New York, and his girlfriend was living in Hong Kong. They stressed the cost of communication at that time. So, he discussed the issue with his friend Igor Magazinnik (co-founder of Viber). That was the first foundation step of Viber.

In 2010, Viber Media, Cyprus, launched its first-ever version. In 2014, it was taken over by Rakuten 2014. Its corporate name is Rakuten Viber, and based in Luxembourg. Its other offices are London, Manila, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo.

The Viber messenger app is popular in regions like Greece, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Asian Market. Initially, it was a strong competitor of an app like Skype.

Its security features make it more special than any other app like Viber. The app claims to be 100% secure, and a user can trust it.

  • End-to-end decryption
  • Message disappearance
  • Edit and delete messages
  • Hidden number chats to prevent exposure to the strangers
  • Hide chat to be accidentally read by others
  • Status toggle

And there are many more advantages of this app to be used. Moreover, these features are inspirational if you want to develop an app like Viber.

Screenshots of Viber – One Of The Fantastic Messaging App

Here are some glimpses of the Viber app that gives an idea of how it works and what its GUI looks like. Although several messaging apps are available, Viber has its own place among users. From developing a video chat into a group chat, it can be an ideal model.

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Key Features of Viber Messenger

Every messaging app comes with its features, so here are some of the best features available with apps like Viber messenger.

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Send Messages

Easy message sending, including photos, videos, and files, including voice messages. Users can also send stickers and GIFs.

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Voice & Video Call

One of its prime specialties is crystal clear voice and video calls. The users can easily place calls.

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Group Messaging

Users can make their own community on the app using the group messaging feature. They can add their family and friends.

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Join Communities

Users can search for public groups on the app about their passion.

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Stickers & GIFs

A large library of GIFs & Stickers offers various ways to create fun. Most of the users enjoy this feature while chatting.

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Create Custom Stickers

It is a fantastic feature that allows users to create or customize stickers for sending to other users.

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Member’s Privacy

The phone numbers of each group member remain hidden to prevent any threat to the privacy of any individual.

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Self Disappearing Messages

A user can set a self-destruct timer. If the message is read, it will disappear from the Viber chat.

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How Does Viber App Works?

Viber is free and available for all. Users can equally use it on mobile and desktop devices. There is no need to mention that users can do unlimited fun with the help of features like text messaging, video messaging, voice calls, and others.

To use this app, first, you need to download the app and install and activate it via verifying it with the help of a mobile number. First, it will ask for the OTP received in the message box. Once it is matched, your Viber messenger account is ready for use.

After setting up your account, you can see your contacts on the Viber app, and if they are not, you can send them a direct invitation from the app. Once connected, you can share text, voice, stickers, GIFs, docs, and many more.

The best part about an app like Viber messenger is that it also works on a PC. It supports operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. If your question is about how to use Viber on a PC? Then it works like this; you need to download and install it on a PC first, then sync it with your mobile phone via scanning a QR code. Approve the activation and start using Viber on your PC.

Cost To Develop An App Like Viber

For developing an instant messaging app, it is important to know how much it costs to develop an app like Viber. Every social networking app or messaging app is different in its core nature, messaging and calling. Most apps have common features, but they have unique features to differentiate between them.

The cost of any messaging app like Viber depends on various factors, as other apps do. The cost-affecting factors are

  • Features,
  • the hiring of mobile application developers
  • UI/UX components
  • Wireframing
  • Graphic Designing
  • backend development
  • Third-party integration
  • Database integration
  • App Hosting
  • App Submission
  • Marketing & Promotion (additional)

The next thing that impacts the cost of developing a messaging app like Viber messenger is its version and platform. Suppose you want to launch a basic application on the Android platform or iOS platform, then it may cost you around $20,000-$30,000. On the other hand, an advanced app may cost you around $50,000-$70,000 or more.

To develop the app, you also need to hire dedicated mobile app developers, and their hiring cost will be added to the overall cost.

How to Develop An App Similar To Viber?

While thinking about developing an app similar to Viber messenger, you need to follow some crucial steps that will lead you to the final version of your idea in the form of a real app. It would help if you implemented a panel for end-users and an admin panel for app administration. It would be best to take the assistance of a trustworthy mobile app development company.

The following are development steps that you need to follow:

Competitor Research

Research about your existing competitors is a standard step for any business. The concept is applied to messaging app development also. It will help you to implement the idea in the right way.

Shortlist of Key Features

The success of an app depends on the features, and if you implement them correctly, they will reflect in your app. Also, enhance the user’s experience. So, make a fine shortlist of features.

Monetization Strategy

If your sole purpose in developing an app like Viber is business, it would always be better to work on a monetization strategy. In simpler terms, you need to decide how the app can generate revenue.

Tech Stack

Using the latest app development technology is best to ensure the best user experience; A fabulous app can be built with the right programming tools and technology. For the same, discuss it with your technology partner.

Target Audience

While developing a messaging app like Viber, keep target customers in mind. These people will use your app, and you will generate revenue from it.


An app like Viber works seamless on Windows, iOS and Android. So, try to find out which platform you want to focus on. If you want to launch your app on all platforms, then cross-platform app development is for you.

Hire Mobile App Developers

The next and most crucial step is hiring mobile app developers with experience in developing messaging apps. Checking their skills, portfolio, and accomplished projects would be a nice idea.

Testing & Launching

If there is a possibility that bugs may remain during development, and if they are not fixed later, the user experience can be negatively affected. In this way, it is essential to test the app before it is launched to ensure there are no bugs or doubts.

Marketing & Promotion

If your customers are unaware of you, you have zero chances of growing. You must follow a solid marketing strategy to make your app known to the world and attract users.

What Are The Best Alternatives Of Viber Messenger Available In The Market?

Viber is a leading messaging app available in the market. But do you know what the best alternatives are available over the internet? If not, then here are these:

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App’s Available On

PayPal App – Make hassle-free digital transactions worldwide Available on Android, iOS, and Web
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Since its inception, PayPal has opened countless doors for 360 million users in over 200 countries. Since 1998, PayPal has offered businesses and consumers an alternate means of conducting business in a global market. PayPal is thus an essential technology for the future of e-commerce. So, this is the right time for businesses to step into the e-wallet app development process and create an app like PayPal. You've reached the right place if you are also planning for the same. Dev Technosys, being a leading mobile and web development company, can help you create an e-wallet app like PayPal.

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