eWallet App Development

Feature-rich, Secure Mobile Wallet Development Solutions for Multi-Purpose Payments

At Dev Technosys, we aim at offering secure, feature-rich eWallet app development solutions for Android, iPhone, and Wearable Devices E-wallet is such a revolutionary application that replaced the traditional way of cash transfers. With Dev Technosys, you can find platform-oriented solutions, i.e., Android, iOS and cross-platform e-wallet applications. Our standard practice to use the latest tech stack for app development makes our solutions promising.

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e-wallet App Development :
The Pivotal Features

At Dev Technosys, you get access to the advanced range of innovative mobile wallet app development solutions including the Android e-wallet app, iPhone e-wallet app, and other e-wallet solutions, towards ensuring the end-users with the overall safety and convenience of making instant payments through the app.

  • User App
  • Merchant App
  • Additional Features

User App

  • User Registration

    The users can register in the app through email or other social media accounts.

  • Authorizing Bank Account

    The users can register their respective bank account for facilitating instant transactions.

  • Adding Balance

    The users can add money to their respective app accounts for making transactions.

  • Checking Balance

    The users can also check the app balance after each transaction.

  • Transferring Money

    The users are allowed to transfer money –anytime and from anywhere.

  • Bill Payments

    The users can pay the phone, TV, and other bills easily with the help of the advanced eWallet app from us.

  • Offer Notifications

    The users can receive reminders or push notifications about the latest app offers, promotional offer, and loyalty rewards.

  • Invite Friends or Referrals

    It becomes easier to invite friends or referrals for sending and receiving funds.

  • Transaction History

    The users get to access and view the transaction history in the app

  • Splitting Bills

    This app feature allows users to split bills between other users or friends.

  • Transfer of Funds

    The users can transfer funds to the accounts of other users.

  • Budgeting Tool

    This innovative tool of the app allows users to manage the overall budget with ease.

Merchant App

  • Interactive Dashboard

    The interactive dashboard of the eWallet app allows the vendors to receive high-end statistics like sales, purchase, and transaction list.

  • Creating QR Code

    The vendors can create a QR code for receiving payments from the customers.

  • Adding Products

    The vendors can add multiple products along with the price of the mobile wallet app.

  • EMI Option

    The vendors can also offer the lucrative EMI option to the end customers for ease of transactions.

  • Managing Customers

    View all the lists of the customers along with respective transactions.

  • Managing Staff

    Adding the credentials of the respective staff and managing the respective profiles.

  • Withdrawing Money

    The wallet app allows the vendors to withdraw money to their respective bank account.

  • Creating Events

    The vendors can generate specialized events for the customers in the app.

  • Offering Loyalty Rewards

    The vendors can send proper push notifications to the end customers concerning transactions and offers.

  • Promotional Offers

    Providing cashback offers and discounts to the customers upon certain transactions.

  • Push Notifications

    The vendors can send proper push notifications to the end customers with respect to transactions and offers.

Additional Features

  • Near Field Communication (NFC)

    Ensuring seamless and secure transactions between the device transmitter of Ewallet and the phone empowered by NFC.

  • iBeacon and Bluetooth

    iBeacon is a famous Bluetooth-based technology enabling the quicker transfer of payments without the need for swiping the card.

  • QR Code

    We empower the wallets with a powerful QR code scanner within the mobile payment apps.

  • Backup Feature

    We design Android and iPhone wallet apps enabled with an automatic backup feature.

  • Reward Point

    Provide exclusive reward points upon each transaction.

  • Transactions History

    The wallets also provide the detailed transaction history of the users.

E-wallet App Demo

You will be surprised to see the demo of the e-wallet app that how innovatively it works. It can be a great reference to analyze what other features you can include in your app.

How Does It Work?

Dev Technosys provides the best-fit solutions for all your e-wallet needs. With us, you can get an on-demand app or customized e-wallet mobile application. The following steps represent that how the mobile wallet application works.

  • 1

    Streamlined Registration

    Users do not need to register on the e-wallet app as the process is easy, including accurate user verification.

  • 2

    Hassle-free Fund Transfer

    Once the users connect, a smooth fund transfer takes place under enhanced security protocols. The receiver and sender both enjoy the process.

  • 3

    Payments & Recharge

    Not only fund transfer, bill payments, and recharge is like fun while using this app. The user can also apply cashback offers and coupons.

  • 4

    Push Notification

    Whether it is a transaction or any new offer user is notified via push notification and stays updated always.

  • 5

    Easy Shopping

    Smart e-wallet app solutions make shopping easy. It facilitates the user to pay for shopping easily, such as QR code scanning and other options.

  • 6

    User Security

    The mobile e-wallet app is equipped with the latest security mechanism to use the app without any fear of cyber fraud.

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E-Wallet App Development Services

E-wallet is a new-age technology that promises lots of benefits. The businesses and customers both are leveraging it. A significant percentage of the world population is using a variety of mobile wallets or e-wallets. Dev Technosys is also contributing from its side by developing e-wallets for businesses worldwide. Our team of experienced e-wallet app developers takes care of all the aspects while developing the application. They always focus on the best user experience and how it will help the enterprise achieve its business objectives. If you are looking for high ROI, then e-wallet application development services by Dev Technosys is a perfect option for you.

Some of our highly successful clients across the globe

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Lunes Wallet - Lunes, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Buy BTC

Lunes Wallet is suitable for any type of user, from beginner to advanced, with a decentralized system with a high level of security and totally innovative design....
Dev Technosys

Next Generation Money Transfer

PaySend is a e-wallet you can Send money online to any debit Visa and MasterCard or to regular bank account* in Mexico for only $2. It offers free transfers to bank accounts in the selected countries...
Dev Technosys

Mobile Wallet

Idram is the Armenian mobile wallet which allows you to make payments for different goods and services (utility, taxes, duties, mobile operators) and also provide an option to money transfer options via Idram Payment System account.??...
Dev Technosys

Why Choose Us For E-Wallet App Development?

Having experience of more than a decade makes us a promising mobile wallet development company on which you can trust for having better products and results. The following are some reasons that you will find interesting to choose us for your next ultra-age e-wallet application.


Vulnerability Management

Before launching your high-end digital wallet app, our qualified and experienced eWallet app developers conduct in-depth vulnerability management for identifying and eliminating all possible chances of vulnerabilities.


Application Security

The Source Code and Black Box are conducted by our team to ensure the overall safety of the respective tap and pay apps –keeping the eWallet app safe against all possible threats.


Penetration Testing

We also conduct a comprehensive range of Penetration Testing towards ensuring that the mobile payment app is completely protected against all possible threats of penetration.



We follow the standard practices to develop the applications in such a way, so the user must find them easy to use and enjoyable.


User Engagement

Our developers implement the features like offer generation, coupon code generation, seasonal offers generation, and many that you can utilize to engage your customers satisfactorily.


Modern Age Solutions

Your next e-wallet app will be developed using the latest tech stack, so you will not find any issue of compatibility with it.

Benefits of Our eWallet App Development Services

  • Ease of Use

    The mobile wallet app that we develop comes with the overall ease of use for both the customers as well as the merchants.

  • Highly Discoverable

    All the transactions with the app are linked to a single entity that makes the entire process highly transparent and easily discoverable.

  • Accurate Payments

    The eWallet app allows usersto only make the accurate payments.

  • Effective Time Management

    Digital wallets that we develop ensure effective time management by allowing the users to be aware of the due dates of bill payments and recharges.

  • Secure Payments

    The digital wallet designed and developed by our team of app developers is highly secure and foolproof.

  • User-friendly Interface

    The interactive eWallet app that we develop comes with a user-friendly interface for enhancing the overall user experience.

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E-wallet Mobile App Models

Custom Mobile Wallet App Development

At Dev Technosys, we help in designing and developing highly customized mobile wallet apps –as per the unique specifications of the clients.

Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet App Development

We also help businesses develop highly interactive and secure Cryptocurrency eWallet apps helping with purchasing, trading, and liquidating bitcoins.

Merchant Mobile Wallets

We help in designing and building high-end digital wallet apps with advanced features like ACH (Automated Clearing House) interface, cost-splitting, and invoice generation, and so more.

Mobile Wallet Designing

We help in creating UI/UX for both native as well as cross-platform apps. Our Digital eWallet apps feature high-end design features for ensuring the overall ease of use.

Prepaid Mobile Wallet App Development

Through our expertise in eWallet app development, our professional team of highly qualified and experienced app developers, designs and builds interactive prepaid mobile wallet apps for business enterprises and service providers.

Mobile Wallet Integration

We aim at ensuring effective mobile wallet app integration with the help of open-source APIs. We provide third-party mobile wallet integrations including MasterPass, Google, Apple Pay, and so more.

Ready-To-Go E-wallet App Solutions by Dev Technosys

  • Wallmart Pay Clone

  • PayPal Clone

  • Apple Pay Clone

  • Google Pay Clone

  • Venmo Clone

  • Zelle Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How to develop a mobile wallet app?

    Below are some of the necessary features that will help in considering the mobile wallet application:

    • Integrate the major gateways
    • Then blend in the debit/credit and bank account
    • Transferring money from wallet to bank account
    • Helps in paying the utility bills
    • Enable tracking
    • Integrating POS
    • Other advanced features
  • How can I start my own e-wallet app?

  • How do e-wallets work?

  • What are the features of e-wallet mobile app development?

  • How much does it cost to make your own mobile E-wallet App?

  • How can l make an ewallet app for multiple mobile platforms?

  • What are the industries that will benefit from the e-wallet app?

  • What are the types of mobile wallets that you can develop?

  • How long it will take to develop an ewallet app that reflects well?

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