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Messaging App Development

Looking forward to Create a chat App? Get your next-level instant messenger from industry experts and leverage the best experience of instant messaging app development.

Dev Technosys offers you chat app development services. With us, you can have a fully functional and feature-rich instant messaging app that you can leverage for business purposes. The unique features of messaging app will help you stay out of the crowd and give you an extra edge over competitors.

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IPhone and Android Chat App Development- Stay Connected With World!

As we look forward to build an android instant messaging app, one has to consider cost, features and most importantly 'how does a chat system work'. Communication technology made the world connected where ideas and expressions can be shared within a fraction of seconds. The instant messaging apps, video chat app as well as live streaming apps come on the forefront as a solid medium to communicate with each other for personal purposes and business operations. The apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook messenger are counted as top market players and are such inspirational examples of mobile chat app development. More than 90.7% of internet users access chat apps regularly. You can leverage this trend for business by having a unique app.

As an experienced mobile chat app development company, we will assist you in launching a unified messaging app to reach your target audience. You can demand PWA, iOS or An Android app; we will develop it accordingly with the best of our skillset.

Messaging App Development: The Pivotal Features

The soul of any app is its features, and these are the main component that engages the users in a great way. So, the following sections represent the features you will get in an app via our instant messaging app development solutions. To get these features rightly accustomed one has to develop a

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User Panel

  • Signup & Login

    Via phone number and login id, it will be smooth to sign up on the app. A user can also use a social media account to register and log in to the app. It is a must have to build chat app

  • Account Verification

    While building a messenger app for the authenticity of the users, we will implement the specified algorithm that will verify the provided mobile number and e-mail id.

  • Video Calling

    With optimal internet use, users can enjoy flawless and uninterrupted video calls with rich communication experiences. A video chat app development is necessary.

  • Voice Messaging

    Users can share and send voice messages to each other. It is smooth to record the voice message as users do on apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

  • Real-time Chatting

    One of the basic and fantastic features of the instant messaging app is real-time chatting. Including text, users can share emojis, gifs, and stickers.

  • Location Sharing

    Users can share real-time locations as the app is equipped with a powerful map integration feature. This feature gives more than accurate location results.

  • Multi linguistic Support

    The users can communicate with each other in their native language. The app supports a multi-linguistic keyboard to facilitate the users in a great way.

  • Message Notification

    Whenever a user gets the message, then on the device screen, they will be notified in real-time even if their device is locked.

  • Privacy Settings

    The users can set their own privacy settings such as last seen, profile pic, about, block & unblock other users, status privacy and many more.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    The admin or app owner can monitor chat groups, user profiles, and other app tasks with a single click.

  • App Update

    The app update feature allows the admin to implement the updates on the app, including adding some new features and functionalities.

  • Message Broadcasting

    For spreading important information, the admin can broadcast a message to all users. It can be a message about s/w update, version update etc.

  • User Restriction

    Based on user activity and admin can restrict the users. The admin can observe the activities of a particular user reported by other users.

  • Admin Account Setting

    Admin can change account settings such as password, the layout of the admin account, theme and all. They can personalize it as per their need anytime.

  • Chat Group Control

    This feature facilitates the admin to put the group restriction on how many users can be added to the group, share file types, file size, etc.

  • CMS Integration

    CMS integration facilitates app owners or admin to manage the content on the app. In simpler terms, it helps manage the crucial content about the app.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    For analysis purposes or any strategy-making purpose, the admin can generate the reports containing a week, month or year.

  • User’s Account Management

    Based on the user’s activity admin can delete the account. Suppose, after a certain period, the user’s account is still idle, then it can be deleted via the admin panel within a single click.

Additional Features

  • Language Translation

    Users can translate the received messages in different languages into their mother language with ease with the help of language translation functionality.

  • Multimedia Files

    Users can share multimedia files in different formats of different sizes with ease. It includes video files, audio files, contacts, pdfs and others.

  • Security

    It does not matter that you want to go with iOS messaging app development or Android app development; the messages or video calls will be end-to-end encrypted.

  • Quick Search

    Users can filter out the specific message among several messages by putting keywords into the search box.

  • Theme Management

    The app will provide the full spectrum of themes so the users can change it accordingly and as per their choice, including customization.

  • Stories

    This function will be an app like Instagram stories function. Using it, a user can upload their memorable moment with ease and share it with friends.

  • Chat Management

    Users can delete the message for themselves or apply the function delete for everyone. They can also clear the messages of the chat group, including the deletion of files.

  • Tabbed Chat

    It can be counted as one of the most delicate features of the instant messaging app. It allows keeping track of all the chats or messages in tab form.

  • Conference Call

    In the event of calling multiple users in a single call, the conference calling feature works super fantastic. An individual can connect with multiple users.

Messaging App Development Demo

Check out the demo of the instant messaging app showcased here. It will give your insight into your text messaging app, like WhatsApp. Based on it, you can also decide about the shortlisting of features and functionalities as and when you wish to build a mobile chat app.

How Does It Works?

A better understanding of working is crucial if you want to develop an app like WhatsApp with the help of a messaging app development company or a chat app developer. It is one of the top-notch examples of instant messaging app development used and favoured by millions of worldwide users. The following represents how your app will work like apps similar to WhatsApp.

  • 1


    Here, a user needs to enter their phone number to sign and log in to the app.

  • 2

    Backup Setup

    After account verification, users need to set up the backup drive to back up the messages weekly or daily.

  • 3

    Profile Info

    As the next step, users can set up their profile, including uploading their image and creating the profile.

  • 4


    Once you have set up the app, users can chat with other users using the same app.

  • 5

    Chat Group

    By selecting unlimited users, a chat group can be created to share the messages or multimedia.

  • 6

    Accessing Via Web

    Users can also access the app via scanning the QR code on the browser. It is a similar function as we use in messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Complete Range of Instant Messaging App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

As an experienced and responsible web & mobile app development company, we assist you with the complete range of instant messaging app development solutions, including rich quality apps. We can develop a web, iOS, Android and cross-platform messaging app based on your requirements. Our experts always assure that the product we will develop must match the intentions and expectations that a client has with messaging app.

Our mobile chat app development core parts include-

App for Users

Messaging app’s user panel includes a variety of features that a user will find interesting such as signup, profile, stories uploading, multimedia sharing, video call, voice calls and others.

Admin Panel

Including a powerful dashboard, the admin panel has worthy features that help messaging app owners or administrators manage overall tasks like user management, app updates, etc.

Additional Features

Multiple additional features make our mobile chat application solutions worthy. These additional features with customization make the app unique compared to the ordinary ones.

With mentioned core components, you can find the following solutions interesting-

Dev Technosys
App Like Snapchat
Dev Technosys
App Like WeChat
Dev Technosys
App Like Viber
Dev Technosys
App Like Line
Dev Technosys
App Like Messenger
Dev Technosys
App Like Skype
Dev Technosys
App Like Snapchat
We can also customize these apps per your specific requirements, and we assure you the best experience of messaging app development.
Dev Technosys

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Mobile Chat App Develop Services

Messaging apps are trending due to their unique specialities and the need for real-time communication mediums. A stable and result-oriented messaging app can be worthy for you and your business. As an experienced Mobile Chat Application Development Company, we employ unique methods to create the best user experience via chat and messaging app development expertise. Our app development team comprises experienced professionals who have developed and delivered several messaging applications to date.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Messenger Kids

Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. ...
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Pulse SMS - Messaging App

Pulse SMS is a seriously beautiful, next-generation, private text messaging app. We care deeply about your experience with the app, and are committed to creating the best SMS texting app....
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Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

Voxer combines the best of voice, text, photo, and video with walkie talkie messaging (Push-to-talk PTT) in one free, secure messaging app. Featured by Apple in 50+ countries, loved by tens of millions of people, and now available on the Apple ...
Dev Technosys

Messaging App Development Cost Estimation

Here's a quick note on Cost to build a messaging app. Using the messaging app is quite easy, but developing it is a complex process as a thought process, efforts, and appropriate tech stack are required. Even after developing it, there is a need of testing the application by putting it under diverse test cases to find out the flaw. So, some factors affect the messaging app development cost.

Dev Technosys


The platform is one of the top factors that affect the cost of messaging apps. These apps can be developed for web, iOS and Android platforms, and an interesting factor is that their cost remains different

Dev Technosys

UI/UX Components

If UI/UX designing is attractive and offers smooth use of the app, then more user onboarding and engagement increase. Certain sets of tools are required to do it, and they influence the cost.

Dev Technosys


Features are top-notch factors that decide whether the app will be useful for the users and they will like it or not. The feature implementation always requires a cost due to the paid tools for creating the best app experiences.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

Developing a robust and scalable app tech stack is much required that combines tools for backend and frontend development of messaging apps. However, the tech stack remains costlier but assures the best results.

Dev Technosys

Third-Party APIs

If you want to include additional functionalities in your next instant messaging app, integrating third-party APIs will add worth to your application. It will make your app unique by spending some amount.

Dev Technosys

App Testing

App testing is more crucial to building fully functional and flawless mobile chat applications. Although manual testing is also required, some paid tools are also available in the market that ensures the best results.

Dev Technosys

Database Storage

Almost all internet users use messaging apps, so a fine and robust database is required to cater to their requirements and best handling of generated data. The latest trending solution is cloud database, but it also requires some cost.

Dev Technosys

Project Complexity

The cost of the app is directly proportional to the complexity of an app and influences the team size. More complexity means the involvement of more developers that raise the cost of messaging apps.

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Why Choose Us for Messaging App Development?

Dev Technosys is counted as one of the top-notch and trusted mobile and web development companies that have catered for the demand of global brands worldwide regarding their application development requirement. Following represents the reasons that you would like to work with us-


Trending Solutions

We always focus on implementing business solutions based on the latest trends and using cutting edge technology, so the businesses must find it suitable for boosting growth.


Credible Solutions

We are limited to just developing the app and delivering it to the clients. Our experts take care of the project from end-to-end by focusing on that it must fulfil the business needs.


Diversify Experience

We have catered to the app development needs of diverse industries and have solid experience. Irrespective of your business nature, we can do it for you with a fine quality application.



Availability of technical and human resources makes us distinct from other service providers. We ensure that each project gets the appropriate resources to be developed fine.


Scalable Products

Scalability is the most demanded thing for the futuristic aspect of messaging app development. We assure you that it is our prime objective to develop scalable solutions for our clients.



It is a universal truth if you need something for your business, then you have to spend the money. But we think it different that each spending by clients must be result-oriented, and we strictly follow it.

Benefits of Messaging App Development Solutions

The following represents the benefits of messaging app development solutions that you can leverage for business purposes.

  • Cutting-Edge App

    Your app will work fantastically though out the use and create the best user experience regarding flawless communication.

  • Feature Rich

    These are the features that will help you to stand your app out of the crowd of ordinary messaging apps.

  • File Sharing

    A user can share an unlimited file of different formats and sizes within a blink. For best use of the app, a fine internet is required.

  • Light Weight App

    We produce lightweight app solutions with full functionality so the users can install and use them with a nominal device.

  • Contact Syncing

    For better communication and the best chat experience, contact syncing is much required, and you will find it in a very interesting way.

  • Connectivity

    Fine connectivity leads to the fine working of the app. Our app ensures uninterrupted working even under low network connections.

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Messaging App Development Models

Dev Technosys

Professional Communication App

These apps can help you to establish a strong communication channel in-house where your workforce can easily be in contact. It refers to an app like Skype.

Dev Technosys

Freemium Model

The app like Telegram is one of the best examples of a freemium model where users can access the premium features without paying a penny.

Dev Technosys

In-App Purchases

The in-app purchase apps allow the users to shop and chat with their friends onboarded on the same platform.

Dev Technosys


These types of app allow the owners to earn from third parties for displaying their ads on the mobile chat app.

Ready-To-Go Solutions by Dev Technosys- A Leading Messaging App Development Company

  • Dev Technosys

    WhatsApp Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Telegram Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    WeChat Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Skype Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Viber Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Line Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How to develop a messaging app?

    The following are some key steps that you need to follow for messaging app development:

    • Market Research
    • A fine plan of app structure
    • Shortlisting of features, functionalities and UI/UX components
    • Hire dedicated developers
    • Kick-start the development
    • Test and launch of the app
    • App Marketing & Promotion
  • What do you mean by WhatsApp Clone?

  • How much does it cost to develop an instant messaging app like WhatsApp?

  • What kind is tech stack required for developing an instant messaging app?

  • Will I get post-development technical support for my messaging app?

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