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What if you could contribute to shaping the digital landscape? If you are thinking the same, social media app development is the best option. In the social media app development world, innovation blends with user engagement that shows how to make a platform, changing how people interact. You can hardly find anyone that is not using social media. Statista predicted that between 2024 and 2029, there will be a steady growth in the overall number of social media users in the USA, adding 22 million users (or 6.86 percent). It depicts a great business opportunity. However, the first thing that comes to an entrepreneur’s mind is “how to create a social media app and stand out in the market.

Quick Answer: Be clear about what the customer expects from your app. Learn more with this blog, as I will share detailed information about social media app development that one of our project managers has discussed with me. 

This blog will explore how a business can successfully create a social network app, meeting user-changing expectations, must-have features, and the cost involved in this.


Introduction of Social Media App

Social media applications are digital platforms that allow users to create, share, and engage with content, fostering community-building and social connections.

They provide different features, such as sharing photos and videos, sending messages, posting updates, and engaging with content through comments, likes, and shares. The apps also offer lucrative business opportunities to entrepreneurs to promote their products and reach wider audiences. 


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Hence, it demonstrates room for business growth. Businesses looking to develop a social media app to reach new heights should invest in social network app development. For this, they can get help from a mobile app development company, ensuring that all the business goals are met while increasing the user base. 


Current Market Stats On the Social Media Industry

As you are going to create a social media app, at first, you must understand the market size so that you can identify it’s success potential. Hence, for a better understanding look here:

  • The total earnings in the Social 9 market is expected to reach US$129.60 billion by 2022.
  • Total revenue is estimated to expand at a 7.30% annual rate (CAGR 2022-2027), with an anticipated market value of US$189.50 billion by 2027.
  • In-app purchase (IAP) income in social networking is expected to reach US$20.48 billion by 2022.
  • Paid app earnings in social networking are expected to reach US$0.03 billion by 2022.
  • Advertising revenue in the social networking business is expected to reach US$112.10 billion by 2024.

Number of Internet and social media users worldwide as of January 2024

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Source: Statista

As of January 2024, there were approximately 5.35 billion internet users worldwide, accounting for 66.2% of the global population. Of this total, 5.04 billion people, or 62.3 percent of the global population, used social media.  


Top 10 Social Media Platforms

Entrepreneurs who invest in messaging app development should study other competitors. It helps businesses to understand user preferences, market trends, and potential differentiation strategies. Hence, as per social media app development company, following top 10 social media apps  will help you understand what you can offer with your social media app:


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Apps Available platform  Ratings  Downloads 
Instagram Android | iOS 4.0 5B+
Snapchat  Android | iOS 4.0  100 Cr+ 
Meetup Android | iOS 4.3  10M+
We chat  Android | iOS 3.2  100M+
Telegram  Android | iOS 4.2  1B
X (Twitter) Android | iOS 3.8  1B+
Facebook  Android | iOS 3.8  500Cr+
Tiktok Android | iOS 4.2  100 Cr+
Linkedin  Android | iOS 4.1  1B+
Messenger  Android | iOS 4.1  5B+

Developing a social media app is not an easy task, but after a lot of effort, my team succeeded. During the exciting journey of building a social media app, my team has learned many things and now I am going to share one of the easiest social media app development processes. So, prepare to learn secret tips to create a social media app, attracting a wider range of users. – Mohit Narang (Project Manager)


Create A Social Media App


7 Key Steps to Create A Social Media App

Developing a social media app like Twitter might seem like a daunting task. However, it can be an exciting journey if you break it down. So, where to get started? Well, as per the social media app development services provider, to build a social media app from scratch, you can start according to the following steps:


  • Extensive Market Research 
  • Choose the Tech Stack Appropriately
  • Develop UI/UX Design
  • App Development 
  • Testing and Quality Assurance 
  • Launching and Marketing 
  • Maintenance and Updating


Create A Social Media App


1. Extensive Market Research 

Social media app development is about more than just coding and launching the application for end-users. Its success also depends on appropriate market research. If you create a social media app, examine the whole market’s effectiveness. Identify who is your actual audience and what new they want from your app.

Additionally, study how competitors are playing and learn from their strategies. The collected information will help you identify which direction you should move and how to develop a successful social media app. 


2. Choose the Tech Stack Appropriately

You can not make a social media app if you do not know or understand what technologies (programming language, database, and framework) are used in making this kind of application. The tech stack required for your app development depends on the platform (iOS and Android) you are targeting. Selection of the most accurate tech stack ensures the success of an app.

Furthermore, if you can not find what tech stack will suit your social networking app development, do not worry; just consult an entertainment app development services provider. Professionals better know what kind of tech stack your app requires.


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3. Develop UI/UX Design

When considering developing a social media application, ensure that it is easy to use and intuitive, appealing not only to you but also to the users you are catering to. Design a social media App with a prototype, visualizing the user interface. A prototype helps refine the user experience and collect feedback from potential users. 

After prototyping is complete, you should focus on crafting a visually appealing and intuitive UX/UI design. Consider ease of navigation, usability, and delightful aesthetics.  It will attract a broader range of users to your social media app.


4. App Development 

It’s the stage to create a social media app where the actual app development process starts. This process is usually divided into two phases:

Discovery Stage: Here, social media app developers explore the market opportunities and finish the stage by inserting major features that are basic requirements of an app.

Development Stage: During this phase, developers need to work on the app code. You can create a mobile app for a signal platform- Android or iOS- or you can target both platforms. 


Create A Social Media App


5. Testing and Quality Assurance  

Now that you have developed your app successfully before launching it on the market, it must undergo some testing. The primary purpose of testing is to ensure that your app is bug-free and the glitches or technical issues are resolved. For such a technical stage, you can hire a hybrid mobile app development company with good knowledge about all this.

Testing includes usability testing, scalability testing, functional testing, user acceptance testing, and many more. Hence, it helps to know whether your app is lacking in meeting user requirements and where you have to adjust some changes. 


6. Launching and Marketing 

Now, you can present your app to the market. After testing, your social media app is ready for the users. However, developing a successful one is not enough. You are responsible for crafting a launch strategy, creating a buzz with the marketing campaign, and a soft launch to receive initial user feedback. 

The app’s launch and marketing aim is to create awareness of your app among potential users. To reach a wider audience at a time, you can use social media marketing channels as they cover a range of users.


7. Maintenance and Updating 

Your app’s journey continues after its launch. After this, you must listen to potential user feedback to resolve issues in your app. You must also keep your app functional with new security patches and features. For a better outcome, you can also seek the help of a mobile app maintenance services provider.

Furthermore, ensure regular updates to keep your users engaged and ensure they can smoothly use your app without any security threats. Hence, this ongoing process ensures that your app can survive in the current competitive market. 


Essential Features of Social Media App

Just like making a dish perfect, you need perfect ingredients. In social media app development, too, you need to find the ideal balance of features. These are what make the application what it is and how it will turn out. So, look at some of must-have features to develop a successful social media app like Instagram, Twitter, or meetup:


Create A Social Media App


1. User Panel 


  • Profile Creation 

Allow users to create profiles with basic information, bios, and photos. With this feature, they can also customize and edit their profile, reflecting their personality. 


  • Social Feed and Discovery 

Create a social media app, allowing users follow their friends and see updates in a personalized feed. Ensure users can discover new content through recommendations and hashtags. 


  • Content Creation and Sharing 

It enables users to create text posts, share videos and photos, and express themselves creatively. In-app easy-to-use editing tools and filters help to enhance content.


  • Comments and Likes 

Most people on social media post for likes and comments. So, ensure your app allows them to like or comment on a post according to their feelings.


  • Notification 

Ensure with your app, users can receive alerts for mentions, likes, messages, and other relevant activities to stay engaged. 


2. Admin Panel 


  • User Management 

Develop a social media platform like Meetup that enables the admin to view user profiles, manage user accounts, and solve the user-reported issues. 


  • Performance Monitoring 

It allows the admin to track key metrics, such as content performance, user engagement, and app usage, to understand user behavior and optimize the app. 


  • Content Moderation 

Develop a social media app that allows the admin to review and remove inappropriate content. This ensures a positive and safe online environment.


  • Analysis and Reporting 

With this feature, the admin can access insights into content trends, user demographics, and app performance. It helps to make wise or informed decisions about future development.


  • Community Management 

create a social media app that enables admins to foster a healthy community by creating groups and promoting positive user interactions. 


How Much Does It Cost To Create A Social Media App?

Now that you have learned how to develop a social network app and what features make it successful, let’s move on to another significant question- the cost of developing a social media app

Many entrepreneurs or investors ask about the cost of social media app development. But the fact is that we can consider a specific amount as the social media app development cost. This is because many factors, such as the app’s features, functionalities, design, and complexity, change the cost. Still, if you are curious to know what will be the estimated cost of your social networking app development, then consider the table below:


Cost to Make a Social Media App

Social Media Platform’s Type  Estimated Cost  Time Frame 
Simple Social Media Platform Development $8000 – $15000 3 to 5 Month 
Medium Complex Social Media Platform Development $15000 – $20000 5 to 8 Month 
High Complex Social Media Platform Development $25000+ 10+ Month 


If you want to know more about messaging app development cost, take assistance from social media app development services provider. It will guide you how much it can cost to create a social media app on Android studio based on your project’s requirements.


Create A Social Media App


Know the Cost To Maintain Social Media Platform App

You must also consider the maintenance cost of developing a social media app. Once you have created and launched your app in stores, for continued success, you have to monitor its performance so that lacking areas can be improved. Cost maintenance expenses include updating trendy features, software, server hosting, and many more so users can enjoy your app without disturbance.

On average, the maintenance cost of mobile app is estimated at 15 to 20% of the overall social media app development cost. Same as app development cost, maintenance costs can also be changed based on different factors. So consider each before working on it.


Why Must an Entrepreneur Create A Social Media App?

As you can see, most businesses nowadays have started to invest in social media web app development. So, are you wondering why entrepreneurs are willing to invest in developing the best social media apps? One of the biggest reasons to build a social network app is the ability of such companies to attract the ever-changing changing crowd of young users. Apart from this, if you want to know more about this, look at the following completing reasons:

  • Competitive Edge
  • AI-powered Personalization 
  • Improve Brand Visibility 
  • Monetisation Opportunities 
  • Data Insights 


Create A Social Media App


1. Competitive Edge

In the current competitive digital landscape, businesses need to have a strong social media presence to survive in the competitive market. Hence, if businesses create a social media app, they can differentiate their brand and offer a unique value proposition to potential users.


2. AI-powered Personalization 

Within AI- powered technology into your social media app, you can improve user experience through predictive analytics and personalized recommendation. As per AI development services provider, leveraging AI algorithms, businesses can deliver tailored services and content to users that not just increase user engagement, but also increase retention rates. 


3. Improve Brand Visibility 

With social network app development, businesses can reach a global audience that allows them to connect with customers worldwide and reach a global audience. Hence, by investing in social media app development, businesses can leverage the apps to promote their products and services that increase customers engagement and brand recognition as well.


4. Monetisation Opportunities 

With social or video streaming app development, businesses cna monetise avenues, including sponsored content, advertising, partnership and premium features. If entrepreneurs create a social media app, they  can tap into different revenue streams and generate additional income for business.


Create A Social Media App


5. Data Insights 

As you know social media applications generate numerous data based on user preferences, behavior, and trends. By examining this data, businesses can get valuable insights into their targeted users. Hence as per messaging app development services provider, it enables entrepreneurs to make data -driven decisions and refine effective market strategies. 


Wrapping Up!

Considering the industry’s revenue potential and immense popularity, you might have understood that creating a social media app ios or Android  is rewarding. However, building a social media app has great responsibilities that require catering to a targeted audience. So, if you are considering creating a social media app android or iOS to extend your business, consult an app development company.

Dev Technosys is an on demand app development company, known for delivering a range of complex projects cost-effectively. With years of experience, our team helps clients grasp new business opportunities. 

So what are you waiting for? Create a social media app with us, taking your business to the next level. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q1. How Much Does It Cost to Build A Social Media App Without Code?

Your social media application development cost can range between $8000 and $25000. The final cost varies on a range of factors, including features, design, platform, and more. 


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Create A Social Media App?

It takes around 4 to 11 months to develop a social media website, depending on its complexity and project requirements.


Q3. How Can We Reduce The Cost of Social Media App Development?

Consider the following cost-reduction techniques of app development:

  • Choose the right tech stack
  • Prioritize core features
  • Adopt agile methodology
  • Test the app properly
  • Begin with the minimum viable product (MVP)


Q4. How Can Businesses Make Money With a No-code Social Networking App Development?

By adopting the following app monetization strategies, you can earn money with  no-code Social networking app development:

  • In-app purchase
  • Subscription model
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising
  • Freemium model