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For the past four months, I’ve been on a deep dive into the world of LinkedIn. It’s been an incredible journey, watching my network expand with every passing day. But there’s a common thread I’ve noticed – many people feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of creators on the platform. They wonder, “How can I possibly stand out in this crowded space?

I see you, the content creator hesitant to put yourself out there, and the job seeker feeling lost in a sea of resumes. You’re posting valuable content daily, offering fresh perspectives, and yet, the path to success seems elusive. Here’s the thing: LinkedIn is fantastic, but there are other games in town.

This is where things get exciting. Did you know there are over 25 incredible alternatives to LinkedIn waiting to be explored? These top LinkedIn alternatives offer unique opportunities to build your brand, connect with like-minded professionals, and land your dream job.

Remember Zomato? Deepinder Goyal probably never thought he’d create a service that revolutionized food delivery in 30 minutes. What if your innovative idea is the next big thing in professional networking?

This blog is your guide to breaking the mold. We’ll unveil a treasure trove of LinkedIn alternatives that will help you build a massive community and gain the attention of top companies.

So, get ready to ditch the “me-too” approach and embrace the power of being unique. With the right tools and guidance (which we’ll provide!), you, too, can achieve incredible success.

Let’s dive in and discover the hidden gems of the professional networking world!


25+ Hidden LinkedIn Alternatives (and Maybe Some Fun)

Tired of the endless scroll of perfectly curated profiles and #careergoals on LinkedIn? Feeling lost in a sea of suits? We’ve all been there. But fret no more, fellow professional adventurer! Buckle up because we’re about to embark on a thrilling expedition through 25 incredible top LinkedIn alternatives, each offering unique landscapes to explore and connections to forge.


LinkedIn Alternatives


Stop #1: Indeed


LinkedIn Alternatives


Ever dreamt of finding your dream job with just a few clicks? Indeed, launched in 2004 by Seth Farbman, is your genie in a bottle. Think of it as the Google of job boards – with a powerful search engine and a massive database. It is crucial to know that it’s the best LinkedIn alternative to use. It’ll unearth opportunities you never knew existed.


Stop #2: Glassdoor 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling in the dark about company culture? If you are finding apps like LinkedIn, Glassdoor is here. It was founded by Rusty Rueff in 2008 and is your secret weapon. These are the best LinkedIn alternatives & competitors let employees dish the dirt (anonymously, of course) on salaries, benefits, and that all-important work-life balance. Think Yelp but for your next career move.


Stop #3: Dribbble


LinkedIn Alternatives


Calling all design rockstars! Dribbble, launched in 2009 by Dan Malling and Rich Thornett, is your virtual portfolio playground. Showcase your design chops to potential employers and connect with a vibrant creative community with these top LinkedIn alternatives. It’s like having your design museum with the bonus of industry recognition.


Stop #4: Behance 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling more like a multimedia maestro? Behance is one of the top LinkedIn alternatives, established in 2005 by Marco Arment and Scott Hurff, and welcomes artists, photographers, and animators of all stripes.  It is vital to know that it’s the best professional networking site for your online gallery, buzzing with creative energy and potential clients.


Stop #5: Upwork 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Are you a freelance force to be reckoned with? Upwork is leading on-demand app development, founded in 2003 by Stephane Kasriel and Oleg Tsyplakov, and is your freelance haven. Connect with businesses seeking your specific skillset, bid on projects, and build your freelance empire. Upwork is an incredibly designed LinkedIn alternatives like your own personal talent agency, connecting you with the world.


LinkedIn Alternatives


Stop #6: Fiverr 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Need a quick design fix or a catchy jingle? Fiverr is one of the best apps like LinkedIn, launched in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger; it is your one-stop shop for micro-services. From logo creation to social media management, find freelancers for even the tiniest tasks (all for a “fiver,” of course!).


Stop #7: AngelList


LinkedIn Alternatives


Calling all startup enthusiasts! AngelList is one of the best apps, and it is similar to LinkedIn. Founded in 2010 by a dream team, including Naval Ravikant, it is your gateway to the exciting world of early-stage investing and high-growth startups.  Connect with innovative companies seeking funding, network with angel investors, and get a glimpse into the future of tech.


Stop #8: Nextdoor


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling like your professional network is missing a neighbourly touch? Nextdoor is a fantastic LinkedIn alternatives launched in 2011 by Nirav Tolia and is your hyperlocal networking haven.  Connect with professionals in your area, share local job leads, and build a support system close to home. Think of it as your virtual neighbourhood watch but for career advancement.


Stop #9: Bark 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Do you possess skills that could help local businesses? Bark is leading in the list of top LinkedIn alternatives established in 2015 by the masterminds behind WhatsApp (Brian Acton & Jan Koum), which connects professionals with businesses seeking specific services.  From dog walking app development, Bark is your chance to shine and build a loyal client base right in your community.


Stop #10: Opportunity 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling stuck and unsure of your next career move? Opportunity is leading messaging app development, launched in 2014 by Jess Podolsky with a little help from Sir Richard Branson himself. It is your personalized career matchmaking service.  Take their in-depth assessments, connect with mentors, and unlock your full potential. It’s like having your career sherpa guiding you to the summit of professional success.


Stop #11: Goodwall 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Ever dreamt of showcasing your work to a global audience? Goodwall is incredible business apps like linkedin, founded in 2014 by Jeremy Wealsh, is your international platform for sharing achievements and building a stellar online reputation.  Think of it as your digital portfolio on steroids, attracting potential employers and collaborators from all corners of the world.


Stop #12: Meetup


LinkedIn Alternatives


Craving in-person connections and shared passions? Look no further than Meetup, launched in 2002 by Scott Heiferman and Matt Meeker. Find local groups dedicated to everything from coding to candle making, network with like-minded professionals, and learn new skills in a social setting. Meetup ranks among the top LinkedIn alternatives, such as attending industry conferences without the hefty price tag.


Stop #13: GitHub 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Calling all code warriors! GitHub is one of the best apps like LinkedIn, established in 2008 by a trio of tech titans (Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett & Tom Preston-Werner). Is your developer haven?  Showcase your coding prowess, collaborate on open-source projects, and connect with potential employers actively seeking top talent.  Think of it as your online resume for the coding world, attracting opportunities based on your actual code contributions.


Stop #14: Jobcase


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling overwhelmed by generic job boards? Jobcase is growing day by day as top LinkedIn alternatives founded in 2007 by Brian D. Matthews, offers a more collaborative approach.  Engage in industry discussions, connect with mentors, and find job openings tailored to your specific skill set. It’s like having your online career fair, with the bonus of building valuable connections in the process.


LinkedIn Alternatives


Stop #15: Network After Work


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling the need to unwind and network after a long day? Network After Work (NAW) chapters, popping up in cities worldwide as top LinkedIn alternatives, offer a unique solution. These casual gatherings allow you to connect with professionals in a relaxed setting, fostering genuine connections beyond the traditional office environment. Think of it as happy hour with a purpose – building relationships while enjoying a well-deserved drink.


Stop #16: Twitter 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Don’t underestimate the power of the 280-character tweet! Twitter, founded in 2006 by a team of tech visionaries, can be a goldmine for professional networking. Follow industry leaders, participate in relevant hashtags, and share your expertise in bite-sized insights. It’s like attending a constant industry conference, with the bonus of engaging in real-time discussions.


Stop #17: Data.com 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling like your data game needs a boost? Data.com is now part of the Salesforce ecosystem, which is an incredible alternative to LinkedIn app development that offers a treasure trove of business and sales intelligence.  Connect with potential clients, research target markets, and gain a competitive edge with the help of the best apps like LinkedIn. It’s like having your business detective agency uncover valuable insights to fuel your success with a LinkedIn sales navigator alternative.


Stop #18: ZipRecruiter 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling frustrated with limited job search options? ZipRecruiter is a top LinkedIn alternative launched in 2004 by Ian Friedman, which casts a wider net.  This similar app, like LinkedIn, scours countless job boards and aggregates them in one convenient location, maximizing your chances of finding the perfect fit. It’s like having a supercharged job search engine, working tirelessly to unearth your dream opportunity.


Stop #19: Alignable 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling the need to connect with fellow business owners? Alignable, established in 2012 by Eric Cantor and Drew Hansen, is your online haven for small and medium-sized businesses.  Network with local entrepreneurs, share best practices and find valuable resources to help your business thrive. It’s like having your virtual chamber of commerce, fostering collaboration and growth within your local business community.


Stop #20: Shapr


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling the limitations of traditional networking events? Shapr is a leading business app development launched in 2014 by Guillaume Weill, which injects a touch of fun into the process.  Think Tinder for professionals – swipe right to connect with interesting profiles based on your interests and expertise. It’s a dynamic and efficient way to spark new connections and build your network on the go.


Stop #21: Discord


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling the call for a more interactive professional community? Discord is one of the best professional networking apps. It was founded in 2015 by Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy, and it offers a unique blend of chat rooms and voice communication.  Join industry-specific servers, participate in live discussions, and collaborate on projects in real time. It’s like having your virtual water cooler buzzing with passionate professionals and fostering deeper connections.


Stop #22: Stack Overflow 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling like your coding knowledge needs a polish? Stack Overflow is the leading professional networking app. It was established in 2008 by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood and is your programmer’s paradise.  Ask questions, share solutions, and learn from a vast community of developers. It’s like having your online coding encyclopedia constantly updated by the brightest minds in the field.


Stop #23: Kaggle 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling the urge to test your data science skills? Kaggle, launched in 2010 by Anthony Goldbloom and Jeremy Howard, is your data playground.  Participate in data analysis competitions, learn from experienced data scientists, and showcase your expertise to potential employers with the help of these top LinkedIn alternatives. It’s like having your own data science lab, pushing your boundaries and building a killer portfolio in the process.


Stop #24: Twitch


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling surprised to see a gaming platform on this list? Don’t underestimate the power of Twitch, founded in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear.  This live streaming similar app, like LinkedIn, is a hotbed for tech enthusiasts, gamers, and creative communities.  Connect with like-minded professionals, participate in live discussions, and build a personal brand through interactive content.


Stop #25: Facebook Groups 


LinkedIn Alternatives


Feeling like you’ve overlooked the obvious? Don’t dismiss the power of Facebook Groups, launched alongside Facebook in 1999 by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin.  Search for industry-specific groups, participate in discussions, and connect with professionals sharing your interests with the help of this best professional networking app. It’s like having a niche online conference happening every day, fostering a sense of community and offering valuable learning opportunities.


Why Must Entrepreneurs Invest In Building Apps Like LinkedIn?

In today’s hyper-connected world, professional networking is more crucial than ever. While LinkedIn dominates the space, there’s a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to carve a niche with a unique app. Here’s why investing in a top LinkedIn alternative can be a financially rewarding move:


LinkedIn Alternatives


1. Target Underserved Markets: 

Create a mobile app like LinkedIn that caters to a broad audience. Your app can focus on a specific industry, like healthcare or construction. This targeted approach attracts a concentrated user base with higher engagement and willingness to pay for premium features.

Imagine an alternative to LinkedIn connecting doctors or construction contractors – valuable connections they might not find on generic top professional networking sites.


2. Subscription Revenue: 

Offer a freemium model with basic features like profiles and connections.  Premium features like advanced search filters, job board access, or in-app events can generate recurring revenue.

You should invest in building top LinkedIn alternatives, charging companies for targeted recruitment opportunities, or offering premium career coaching within the top professional networking sites.


3. Data Monetization (Anonymously):

With user consent, gather anonymized data on hiring trends, salary benchmarks, and in-demand skills.  Sell this valuable data to businesses for market research and talent acquisition strategies.

You can offer recruiters insights on where to find the best software engineers or what skills are most valued in the marketing fiel with help of top professional networking sites.


4. In-App Advertising: 

Partner with relevant mobile app development company to build an app like LinkedIn to display targeted ads within the apps like LinkedIn.  This non-intrusive approach generates revenue while providing value to users seeking specific services or products. Imagine software companies advertising to developers or financial institutions targeting young professionals.


5. E-commerce Integration: 

Allow users to showcase and sell their services or products directly through the app. Integrate with payment gateways to create a seamless experience with apps like LinkedIn. Imagine freelance graphic designers selling their services or entrepreneurs offering online courses through apps like LinkedIn. Connect with a leading LinkedIn app development company if you’re intersed in create an app like LinkedIn.


6. Freemium for Employers: 

Offer basic job posting features for free in professional networking alternatives to LinkedIn, with premium options like talent recommendations or employer branding tools.

This attracts a wider range of companies and increases user engagement across the platform. Imagine offering small businesses a cost-effective way to recruit talent while providing larger companies with advanced features to attract top candidates. If you want to build an app like Linked In by seeing all of these incredible benefits, then connecting with a social media app development company will be a smart choice.


LinkedIn Alternatives


How Dev Technosys Can Help You Build Apps Like LinkedIn?

So, you’ve explored the exciting world beyond LinkedIn and discovered a treasure trove of the best LinkedIn alternatives. Feeling inspired to create your own game-changing professional networking app? Look no further than Dev Technosys, your one-stop shop for building the next LinkedIn killer!

Imagine a LinkedIn alternative for job seekers that seamlessly blends the strengths of the other options you encountered. Dev Technosys can make it a reality. Our dedicated developer’s and architects will translate your vision into a user-friendly, feature-rich app like LinkedIn, catering to a specific niche or offering a unique twist on professional connection.

Think of industry-specific communities with targeted job boards, gamified learning elements that boost engagement, or even live, interactive workshops hosted within apps like LinkedIn. Dev Technosys can craft the perfect blend of features to make your app the go-to destination for professionals seeking connection and growth.

Keep your dream professional apps like LinkedIn from being just a dream. Contact Dev Technosys today, and let’s turn your vision into a thriving online community!




Q1. What Are Some Of The Top 5 Professional Networking Sites?

Here is the list of top 5 professional networking sites:

  • Indeed: Job search and recruitment platform.
  • Glassdoor: Company reviews and job listings.
  • AngelList: Startup jobs and investments.
  • Meetup: Networking through events and groups.


Q2. How Can I Monetize A Linkedin Alternative?

Here is how you can monetise your professional apps like LinkedIn:

  • Subscription plans for premium features.
  • Advertisements and sponsored content.
  • Job postings and recruitment services.
  • Affiliate marketing and partnerships.


Q3. How Do I Develop An App Like Linkedin Alternative?

If you want to develop an app like LinkedIn, then you must follow these steps:

  • Research and define the target audience.
  • Create a feature list and wireframes.
  • Choose a tech stack and hire dedicated developers.
  • Develop, test, and iterate based on user feedback.


Q4. What Are The Benefits Of Building A Linkedin Alternative?

Here is the list of benefits you will get if you invest in building top LinkedIn alternatives:

  • Fulfills niche networking needs.
  • Offers customized user experiences.
  • Potential for revenue generation.
  • Enhances industry-specific connectivity and engagement.


Q5. How Can I Make Money With My Professional Network App?

Freemium models with premium features are popular. Consider in-app advertising or anonymized data sales to businesses.


Q6. Where Can I Learn More About Building Apps Like Linkedin?

Dev Technosys offers consultations and resources to help you navigate the app development process. Get in touch today!


Q7. Are There Platforms For Developers And Data Scientists?

Check out GitHub (code sharing), Stack Overflow (coding Q&A), or Kaggle (data science competitions).


Q8. Are There Networking Platforms For Creative Professionals?

Yes, Behance and Dribble are top choices for creatives. They provide portfolios, networking opportunities, job listings, and community engagement specifically tailored for designers, artists, and creative professionals.


Q9. How Does Stack Overflow Help Tech Professionals?

Stack Overflow is a community for developers to ask and answer coding questions. It also offers job listings and company information, helping tech professionals showcase their expertise and connect with potential employers.


Q10. How Does Goodwall Support Students And Young Professionals?

Goodwall focuses on students and early-career professionals, offering networking opportunities, scholarships, internships, and job listings. It helps young individuals build their careers and connect with peers and mentors.