At Dev Technosys, we adopt all the stringent measures to protect and secure your intellectual property. We graph all the terms and conditions for safeguarding the authorities and rights of the users that are attuned to their data and information. We chart all the sophisticated policies and corporate standards that deliver a complete sense of security to the user’s accounts while taking into account the physical security as well.

Data protection

We very well understand that the capital values of your software products are directly dependent on the IP address and their consecutive nature that is involved. Keeping the fact in minds, we deliver all the sophisticated and legal policies that are intended to protect all your rightful interest.

NDA signing

Needless to say, signing an NDA is something that is worthy and really important. We sign it and thus, deliver a complete commitment to protect and secure all the sensitive information that is being shared. While signing a candidature, we make sure that all employees sign it in a fair manner and must adhere to all the DevTechnosys security standards.

Dispersed ecosystem

We run applications in the distributed environment for making locating the data across multiple locations. Instead of segregating the data on the individual servers, we at DevTechnosys, make it a priority to store your data across the shared homogenous architecture that is being established at our authorized data centers.

Label relocation

We respect the expectations that are attuned to your products. Ownership is the key and to unlock it, we provide all the rights, policies and the IP addresses that your organization requires for initiating any kind of venture. As per ethics, we make sure that the employees and external parties’ signs agreement in a transparent way. Once done, DevTechnosys takes into account all the IP details as provided.

Data demolition

The moment our systems get retires, we subject all the data destruction measures. Before any such person steps out of the premised, all the disks and other devices are cleared by our security and IT engineers. We make the machine all the way new for reuse in just the right and correct way. In the case of hardware device errors, we vanish the disk and device right away.

Physical Device Security

  • Access control Cards

  • Role-based admittance

  • CCTV placements

  • Full Fire Protection

  • Alternate power and battery sources

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