With the advancement in technology, the real estate industry is currently experiencing a significant transformation. Over the past years, the US real estate market has been mostly controlled by realtors. However, with the rapid digitization, 93% of home buyers now rely on real estate business websites to seek for their dream homes.

While only 7% opt not to utilize online platforms during their house hunt. This substantial shift has prompted various individuals and businesses to consider capitalizing on the trend by creating their own real estate website.

However, one critical aspect to address when embarking on real estate website development is understanding the associated real estate website development cost involved in building a successful platform.

So, this comprehensive guide will explore how to make a real estate website and delve into the essential features that should be incorporated while also considering the real estate website development cost.

So let's begin!

What is Real Estate Website Development?

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Real estate website development refers to the process of creating and designing a website specifically for the real estate industry. It involves the creation of a digital platform that allows users to search, browse, and interact with property listings, real estate agents, and related resources.

The goal is to provide an intuitive and user-friendly online experience that helps individuals find and explore properties, ultimately facilitating the buying, selling, or renting of real estate. So if you want to build real estate websites with customized features, you should consult with a custom website development services provider. You should also ask about the real estate website development cost.

Market Stats of Real Estate Industry

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Here are the current market stats of real estate web development that shows the increasing demand and huge user base.

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  • Zillow.com had an average of 218.3 million visits per month in the twelve months ending in March 2023, making it the most popular real estate website globally.

  • Zillow got over 60 million hits each month, which was a lot more than any other website in the top ten.

  • The value of the real estate market is projected to be US$613.60 trillion in 2023.

  • The market is dominated by residential real estate, with a forecast market volume of US$498.60tn in 2023.

  • By 2028, the market volume is anticipated to reach US$729.40 trillion, with an annual growth rate of 3.52% for the value (CAGR 2023–2028).

Key Features of Real Estate Website Development

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Adding the appropriate functionality to your website is half the battle to create property websites. Also, these features will automatically affect the real estate website development cost. So, let's briefly touch on a few of the real estate website essential attributes that you should be focusing on once your site goes live.

  • Registration & Authorization

    It goes without saying that real estate websites need to include registration and authorisation functions. It must be convenient and fast for users. You must provide users with the option to register or authorize via social media or email or with their contact number.

  • Adding Property

    Property posting is the essential feature. It should be simple and hassle free for users. They must first decide if a home is available for sale or rent. Then, vendors must mark it on the map, including a price, images, and provide other details.

  • Detailed Property Listings

    When you build a website, you must integrate this very crucial feature in that as it is the must have one. Each listing should include detailed information about the property, such as its location, size, price, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, amenities, photos, and virtual tours if available.

  • Agent’s Profile

    Offer a section dedicated to real estate agents or brokers, showcasing their profiles, qualifications, experience, and contact information. This enables potential clients to discover more about the agents they might be interested in hiring.

  • Photo/Video Gallery

    Nine out of ten purchasers under the age of 55 cited property images as the most significant internet element, according to the NARs survey. To make a selection, users like to view houses and flats via images and videos so you should definitely include this feature in your website.

  • Map Integration and Geolocation

    A feature that must be included is map integration. By including geolocation, consumers may more easily discover the proper lodging and make the best decision.

  • Property Search and Filters

    Users may focus their property search on a variety of factors, such as location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, etc., thanks to a robust search and filtering engine.

  • Messaging

    Buyer and seller communications are facilitated via a live chat option. To facilitate better communication between the parties, you may incorporate a message system into your website.

Real Estate Website Development: Crucial Steps

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You must be wondering “how to build a real estate website”. Well, creating a successful real estate website requires meticulous design, implementation, and attention to detail. Consult with a real estate app development company for a real estate website development for your business. Follow these steps for creating your real estate website.

  • Define Your Goals and Target Audience

    Start by clearly defining the purpose of your real estate website, whether you want a website for a small business or large business. Then you should identify your target audience accordingly. Your website's features and design will be influenced by an in-depth understanding of your objectives and target market.

  • Plan the Website Structure

    Make a sitemap of your website's primary pages and sections. Consider including sections such as property listings, search functionality, agent profiles, blog/news, and contact information. Organize the structure in a logical and user-friendly manner.

  • Choose a Domain Name and Hosting

    Decide on a domain name that is unique and represents your business. Find a reliable web app development services provider who can provide web hosting and offers optimal server performance and security features.

  • Design the User Interface

    Craft an attractive and intuitive user interface for your real estate website. Use a simple, sleek design that draws attention to real estate listings and makes it simple to navigate. Ask the designers to build real estate website design and incorporate a consistent color scheme and typography to enhance the visual appeal and user experience.

  • Implement Property Listings

    Now develop a robust property listing system that allows agents or users to add, edit, and manage property listings. Ask the Laravel website development services provider to include essential details like property type, location, price, description, images, and contact information.They'll utilize search filters to assist consumers in limiting their searches for properties based on factors including location, price range, and property attributes.

  • Test and Optimize

    Once you implement the property listings, next you should thoroughly test your real estate website on various devices and browsers to ensure functionality and usability. Also, you must identify and fix any bugs or issues that may arise. Continuously optimize your websites for real estate's performance, loading speed, and user experience.

  • Launch and Promote Your Website

    Launch your real estate website as soon as you're satisfied with the development and testing. Create a marketing plan to increase traffic and draw customers. To advertise your website and produce leads, you may also make use of social media, email marketing, content marketing, and online advertising.

  • Monitor and Update Regularly

    Last step is to regularly monitor website analytics to gain insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and popular property searches. To keep your website relevant and up to date, it would be best to take assistance from a real estate app maintenance services provider who can update features like property listings, blog content, and site information.

List of Best Real Estate Websites in 2023

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We have compiled a list of most popular real estate websites that you should check out before consulting the professional for the real estate website development cost.

  • Zillow

    Zillow is the most popular real estate website on the internet, and they boast having the most listings too. The site can be used for all activities real estate-related – buying, selling, renting, financing, and even remodeling. So if you want to build a website like zillow for your business, then you must consult with a web development company or hire real estate web developers.

  • Realtor.com

    Realtor.com is a renowned real estate website that provides comprehensive listings, property information, and resources for homebuyers, sellers, and renters. With a user-friendly interface and extensive database, Realtor.com has become a trusted platform in the real estate industry.

  • Trulia

    In the US, Trulia is a well-known online real estate index and marketplace. It offers resources and information to anyone wishing to purchase, sell, or rent real estate. To aid customers in their real estate search, Trulia provides a wealth of tools and information.

  • Redfin

    Redfin is another popular real estate website. Similar to Trulia, Redfin offers a range of tools and features to help users buy, sell, or rent properties. It combines online real estate search with the assistance of local Redfin agents who can provide guidance throughout the buying or selling process.

  • Homes.com

    One of the best real estate websites that most people use is Homes.com. It assists customers in their nationwide searches for houses, condominiums, apartments, and other real estate.

Factors Influencing the Real Estate Website Development Cost

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Factors play a significant role in knowing the real estate website development cost. So let’s check out the crucial factors one-by-one.

  • Website Design and Development

    The level of complexity and customisation required in these areas will have an impact on the total real estatewebsite development cost. It is vital to know that the more complex the user interface, the more time it takes to create and execute it which automatically leads to increased cost. Also, the website cost can be increased with the custom design and unique layouts, as it needs more expertise and resources to build.

  • Type of Website

    One of the major factors that influence the real estate website development cost is the type of website. As you know, different website types demand different time and features. For example, a basic website costs you less than a complex and intricate one. Developing a real estate website design with greater functionality and integration would necessitate more time and resources, resulting in a higher website development cost.

  • Development Team’s Experience

    The experience of the website development company you hire may also play a major role in the real rate website development cost. For example, if you hire a senior web developer with huge experience, then it will cost you more. However, it can also guarantee a higher quality result and a better user experience.

  • Features and Functionalities

    The next factor that affects the real estate website development cost is the features and functionalities you want to integrate in your website. For instance, features like property search, virtual tours, payment gateway integration, contact forms, property listings etc will also have a huge impact on the overall cost.

  • Technology Stack

    Tech stack required to create real estate websites may also affect the real estate website development cost. Other than cost, it may also affect various other areas. It can reduce the cost and time to develop a web application for real estate. So, using technology that most developers are acquainted with can be a prudent strategy.

How Much Does Real Estate Website Development Cost?

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Building a real estate website is a daunting task. There can not be fixed real estate website development costs as it depends on a number of factors. Who will be engaged in carrying out the project will also likely have an impact on the cost.

The hourly rate changes based on the web developers and other professionals' expertise. For instance, the average cost to hire web developers is $25. Then, the entire real estate website development cost may be calculated by summing up the following elements:

Web development 250 hours $9500
UI/UX Design 150 hours $6000
Testing and Quality Assurance 120 hours $4500
Project Management(10-15% of the total budget) – $1500
Overall Cost $21,500

Note: The overall cost is not fixed, it can vary from $8000-$25000 depending on the functionality and complexity of the website.

However, you must remember that designing a real estate website has various other nuances and the overall cost has to be further specified. So, it is recommended to consult with a website development company to get an accurate cost estimation and you can also ask the cost to maintain websites.

How Dev Technosys Will Assist You In Real Estate Website Development?

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Dev Technosys, founded in 2010, is a reputable real estate software development company. We have created thousands of business websites over the last 12 years, ranging from basic real estate websites to extremely complicated and bespoke real estate website.

So, if you are seeking to build your own real estate website, look no further than Dev Technosys. Our expert development team will work with you to assist you achieve your business objectives. Still not sure why you should go with us? Consider the following critical characteristics that set our services apart.

Let our staff handle the remainder of the requirements for creating a real estate website. Contact us today!

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