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“Invest wisely in features; cost reflects quality in app development.”


Do you want to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg but are curious about its cost and features? This blog is for you to help you in need. The software industry is not only booming in a single direction; rather, it is set to cover the multi-directional industry verticals.

The health industry has also benefitted from the software development industry, and some mobile applications are thriving well. The pharmaceutical industry has stepped into mobile app technology, with medicine delivery apps becoming available online.

The concept of online retail medicine has taken the pace and has crossed $28 billion. The pharmaceutical industry does not seem to take a relaxed note and will continue to rise more in foreseen times.

Several online pharmacy product-selling apps are working online, which have significantly influenced the way the market used to run. The major names are 1 mg, Netmeds.com, etc, while many have followed the same path. If you are curious enough to dive into the market, knowing about the cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg with its features and almost everything is important.

With further ado, why not dive straight into the blog?


What is 1mG?

1mg is a leading online pharmacy and healthcare platform that gives a wide variety of clinical products and services. The medicine delivery website development permits customers to order prescription and over-the-counter drugs, visit medical doctors online, book lab exams, and get admission to fitness-related content and tools.

With its user-friendly interface and convenient delivery alternatives, the 1mg app aims to provide a seamless healthcare experience for clients throughout India.


Current Market Stats on Medicine Delivery Industry

  • The worldwide e-pharmacy app market is expected to reach a whopping USD 107.53 billion with the aid of 2025. It suggests a substantial boom potential for medication delivery offerings.
  • 1mg has mentioned a sales surge of 158% in FY20, showcasing its sturdy presence within the Indian market.
  • The Indian online pharmacy marketplace is expected to reach a value of $5.7 billion by 2027, reflecting extensive boom potential.
  • Even more spectacular, 1mg these days overtook PharmEasy in market percentage, grabbing 31% in September 2023 compared to PharmEasy’s 15%.
  • While particular person base figures aren’t without problems available for 1mg, the general Indian online pharmacy section is projected to have a consumer penetration of 21.65% in 2023, growing to 29.04% via 2027.
  • It indicates a full-size and developing person base for online remedy transport.
  • Revenue inside the Online Pharmacy section is projected to attain US$31.6 4 billion in 2023, with an anticipated growth fee of 13.40% with the aid of 2027.
  • The acute therapy phase inside online medicinal drug shipping is anticipated to see promising growth, with a marketplace share growth from 36.58% in 2020 to 46.08% in 2026. It shows an endured upward push in demand for turning in prescription medicinal drugs.

Must-Have Features of Online Medicine Delivery App

Before you learn about the steps to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg, you need to know about its features, which we have quoted below. So, if you want to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg, go through all of these features for in-depth research.


Features of Online Medicine Delivery App


  • User Registration:

This section is easy to access, and the user can log in or register with the help of social media accounts or a registered password.


  • Medicine Search:

Users can search for the medicine they want to purchase in a way that is too convenient. As he reaches the search panel, he is a few clicks away from ordering online medicine.


  • Expert Counseling:

It is a special feature available in the on-demand app development solutions that helps the user choose the right combination of medicine. The user can discuss the health problems with a doctor and get the right set of advice.


  • Trending Fitness Meals:

Nutrition is half medicine, and as you start eating the right food, medicine starts to cut off. In this section, you can view the most trending nutrition meals, which you can also order.


  • My Order Section:

In this section, you can view the status of the products that you have ordered. Here, you will find Track order, return policy, and Loyalty Points.


  • Track Order:

Once you have ordered the prescription, you can conveniently check the 1mg track order of the products. You can know from 1mg order tracking whether your product is out of delivery or still pending action.


  • Return Policy:

If the 1mg medicine delivery app product is not appropriate or low in quality, you always have the right to return the order and get your money returned within the given time.


  • Loyalty Points:

Loyalty points are also offered, where the user gets the benefits in points for using the online medicine delivery app development for a long time or referring to it. Every Android development company integrates the app with third-party tools such as debit cards or credit cards.


  • Managing Information:

This 1mg medicine app feature works towards providing users with every detail of products they are interested in or have ordered. It managed crucial and genuine information such as services, medicines, and dealers’ details, including contact details, store details, and so on.


  • Ratings And Reviews:

Customers tend to buy products after checking previous ratings and reviews. Store owners can keep an eye on the feedback provided by the customers.


  • Delivery And Shipment:

Orders can be scheduled based on inventory management, shipment, and prescription.


  • Discount Management:

Like managing prices, discounts can also be managed by providing regular offers, coupon codes, and other benefits to regular as well as new users.


  • Managing Products:

Products can be listed according to convenience and availability and can contain nutritional information, chemical composition, and more.


  • Affiliate Marketing:

Such 1mg medicine apps are also becoming a strong basis for affiliate marketing. With this feature, the user can find the nearest diagnosis labs and book an appointment for regular health checkups or other specific prescribed checkups.


  • Refined Search:

Refined search refers to the ability to search in particular categories such as cold, cough, body ache, migraine, fever, diabetes, thyroid, etc. It makes the advanced search criteria for the user.


  • Upload Prescriptions:

This is one of the major attributes of online medicine selling the doctor on demand app development. Here, the user can upload the prescription and checkup reports along with the address and contact number. The user can also have a conversation with the doctor after the appointment.


  • Associate Medical Store:

With this feature, the user can collect the medicine from a nearby medical store. This way, the vendor also gets benefits from associating their store with the online medicine mobile app.


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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Medicine Delivery App like 1mg?

The cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg is not easy to know, as it entirely depends on the client requirements and specification list, the number of development hours, and the development platform and geo-location of the pharmacy app development company.


App Category

Cost Estimation

Simple Medicine Delivery App

$8,000 to $16,000

Average Medicine Delivery App

$16,000 to $25,000

Complex Medicine Delivery App



The cost to develop a medicine delivery app like 1mg mainly varies among USA-based companies. It costs up to $15 per hour. Whereas in Europe, the cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg is a little less than in the USA, costing as low as $18 to as high as $25 per hour. South Asia offers lower rates of cost of medicine delivery apps like 1mg.

The medicine delivery app development cost for a single platform is $8000, whereas the hybrid app costs around $ 30,000, which works on both platforms.

6 Factors Affecting the Cost of Building a Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg

The cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg varies on multiple factors, which you must always keep in mind. So why not study them upfront? In this section, we have compiled a list of 6 factors of the cost to develop doctor on a demand app like Lybrate:


Affecting the Cost of Building a Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg


App Features:

It is the biggest factors that affects the cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg is features. A primary app with functions like searching for medicines, importing prescriptions, and ordering delivery may be much less luxurious than one with advanced functionalities.

Complex features like physician consultations, lab integrations, AI-powered symptom checkers, and loyalty applications will require extra development time and resources, pushing the cost to create a mobile app.



Do you want your app on iOS, Android, or each? Developing more than one system doubles the workload. It is vital to know that many people don’t focus on considering something other than their audience and their favourite devices.

A merely net-based total app may be an option, depending on your desire, which partially affects the overall budget to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg.


Design Complexity:

A smooth, intuitive consumer interface (UI) is critical for any app. However a noticeably customized UI with complex animations or 3D elements will require extra design expertise and time, impacting the cost to develop a mobile app.


Development Team Location:

The hourly fee of an Android app development company varies greatly depending on region. Teams in North America and Western Europe commonly command better fees in comparison to those in Asia or Eastern Europe. However, take into account the trade-off between requirements and cost when making your decision.


Development Approach:

There are fundamental alternatives – in-house developers or outsourcing. Building an in-house team calls for a giant advance investment in hiring and infrastructure. Outsourcing to a healthcare app development company offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness but ensures you choose a good and experienced accomplice.


Security and Compliance:

 Medicine shipping apps cope with sensitive user statistics like prescriptions and potentially fitness facts. Robust security features and adherence to statistics privacy policies like HIPAA (in the US) are essential. Implementing those adds to the development cost but is, without a doubt, necessary.

6 Ways to Reduce Cost to Build a Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg

Now that you know factors that affect the costs to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg. You need to know some incredible ways that will help you make a medicine delivery app like 1mg by reducing its development cost. So dive right into our 6 ways to reduce the cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg guide right away!


Reduce Cost to Build a Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg

1. Start with a Minimum Viable Product

(MVP) that gives middle functionalities like remedy search, ordering, and shipping. It lets you validate your concept without hefty preliminary funding. Later, superior features will be uploaded based totally on user feedback and market calls.


2. Choose Your Platform Wisely

Targeting just one platform, both Android and iOS, can lessen development cost. Analyze your target audience and their tool preferences to make the maximum strategic choice. A web-based app may even suffice if a local mobile app isn’t vital.


3. Embrace Pre-constructed Solutions:

Utilize existing APIs and libraries for functionalities like e-commerce, fee gateways, and GPS area. It saves time and cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg in comparison to building the whole thing from scratch.


4. Outsource Strategically:

Consider outsourcing development to a healthcare website development company with experience in building healthcare apps. It can offer price financial savings compared to hiring an in-house team, particularly in case you target areas with decreased developer costs. However, ensure communication and choose a reputable companion.


5. Focus on a User-Friendly UI/UX:

A smooth and intuitive design is fundamental but keep away from overly complex aesthetics. Opt for a properly prepared layout with easy and familiar factors to lessen design time and cost to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg. Remember, user experience trumps visual appearance in this situation.


6. Leverage Cloud Technology:

Cloud platforms provide scalable and price-effective answers for app website hosting and backend infrastructure. It eliminates the need for premature investment in the queue, which is mainly due to the lengthy period required to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg.

Bonus Tip:  Explore open-source tools and frameworks devoted to healthcare app development. These pre-built components can streamline the development process and similarly reduce the cost.


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How To Build A Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg?

Now that you know how to build a medicine delivery app like 1mg and its features, learning about its development process is a must. In this section, we have compiled 6 six-step guide to develop a medicine delivery app like 1mg.

Stage 1: Requirement Gathering and Analysis
Stage 2: Hiring the Right Developers
Stage 3: Architecture and Design
Stage 4: Development and Integration
Stage 5: Testing and Quality Assurance
Stage 6: Deployment and Maintenance


Build A Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg


Stage 1: Requirement Gathering and Analysis

This is the first stage to create a medicine delivery app like 1mg in, which you must begin by thoroughly knowing the necessities for your medicine delivery app.

Conduct market research, analyze competitors, and accumulate comments from potential users. Define the app’s features, functionalities, and user experience. This stage is vital for creating a complete project roadmap.


Stage 2: Hiring the Right Developers

It is the second stage to create a medicine delivery app like 1mg, in which you must assemble a healthcare app maintenance service provider with knowledge of mobile app development, backend development, and database control. Consider hiring a project supervisor to oversee the development technique. You can hire dedicated developers that focus on healthcare apps.


Stage 3: Architecture and Design

This is the third stage to make a medicine delivery app like 1mg, in which you, once the group is in place, begin with the app’s structure and design. Define the era stack, databases, and hosting platforms. Create wire frames and prototypes to visualize user satisfaction. Ensure the app’s layout is intuitive, user-friendly, and adheres to industry exceptional practices and guidelines.


Stage 4: Development and Integration

This is the fourth stage to make a medicine delivery app like 1mg, where the coding and implementation take place. Divide the challenge into modules and assign responsibilities to the medicine delivery app development company.

Establish coding conventions, version updates, and testing protocols. Integrate third-party APIs for functions like geolocation, payment gateways, and push notifications.


Stage 5: Testing and Quality Assurance

Thorough testing is vital to ensure the app’s reliability, performance, and security. Conduct unit trying out, integration checking out, and cease-to-cease testing.

Perform load and stress testing to make sure the app can deal with high site visitor volumes. Engage quality warranty mobile application development services providers to become aware of and resolve bugs and problems.


Stage 6: Deployment and Maintenance

After rigorous checking out, install the app in the respective app shops (Google Play Store and Apple App Store). Implement a sturdy deployment approach, which includes rollout plans and tracking methods. Continuously monitor the app’s performance, acquire user feedback, and enforce updates and upgrades as wanted.

How Can Dev Technosys Help You Build a Medicine Delivery App Like 1MG?

With the huge level of credibility being shared by the two whales of the industry, many companies have stepped forth to take new initiatives by hiring pharmacy mobile app development services to build incredible medicine delivery apps like 1MG.

If you are a medicine distributor, pharmacy company, or any IT startup with an interest in the health industry, you must invest in building a medicine delivery app like 1 mg. For that, you have to perform only a few steps, including connecting with the primary stage. So, what are you waiting for? Connect today!


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Much Does It Cost To Build a Medicine Delivery App like 1mg?

The cost to create a medicine delivery app like 1mgg can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000, depending on features, complexity, and development team quotes.


2. How Long Does It Take To Build a Medicine Delivery App like 1mg?

The time to make a medicine delivery app like 1mg typically takes around 4 to nine months, considering the layout, development, testing, and deployment stages.


3. What Are The Benefits To Build a Medicine Delivery App like 1mg

A medication shipping app like 1mg offers comfort, accessibility to a wide variety of medicinal drugs, customized fitness statistics, steady transactions, and doorstep transport, improving average healthcare satisfaction.


4. Why Should You Choose Us To Build a Medicine Delivery App like 1mg?

Choose us for our know-how in app development, customized solutions, seamless user experience, sturdy safety features, well-timed delivery, and ongoing assistance to ensure the success of your medicine shipping app.