On-demand Doctor Appointment App Development Solutions

There is considerable demand for new-age healthcare IT solutions that can help to meet the healthcare industry's goals worldwide. Dev Technosys offers high-grade end-to-end doctor on-demand app development solutions based on the healthcare industry parameters. As your technical partner, we are here to assist you in reaching the target audience via new- gen solutions.

Digital Prescriptions

Doctors and patients can access the digital prescriptions for availing medical along with other health-related information.

Virtual Visit

The built-in VR (Virtual Reality) Assistance allows the doctor to visit patients virtually through the in-app camera solutions.

Electronic Health Records

Patients are enabled to store all the medical records digitally, making it easy for accessing and consulting.

Convenient Booking Services

The highly innovative doctor appointment booking app allows real-time availability as well as booking of respective appointments with doctors and medical specialists.


Using the doctor appointment online app, the doctors and medical practitioners are able to provide consultancy and treatment services to the patients without any need of visiting them.

Effective Matching

By utilizing the interactive doctor on demand android app, the users (patients) can search for the doctors as per their unique health requirements. Easy matching capability of the app provides better, valuable suggestions to the patients while browsing.

How Our Doctor Appointment Mobile App Empowers the Users?

Our comprehensive range of Doctor Appointment online app is effort-saving and highly interactive to allow the patients to communicate with doctors and medical specialists as per their unique medical needs.You can avail our professional range of doctor on-demand app development solutions that are tailor-made towards transforming your ideas proactively to take your business to the next level.

  • Social Integration

    Patients can register or login themselves through the social media channels for the overall ease of use and registration.

  • Email and SMS Integration

    The users can receive important notifications through SMS or emails about the latest deals, products, or offerings.

  • Promos & Referrals

    Online doctor app ensures loyalty by extending promotions and referrals to the users.

How it Works?

The users can enhance the overall experience of gaining access to the interactive doctor appointment app by understanding how it works.

  • 1

    Register and Make Profiles

    The users can register themselves on the app through email or social media integration. Moreover, they can also create personal profiles for a personalized app experience.

  • 2

    Search for Doctors Online

    When looking for reliable solutions to some ailment or health problem, the users can search for the professional medical practitioners and doctors online through the doctor appointment booking app.

  • 3

    Book an Appointment

    Once the users have come across the doctor of their choice and preference, they can move ahead with booking an appointment with him or her.

  • 4

    Get Reliable Services

    Once the appointment is fixed, the patients can receive the desired medical services virtually.

  • 5

    Make Payments

    After the completion of the medical services, the patients can make the desired payments through the secure payment gateway of the app.


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Revolutionary Doctor On Demand App with high-end Features

Our interactive doctor appointment mobile app offers great ease of navigation to the end users (the patients) through the dedicated user app panel with advanced features.

  • Dynamic Search Radius

    allowing the users to search for the desired results and doctors dynamically.

  • Doctor identification

    the users can search and identify the doctors in the given field of specialization.

  • Advanced Search Filters

    offering the ease of use to the patients to search the doctors based on the type of disease, symptoms, and so more.

  • Setup Profile

    the users can create their profiles for registering themselves on the app.

  • Accept or Reject Appointment Requests

    the users can accept or reject the appointment requests from medical centers.

  • Loyalty Programs

    allowing the users to make use of special loyalty programs and rewards.

  • Social Sign Up

    the users can sign up and login to the app through social media platforms.

  • Email Alerts

    the users can receive important notifications and alerts with the help of emails or SMS.

Simplifying For Doctors To Handle Patient

The doctor panel of the doctor on demand mobile app allows the doctors and medical practitioners to handle patient appointments easily with high-end features and interactive dashboard of the app.

  • Hassle-free Handling of Appointments

    The doctors and medical practitioners using the on demand doctor appointment app can handle all patient appointments easily through hassle-free handling offered by the app.

  • Accepting or Declining Appointments

    The doctors are given the leverage to accept or decline appointments of the patients as per their schedules.

  • Viewing User Details

    The doctors get to view the patient details.

  • Managing appointments

    allowing the doctors to manage the appointments with patients.

  • Managing Customers

    View all the list of the customers along with respective transactions.

  • Editing booking time

    for ensuring the ease of delivering medical services.

  • Live video calls

    allowing the doctors to offer virtual consultancy and medical services through a video call.

Revolutionary Doctor on Demand App

The admin panel of the doctor appointment app allows the admin of the app to manage the individual profiles of the users and doctors easily with the help of the dynamic app features and multi-faceted dashboard.

  • Dashboard Management

    allowing the admin to manage the interactive dashboard of the doctor appointment online app.

  • Patient management

    the admin can manage the individual profiles of the patients for an enhanced experience.

  • Doctor management

    the admin can manage the individual profiles of the doctors and medical practitioners on the app.

  • Service Module

    checking and updating the service module of the doctor appointment mobile app.

  • Notification Module

    updating the way notifications and alerts are sent to the users of the app

  • Report Generation

    the admin can check into weekly reports –both at the end of the users and the doctors.

Are you in search for a dynamic doctor on demand app solution?

At Dev Technosys, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced app developers delivering highly dynamic online doctor appointment app solutions.

Doctor Appointment Mobile App Features

At Dev Technosys, we help in the creation of highly interactive and user-friendly doctor appointment booking app solutions bringing revenues to your business –in the right manner.

Swift Notifications and Alerts

The users can send real-time alerts and notifications to each other about promotional offers, appointments, and cancelations.

Information Caching

The doctor appointment app allows storing large volumes of information with respect to the patients and doctors.

Ratings and Reviews

The patients can easily rate and review the doctors upon receiving services.

Ease of Scheduling

The patients are offered the ease of booking an appointment with the doctors of their choice with the help of the doctor on-demand mobile app.

Ease of Online Payment

By making use of the secure payment gateway, the users can be assured of the overall ease of online payments with the interactive app.


The users can get in-depth analytics and reports including patient records, appointments, earnings, and much more.

Benefits of Using Our Doctor On-demand App Development Solutions

On-demand doctor apps serve useful for both the patients and the doctors to interact with each other in a hassle-free manner.

Ease of Use

The dynamic app comes with interactive features offering the overall ease of use to both the patients and the doctors.

Secure Payments

The patients can be assured of making payments through the secure payment gateway of the app.

Live Video Feature

The interactive live video feature of the doctor appointment app Android enhances the overall experience of the users.

Personalized Healthcare

The patients can be assured of receiving personalized healthcare with the doctor on-demand service app.

Instant Service and Scheduling

The users can receive instant services and ease of scheduling the desired appointments with the doctors of their choice.

Custom Doctor On-demand Mobile App for Multiple Industries

Backed by in-depth industry knowledge and several years of professional development expertise, we, at Dev Technosys, bring our comprehensive set of on-demand doctor mobile app solutions –tailored as per the specific requirements of our clients.


The data with respect to different patients by the hospitals can be easily accessed through our innovative doctor appointment app solutions.


We help business and individuals in the integration of electronic health data and records in the respective on-demand doctor app assisting in the accessing of patient information seamlessly.

Medical Labs and Pharmacy

With the help of the quick, innovative messaging solutions, the doctors and patients are able to exchange vital patient-doctor medical records and reports.

Frequently asked question

What is the doctor app?

The doctor app helps in avoiding all the hassles of waiting for the doctor. Not even that it even helps in saving the walk-in clinic cost and you can contact the doctor in urgent times too. you can even talk to the doctor with the help of video calls 365 days in a year that even includes the weekends and holidays too. Doctor Appointment App helps in avoiding the traditional way of meeting a doctor and sharing your problem.

How to build a doctor appointment app?

If you want to Doctor On Demand App Development then you need to follow some of the below points:

  • First of all, you need to create your doctor database properly.
  • Then you have to verify the prototype.
  • After that, you need to review off-the-shelf tools of seducing.
  • Then coding one of the essential parts of the entire app.
  • The factors in the HIPAA compliance
  • Then test the app before launching and market properly
  • Now you can release and upgrade the app when needed.

How to create doctor appointment app?

  • Find an attractive name for your application and the select a unique layout. After that edit it to make it look more engaging and interactive.
  • Add all the necessary features that are required in the doctor demand android app. Like payment, appointment, and then create a doctor appointment app without any hassle.
  • After that, you can publish the app in the play store or app store.

How much does the Doctor on Demand application cost?

There are various factors that may affect the cost of Doctor on Demand application development. These factors are the geographical location of app development, number of features and availability of application on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Wearables.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Doctor Appointment App?

There is the various reason that is involved in creating this type of book appointment doctor app. This not only helps the patients to stay at home get themselves treated but even helps doctors too. Various factors can increase the cost of a doctor appointment app. But the estimation of this app development can be $20000 to $30000 for a single platform. Depending on the ideology and features of the app the cost and even differ.

Do you have experience in on-demand doctor app development?

Yes, we do have prior experience in developing On Demand App. You can check the portfolio section as well of the apps that we have made.

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