Doctor on Demand (Dr+)

Best On-demand Healthcare Services in The Reach of Your Hand

The on-demand doctor app allows users to receive various health covering both mental and physical aspects. This includes consulting different medical specialists, getting medication, mental health, preventative, primary, chronic care, and emergency services, among others.

All of these services are offered by licensed doctors, physicians, licensed psychologists. And you can access these through the web, tablet, mobile, and other devices.

Doctor On Demand, also known as Dr+, provides virtual healthcare services that can be availed around the clock. This doctor on-demand app was first introduced to the public almost a decade ago in 2013. It was established with a mission to improve the world’s health through right and innovative healthcare.

As of today, Dr + offers treatment for a number of diseases, including (but not limited to): Allergies, Anxiety, Acne, Urinary tract infection, Cold & flu, Depression, Prescription refill, Rash, Stress, Postpartum, Grief & Loss, PTSD, Yeast infection, Covid-19 concerns, Sinus infections, Hypertension, and IBS.

While Uber for X trend was still quite popular before covid, it wasn’t until after Corona induced lockdown that telemedicine really boomed. This application can be a blessing for you if you can’t travel to the doctor or just don’t want to. Not only this, but it also allows you to receive special care right where you need it. An app like Doctor On Demand is quite beneficial for the needy.

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Doctor on Demand – at a Glance

From the time when Doctor On Demand was launched back in 2013, till now, this telemedicine application has come a long way. While there are a lot of Uber for doctor solutions available in the market, this one stands above the rest. This platform offers quite its services across 50 states of the USA including the District of Columbia. As such, it has millions of downloads on both the iOS app store and Google’s Play store. In addition, it is also available to access through the web.

As of today, Dr + platform cover more than 98 million lives. To date, this company raised as much as $236 million, while Grand Rounds (a part of Dr +) raised $270 million. Speaking of valuation, grand rounds are valued at more than 1.5 billion, while parent company Doctor On Demand is just under the 1 billion mark.

Like you say, people can use this platform to get help with a number of amazing services. Here, 60% of total users use the platform for chronic care. While 15% to 60% of people also use the app to consult physicians and get diagnoses.

All in all, Doctor On Demand is the best example of doctor on-demand app development. And needless to say, the on-demand telemedicine market is growing ever stronger not just in the United States of America, but the entire world.

Screenshots of Doctor on Demand – Best Place to Get The Right On-demand Healthcare Services

Here, you can see some screenshots of the Doctor On Demand application. Dr + has a fluid yet simple UI/UX that allows needy people to get the services they need easily. This application is a perfect example of Doctor app development done right. Thus, there are several features in this app that you will find on this application. In general, this platform is designed around the patients’ needs.

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Key Features of Doctor On Demand App

Features are one of the most important parts of any application. And it goes without saying that Doctor On Demand has some of the best features across on-demand solutions. It is through these features that users can avail the world-class healthcare facilities. With this being said, some of the best features of the Doctor On Demand app are, as mentioned below:

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User Sign In

User Sign in feature is a core part of on-demand doctor app development solutions. This enables people to register and log in to the app through various mediums. This includes their e-mail ID, Phone Number, and social media like Facebook, Insta, etc.

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In-app Chat and Video Appointments

Users can connect to doctors and attend an appointment through this on-demand doctor app. This is done quite easily through video consulting features which are quite convenient for both doctor and the patient.

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Multiple Payment Gateways

Covid has reduced the use of physical currency considerably. Instead, people use their mobile phones to make payments. This is the reason why an in-app payment gateway is an essential feature of Doctor On Demand. Users get multiple methods to pay with excellent payment gateway integration. While there are a lot of e-wallet apps and solutions in the market, this is something that is quite useful.

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Doctor Review

After the users have received services, they can leave their remarks through the review system of the Dr+ App. Here, users can rate the services provided by the doctors, in addition to their, behavior, friendliness, and other things. Reviews can be used by other users as a guideline.

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Online Prescription

If a user can’t or don’t want to visit a doctor’s clinic, they can get a prescription through their on-demand doctor application. This is something that is a must in the doctor appointment mobile app development process. As it adds to the convenience and facilities.

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Document Management

It goes without saying that the medical industry involves a lot of documentation work. This is true for both doctor and patient sides. This is why the Document management feature allows users to scan important documents and store them in their Doctor On Demand app.

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On-demand Medicine Delivery

Online Pharmacy App Development Solutions has been quite popular lately. But much to our surprise, this is something that is already a feature in the Doctor On-demand application. Moving on, it allows users to order medicine through the app and get them delivered right to their doorstep.

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Appointment Scheduling

It happens more often than not that people visit the doctor, but the queue is too long. However, this problem can easily be solved with the appointment scheduling feature. This allows the users to navigate different doctors and check their availability. If they are not available in real-time, the user can schedule an appointment for later.

How Does Doctor On Demand work?

Apps like Doctor On Demand are a result of high-level doctor on demand mobile app development solutions. As such, it offers a number of different services. These are namely: Mental health, Urgent Care, Preventive Health, and Chronic Care.

In general, it is designed to treat physical as well as mental health patients. All of these services can be accessed through the mobile application while is available on the App Store, Play Store, as well as the web. After downloading the application, you can navigate through a number of services available on the app.

It allows you to consult doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists, for problems ranging from asthma, depression, to allergies, and diabetes. The cost of consulting these medical professionals starts from $75 per visit. After the online appointment or consulting through video call, you get a prescription medication or the right treatment for your condition.

After getting the required services, the user gets an option to leave a review of the service. Here, they can talk about their experience, the doctor’s behavior, if their problems are solved or not, among other things.

Apart from this, if the treatment you are receiving is advanced or the medical professional is a specialist, the cost of the service can go even higher. Moreover, these services are available through the United States of America, covering the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Being one of the top Medical App built of the Uber for X model, Doctor On Demand is the pinnacle of telemedicine app with Included Health being its highlighting feature.

Cost to Develop An App Like Doctor On Demand?

Doctor On Demand servers as a good enough example, for businesses and start-ups, if they are looking to get into the on-demand healthcare industry. With this, you can build an app that not only meets all of your business needs but also fulfills the market and user demands. This is the perfect formula for creating a market-leading on-demand doctor app.

But a question that remains is “what will a doctor appointment app development company charge you for this service?” Well, developing an app like Doctor On Demand will certainly incur a cost. But there are some of the factors which can affect the development cost of telehealth apps. These are, as mentioned below:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Location
  • Size of the app
  • Complexity
  • Features
  • Testing Process
  • Technical Stack
  • App deployment

The average cost of Online Demand Doctor App Development is anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000.

How To Develop an App Like Doctor On Demand?

While an app like Doctor On-demand is quite easy to use, it is not all that easy to develop. The reason is that there is a lot that goes behind creating an on-demand doctor app. In this section, let's see how to develop an app like Doctor on Demand. Mentioned below are the important steps of developing an app like Doctor On Demand:

Market Audit

The first step of on-demand app development is conducting a market audit. This helps recognize and exploit market opportunities, and also the potential target audience base.

Finalize Idea

With help of information for market research, you can cross-check your idea. You need to make sure the idea is fail-proof and can be monetized. Otherwise, there is no point in developing an app.

Features List

Features are the backbone of an On-demand Appointment App. That is why you need to make sure, the app has plenty of good features for both the users and the doctors.

UI/UX design

UI/UX stands in the center of On-demand Front end development. With a good User interface, you can engage the customer for a longer time, improving the all-around user experience.

App Platform

You have to choose whether you hire iPhone app developers or an android one. Apart from this, there is also an option for cross-platform mobile app development and web application development.

Technical Stack

Technical stack is another quite an important step of Doctor On Demand development. You want to use the latest one, as it gives you the most modern and future-proof application.

Hire Doctor Appointment app Development Company

After you have selected all the look, feel, and features of the app, it’s time to hire on-demand app developers. Keep your eyes when looking for these, as it is easy to fall for false promises.

Development Process

During the development process, all the heavy lifting is done. It is here that developers combine everything together to give you the App like Doctor On Demand.

Testing and Deployment

Once the on-demand doctor app development process is done, it's time to test the app for errors. When everything is good to go, the application is deployed into the market.

What Are The Best Doctor On Demand Alternatives?

Like we said before, there are many On-demand healthcare app like Uber. While Doctor On Demand with its almost a billion-dollar valuation and +95 million user base, is a considerably large platform, there are many others like it. Some of the best Doctor On Demand Alternatives and other On-Demand Doctor/Nurses Appointment Booking Software are, as mentioned below:

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App’s Available On

Doctor On Demand is one of the top on-demand doctor apps in the United States of America, that offers a large number of services. This app is available for download on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, as well as on the web.
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It’s been quite some time since covid knocked on our doors. Among many other things, it showed us that things can go really bad really quickly. However, thanks to the technology we had with us, we were able to create some sort of relief. Since this virus was contagious, it was a dilemma for doctors and patients alike. This is where on-demand doctor app development solutions came in. An app like Doctor On Demand helped many users receive top-class healthcare through their mobile phones and other devices. So, if you want to create hire on-demand app developers to create such an app, Dev Technosys is the right fit for you. Our developers are experienced and use all the latest technology needed to deliver the best possible on-demand solutions.

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