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The outbreak of coronavirus in 2020 cause fatal damage to all the healthcare sectors of the world. The citizens of every country were instructed to stay in their respective homes to stop the spread of the virus. This situation triggers the rise of on-demand doctor mobile apps. In this blog we will discuss Doctor On Demand App Development Cost & key features.

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone, and with these applications, you can request medical help immediately while staying at your home. These applications provide users with doctor consultancy, test bookings, appointment booking, medicine delivery, and much more. Due to the rising demand for online medical assistance, doctor apps cater to a large percentage of the population, and advancement in these apps is the medical industry’s future.  

To know something interesting about doctor on-demand applications, the below segments of this blog will help you a lot.

What Are Doctor On-demand Mobile Apps?

These are the medical support application which helps the users to consult a doctor without stepping out of their houses. The consultation is usually done through in-app messaging and video calling facilities. The best thing about these apps is that medical care is available anytime and anywhere.

To have a virtual consultation, the users need to log into the app and address the issues. Then they immediately get connected with the doctor. A user can choose the desired time slot. Using the on-demand doctor app, the user can get 24/7 consultations from physicians, therapists, specialists, psychiatrists, and other medical practitioners.


Doctor On-demand Mobile App


These on-demand apps are the best examples of how the medical sector is leveraging the technology to offer their help to the patients at their doorstep. Suppose you are a medical practitioner and want to offer your services online, then having doctor on-demand solutions is such a smart idea.

These apps can be of two types’ mobile apps and web apps. However, the mobile app works great because they are easy to use. Over 61% of people around the world are using the mHealth Platform.

After the Corona Virus outbreak, more than 90% of doctors provide their services via doctor applications, which are surprisingly raised as a potential clinical tool. The patients and doctors both are finding it interesting to use it.


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What Are The Key Features of Doctor On-demand App Development ?

Like a mobile application exist in the market, these doctors on-demand app contains the features not only for patient & doctor also for the app admin. Here are some of the key features that you should consider while developing the doctor app.

1. Features For Patients

  • Login/ Sign up

The doctor app user can be a student, a farmer, or a storekeeper, so it is required to make it simple to log in to the app. Commonly, e-mail id and phone can be used for login/signup, but you can implement the social media login feature into the app to simplify it. So, the users would be able to onboard the app with their social login.

The reason is now almost everyone has their account on various social media platforms. Instead of creating a new username and password, they will find it smooth to use their social ids for signing in or sign-up.


  • Doctor Search

An enhanced doctor search feature helps the patients to find specialty doctors near their location. These doctors on-demand app will show you the results of the available doctors according to their rating. Including multiple features for searching will increase the applicability of the app. It is the same applied to mobile and web apps.




  • User Profile

As a user, you can edit your patient information, like age, health problems, name, any ongoing medical condition, and location.


  • Doctor Profile

The users can view the doctor’s profile by clicking on the info option. When users choose the doctor after searching, following by entering the issue, then a list appears in front of them. Then they have to click on the particular doctor’s name. After it includes the image, clinic, or hospital’s address, they can read the details about the doctor, such as their experience, how many patients they have treated, and success rate.     


  • Appointment Booking

This feature can book physical appointments with the nearest available doctors. It is very helping especially in this pandemic situation. You have to access the application to confirm the time and date of the appointment. If you want to take virtual consultation, then you can also opt for it. The doctor will be available at the scheduled time via video call.


  • Review and Rating

This is also a handy full feature, especially for those patients who are consulting a new doctor for their medical condition. Before consulting the doctor, you can go through the users’ experiences mention there. It helps the user to choose the correct doctors about their medical condition.


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  • Electronic Medical Records

These book appointment doctor apps are created so that the patient can upload the softcopy of the reports of their medical history. Plus, the prescription will be provided by the doctors will be stored in the medical records feature only.


  • In-app message and Video Call Facility

Is the most important feature of the application, which enables the patients to consult the doctors through in-app messages features. If it is not enough, you can also use the in-app video calling services for better understanding. 


  • Push Notifications

This feature helps the users to stay updated. The users will get real-time updates. Suppose a user scheduled the appointment, but due to some reason doctor will be able to handle the call on the same day after 2 hours, then users will get the update via a push notification.  

2. Features For Doctors


  • Doctor Profile

The doctors can upload their qualifications, work experience, and other information on their profile. They are also allowed to edit that information if required.


  • Live Video Calls 

Most of the time, the in-app message or chat facility is not enough for a doctor to understand the patient’s actual problem. That is why these live video call features in the doctor’s mobile application help them understand the patients’ medical issues more specifically to provide them with the proper medication, test, and treatment to recover quickly.




  • ERM Integration

This feature helps the on-call doctors to access all records of the patient medical history so that they can decide which medication will be good for the current medical issue of the patient.


  • E-prescriptions

Like the traditional methods, doctors don’t have to write a physical prescription and then make it a soft copy. They can create their prescription on the phone and provide it to the patient. This increases the efficiency of the consulting process and helps the doctors to consult patients even during traveling.




  • Setting Availability

If the doctors have time to consult more patients, they can increase availability with this feature. In that scenario, the application created by mobile app developers for hire will notify the patients who are willing to consult on the same day.


  • Accept and Reject Appointments

The doctors usually do not work in only one organization all time. Especially in this difficult time, the doctors are providing their services more than 18 hours a day. So, this feature helps the doctors to accept or reject the consult request of the patient depending on the emergency calls from any other patients with a more serious medical condition.

For implementing the features, the best idea is to hire dedicated developersso they will implement these features so that the app will provide informative notifications to the patients. Plus, it can also remind the patients of, time to take their medicine. In addition, doctors will also stay in the loop.

3. Admin Panel Features

The admin panel features are equally important for the on-demand doctors’ app that empowers the admin to handle their work.




  • Database

It facilitates the admin to handle the database related to the patients, including patient’s record, patient’s history, transaction, doctor’s note, and all the information generated via conversation of doctor and patient.


  • Manage Doctor

The admin can remove or add the doctor as per requirement. Suppose if there is a need to add some information, the admins can easily do that.


  • Check Availability

This feature helps the admin check the availability of doctors to schedule the appointment from their side for the patient. It also helps in appointment cancellation and rescheduling.


  • Analytics

It helps the admin to look over the marketing as well as operational activities. You can see all the status related to the app, such as how many patients have been downloaded the app, status of revenue generation, and other information.


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  • Push Notification Management

The modern age apps are equipped with push notification features so. The admins will have full control over messaging functionality. They can send messages to the patients or doctors, or both. The messages can also be automated and send at the scheduled time.

These are some of the features that a doctor’s on-demand application should consist of. You can implement all these features and create a feature-packed medical application by hiring the best mobile app development company available in the market.


How To Develop Doctor On-Demand Mobile App?

In order to create a dynamic and robust android app for doctor appointments, you need to follow certain steps. Here are those 6 steps with which you can create an application to ensure your business success,


Develop Doctor On-Demand Mobile App

#1. Strategy 

A unique idea to create a doctor on-demand business is not enough to succeed in this competitive market. You should have a proper strategy, a business model, and an application that can execute your idea efficiently.


#2. Analysis and Research

Rushing into various crucial decisions can because downfall. You should be patient and run a thorough research on the present needs of the users and the ongoing trends in the market.


#3. Design

Adding too many functionalities can slow down the app processing speed as well as increase the development cost. Providing an app with basic features without compromising performance is more profitable.


#4. Development Process

Try to choose the correct development procedure and tools to develop your application as suggested by the hired experienced developers.


#5. Quality Assurance and Testing 

If your application contains lags and glitches after launch, it may affect the reputation of the brand. So it is better to implement all kinds of quality assurance techniques and test to ensure the smooth performance of the application for the users.


#6. Launch 

You can launch your application in both the android and iOS app markets. For that, you have to hire iOS developers along with Android developers. That is not all. Be sure you note the reviews and comments of the users. And use them to make a better version of your app.


Doctor On Demand App Development Cost

Doctor On Demand App Development Cost depends on its features and functionalities. Also, it depends on the type of development services you are hiring for the development procedure.




Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of developing doctor on-demand applications,

  • User interface or UX design gives a better user experience to the users.
  • Web development tools are used to develop the software. Usually, a reliable framework is the best decision to develop any application.
  • Launch platforms where you will launch the application, i.e., iOS or Android.
  • Development procedures were implemented to develop the application. The full-stack development company you have hired will figure the best way to develop your software according to your business requirements.
  • Functionality and features implemented in the software. High-end functionality will be the doctor mobile app development cost higher.

Usually, the developers will charge you on an hourly basis, and the rates can go from $15 to $200 depending on the location and brand value of the company. So, the development cost in countries like the USA or the UK can go from 40,000 US dollars to 70,000 US dollars.

But if your basic requirements of doctor appointment mobile app development are fixed. You outsource your development process to countries like India, which creates an MVP product in 25,000 US dollars to 40,000 US dollars.




Doctor on-demand is one of the best life-saving options for the people in this pandemic situation. Without rushing into any decision, you can gain knowledge of the various market scenarios and values, and this will help you to create a better application.