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The development of real estate apps is on the rise. Why? The modern person is more mobile than before. This means you won’t be shocked if someone you know moves to a different city or even a country. This is not just about moving into another apartment. It happens to everyone.

This lifestyle change is also reflected in mobile technology. A real estate app like Rightmove made it easier to rent or buy a home. What’s special about these apps – and what are the requirements to create a similar app business? What features are required for this app?

Find out together!

What is the Rightmove App?

Rightmove, a UK-based real estate portal, allows users to search for properties for sale or rent. Rightmove is a mobile app that offers the same features as the website in an easy-to-use format. 

The Rightmove mobile app allows users to search for properties using different filters such as location, price, type of property, etc. Users can also save their favorite properties and set up property alerts. They can even contact estate agents directly. 

The app also offers virtual property tours and mortgage estimators to assist users with their property search. The Rightmove app provides a great tool for renting or buying a home in the UK. It allows easy access to many properties and features.

How Does the Rightmove App Work?

Rightmove is a platform for property searches that allows users in the United Kingdom to search for houses and apartments for rent or sale. The app connects users with a listings database from estate agents and sellers in the UK.

The app’s sophisticated algorithm allows users to filter search results according to their preferences. These include location, price range, type of property, and the number of bedrooms. Users can save their search criteria and receive alerts whenever new properties matching their preferences are added.

The Rightmove app provides detailed information on the properties that users are interested in. This includes photos, floorplans, and descriptions of the property. The app allows users to contact estate agents directly in order to request viewings or more information on a property.

Features of An App like Rightmove

Now that you know the working of an app like Rightmove, let’s now check out the features of a real estate app. So let’s begin. 

  • Simple User Onboarding

This is one of a mobile app’s most important and basic features. You can help customers log in through three different methods: social media, email, and phone numbers. You can choose any of the three options, but combining them all is best. It is important to cater to all tastes in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

  • Separate User Profiles

People can create profiles according to their own intentions. There would be two distinct types of profiles: buyers and sellers. Both types of users would have completely different app interfaces and functionality. A buyer, for example, will be able to access home listings, create a shortlist, send inquiries, etc. On the other hand, sellers would be able to see their own listings, and statistics like clicks, views, and responses from buyers.

  • Listings & Directory

List properties using the directory. You can add categories according to the type of property, location, amenities, etc. Signing in and listing properties is easy for users wanting to rent or sell their property. Be sure your database can be scaled to accommodate the increase in users and listings. Additionally, if you want to integrate this feature into your app, then you must hire mobile app developers

  • Detailed Property Listings

The listing should be as detailed as possible. The description of the property and its location are essential details. Also, include photos, videos, USPs (unique selling points), the price, owner/seller details, etc. The photos or videos you take of your property may make a buyer decide to buy it. Include a contact method for buyers who are interested in reaching out to the owner.

  • Shortlisting

It takes time to decide as big as buying a home or other property. Users can add properties to their favorites or shortlist them so they can return to the list. This feature simplifies the decision-making process. Comparing is also made much easier.

  • Navigation and Map View

The maps feature and step-by-step directions will help your customers locate their desired property. The map feature gives directions, data, and statistics about the property. For example, you can find out the crime rate, natural disaster risk, schools and hospitals nearby, etc., by searching the coordinates of the property on a government site.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are among the best ways to communicate with your app users. You can notify all app users with a single button about a newly listed property in an area they are interested in. Or, you could inform them of a price reduction or the deadline for making an offer.

  • Property Cost & Mortgage Calculators

When making this important purchase, numbers are the most important. It is, therefore, important to add useful features or tools like the mortgage calculator and property cost calculator. The property cost calculator considers multiple factors, including initial payment ranges, different taxes, loan interests, and repayment schedules. The total cost could be different from the price listed. The buyer should have an idea of the overall cost of the property.

  • Calendar

The calendar is another must-have feature in your real estate app. It allows buyers and sellers to see their appointments clearly. This feature allows for easy scheduling of viewings and also allows sellers to send mass invitations to open houses.

  • One-Touch Call

With one-touch dialing, prospects can contact agents or sellers directly without gathering any information. This feature boosts the user’s confidence in both the app and the seller. It also helps sellers to get inbound leads without having to spend hundreds of dollars on campaigns.

  • Direct Messaging

Direct messaging, or chat, is another effective channel of communication used by real estate apps. Users can send you their questions without needing to call. Chatting is more popular with millennials than calling. Your target market is the millennials.

  • Analytics

App analytics in your real estate app allows you to make the necessary improvements. App analytics will tell you which areas are working well and which ones need attention.

  • Search and Filter

Listing hundreds of thousands of properties in your real estate app will only cause chaos. App users won’t scroll endlessly to find the perfect property. You can add filters to the search function so that users can search for properties within the app. However, you should hire iPhone app developers to add this feature to your iOS device

  • Social Media Integration

By integrating social media features into your app, your users can share content and property listings from your app through their favorite social media channels. This can be a cheap and alternative marketing channel for your company.

Rightmove App Monetization Models

Your app must be profitable at the end of it all. You won’t find investors who will support your project and help you develop it further if you don’t.

It is a challenge to choose a model of monetization. You should be able to make enough money while still being acceptable to the users. Here are some ideas you may find useful!

# 1: Professional Advertisement

Rightmove uses this monetization model. This system lets brokers and estate agents market their services directly to renters who are qualified for a fee.

Thus, everyone’s happy. The agents are promoted to transaction-ready clients while the users do not see any annoying random ads – only profiles of specialists who can help them rent or purchase the house they choose.

# 2: Simple Advertising

You can also integrate the well-known and common ads, which are now found in almost every app. You will be paid either by the number of taps or views.

With this model, you can keep your app for free but still earn a decent income. The bigger your audience, the more income you will earn. This model has a negative effect on UX.

Ensure your app doesn’t look cheap or unprofessional if it is flooded with advertisements.

# 3: Freemium Model

You can also choose the freemium option. It’s a simple concept: users can use your app for free, but they have to pay a premium to access some features and services.

The premium account can include, for example:

  • No Ads
  • Information about the neighborhood is available.
  • Mortgage Calculator – Access it now!
  • You can also request any other service or feature that you deem reasonable.

Don’t restrict the free version too much. This may cause users to leave your application from the start. Try to remember a simple rule. Make money by selling to a third party, not to users.

Tech Stack For an App like Rightmove

The tech stack is the most important part of any app development. So let’s check out some of the essential tech stacks a mobile app development company approves

  • CoreData Frameworks or Realm Frameworks — To manage the list of saved properties.
  • Google Places API – Provides users with information on nearby cafeterias. Stores, grocery stores, spas, and other similar places.
  • Push notifications –Firebase SDK, Apple Push Notifications Service, or both.
  • SimpleRets, iHomeFinder, and Spark APIs can be used to normalize the data flow from MLSs.
  • Facebook SDK – for a Facebook Sign-in Option.
  • Rightmove API – for neighborhood listings and information.
  • MapBoxGoogle Maps APIs – to create real estate apps with custom maps.

How Do You Build an App Like Rightmove?

Now that you know the tech stack of Rightmove apps, it is time to know the real estate app development process. So let’s begin. 

  • Define your Project Scope

To build an app like Rightmove, the first step is to define your project scope. It is important to decide what features and functions you would like your app to have. If you are building a real-estate app like Rightmove, you will need to decide which types of properties your users can search, what information about each property they can see, and what tools you can use to share and save properties. Consider the perspective of your users and what will be useful to them in your app. You can avoid unnecessary features by defining your project scope in advance.

real estate app development cta

  • Market Research

Second, you need to research the market and understand your target audience and competitors, as well as industry trends. It is important to look closely at who might be interested in your app, their needs and preferences, and what your competitors are doing. 

This research will help you identify any gaps in the market your app can fill, as well as challenges and opportunities. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the design, features, and pricing of your app, ensuring that it is appealing to your target audience and stands out among the competition.

  • Create a Wireframe Design

Wireframes and designs are the third step to building an app such as Rightmove. You must hire dedicated developers to represent your app’s features and user interface visually. Imagine drawing a blueprint for a home before you start building. 

Make sure the design is simple to understand and use, appealing visually, and meets your audience’s needs. This may include sketching rough designs, creating clickable prototypes, or working with graphic designers to create high-fidelity models. It is important to have a consistent and clear design for your app.

  • Backend Development

It’s like the engine in a car. The backend is responsible for powering your app and managing all the data and information it needs to work properly. This step will require you to create the database, API, and server, allowing your app to access data from external sources such as real estate listings.

You will need programming skills as well as a good understanding of databases, servers, and other backend technologies. You can build a solid backend to ensure your app is able to provide the features and functions that users require.

  • Frontend Development

In order to build a property search app like Rightmove, the fifth step involves creating visual and interactive elements for users to interact with. The user interface will be designed using colors, fonts, and layout. This includes designing the user interface, including how users will interact with the app and complete tasks.

The app should be optimized for various devices and platforms, such as mobile phones and tablets. The app should be simple to navigate and use, no matter what device or platform is used. You can improve the user experience by creating an app that is visually appealing and user-friendly.

  • Test and Refine the App  

The Rightmove app development’s next step is to test and improve it using feedback from users. This involves real users giving feedback and testing the app. This feedback will help identify any bugs or issues in the app as well as improve its usability and functionality. By listening to user feedback and adjusting your app accordingly, you can better meet their needs and expectations. This step will ensure that your app is easy to use and gives users a good experience.

  • Launch the App

Launch your app on the app store and make sure you promote it. You should monitor user ratings, reviews and feedback after your app is launched to identify any problems or areas for improvement. Listen to the feedback of your users and make necessary changes. Then, you can improve your app and meet the needs of your users by adding new features. Regular updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements will also ensure that your application remains relevant and competitive in the market. 

Cost to Build App like Rightmove

The Rightmove app development cost is determined by the size and complexity. The cost of an app depends on the complexity and size of the application. A basic app costs around $25,000, and more for the advanced features. Here we have listed down the factors that affect the cost to build an app like Rightmove:

  • App complexity
  • Features and Functionality
  • Location of the development team
  • UI/UX design
  • Prototype and wireframe
  • Backend & frontend development 
  • Testing of the app 
  • Final launch 
  • Maintenance & updates 

The average cost for mobile app development in real estate can be determined. The cost of a reasonable app with limited features can range from $25,000 to $35,000. If the app is rich in features and driven by high standards, then the costs may reach $50,000. 


You should now have a better understanding of how much it costs to develop a real estate app and the other factors involved. It doesn’t matter if it is an Android or iOS app; the goal is to make buying, renting, and selling easier for end users. Implement a dashboard that is easy to use to manage your profiles. Your real estate app, like Rightmove’s success, will be determined by its intuitive user interface. 

Understand what an app like Rightmove delivers, and upgrades features continuously to provide an unmatched app experience. However, to build a high-quality, high-performing app like Rightmove, you should hire a real estate app development company


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Why Does Rightmove Have Different Apps for Agents and Users? 

Users and agents should understand their respective roles. The users are the home buyers who are looking to purchase a house. The search can be filtered by location, budget and type. Agents can either list the homes they want to rent or sell or act as sellers’ agents.


Q2. Which Monetization Method is Better, Faster, and Cheaper to Add to the Application as a Rightmove? 

Rightmove, for example, can generate revenue through in-app advertising. Display relevant ads to users, and you can start earning money immediately.


Q3. How Long Does it Usually Take to Create a Platform Like Rightmove?

The property search app development timeframe can vary depending on different factors. Remember that the creation of a quality product involves more than development. This can include planning, preparation, testing and fixing. In general, it can take between 600 and 800 hours to develop an app similar to Rightmove. Apps and websites can both take 1200 hours. This is usually two to six months.


Q4. What are the Advantages of Real Estate Apps Like Rightmove?

These applications simplify the viewing, renting and buying properties for tenants and homebuyers. Real estate agents get an advanced tool to communicate with clients, better targeting, and advanced analytics. The developers of these apps gain a loyal following and can make money through various monetization methods.