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Cost and Features to Develop Doctor on Demand App like Lybrate

Among the advent widespread of internet dependency, there are the usual and essentials of life are also going to be a subject of the virtual world. The Internet is modernized of everything and so as the people have modeled their entire life around the same.

Users are consuming the internet at a very high amount these days, this is making the people compelled to focus on the web for their every individual need. Even this is entirely fair as if you are getting something on your demand, then it is much worthy for you. A Mobile Application Development Company is capable enough to wrap your entire requirements in your phone.

There is nothing to bet on health matters, and so there must be the best service to conquer the health with. In this reference, among so many fun apps, one kind of app is to care for you and your family member. The intervention of mobile technology it comes as a boon for the health matters of people as there is no such delays and treatments.

The benefits do not end here; it has many more to explore for the soundness of the body. The idea of on-demand services is thriving day by day, this gradually occupies the medical terms too, though the things are very much distinctive in this reference.

This discussion is going to be immensely helpful regarding doctors as many are seeking for Doctor Appointment App, to manage their appointments well. Additionally, if there are the entrepreneurs who want to develop a robust doctor on-demand mobile app, then here breaking down to connect the doctors with patients; there are many things to grab before proceeding. 

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Doctor on Demand App

Did you ever feel the situation when you are having a severe headache on Sunday when every clinic is almost closed? The pain is so panicking that you can’t even wait for a whole day to wait for Monday to consult a doctor. In this reference, you need to contact a convenience-driven solution where a patient can contact a doctor to get the facilities by sitting at home. These are the Doctor on Demand Apps which are easing and indulging the patients’ requirements. The app lets you contact the doctor and connecting the problems to the solutions well.

On the other, the Doctor Appointment App is a clear cut way to crop the queues and wait times. This is the method to cut down the hustles of any clinic where the patient can understand the exact or around time. Once the appointment is previously made, the patient and doctor’s are able to handle each other well to devote sufficient time.


Doctor on demand


Features of Doctors on Demand App

Lybrate is a popular Doctor on Demand App where each and every function is defined clearly and even in better customer friendly view. Now when it comes to developing a mobile app similar to this, the multiple and yet required features are needed to be defined –

The entire Doctor on Demand App Development will be divided into three panels; these are – patient panel, doctor panel, and an admin panel. Each of these has some specific features to get justified. Patients and doctors are looking to get dependable healthcare services with mutual benefits. Additionally, the admin panel manages them all.   

These are the separate features of every panel where, Sign up/Sign in, profiles and many more are taking place. The additional features which are required to understand and build with the Doctor on Demand App are discussed below –

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1. In-app Camera/Video Conferencing

Though there may include some general diseases which the patient can communicate to the doctor via messages or call, in case of some severe ailments the communication needs to be more explicit. Sometimes the channels are required to have the video conferencing, so there must be an in-built high-quality video camera on both the sides to comfort the chatting.

2. Report Management

This is a kind of feature that is needed to be developed on the admin panel, but it is including the overall communication. Every report is arranged according to the enrolled users, doctors and health service that is availed and stored.

3. Payment

This is somehow a very crucial feature to add in the app as it needs to be bright enough and protected as well.  There will be various options from where the user can select the most appropriate one to pay like debit or credit card. There must be protected payment processing to secure the accounts.




Costs of Doctor on Demand Mobile App

The cost of Doctor on Demand App Development entirely depends upon the various constraints what you are applying. As for how many and which functions, you are seeking to include in your app, will justify the real cost. Now, if we look for the approximate value for calculating the cost as per the Lybrate app is having, pertains the below comprehensions –

  • Indian Developers may cost up to $10-$80 per hour.
  • US developers may cost up to $50-$250 per hour.

The cost is explained in a way while including the UI/UX design, Front-end/Backend development, polishing and bug fixing and many more included and required ones.


Doctor on demand app is something that is continuously working, and thus they need rigorous testing. When each function is tested well, this embraces the app to work more smoothly. Therefore, after getting this much sufficient information of the required one, now you can proceed to develop the app to get more prosperity and blessings.


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