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In 2018, more than 2.48 billion users watched on-demand or live video across all the devices. Out of which more than 70% of these users use mobile devices.

These stats contribute to making up for a massive trend or even a smaller portion of the same. In the last few years, more online activity is shifting on two mobile devices and solutions. Considering this shift, it is crucial for professional gamers to make their game content available for gamers on various devices.

In this article, we will go through the futuristic evolution of video streaming app development and how it can influence upcoming trends. We will start out by looking at game streaming application development and the gradual shift in the same domain.

An Introduction To Gaming Streaming App Development

There is a strong conviction that has swiftly superimposed people to breathe in a futuristic evaluation and design environment, which is getting bigger and better every day.

No longer have users dreamt about tech-savvy life but the future is already here. The future we are living in has definitely made our life simpler with the assistance of video transmission and streaming, real-time satellite tracking, cloud computing, and the latest addition is game streaming. To get an overview of game streaming it is important to understand cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming is nothing but the reincarnation of conventional gaming stereotypes. Taking a leap from the tedious process of developing and installing the game before even playing it, cloud gaming suggests the crucial aspect of online gaming.

gaming streaming

In video streaming app development the users can conventionally enter the server of the game consisting of multiple options through which they can choose their desired one.

This process is only entertained once the gamer has installed a client programmer and that can offer them the ability to play various games from the server without actually installing it on their device.

Game streaming refers to a type of cloud gaming involving two major options i.e. peer to peer, game streaming, and progressive download. It then allows on-demand game development through thin clients and eradicates the use of gaming devices and consoles.

In simple words, game streaming is a resolution for various game problems that gamers come across in general. With the help of a game controller, a game can stream or play multiple changes over a cloud-based environment on its screen.

The Gradual Change in Game Streaming Industry

The innovation and creativity that is behind the effect of game streaming app development are serving a big deal. It is also expected to sideline other industries with their magnitude of prominence.

The industry giants have already started their expression to develop game streaming solutions for their platform. For example, Microsoft, Google, and many other names are transforming their rules and joining the game streaming team.

Modern-day game streaming can be considered as the beginning of the next version 2.0 with various projects lined up by the market commanders.

It is equally evident that the horizons of animation and gaming in the mobile app development company are extending for the good.

gaming industry

Giants like Microsoft, Google, Jio, Nvidia, and many more are trying to get a hold of the industry with their innovative solutions. The craze to become a pioneer in the gaming industry is unsettling the market demands, usually apprehended. Among the professionals or amateurs, the popularity of game streaming services is popular for various reasons:

  1. Entertainment- Game streaming services developed by a mobile application development company serve the purpose of fulfilling gaming enthusiast’s entertainment necessities. In fact, watching a gamer playing any game is often delightful for many others.
  2. Socialize- There are millions of gamers all across the world that prefer connecting with fellow gamers and to join the gamer’s community to play as a professional or at leisure. Game streaming services all across the world build a community of like-minded gamers.
  3. Learn- A professional gamer can simultaneously learn from other gamers. Live game streaming is also advantageous for people and it can add value to their gaming skills.

Who Is Joining The Club Of Live Streaming App Development?

The prevalence of game streaming solutions is already dominant in the industry. There are some big shots that are already adopting the wave and getting ahead in the competition.

With an aim to serve the community these platforms are hiring game developers to create an impact among their audience and to add value to their gaming business. Let us learn about a few of them.

1. Google Stadia

A game streaming service is meant for becoming the best solution for the users that remain directly accessible from the server. A cloud gaming application is meant to be accessible through the web browser and therefore initially the users can buy and string multiple games.

google stadia

This service is meant to be different with an HDR view of 60 frames per second and 4K functionality as compared to other solutions. The reason that makes it stand out from the contemporary solution is that it allows gamers to buy games for playing or streaming directly without accessing the game library simultaneously. Google platform pays heads to the favor of a mobile app development company and the audiences by providing two-tier services.

2. Project xCloud

Microsoft has recently launched its latest game streaming application as a comprehensive system that enables any gamer to actively participate in the game streaming with their Xbox players.


The game owners irrespective of their gaming system are required to have an Android device, Xbox One controller, and Microsoft’s game streaming application. This solution is offering its users the Xbox content library to stream the game through.

3. Jio STB

Jio STB is interested in the Indian games streaming market. It is a platform that offers support to Android 9.0 and other pre-embedded game streaming applications. This platform is required to connect to the fiber modem (Jio) and once it is done, the gamer is good to go.

4. GeForce Now Cloud

The GeForce technology integrated by the mobile application development company allows users to convert any gaming device into a PC.


With supreme quality game resolution, ultra streaming mode, high powered gaming rigs, and instant installs, it is an ideal option in streaming and playing the game over multiple game libraries. It caters to fulfill various requirements with GeForce Now Cloud Service.

How To Streamline A Gaming Streaming App Development Project?

There has been no better time and opportunity to remain involved with game streaming applications than today. Dealing with limited mobility, on demand app development company services have adopted the ways through which we consume entertainment putting great faith in digital access.

Gamers are constantly flocking towards digital streaming services for their endless requirements. Users have a rigid view of game streaming, especially in terms of broadcasting live videos.

If you take a look at the most prominent digital broadcasting applications available today, it is crucial to identify a list of features that most of the applications imbibe in general. The core features are:

1. Live Playback On Multiple Devices

Having a lightning-fast connection within the game streaming application is crucial so that gamers can see the activities that are transpired on their screens within a stipulated time frame.

The higher the delay in broadcasting the game sequence, the more likely users are going to migrate to another platform or service. This issue can also occur if the users learn that the device is not compatible with a particular application. Hence it is highly recommended to tailor-made the application across a wide range of browsers and devices.

2. Mid-PlaybackFunctions

When any gaming event is happening live, gamers are more likely to have an extent of control over their gaming experience. For instance, they might want to take a leap in the middle of a game sequence, etc.

This is where it is crucial to integrate pause, resume, rewind, and fast forward the application function. Obviously one cannot skip ahead to the games but the users can definitely stop and rewind the sequence at any moment.

3. Video Quality Selection

Many of the gamers are used to watching the gaming clips in supreme quality possible, but we should remember that many regions do not have access to high internet speed.

However, to give uniform access to the residents across all the reasons for enjoying the gaming applications it is important to give recommendations for quality levels from full HD to 240 P.

Business Opportunities For Live Gaming Video Streaming

Gaming streaming hasn’t been around for long but it is rapidly gaining attention and significance among the users. It is because more and more banks are looking for innovative ways to deliver their content online.

Live streaming has become a powerful channel for delivering your business value to potential viewers, especially if you are willing to start your gaming business.

gaming video live

Many of the marketing channels come along with their own challenges however two complications offered by gaming streaming dominate the advantages it provides.

Other than the advantages, sports businesses hire dedicated developers to provide a sense of excitement to their customers. On the plus side, it makes gamers feel inclusive and exclusive all at the same time.

Sports businesses can extract a number of advantages and opportunities from live game streaming. Some of the advantages are listed below.

1. Gamers Consume Video On Your Platform

The major advantage of live game streaming for your business is that the gamers consume your content on your time but not theirs. This fact implies that your business is increasing with the potential audience who cares about your services and find your content extremely engaging.

On the other hand, you are targeting a loyal audience for your content that is capable of following and converting into your potential customer. No other solution is capable of accomplishing the objective of what live game streaming can possibly do.

2. Requires Less Implementation Time

Implementing live game solutions with the assistance of an on demand app development company requires less time than usual. Unlike conventional video development, it just takes a button to click and in a few minutes, one can easily develop a short gaming clip.

If you are not using any social media platform for live game streaming, it requires a one-time effort to develop a video sharing website. Hence you can be ready to live stream the game anytime, anywhere.

3. Grow Your Gamers

The best aspect of live streaming is that you can exponentially grow your gamers surpassing any barriers or geographical limits. The larger your gamers are, the higher will be the chances to convert them into your loyal customers.

If you are determined to implement gaming streaming services for your support business, then it will help you expand your customer base considerably.

4. Real-Time Engagement

One of the possible reasons for which live game streaming is continuously influencing the industry is due to its potential to provide real-time user engagement to gamers.

Gaming streaming is also offering a direct communication channel to the businesses to get in touch with the influencers and gamers. Whenever you come across a pre-recorded game video, it is usual that you are viewing the past work.

Live game streaming undertakes real-time user engagement and benefits for the gamers. Torches to real-time user engagement, it also offers the opportunity to the sport businesses to offer Q&A sessions, live support, and a lot more.

5. Repurposing Content

The ability to repurpose the content applies to the content-type, game streaming videos can be easily converted to the desirable content-type such as publishing video transcripts for your business or reproducing the same content on your business channel. Whichever the case, it is often recommended to use and repurpose the game content for a broad reach.


It is delightful to see how the advent of technology is influencing the live game streaming space as more businesses are entering the industry.

Game streaming platforms are predominantly gaining attraction among gamers, where the businesses are seeking unique ways to make sure that beneficial guidelines are being met.