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Customer relationship management is a collection of tools, strategies, and a system that helps any kind of big or small-sized business to access customer data and organize the company.

Here in this article, you will get to know the cost of developing CRM software and with features of CRM software.

Earlier, people used pen and paper to take notes of the data of the customers. However, with the advancement of technology, the system has changed.

With time the growth of the company and its customers made it complicated to handle the customer information in handwritten notes.

Thus, with the help of website development services, companies started to incorporate CRM software in their businesses for better management of data management.

CRM development helps to connect various sectors of the business. Marketing, customer service, sales are connected to gather notes, metrics, and activities into one organized system. Any employee of the company can access the client data required in real-time and hassle-free.

Since multiple teams are working in a company it is impossible to work together and gather all the information in one place. However, with CRM software in the business, the process is simple and shared among all.

This not only makes everything simple but also helps the customers with something extra by providing them personalized and one-to-one experience.

In comparison with the ancient system where every data was available in hardcopy and hard to find, the CRM software has made a revolution in the business industry.


Features of CRM Development Software

The Features to Develop CRM Software

Some of the famous CRM software used by large companies and website development services in the business industry is SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more.

These software systems are high enterprise solutions with amazing functionality and features. The features offered by this software are high and often meaningless for some companies.

Some software like Salesforce allows their companies to customize the system as per the requirements of the company.

The best option that is often adopted by enterprises is a customized CRM solution for their business. With the thought of customized CRM software, the first thing that pops into the mind of the companies is the cost of developing CRM software.

The cost of developing CRM software entirely depends on the features that the company requires to fulfill all its needs. The features that must be present in the CRM software of a business are as follows.

1. Account and lead management

The basic function of any customer relationship management software is to manage and store the required client information.

The sales team uses the data on the potential customers, adds and covers new leads into opportunities, and creates new accounts on successful deals.

The CRM development helps the sales team employees to easily input the client details like their names, email ids, mobile numbers, ratings, negotiation status, and comments.

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2. High-end sales analytics

It is one of the important features that every CRM system must contain. It works as sales representatives that help to create configurable dashboards and sales trend diagrams. The basic utility of such software is easy to drag and drop.

However, for a better understanding, implementation of filtering options like color marking, timeline, and location are made.

3. Sales planning and execution

The plans developed by the sales managers are usually done by having proper knowledge of the data provided by the marketing department.

The sales managers usually need both sales analytics and the history of the business. The CRM provides an advanced calendar that helps employees to set new goals, add a detailed plan, strategize, make notes and assign work to different team members.

4. Marketing campaign management

The functionality of CRM for marketers is a huge benefit for companies to plan and execute marketing campaigns.

The marketing managers can create campaigns with various events and add information to these campaigns, handle finance and assign sales team members.

The email and messaging functionality are added to the software to create communication among the marketers and team members.

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5. Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation helps to find out the most profitable customer database. This helps the marketers to group the customers according to their activities and behavior.

This feature usually uses charts to segment the customers which helps the marketers to filter and modify.

6. Help desk

Every company these days has its support agents to help the customers. These agents need a central interface to view customer requests through various sites like emails, chats, or messages. By hiring a website developer, the help desk helps to add the facility of labeling tickets and creating various ticketing groups.

7. Service Analytics

This section helps to gather information on customer requests, the issues that are already resolved, and how quickly those problems are resolved. The feature gathers information from all kinds of sources, phone calls, tickets, emails, and other social media sites.


Cost of CRM Development Software

The Cost of Develop CRM Software For The Company

With all the features mentioned above, the cost of developing CRM SaaS products for the company is predictable.

The cost of CRM web development depends on various factors. Some of them are features inbuilt in the system, the relative difficulty of the project, deployment cost, and the rates charged by the web development company.

  1. The sales module with the features like account opportunities, pipelines, leads, contacts, tasks, etc can cost of developing CRM software between $36000 to $39000. The sales analytics is around $8000. The marketing campaign planning features can cost up to $11000.
  2. The marketing module consists of a marketing campaign management system, customer segmentation, and marketing analytics that costs $9000 individually for all three sectors.
  3. The support module that is an essential department of every business consists of the help desk, knowledge base, and service analytics that range between $30,000, $6000, and $9000 respectively.

With the above information, a possible cost of developing CRM software can be depicted for the CRM web development for the company.


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Developing a perfect customer relations management system for the company can be tough. However, by hire web developers, the task can be completed easily. The professionals can help to list the features required by the companies and provide an estimated cost of develop CRM software of the customized version.