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In the modern world, we are becoming very advanced and making our lives very interesting. There is no doubt that today’s generation can make their lives interesting with the help of TV shows, movies, and web series, and can make their boring evenings interesting.

Thanks to the internet we can find anything that is worthy of our life. Through the internet, we can search for anything that suits our mood.

This created a lot of opportunities for people to become more creative and gave rise to a revolution in the field of technologies. So the main thing is how we choose an appropriate service to watch high-quality stuff that entertains us.

Today Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more are attracting viewers from all over the world. Have you ever thought about what is the secret behind its success?

Millions of people are enjoying these amazing streaming applications and they will continue to enjoy them until another streaming application arrives that can top the features of these applications.

These video streaming app development companies are trying hard to compete in the market and are providing lots of opportunities to viewers for enjoyment.

We are here to discuss all the parameters and how much it costs to create these movies streaming websites and applications that contain features like that of Netflix and others.

How Does Streaming Website Work?

Streaming websites like Netflix require a lot of databases of every genre from cartoons to movies. These sites are on-demand services or we can say subscription video-on-demand services.

It requires a monthly fee after that clients get a pass to use unlimited content only in one click. These websites are platform and operating system-independent. They can easily run on any platform.

Users can access the content on these websites without downloading them and when it comes to the app they can download it for free. A mobile application development company has made applications more user-friendly. Every new piece of content that releases needs to be updated as soon as possible so that the demands of the users are fulfilled.

video streming websites

Websites need to be updated at a regular interval. But features should be attractive, for example, one can have the multiscreen feature under the same subscription.

The websites should offer a lot of streaming videos so that even family members can also take advantage of it and enjoy the upcoming ones. These are the steps that take your website to another level.

The content demanded by users should be regularly added on the basis of analysis. The developer should update their live streaming websites.

Strategies To Create Apps Like Netflix, Disney+, Hangouts, Or TikTok

Before creating apps like Netflix, Disney+, Hangouts, or Tik Tok, you need to strategize a lot of things. After creating a strategy you need to create a business model and then for video streaming app development you need to have a proper tech stack.

After that, you have to add MVP features so that the testing of the product can be done side by side. All of these are very important steps but the first and the foremost step is to create a proper strategy. Here is the list of strategies to create apps like Netflix, Disney+, Hangouts, Or Tik Tok:

1. Select Your Niche

Before doing anything you need to select the niche in which you have to work and the one that your users demand, and then you have to hire dedicated developers.

If you want to select a niche in which live streaming of music videos is done then you must hire music app developers. If you don’t do enough research and select the wrong niche that you are not aware of then the whole foundation of your project can be imbalanced.

2. Choose The Content

After selecting the niche, you have to start creating your content. You have to research everything about the area and then brainstorm about what unique you can add to that specific niche.

For example, if you want to develop a music video streaming app then you must research all kinds and genres of music that you can add to it and then discuss it with your music app development company. Your content must be up-to-date and should be able to attract an audience that loves music.

3. Get A License

Till now the steps that you were following were free of cost but now getting the license of the content that you want to add can cost you a lot. It might even cost you billions of dollars if you want to purchase high-scale content.

This step will burn a hole in your pocket but will pay off. All the quality content that you will be uploading will help you to immediately generate great revenues.

If the quality of the content is not good or if you do not have the license to upload the content then it will create problems for you in the future. You can discuss all the details with your mobile app development company.

4. Designing

This step can also cost you a lot but it will help you to attract more users. If the design and the user interface of your project are user-friendly then it will help you to engage more users and those users will come back to use the app or website again.

You can either ask your mobile application development company to use the ready-to-use templates or you can get them designed from scratch. Designing templates from scratch can cost you more than pre-built templates because a lot of pre-built templates are also available for free.

5. Select The Platform

You must consider making an app that will support all platforms be it Android, Windows, or iOS. You can also think of making a cross-platform app as this will help you to save a lot of costs because it will be reusable for all the platforms.

If the app does not support a specific platform then it can affect your revenues. You must hire dedicated developers who can help you to use all of these platforms.

Tech Stack

The tech stack for creating a video streaming app like Netflix is similar to creating other applications but you need to add many other features like video streaming, broadcasting, live chat, etc.

Even to add music and sound effects to your app, you need to hire music app developers. If you want to create the application for the web you need to know NodeJS or C#.

For creating the application for android or iOS platforms, being skilled in Kotlin and Swift is important. Similarly, for streaming the videos on television React, NodeJS, and C# are used.

If you want to add any third-party service then you will have to pay an extra charge according to the required service. For example, if you want to add the feature of broadcasting then it can cost you approximately $0.06-$0.08 per hour. Similarly, if you want to add the feature of group video calling then it can cost you up to $4 per 1000 minutes.

MVP To Add

Developing video streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, Hangout, and Tik Tok can cost you a lot. Developing the whole app and then testing it if it will succeed or not can waste a lot of your time and money as well.

This can be a very expensive way of testing. Instead of doing this, you can add MVP (Most Viable Product) first and use it as a prototype for testing the app.

This will ensure the success of the app and will also help you to analyze all the problems that you might face in the execution of the final product.

Here is the list of some MVP features that you can ask your mobile app development company to add before completing and executing the whole project:

1. User Registration:

It is very important to have this feature. This will ensure that users create an account on your app. This will also help users to fill in their details. They can also signup easily with just one click with the use of their social media accounts.

This will also help you to retrieve the data and knowledge about their interests and preferences. You can show them some suggested videos as per their taste.

Even if you want to develop a music video streaming app then you must ask your music app development company to add this feature.

2. Payment Gateway:

You cannot also spend from your pocket and invest in your app. You will eventually need to generate some revenue after some time. Adding a payment gateway is a very good way to do that.

Easy payment options will help users to watch their favorite videos with just one-click payment. You can add a UPI or even a QR code scan option.

3. Content Search:

If your app is growing rapidly then a time will come when you will have millions of videos uploaded on your app. It will be very difficult for users to find older videos without having a search option. Having a content search option will ensure that users will be able to search for their desired video just by typing its name. This can be a very beneficial feature.

4. Comments And Reviews:

If you don’t add the feature of comments and ratings for feedback for a video then you won’t be able to make much progress. This feature will allow you to get genuine and valuable feedback from your users and you can improve the content according to that.

5. Push Notification:

This will help users to get notified of all the new video uploads in the app. They can also set reminders for any new upcoming video.

6. Settings:

This will help users to change the settings as per their preferences. Users can change the theme of the interface according to their tastes. This will also help users if they want to select and watch videos of a specific country, region, or language.

7. Block Screenshots And Screen Recording:

This is a feature that is very important for maintaining the authenticity of the application. You will have to pay a ton of money for streaming videos and you can’t let anyone steal it and stream it somewhere else.

8. Customer Care And Support:

Having helpful customer care and support panel will ensure that your users are not facing any problems related to anything. They must focus on the issues of customers and make sure that they are resolved as soon as possible.

The Total Cost Estimate

It is very difficult to say exactly how much this project will cost you. If we make a rough estimate then developing video streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, Hangouts, or Tik Tok can burn a hole in your pocket.

It is a huge investment. For android which can cost you almost $35K-$60K. Developing the same app for the iOS platform it will cost you in the same range.


streaming website cta


For backend and frontend development, it can cost you in the range of $65 thousand to $90 thousand. In total, a complete development can cost you in the range of $140 thousand to $190 thousand. This cost is just for the development and then maintenance and any kind of upgrades will be an add-on to this pile.


Developing and maintaining apps like Netflix, Disney+, Hangouts, and TikTok can cost you a lot of money. If it succeeds then it will also help you to generate the same kind of revenue.

This either makes you a billionaire in a year or will put you in a lot of debt. You have to promote and develop your app wisely so that there are no chances of risk.

To ensure that every phase is carried out properly and with full focus and concentration, you must hire dedicated developers to get the job done for you.