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Dev Technosys is a prominent on-demand laundry app development company that has delivered promising solutions for more than a decade. With us, you can have a laundry and dry cleaning app. There is ample need for new-age laundry solutions where people can feel free from the headache of washing and dry cleaning the clothes as it needs much time. So, with the help of our experienced laundry app developers, you can offer a unique solution to your customers and enjoy the businesses with positivity.

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On-Demand Laundry App Development: Pivotal Features

The following section represents the overall features of laundry app that you would like to know.

  • User Panel
  • Service Provider Panel
  • Admin Panel

User Panel

  • Login/Registration

    Users can register with ease via their e-mail id and phone number.

  • GPS Location

    It facilitates the users to request the pickup at the correct location.

  • Browse Services

    With the help of this feature, the user can choose the service type.

  • Payment Options

    The app will be equipped with multiple payment options to pay via net banking or debit card, or credit card.

  • Service Tracking

    The user can check whether their clothes are ready or not or in the laundry process.

  • Rate & Review

    The users can rate and review the services with ease and without hesitation.

Service Provider Panel

  • Sign Up

    The service providers can smoothly list themselves.

  • Profile

    Facilitates to manage the profile where the business info and details can be added or removed.

  • Order Management

    Receive order notification, accept and decline the orders as per availability of the services.

  • Order History

    A service provider can check the order history or status with a single click.

  • Earnings

    A feature that helps to track the earnings.

  • Toggle Availability

    Availability can be set on the choice. Suppose if more workload than availability can be set off.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    Allows admin to have control over the app and all user’s activities.

  • Vendor Management

    Add or remove the vendors, update their details, remove inactive vendors.

  • Category Management

    Add, edit or remove the categories from the service list.

  • Order Tracking

    An admin can check the order status in real-time whether it is catered by the service provider.

  • Report Generation

    It allows generating the reports for tracking, creating, and maintaining the strategic decision.

  • Customer Management

    It helps manage the customers' details such as their name, ordered service, payment history, etc.

Laundry Services App Demo

This demo will take you through the functionality of the app. Going through it, you can also analyze whether you want to go with the same functionality or add some more features.

How Does It Work?

Your laundry app idea can facilitate many customers regarding their laundry room needs; the only thing required is to launch an app. The following points represent the simplified process that how an end-user can interact with the laundry app. 

  • 1


    Users easily onboard the on-demand laundry app with their e-mail, phone, and social media id. 

  • 2

    Nearby laundry Services

    After login on to the laundry app, a user can search launderers in their neighboring location.

  • 3

    Location Sharing 

    The service provider and a user both mutually share their location with ease. 

  • 4

    Order Tracking

    Once the work is done, the user can track their laundry order if they have requested the collection and delivery of clothes. If they have not opted for delivery, then they can also track job status.  

  • 5

    Payment Wallet

    Including multiple options, users can pay for the services from their mobile wallet, and in –case of less wallet amount, they can add more from their net banking or credit or debit card. 

  • 6


    Users can give their feedbacks and ratings smoothly. 

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On-demand Laundry App Development Services

As a reputed on-demand Laundry app development company, we have facilitated several laundry businesses to have a competitive edge and made their business easier by providing multiple options to pick up or deliver the clothes for laundering from the locations of their customer’s choice. If you are also one of the dry cleaning or laundry business owners searching for representing the business online, we are a perfect choice for you. We have a team of experienced mobile app developers having in-depth knowledge of app development. We always ensure that the app must match the client’s expectations so they can leverage it for their business.

Some of our highly successful clients across the globe

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

LUBA- Cloth Cleaning Application

Wondering which laundry company to used or which you can trust to dry clean your cloths perfectly, well we have the solution for your questions....
Dev Technosys

Huebsch- Laundry Application

The Huebsch app is a convenient, safe way to quickly pay for your Huebsch washer or dryer right from your phone. No more last minute trips for quarters from the store....
Dev Technosys

Washmen - UAE Best Laundry and Dry Cleaner

Washmen offers the ultimate convenience in laundry and dry clean by providing you quick pickups and drop offs as well as next day delivery....
Dev Technosys

Why Choose Us For Developing Your Next Laundry App?

Several reasons make us a prominent app development services provider. We have talented experts and ample resources to make your laundry app fantastic.


Diverse Expertise

Our diverse experience catering to global brands is one of the key elements that make us different from any other laundry mobile app development company. 



Scalability is one of the key points on which we focus. It can help you to take your brand on the new horizon.


On-Time Delivery

It is one of the best things that you will have with us. Your project delivery will be on the expected time, so you can focus on the other tasks well.


Real-Time Performance

Our solutions perform well in a real-time environment that can ensure the best service experience for your customers. 


Versatile Payment Options

It will be easy for the customers to pay for the services as the app will be equipped with multiple payment options. 

Benefits of Our Laundry Solutions

  • Customizability

    At Devtechnosys, various professionals are creating tailored applications and house cleaning services. All of them have a wide range of custom features and other integration options through which users can easily modify the service as per their requirements. We have given huge consideration to the brand value and customizability for our customers and service providers.

  • Affordability

    Unlike other laundry washing platforms we do not charge heavily to our customers so that getting laundry done does not become equivalent to a foreign trip charge. To our regular customers, we offer weekly discounts and sometimes free pickup and delivery. Hence our laundry solutions are totally affordable

  • Convenience

    Over on-demand laundry solutions help the customers to set for a weekly or monthly schedule so that they can keep in mind when two to call for pickup and delivery. This feature helps the user to eliminate any chances of time fluctuation or hassle for getting their laundry done.

  • Speed

    One of the most incredible advantages offered by Devtechnosys towards customers is the maximum speed with our services. We make sure that the laundry man reaches to pick up the parcel right after the request is generated and deliver it back to the customer within 2 days.

  • Professional outcomes

    We have specialization in dealing with on demand laundry services app and this is the reason for which we have developed proficient techniques to make the job easily done. Our customers can totally rely on the services provided and only expect professional results with our laundry services including easy stain removal and gentle cleanliness.

  • Consistent results

    We truly believe that consistency in any services is extremely important respecting the trust of customers. Hence hour laundry services have special consideration for bulky materials as well as heavy curtains, linen bed sheets and so on. We have experienced professionals who understand different cleaning methods to get rid of unwanted dirt.

  • Saving time and resources

    It is extremely difficult for caretakers or housewives to deal with 'local dhobi' or dry cleaners and it is not only time consuming but even after waiting for so long, services offered by them becomes clueless. We make sure to provide everything to the customers as per their convenience where they can easily make their own choices.

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Laundry Services App Models

On-Site laundry Services

The on-site laundry model works for those who already own dry cleaning and laundry business. Here service provider provides the pickup and drops facility from the customer’s doorstep. Apart from the app, it requires team members and infrastructure costs. It is such a best way to take the business to the next level. 

In-Site Laundry Services

It is suitable for business owners who want to cut their pickup & delivery expense and set up kiosks or lockers where the customer will drop their clothes for laundering. The users first look for the convenient dropping point, fill in all the details, pay for the services, and drop their package. Once the service is done, customers are notified via the app.

Marketplace/ Aggregation App

The best fit model for the startups where they do not need the setup infrastructure. Under the aggregator app model, other service providers on-boards the app and list themselves for providing the services. Here aggregator gets the commission on each service booking. Most of the on-demand service provider apps work on this model. 

Ready-To-Go On-Demand Laundry App Development Services

  • Cleanly Clone

  • Laundry Care

  • Rinse Clone

  • DRYV Clone

  • Flycleaners Clone

  • Clothespin Clone

Frequently asked question

  • What advanced features can you include in my laundary app?

    The following are the advanced features that you can include in your laundry app:

    • Push notification
    • In-app messaging
    • Split payment
    • Payment
    • One-tap pickup request button
    • Cloud environment
    • GPS Tracking
    • Analytics dashboards
    • App store optimization
    • Audio QR to make easy payment

    All these features will make your On-demand laundry App Development Company better and trustable by the customers. Always go for market research whenever planning to come up with more unique features.

  • What are the tips of creating an laundry app?

  • How much does it cost to develop a laundry mobile app?

  • How does an on-demand laundry service app work?

  • Would you provide a customized on demand laundry app solution?

  • For how long will you provide support after sales?

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