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Our Exclusive On-Demand Dating App Development Solutions

Dating app development always gives immense pleasure to our team and us as it is one of the best innovative ways to make a dating app where like-minded souls can meet with each other. But, in addition, it is also our responsibility to ensure the safety of users so they can enjoy the conversation without having any fear of fake identity. Therefore, developing safe and secure online dating app solutions is our priority.

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Access Control

Our experienced dating app software development team Creates App Like Tinder that provides easy access to the user regarding their account. On the other hand, they also ensure that the user can set the privacy level so the other user can't access the personal information without the consent of each other. We believe in high safety practices. With the help of our on-demand dating app solutions, you will build App Like Tinder.

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Matching People

We have designed specialized algorithms for dating app development solutions that can showcase and match the profiles of persons having common choices and interests. Instead of cloning other dating apps, we have developed our own smart algorithm that can provide great exposure to user profiles in front of other suitable matches.

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In-app Communication

The core purpose of an Online dating application is effective communication between two souls where without burden, they can share their interests and feelings safely. One of the best features of our Online dating platform is sending a push message to the interested profile, so the other person must know that someone wants to connect with him or her.

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Custom Solutions

Customization is the need of today because any solution can't fit commonly to the others. Our team of dating developers have comprehensive expertise in dynamic dating app development. We always deliver functional and fantastic applications that empower the user to meet their dating goals. In our dating app solutions, you will find multiple functional & highly customized features that can take the dating experience to a higher extent.

How Can We Empower On-Demand Dating Application Development?

Our online dating app solutions provide smooth connectivity among two persons. These Dating application solutions showcase the perfect matches as per the interests and help find the right partner at the right time.

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    Background Check

    There are many issues reported of fake identities in the dating apps, but you do not need to bother about it with our dating app developers. Our best dating applications are safe and secure as these are based on smart algorithms that can extensively filter fake profiles, spam users, and messages. We make sure that you must connect with real profiles.

  • Dev Technosys

    Relevant Filters

    Our on-demand dating app development solutions offer several filters to use them accordingly to find the best matches who have common choices, interests, passion, hobbies, and profession. These solutions ensure high compatibility in profile matching.

  • Dev Technosys

    Active Communication

    While using our online dating application solution, users can smoothly communicate with their partners without interruption. Even shy people can also communicate with others without having a hassle. Our app also provides tips to initiate the conversation in a positive & impactful way.

Dev Technosys
  • Dev Technosys

    Profile Improvisation

    We believe in providing high-grade customization via our dating app development services. It covers all the aspects of the application, such as if any user wants to update some information or wants to remove useless data from the profile, or wants to change the filters for profile matching. All these can be done easily without having any expertise, where dating app GUI is one of the advantages for a user.

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    Now, the language barrier can't stop you from meeting your dream partner as DevTechnosys dating app development services develops applications that have a multilingual facility. The user can set the language preference to connect with the same lingual person to share their feeling in their comfort language.

  • Dev Technosys

    App Usage Frequency

    Our app features a feature that counts how much user has spent on the online dating app solutions. So, any particular user can schedule their activity instead of waiting for a response from the other side. The user can mutually plan the date and location for dating and can set the reminder about it.


For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    SeekingArrangement is the leading luxury millionaire dating app for finding a relationship, soulmate, or a significant other outside of your league. ...

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Take charge of your dating and lovelife, make it all happen with this 100% FREE online dating app where you can make friends and meet the great singles in UAE....

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    the leading Armenian dating app. Connect with Armenian singles from around the world in minutes....

How Does It Works?

Our online dating application development service empowers individual to showcase the personality traits to other users so as per their interests, they can date each other or find the partner which they dream of. Our online dating applications comprised of the latest tools and technology that helps in making communication impactful.

  • 1

    Social Media Sign Up

    One of our online dating application development services' best features is that users can sign up with their social media id, mail-id, or mobile number without a doubt. Furthermore, we kept the user's information safe with us and ensured a high-grade security mechanism.

  • 2

    Profile Creation

    After registration, the user can set up the profile with ease where they can choose predefined options and fill in the information as per their choice. Our dating app development solutions provide customized options that users can use with ease.

  • 3


    Here users will get the best experience of communication tools. While using on-demand dating app solutions, users can initiate the conversation smoothly without any interruption of notifications or alerts. Moreover, our app has audio-video features to make the relationship strong between two souls.

  • 4

    Uploading Pictures

    The application has the latest image tools that make it the best dating application. The user can upload their multiple best images and videos with ease. Similarly, an individual can easily see the received images and videos from the partner without any hassle. These images and videos remain safe until and unless the user deletes them.

  • 5

    Virtual Gifts

    With the help of our best dating application, users can mutually send virtual gifts and coupons. Moreover, they can choose it easily while using the app.

  • 6

    Customizing Templates

    Regarding GUI, we made it best. Our application is equipped with multiple dynamic themes and templates that users can use accordingly. In addition, there are many functionalities that users can use to customize their profile display to others.

REVOLUTIONARY On-Demand Dating App Solutions

An innovative approach and providing the latest technology-based solutions makes Dev Technosys – the best dating app development company. We have a talented pool of app developers who have extensive experience in dating app software development.

  • Swiping Or Tapping Just a single swipe or tap can get you to connect with your partner.

  • Smart Algorithm Best dating application with smart algorithm powered by AI.

  • Numerous Subscriptions You will find several offers regarding purchase and subscription.

  • Detailed Guide For any help, you can check out the detailed guide and tutorial.

  • Nearby Location You can search for your partner in proximity.

  • Secure Access Our dating applications are highly secured and protected.

Dev Technosys

Are you looking for dynamic Dating App Development

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering dating app development services.

SALIENT FEATURES Of Our Dating App Development

Our dating application development team comprises experienced professional app developers who have in-depth knowledge of the process and perquisites that a dating app requires. It is like a romance of requirements and advances technology to produce a fantastic online dating app solution.

Dev Technosys

Social Media Sign Up

Our dating app solutions comprised of the latest technology and offers the best features available in the market. You will find a fully functional and highly interactive app that will take you to your partner. You can easily signup with your mobile number or email or with social media account.

Dev Technosys

Profile Management

With our best dating application, profile management is much easier. You can easily showcase your interests, choices, dislikes, images and videos. In addition, you will find several themes and templates to customize your profile.

Dev Technosys

Profile Control

User can set the limit of information display. If they want to initially hide some initial information, it is very easy for every use while using our dating app development solutions. Even a user can delete the profile by saving a copy of data so the next time they can use it again.

Dev Technosys


It is much easier to find out the dating partner or soulmate in the proximity. Our dating application solution fetches the location so with the help of its user can search for the right partner from nearby locations. Other than it, our app also provides the best suggestions for location-based partner searching.

Dev Technosys

Filter Search

Finding the right dating partner takes too much time so, with the help of our best dating app, you can take the help of filters to find out the best choice with the same hobbies, like & dislike, etc. Here you will find the categories that allow you to find the match based on age, height, complexion, location etc.

Dev Technosys


DevTechnosys, as prominent dating app development company, believes in providing state-of-the-art solutions based on the latest technology and tools. Our dating app empowers the user to swipe forward and reverse to find the best match or dream dating partner. Based on it, the user can also accept or reject the request of others.

BENEFITS OF USING OUR Dating App Software Development

The singles who are ready to mingle will find our online dating app solutions quite interesting.

Dev Technosys

Socially Connected

Our on-demand dating apps provide the best and an active platform to people searching for another person they can trust and share feelings with. It helped many souls to be connected with each other and enjoying their relationship. We have developed the best dating application platform that is comprised of the latest technology. Here anyone can have their account using their email id, social media id or phone number.

Dev Technosys

Managed Profiles

The dating applications allow the user to craft their profile with limited information initially; later, they can add additional information with ease. In future, if any user wants to modify their details, then they can also do so with ease. The profile feature comes with a gallery function to decide about upload or deletion of the images, profile pic etc.

Dev Technosys

Control visibility

It is one of the strongest features of our products that we make under our dating app development services. The user can control the visibility of data & information about their profile. It ensures the safety of a person. The other person can see the full profile details of the match when they will be mutually agreed to share. Even user can also decide about the comments & messages.

Dev Technosys

Mutual Connections

Sharing messages, pictures and videos make relations stronger. So, our online dating applications offer the best functionality and features regarding it. Mutual connections can easily share all these within a click, where they will remain under the control of both. Our applications have strong security features. The connections can initiate the chat and can easily share their thoughts & feelings.

Dev Technosys

Audio & Video Calls

Most people find chat a boring option because they feel bored in typing and waiting for the reply. At our platform, you will be amazed to use audio and video features to send audio messages to each other and connect immediately via a quality video call. In addition, to this, you can also set the background while having a conversation.

Dev Technosys

Other features

Apart from the key features, you will find some additional features that make our product the best dating application. These additional features include real-time notification, profile builder, block list, who viewed my profile, emojis, content moderation etc. Our experts included all the features via their skills that will make your online dating most enjoyable.

Frequently asked question

  • How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

    If you need only a basic app, it will be the most affordable as you have to pay between USD 15000 to USD 50,000. Actually, the cost depends on the features and functionality. The cost remains directly proportional to the number of features. The other factors that affect the cost are the platform. For example, for an iOS app, the cost will be more than an android app, and for a cross-platform dating app, the cost will be moderate that you can confirm while consulting a dating app development company – DevTechnosys. For more details, you can contact dating app development services at Call +1 415-992-5493 (USA), +91 99832 63662(UAE) or write an email to [email protected]

  • How do I build a dating app?

    For building a dating app, you have to prepare a project plan that must include module wise details. Other factors required to make an online dating app solution are competition analysis, dating app idea, profile matching mechanism, technology, platform and tools. Instead of arranging all the things hiring an app developer is also a great idea that cost you $25-$50 per hour. The developer will craft an awesome app that will meet your goals. For having extra details, you can write an email at [email protected]

  • How do dating apps make money?

    Now, these days dating app is one of the excellent ways to generate the revenue. People are tending towards dating app to find the right dating partner. There are several ways to earn from the dating app solutions such as


    In-app purchases


    Affiliated marketing

    Passing gifts

    Run AdSense

    Using the services of BuySellAds

    Promotion of the sponsored posts

    If your app has unique features compared to the others, then the major percentage of revenue you can only generate via subscription. Regarding investment, it is one of the topmost ideas.

  • How long does it take to build a dating app?

    The dating app sounds quite interesting, but it is not a thing that we start on Monday, launch on Friday and start earning from Saturday. It requires coding skills and time to make it fully functional. It does not matter that the app will be developed from scratch or anything else, but it takes efforts. The average time for dating app software development ranges from 2-3 months, that is for version 1, and then after testing and other suggestions, it may take more than 3 months initially. The other factors that can impact the development time are the inclusion of features, modification in GUI, platform-based services & so forth. If you have more doubts, contact Call +1 415-992-5493 (USA), +91 99832 63662(UAE) or write an email to [email protected]

  • What is dating app development software?

    The dating app is software in itself; it can be considered social media applications, but it has unique features that separate it from the usual applications. If any person is searching for the partner by whom they can share feelings and have a relationship, then these applications provide a platform to them. The companies that develop these solutions are called Dating App Development company such as DevTechnosys.

  • What are the basic features of a dating app?

    One of the basic features of a dating app is profile matching. It is the must for any dating app. With the help of programming dating app development services, providers develop the algorithm that matches the profile of two persons who have common interests. The other basic features include

    Geolocation Matching

    Age Group Matching

    Image Upload

    Profile Builder

    Chat Option

    Image & Video Sharing

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