Dating App Development

Devtechnosys is one of the most popular Dating App Development company that help people discover their partners. It is evident that every passing day technology is evolving and making lives all exciting. We empower the magical devices that people usually carry around i.e., our favorite smartphones. Most people agree that finding a perfect match is not an easy task but our dating app development services have made it quite interesting. Our dating app solutions are heating up the empty space and helping you find the real person to go out without investing lots of effort. Our dating applications have offered a new dimension to virtual dating and making it secure as well as dedicated. Our platform-specific online dating app solutions have the potential to take dating to the next level. We truly believe in centralizing the power to the users and that's what makes our services totally reliable.

Online dating applications are entirely inspiring and make it a cooler concept in the present world. Our dating app software development will help you find an eligible date or perfect partner for you. We offer the best solutions to serve you in every possible way.

Our Exclusive On-demand Dating App Development Solutions

Our online dating application development services make sure to provide you wonderful applications. We facilitate a stable and highly secure dating platform to the users that match the people having an ingenious and smart algorithm.

Access Control

We provide easy and simplified access control systems to the users because we believe that shining up with a single click is far more convenient than typing your account address. Our expert minds make sure to provide easy access control to the users so that dating never becomes a burden for them.

Matching People

Our platform is capable of matching people based upon their interests and choices. Our smart algorithms are inclusive of providing exposure to suitable matches every single day. We have deployed smart algorithms that are fully functional in matching the profiles having any sort of resemblance.

In-app Communication

Active messaging is absolutely a necessity in our dating applications as the whole point of creating these solutions is to start a conversation with people. On our platform, we have enough measures to incentivize users to start a conversation or send push notifications/messages so that they do not forget about their matches who are waiting for them.

Custom Solutions

The app developers at our platform ensure to deliver a functional and fantastic application that can fulfill your dating requirements easily. We provide a dating platform to the users having an intelligent algorithm that matches the interested profile. We have included a number of features to make our applications unique and highly customizable.

How Can We Empower On-Demand Dating Application Development?

We implement the dating app development solutions in an exquisite manner to connect everyone. Our dating applications represent an outstanding view of getting the perfect matches and finding your partner online.

  • Background Check

    Our professionals make sure that only real profiles can get access to our applications. We have smart algorithms and techniques to detect fake profiles and pictures in order to ensure profile authenticity.

  • Relevant Filters

    We provide relevant filters to the users through which they can get their matches based upon common interests, choices, hobbies, or passion. This is to ensure compatibility among the partners and establishing resonance among them.

  • Active Communication

    In our online dating application solutions, we have integrated anonymous communication. It is to facilitate the users that are shy or intimidated by the idea of online dating, our platform helps them initiate the conversations easily.

  • Profile Improvisation

    Our expertise lies in developing on-demand dating app solutions and we make sure to retain the quality of our dating applications. Through profile modification, the users can change their specifications accordingly.

  • Multilingual

    We provide multilingual support in our dating applications to make them user-friendly and accessible to everyone. Hence, there is no need to differentiate users due to the language barrier.

  • App Usage Frequency

    We help the businesses to boost their revenue through our dating application and encourage the users to use our application regularly. Our dating application is inclusive of a number of features to improve its ranking.

How Does It Works?

Our dating applications allow you to show off your personality, humor, and every possible thing that you have dreamt of. Our dating applications are inclusive of smart technology and solutions that allow you to check out a number of people without any hassle.

  • 1

    Social Media Sign Up

    Our application works with easy signup or social media login. We allow users to easily sign up with their social media platform, mobile number, or email address without any hassle.

  • 2

    Profile Creation

    The users that have registered themselves successfully at our platform can create their profile. Our platform is inclusive of highly customizing options and you can change them as required.

  • 3


    As soon as the profile is created the matched users can initiate communication with each other. Our Dating App Development solution comes with voice and video chat features that are integrated into the application.

  • 4

    Uploading Pictures

    We allow users to easily upload their pictures and videos with their interested matches. Similarly, we allow the users on the other hand to view the pictures and videos that are sent to them.

  • 5

    Virtual Gifts

    Our application provides coupons and virtual gifts to the users so that they can choose from a number of options and send them to their dearest ones. The users at both ends can use this feature if required.

  • 6

    Customizing Templates

    Our platform is fully functional and can be customized with the best matches and personalities. We provide plenty of themes and beautiful templates that you can send to your match.


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REVOLUTIONARY On-Demand Dating App Solutions

Our Dating application development solutions are flooding in the market. It is due to the innovation and creativity that we imbibe in the application. At Dev Technosys, we invest intellectual as well as technical skills in order to provide the best dating application to the users.

  • Swiping Or Tapping users can find their match by swiping or tapping

  • Clever Algorithm it is to smartly match the profiles

  • Numerous Subscriptions we provide a number of purchases and subscription

  • Detailed Guide we provide user guide and tutorials

  • Nearby Location you can get dating partners located nearby

  • Secure Access our dating applications are highly secure and protected

Are you looking for dynamic Dating App Development

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering dating app development services.

SALIENT FEATURES Of Our Dating App Development

We have an energetic team of well-versed designers and app developers who truly understand the dating requirement and other prerequisites. Our platform is capable of mixing up the romance with advanced technology and presenting the most interesting dating applications to the users.

Social Media Sign Up

Our dating app development solution is inclusive of the most essential features in order to make it functional and highly interactive. We provide social media sign up for email signup so that users can register themselves on the platform.

Profile Management

The profile management feature allows users to update the necessary information in their profile. This information is inclusive of likes, interests, dislikes, pictures, qualifications, etc. Through this feature, users can customize their profiles as they require.

Profile Control

Through the profile control feature, we allow users to show or hide particular information from other users. They can also create and delete their account whenever required and display the desired information exactly how they want. Our profile control feature is simply outstanding.


The geolocation feature helps the users to get their love interest from the same or nearest location. We allow GPS location tracking through an application that provides an exact location to the users whenever they receive recommended matches.

Filter Search

Online dating is never easy' said by many but we make sure to break this delusion. Our dating application solutions are inclusive of the filter options that help you search the user by filtering the categories. Filtering the search also helps you search your interest-based upon location, height, complexion, etc.


At Dev Technosys app development platform we have made every possible effort to make creativity unlimited. Our dating applications are inclusive of swipe and rewind swipe features which make it convenient for the users to get their perfect match. Through swipes, the user can accept or reject the request based upon their interest.

BENEFITS OF USING OUR Dating App Software Development

Our Dating application development solution is undoubtedly the best singles could get their hands on. We offer a chance to singles to have interesting conversations with their favorites, find a date and have real fun.

Socially Connected

We provide an active dating platform to the users that help them remain connected with each other. Our dating application facilitates the users to connect to the platform through the social media account, email address, or phone number. Our applications allow easy access to users through social channels or other mediums.

Managed Profiles

An application allows the users to develop an initial profile with limited data also. Whenever required the users can easily modify their profile with available information or pictures. We provide well-managed albums to the users that help them regularly update their profile or make the alterations after a regular time interval.

Control Visibility

It is one of the significant advantages of our dating applications. We provide visibility control to our users so that they can allow selected persons to view their profiles and send them messages. Regulatory control is also applicable to comments and like sections. The visibility control feature helps you sort your interests easily.

Mutual Connections

It is one of the most lucrative advantages of our dating applications. In this we allow other users to view or send messages to the mutual friends between them and the other users. It means that the friends in common can exchange their pictures, messages, and initiate a friendship if possible through the instant chat options.

Audio And Video Calls

Our dating app software development facilitates an in-app camera that allows users to make audio calls or video calls whenever required. The users can easily communicate with each other through these mediums within our dating application. Also, we provide a block users option where the users can block unwanted friends or users.

Other Features

We provide a number of additional features in our dating applications like easy to control the profile, premium settings, perfect matching, etc. All these features are well designed by our experts to make sure online dating remains easy for you in real.

Frequently asked question

What are the basic features in a dating app?

Below are the features that are must have in a dating app.

  • Geolocation matching
  • Matching algorithm-based
  • Traditional
  • Niche

Before creating an On-Demand Dating Mobile App it’s very important to do market research and do competitive analysis. This will help in knowing the market properly and come up with unique features.

How much does it cost to create a dating app?

If you go for the basic app then it will cost up to $15000 to $50000. This may vary according to the features. If you are looking to hire a developer for this task then hourly rate vary from $25-$50/hr. If you plan to build the mobile dating app development for both the platform (iOS and Android) then the cost will increase considerably.

How long does it take to build a dating app?

When planning for dating app development there are so many things that need time. There are so many things that are needed to be taken care of like the building of design and structured dating app. It’s very important to choose a tech stack, MVP features, and even the monetization types. It’s very important to research properly about dating app development software. There are so many things in which a professional company will help you.

Do Dating apps make money?

If you are thinking that how will you make money from custom dating software. Below are some of the advantages and the way you can earn money from the app. All you have to choose is all the best features for your app. The dating app is worth investing in as it helps so many people to know each other.

  • Subscription
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertisement
  • Affiliated marketing
  • Passing gifts
  • Run AdSense advertisements
  • Using the services of BuySellAds
  • Promotion of the sponsored posts

Do you provide after-sales maintenance?

Yes, we do come up with after-sales maintenance. There are so much feedbacks that you can get after launching the software for online dating in this way you can even work on them introduce the new update.

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