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If you are searching for the best dating app 2022, Dev Technosys is one of the prominent dating app development company that have produced several on-demand dating app development solutions.

Technology has changed the world and our personal life as well. It has its influence everywhere. There are several applications in the market which are making life easier. The personal relationship also has the interference of technology as whenever you want, you can connect to your loved ones in a single click.

So, online dating applications connect people to their soulmates or with the right partner to enjoy the relationship.

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Dating App Development Services

When it comes to dating app development, you can trust Dev Technosys for having excellent solutions. To date, we have delivered several dating app solutions to clients worldwide. Our team of professionals have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to develop a dating app that can engage the users best. From the revenue point of view, the online dating segment is expected to reach USD 3,920 million by 2022. With an annual growth rate of 6.56%, it will reach USD 4,744 million by 2025.

In the USA, Tinder is recognized as one of the most popular online dating apps. We can also deliver an app like Tinder for you. The Dev Technosys is here to assist you best with your requirements to build dating app. We can transform your dating app development idea into reality; only you need to discuss it with us.

Empower Meaningful Connections With Custom Dating App Solutions Like

At Dev Technosys, we specialize in empowering individuals to forge meaningful connections through our custom dating app solutions. Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, providing a seamless and engaging platform for users to discover and connect with like-minded individuals. Our tailored dating on demand solutions enable you to create a unique dating experience that caters to your target audience, fostering genuine connections and building long-lasting relationships. Let us bring your vision of a thriving dating community to life.

App Like Tinder

App Like Tinder

Do you want to build a revolutionary app that ignites connections? Looking to create a dating app like Tinder? We've got you covered. With sleek designs, advanced algorithms, and a seamless user experience, Sparks will help you build your dream app, bringing people together with a swipe. Let's spark a revolution in the world of online dating!

Apps Like MiuMeet

App Like MiuMeet

Want to develop a sensational app like MiuMeet? Look no further! With ConnectX, you can create a captivating platform where users discover new friendships, engage in exciting chats, and find their perfect match. Let's embark on a journey of connection and make waves in the dating app industry.

Apps Like Bumble

App Like Bumble

Are you tired of swiping through countless dating apps, searching for the perfect connection? Imagine creating your app, like Bumble, where users can forge meaningful relationships. With our expertise in app development, we'll bring your vision to life, revolutionizing the dating landscape. Get ready to make sparks fly!

Dating App Development:
The Pivotal Features

For having great insight, it would be better to go through the demo of the app. Here you will get the idea that how a user can interact with the dating application. You can also take it as an excellent reference for your next app.

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User Panel

  • Swiping Or Tapping

    Just a single swipe or tap can get you to connect with your partner.

  • Smart Algorithm

    Best dating application with smart algorithm powered by AI.

  • Numerous Subscriptions

    You will find several offers regarding purchase and subscription.

  • Detailed Guide

    For any help, you can check out the detailed guide and tutorial.

  • Nearby Location

    You can search for your partner in proximity.

  • Secure Access

    Our dating applications are highly secured and protected.

Admin Panel

  • Verify User Profile

    Only the admin can verify the profile after the submission of the request by the user.

  • Profile Management

    Admin can reset profile passwords, block suspicious users, delete inactive profiles, etc.

  • Push Notifications

    It allows sending the latest alerts to the users smoothly with the help of the push notification feature.

  • Revenue Tracking

    An admin can look over the revenue generation via this feature. They can track how much revenue is generated via subscription and other services in a particular week or a month.

  • Affiliate and Partnership Program

    It allows offering the partnership programming to the others so mutual benefits can be shared.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting and analytics features allow the admin to check overall statistics. This helps improve the app as well as a brand promotion strategy.

Additional Features

  • Social Media Sign Up

    Our dating app solutions comprised of the latest technology and offers the best features available in the market. You will find a fully functional and highly interactive app that will take you to your partner. You can easily signup with your mobile number or email or with social media account.

  • Profile Management

    With our best dating app platform, profile management is much easier. You can easily showcase your interests, choices, dislikes, images and videos. In addition, you will find several themes and templates to customize your profile.

  • Profile Control

    User can set the limit of information display. They can initially hide some information easily through our dating app development solutions. Users can delete their profiles and backup data. This can be used next time on the app.

  • Geolocation

    It is much easier to find out the dating partner or soulmate in the proximity. Our dating application solutions use location to provide show people who are nearby. Other than it, our app also provides the best suggestions for location-based partner searching.

  • Filter Search

    Looking for dating app developers can be time confusing, let alone the “the one”. But this can be changed with the best dating app’s filter. It helps you match people with the same hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. Here you will find the categories that allow you to find the match based on age, height, complexion, location etc.

  • Swipe

    As a leading dating app development company, we build unmatched solutions with the latest technology and tools. Our dating app empowers the user to swipe forward and reverse to find the best match or dream dating partner. Based on it, the user can also accept or reject the request of others.

Dating App Demo

For having great insight, it would be better to go through the demo of the app. Here you will get the idea that how a user can interact with the dating application. You can also take it as an excellent reference for yournext app.

How does It work?

We have a team of the best dating app developers who can provide customized solutions as per the business needs and demands. Here are some glimpses that how our dating mobile app development solutions, similar to apps like Tinder, work.

  • 1

    Social Media Signup

    Users can sign up on the app through their social media, e-mail, and phone number.

  • 2

    My Profile

    This section allows users to set the profile theme, profile name, age, DOB, pictures, and additional information.

  • 3


    Users can swipe the profiles left or right. If any user swipes the profile right, then it means like and left means to dislike. If both users swipe right, then their profiles will be matched.

  • 4

    In-App Communication

    Matched profiles can communicate with each other via an audio or video call and also share messages.

  • 5

    Distance-Based Search

    Allows users to search for the desired partner based on their location, which boosts finding someone special.

  • 6


    The on-demand dating app is equipped with a high-grade security mechanism that prevents the privacy of a user. Only the matched profile can chat or talk to you.

Complete Range of Dating App Solutions By Dev Technosys

With us, you can find a wide range of dating app solutions that you can leverage for revenue generation. There are already several such apps in the market. so, if you want to make an impact, you need a unique idea.

The dating app solutions by Dev Technosys includes-

App for Users

It includes the signup, profile creation, profile image upload, swiping or tapping, subscriptions offers, payment methods, location search option, etc.

Admin Panel

It includes many features that can be used to manage the apps. For instance, dashboard, users activity control, payment tracking, reporting and analytics, and push notification.

Additional Features

Including the user panel and admin panel, your customers will find several additional features to make your app fantastic.

Including the core components, you can choose any of the below-dating app development solutions from us-

iOS Dating App Development
iOS Dating App Development
Match Making Dating App Development
Match Making Dating App Development
Android Dating App Development
Android Dating App Development
Community Dating App Development
Community Dating App Development
Cross-Platform Dating App Development
Cross-Platform Dating App Development
Professional Dating App Development
Professional Dating App Development
Tinder Like App Development
Tinder Like App Development
Astrology Dating App Development
Astrology Dating App Development
You will find all the solutions mentioned above, including core components where you can also request customization. It is our responsibility to provide the solution that can meet your expectations.
Tinder app developers

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Dating App Development Services

Dev Technosys is a prominent dating app development company that can help you have a fine-tuned dating app. We have experience of years with us to develop the dating apps like Tinder. We always found it interesting to build an app where like-minded souls can find each other. In addition, it is also our responsibility to ensure the safety & privacy of users so they can enjoy the conversation without having any fear of fake identity. Therefore, developing safe and secure online dating app solutions is our priority. Some of the best functionalities of our solutions are access control, profile matching algorithm, in-app communication, and custom solutions.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

  • Nike
  • Handy
  • Whirlpool
  • Rak Ceramics
  • pfizer
  • jardine matheson

Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Eden: Christian Dating app

The creators of the app noticed that Christian values became few and far between. The new generation often replaces love and feelings with animalistic instincts. For example, the word “beloved” via new contexts and terms becomes for...
dating app development company

Ur My Type - Dating. Friends.

We are on a mission to make dating and finding friends online more meaningful using personality types. Download our app now to find your type on Ur My Type!...
dating app development company

Boo — Dating. Friends. Chat.

Boo is for connecting with compatible and like-minded souls. Date, chat, match, make friends, and meet new people by personality....
dating app development company

Dating Mobile App Development Cost Estimation

Dating app development costs can be affected by many factors. In other words, each development phase’s cost adds up to the total dating app development cost. Following are the details that you would like to read about cost estimation of dating mobile app.

Dating App UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing

The user interface is the most important component for developing a fantastic dating app. The UI/UX tools are paid and affect the overall cost. Adobe XD, Sketch, Marvel, and Figma are some of the best-paid tools we use to create professional dating app.

Dating App Features


The cost of applications remains low with basic features. But thing is that most dating apps have these. Thus, to create a unique dating app, the cost is more than usual.

Dating App Targeted Platform

Targeted Platform

Majorly there are two app platforms on which most businesses focus, i.e., Android and iOS. If you are targeting any one of them, the cost will be accordingly. For example- iOS dating app development remains a little bit costly than Android app development.

Dating App Tech Stack

Tech Stack

It refers to the tools for backend & frontend development and database tools. It highly affects the total cost of dating app development. The reason is that there are limited tools, adding to development difficulty.

Dating App Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

For improving the app's functionality, third-party integration always works fine. It also enhances the app functionality. As a result, it remains worthy for better customer engagement and business growth.

Dating App Storage


Millions of people worldwide prefers to use the best dating software. Due to the large user base, there is a need for strong storage to support it. However, the primary storage is not costly, but an increment in the percentage on users can't be handled with it.

Dating App Security

App Security

Due to the increasing threats of cyberattack and spoofing attacks implementing a strong app security mechanism will be best. So, whenever we build dating app platform, our dedicated developers take special care of the security.

Dating App Testing

App Testing

Several free tools are available in the market for app testing, but results remain basic and inaccurate. So, for finding & eliminating the bugs, paid tools are required.

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Why Choose Us For Dating app Development

Dev Technosys is a leading mobile app development company. Thus, we always go the extra mile to deliver the best dating app experience. Here are some key points representing that why you should choose us.


Quality Assurance

Assuring the best quality is always a prime job for us. It is the most required element to connect with the customers robustly.



We understand that each penny is valuable. That is why we always offer cost-effective solutions.


Customized Solutions

The customized app solution is one of the top formulas that can guarantee business success. We found it much interesting every time to customize the app for the clients.


Data Privacy

Data privacy is a must when it comes to mobile dating applications. Our talented experts always take care of it to develop fully secure & safe solutions.


Hybrid Functionality

Irrespective of the platform, we can develop cross-platform solutions for you. It will help you to on-board a wide range of customers.

Benefits Of Using Our Dating App Software Development

  • Socially Connected

    Our on-demand dating apps deliver the best and most active platform. Here, people can share their feels with others like them.It helped many souls to be connected with each other and enjoying their relationship. We have developed the best dating application platform that is comprised of the latest technology. Here anyone can have their account using their email id, social media id or phone number.

  • Managed Profiles

    Dating applications allow users to create a profile with limited information. Later, users can add more information easily.In future, if any user wants to modify their details, then they can also do so with ease. The profile feature comes with a gallery function to decide about upload or deletion of the images, profile pic etc.

  • Control visibility

    It is one of the strongest features of our products that we make under our dating app development services. The user can control the visibility of data & information about their profile. It ensures the safety of a person. The other person can see the full profile details of the match when they will be mutually agreed to share. Even user can also decide about the comments & messages.

  • Mutual Connections

    Sharing messages, pictures and videos make relations stronger. So, our online dating applications offer the best functionality and features regarding it. Mutual connections can easily share all these within a click, where they will remain under the control of both. Our applications have strong security features. The connections can initiate the chat and can easily share their thoughts & feelings.

  • Audio & Video Calls

    More often than not, people find the chat boring, as they have to wait for a reply.. We also provide audio and video features. This can be used to send audio and connect via high-quality video calls. In addition, to this, you can also set the background while having a conversation.

  • Other features

    Apart from the key features, you will find some additional features that make our product the best dating application. These additional features include real-time notification, profile builder, block list, who viewed my profile, emojis, content moderation etc. Our experts included all the features via their skills that will make your online dating most enjoyable.

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Dating Mobile App Models

Community Dating App

Community Dating App

This type of dating app allows males and females to date someone from their community. Here community does not stand for race and any linguistic background. It refers to the people from the exact location, same profession and same interest.

Dating App For Seniors

Dating App For Seniors

Spending quality time is not limited to any age group. The older generation also has the right to meet someone by whom they can share their feelings. It can be a good idea to consider dating app development.

Genderless Dating App

Genderless Dating App

One of the most excellent ideas is to create a dating app where people can find others with the same orientation. These types of apps allow to date people of the same gender. This is similar to OkCupid.

Local Dating App

Local Dating App

Sometimes, you find the other person having the same interest but resides far away from your location. So, it would be better to date someone from your exact location. This idea will be worthy if you are considering it to launch.

Ready-To-Go Dating App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

  • Tinder Clone

    Tinder Clone

  • OkCupid Clone

    OkCupid Clone

  • Badoo Clone

    Badoo Clone

  • Tantan Clone

    Tantan Clone

  • Bumble Clone

    Bumble Clone

  • Hilly Clone

    Hilly Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

    The cost of a basic app is anywhere between $ 15,000 and $ 50,000. The cost depends on the features and functionality. The cost remains directly proportional to the number of features. . For more details, you can contact dating app development services at Call +1 415-992-5493 (USA), +91 99832 63662(UAE) or write an email to [email protected].

  • How do I build a dating app?

  • How do dating apps make money?

  • How long does it take to build a dating app?

  • What is dating app development software?

  • What are the basic features of a dating app?

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