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“The AI Flirt app may be our first step towards a future where humans and machines collaborate to navigate the complexities of love and intimacy”. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Quick Summary: Are you tired of awkward silences and boring conversations on dating apps? Then buckle up, lovebirds, because the future of flirtation is here. In this post, we’ll walk you through the exciting world of AI flirt apps, exploring the features that make them tick and revealing the step-by-step process to build an AI Flirt app.  

In the age of digital interaction, where swipes and algorithms rule the dating scene, what if there was a better way to connect? What if an AI could help us navigate the often-awkward world of flirtation and spark authentic connections? This is the exciting vision behind the concept of an AI Flirt app. 

The market for the online dating industry was estimated to be worth $7,939.2 million in 2022, and from 2023 to 2030, it is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.6%. Worldwide, there are around 300 million users of dating apps, of which 20 million pay for premium services. 

By looking at these numbers, it is clear that the popularity of online dating apps will be immense in the upcoming era. Due to this, startups and entrepreneurs are planning to grab this opportunity by investing in AI Flirt app development. Are you also among them who wants to build an AI Flirt app? So, you have reached the correct place. 

Read this blog to know everything from development steps to features and other aspects of creating an app like the AI Flirt app. 

So, let’s begin. 


What is an AI Flirt App?

An AI Flirt App is a mobile app that enables users to improve their flirting skills and navigate online dating with a chatbot. It differs from traditional dating apps by focusing specifically on the flirting aspect rather than just matching based on interests or preferences. 


ai Flirt App


These apps analyze conversation history and profiles to suggest personalized responses tailored to the individual and the situation. 

They help overcome anxieties about flirting and communication, ultimately leading to more engaging and successful interactions. So, if you are planning to build an AI Flirt app for your business, then you should consult with a dating app development company.


Dating App Market and Growth 

  • By the year 2023, the global online dating industry is expected to generate US$2.98 billion in sales.
  • By 2028, the market is predicted to have grown at a pace of 3.03% annually, with a projected value of US$3.46 billion.
  • Estimates indicate that 452.5 million people will be using online dating services by 2028.
  • By 2028, it is anticipated that the user adoption rate will have increased from 5.0% in 2023 to 5.7%.
  • It is anticipated that the average income per user will be $7.82.


Build an AI Flirt App


  • In terms of revenue generation in the online dating industry, the United States is anticipated to lead the world, with US$1,347.00 million predicted to be generated in 2023.
  • Furthermore, with a predicted 17.6% adoption rate in the online dating industry, the United States will lead the world in this regard.
  • Globally, the prevalence of online dating has been rising, with the US and other developed nations setting the standard for user participation and market valuation. 

So, the above statistics show the popularity of the dating industry. It is clear that in the coming years, the demand for AI Flirt app development will increase. Now is the right time for you to invest in AI Flirt app development by taking assistance from an Android development services provider.  


5 Steps to Build an AI Flirt App

Creating an AI Flirt app can be daunting as it involves several crucial steps and technologies. However, with the help of an Android or ios app development company, you can build an AI Flirt app in no time. So, let’s have a look at the 5 crucial steps that can help in creating a robust AI Flirt app. 


Build an AI Flirt App


Step 1: Find Your Niche

Many AI Flirt apps are available on the market. However, choosing a niche will help you stand out. For instance, you could design an app to attract people who have similar food choices, singles with pets, or people in the same community.    


Step 2: Choosing a Business Model

The next step in the AI Flirt app development process is to select a business model that works for you. Business models can range from premium ones to ones that offer in-app purchases or other advertising opportunities. So, choose wisely which fits your budget. 


Step 3: Selecting the Right Tech Stack

Choosing the right technology stack to build an AI Flirt app is the next thing on your list. The choice of the right tech for creating an AI Flirt app can be a crucial step in establishing yourself as a leader in the dating app AI ecosystem. So, it is better to hire dedicated developers that can help you in choosing the best tech stack. The requirements of a tech stack that can handle an ever-growing database and offer optimum performance. 


Step 4: Pick the Right App Development Team

The level of expertise of your app development team will affect how well it performs. The best way to find the right on demand app development company is by looking for one that has an extensive portfolio of social apps. You should also keep in mind that the hourly rate of the developers’ work will vary depending on where the company is located.


Step 5: Building and Launching the MVP 

This final stage is the most important to build an AI Flirt app. It involves converting the idea into an MVP, which will help you determine how the product performs on the market. You must avail of the AI development services to integrate AI features into your app. 

This includes finalizing project requirements through scoping sessions, identifying the key features, and creating a prototype. As soon as the MVP is launched successfully in the market, the changes and additions made are based on the feedback received. This makes it possible for the product to launch with enhanced features.  


Unique Features to Build an App Like AI Flirt App

Each AI Flirt user has unique needs. Analyzing different user profiles helps us understand the app’s potential and refine features before development. So, let’s explore the AI Flirt or dating app development features to create a matchmaking app like never before. 


Build an AI Flirt App


1. User Profile

The AI Flirt app allows users to sign up using only their contact information or social media profiles. These apps use an algorithm to extract essential details from a user’s social profile. So, you must provide multiple social media logins in social media development. This facilitates the process of completing the paperwork. 


2. User Authorization

Users must click on the email to authenticate their profiles after registering for the AI Flirt app. The users can then change their profile pictures, upload their bios and add hobbies or interests.


3. Smart Response Timing 

By analyzing conversations and determining the ideal time to respond, AI Flirt’s Smart Response Timing helps you maintain the flame and increases your chances of falling in love. 


4. Profile Enhancement Suggestions 

With advice for profile improvement, AI Flirt helps users shine. So, when you develop an AI app, make sure it evaluates the user profile and makes recommendations for enhancements to your bio, photographs, and dating style advice. It’s similar to carrying around a personal dating mentor. 


5. Feedback Mechanism 

AI Flirt accepts your input to grow. Inform the app of what you liked, disliked, and would like to see more of after each engagement. Your information enables AI Flirt to modify its strategy, resulting in even more flirty and delightful interactions in the future.


6. Geolocation

The geolocation function makes it easy to connect users with people who are nearby. The users’ matches are determined by their interests, location, and other factors. The mobile app development company integrates geolocation into the app using Core Location API and Geolocation API. 


Build an AI Flirt App


7. Matching Functionality

Users of AI Flirt apps can swipe left or right on matches that they receive. The users can only communicate with each other if they both swipe right on the other person’s profile. Restful API allows you to integrate this functionality into your app quickly.


8. Emotion Recognition

Your AI flirting assistant will read the emotions in your match’s messages. It analyzes their tone, expressions, and sentiments to understand the mood of your matches and suggests perfect responses. This makes flirting easier than ever. You should hire mobile app developers to incorporate this feature to allow users to personalize their interactions and create a human-like experience. 


9. Push Notifications 

AI Flirt apps use the push notifications feature to maximize user engagement and retention. App users receive notifications for new matches near them, user requests, and chat requests.


10. Real-time Language Translation 

With AI Flirt, you can flirt and converse in real-time in the language of the person you’re speaking with, no matter where they are. There will be no more uncomfortable translations—just accessible communication and connection.  


5 Best AI Flirt App of 2024

There are multiple AI Flirt apps in the market that are doing great and have a vast user base. However, we have listed down the most popular AI Flirt apps that are also among the best gay dating apps. So, let’s have a glimpse. 


AI Flirt Apps  Available Platform  Download  Ratings 
iFlirts Android | iOS  1M+ 4.1
LOVOO Android | iOS  50M+ 3.9
Tinder  Android | iOS  100M+ 3.6
Hinge  Android | iOS  10M+ 3.5
Rizz Android | iOS  500K+ 4.9


1. iFlirts

iFlirts allows users to flirt, chat, and meet other singles. It has a simple signup process, and there are many profiles available to browse.




The app allows users to send messages and like profiles, but some features are only available with a paid subscription. It is claimed to be safe and discrete, with no ads.


2. Tinder 

With the dating app Tinder, users may swipe through the profiles of possible matches. When users see someone they like, they can swipe right; when they don’t, they can swipe left. Tinder now has an AI flirt feature that can help users write messages to their matches. 




This feature is based on the user’s past conversations and can suggest personalized messages. So, when you build a dating app like Tinder, you must integrate this feature to enhance user engagement. 



LOVOO allows you to meet people near you. It is a dating app for free. This app has many features that help users find their matches.




These include a matching engine, filters, and chat. Numerous safety safeguards are available with LOVOO, such as picture verification and user banning.


4. Hinge 

Hinge makes use of voice recordings and prompts to show off your personality.




Its AI algorithm learns about your preferences and suggests compatible singles to spark deeper conversations. Dating apps like Hinge are top-rated among Gen Zs. 


5. Rizz

Rizz analyzes the profile of your match and offers witty, playful, and personal pickup lines. Get feedback in real time on your messages and profile.




This is among the best AI dating apps that help you learn from expert tips and boost your confidence using proven flirting techniques. 


How Much Does It Cost to Build an AI Flirt App? 

The cost to build an AI Flirt app can be around $8,000-$30,000. However, it is not fixed but keeps on fluctuating. Also, these factors play a significant role in affecting the overall mobile app development cost. If we calculate a basic AI Flirt App with minimal functionality in it, the cost would be around $8,000-$15,000. 


Build an AI Flirt App


However, if you go for a complex app with advanced features and AI-based technology, the cost to develop an AI flirt app may rise to $16,000-$30,000. Let’s now take a look at the below factors that affect the cost to build a mobile app.

  • App Complexity 
  • Features and Functionality 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Payment Gateway Integration 
  • Developer’s Location 
  • Backend Development 
  • App Testing 
  • Deployment & Maintenance 

These are some of the factors that might raise or decrease the cost to build an AI Flirt app. It is now up to you what functionality you want to add in your app as it can increase the dating app development cost. However, if you want to know the exact cost to build an AI Flirt app, then you should contact a mobile app development company. 


Ready to Build an AI Flirt App With Dev Technosys?

So, since you have a better understanding of all the processes to build an AI Flirt app, it is time for you to apply the procedures for development mentioned above to bring your concept to life. 

Dev Technosys is a messaging app development company that specializes in dynamic dating and AI Flirt apps using cutting-edge technology. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 


1. How Long Does it Take to Build an AI Flirt App?

The time required for an AI Flirt app development can be from 2-3 months for a simple app. However, it can increase up to 5-7 months if you go for a complex mobile app with highly advanced functionality. To know the exact time duration for your project, then you consult with an experienced mobile app development company. 


2. How Much Does It Cost to Build an AI Flirt App?

The dating app development cost of an AI Flirt app relies on many factors like app complexity, features & functionality, app design, and so on. On average, the cost to build an AI Flirt app can be around $ 10,000-$ 25,000 or even more.   


3. How Much Does it Cost to Maintain An AI Flirt App? 

It can be challenging to determine the exact cost of maintaining an AI Flirt app as many factors influence it. However, it can cost you around 20-25% of the total price, but it can also increase to 40% depending on the app type and complexity.  


4. What Are the Benefits of Creating an AI Flirt App? 

The advantages of developing a flirtation AI app are that it allows users to maintain interest in discussion with their possible match by responding in a lighthearted and pertinent manner. Also, it improved user engagement, 24/7 availability, data-driven matchmaking, and potential revenue generation through premium features and advertisements. 


5. How to Make Money From an AI Flirt App? 

To make money from an AI Flirt app, you must check out the following points: 

  • In-app purchase 
  • Sponsorship ads
  • In-app advertisement
  • Email marketing 
  • Freemium model