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“Poshmark is a great way to declutter your closet and make some extra money.” – Khloé Kardashian.

Quick Summary: Have you ever dreamt of turning your wardrobe into a thriving online boutique? Well, dream no more! In this post, we’ll discuss the steps to build an app like Poshmark, the e-commerce sensation revolutionizing online fashion. Get ready to declutter, connect, and start making serious cash – all from the comfort of your own home!

If you Google best-reselling clothes apps, you will discover Poshmark, thredUP, Vinted, Depop, and Mercari. But among them, Poshmark, a secondhand and thrift clothing app, has seen tremendous growth.

According to ThredUp, the web-based resale clothing industry is expected to reach $51 billion by 2024, fueled by youth and Gen Z users searching for reasonably priced, environmentally friendly clothing. By looking at these statistics, numerous businesses and startups want to grab this opportunity and build an app like Poshmark.

So, to know the workings and the intricacies of building an app like Poshmark, along with its features and budget required, read this blog to the end.

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What is a Poshmark App?

Poshmark is a social marketplace where people can purchase and sell new and used clothing. It is a popular app among fashionistas and casual shoppers, with a wide variety of items available at affordable prices.

Poshmark offers its more than 70 million registered users a smooth and exciting experience with an intuitive UI similar to many other apps. Thus, if you want to invest in Poshmark app development, you should hire an e-commerce app development company.


Poshmark App: Market Statistics And Growth

  • In the US, 67% of consumers who buy online for used clothing are aware of the Poshmark brand.
  • About 22% of Americans who buy online for used clothing in June 2022 said they had heard about Poshmark from the media.
  • Over 1.2 million of the 1.8 million downloads of the Poshmark app in 2023 came from iOS devices.
  • From 50 million dollars in 2016 to 150 to 200 million dollars in 2018, U.S.-based corporations are expected to generate large profits.
Poshmark App: Market Statistics And Growth
Source: Statista
  • Millennials and Generation Z comprise almost half of Poshmark’s user base.
  • 95% of all transactions in 2020 came via mobile devices.
  • On the Poshmark website, 1.2 million merchants offer over 100 million products for sale.
  • The average daily usage of Poshmark for all users is 2.2 million minutes.
  • Canada had a million Poshmark users as of 2021.
  • Every day, Poshmark users share 18 million things from people’s closets.


All the above-booming statistics clearly show that online shopping apps like Poshmark are thriving and will keep expanding in the coming years. This opens up numerous opportunities for startups to dive into this expanding market.

So, if you are impressed with the Poshmark market stats, it is the right time for you to build your app by getting assistance from a mobile app development company.


Business Model of Poshmark: How Does It Make Money?  

Poshmark works as a marketplace where individuals sell used and new clothing, accessories, and shoes directly to each other. It can avoid inventory costs by using an asset-light model. Instead, they focus on facilitating transactions while fostering a vibrant and active community. How does Poshmark make money?


  • Commission Fees: Poshmark charges a 20 percent commission on the sale price for each item. This fee encourages sellers to offer attractive products, and buyers to complete the transaction.
  • Shipping Fees: Poshmark provides a flat rate shipping label at $7.67. Poshmark generates additional revenue by simplifying the process.
  • Posh Boost: Vendors have the option to do payment to promote their app through ads that appear higher in search results. This service is a fee-based one that helps sellers reach more people and increase sales.
  • Social commerce: Poshmark encourages a shopping experience by allowing users to follow other users, share listings, and participate in virtual events. Poshmark’s engagement with users increases retention, which leads to more transactions and higher revenue.


Poshmark’s business model is successful because it provides a user-friendly environment and fosters a strong community. This benefits both buyers and sellers. Poshmark has become a leader on the resale market because of its innovative approach. So, if you are impressed with the success of the Poshmark business model, you can even build an e-commerce app like Lazada that has also seen immense success.


Steps to Build An App Like Poshmark

For a Poshmark to be a success, planning is crucial. Follow these steps with the help of a custom online shopping app development company to ensure a smooth launch. You’ll also get a more user-friendly app, saving you money and time. Let’s look at the steps you must follow to build an app like Poshmark and make it a reality.


Steps to Build An App Like Poshmark

1. Evaluate the Idea

The first step to build an app like Poshmark is to have eCommerce business ideas, but it will take only a little. It is essential to consider the product concept you want to create.

Identify the problem that your app is meant to solve. Also, establish clear goals for the project. To achieve this, you’ll need to develop different hypotheses like finding the target audience, finding niche, knowing competitors etc.


2. Do Market Research

Take the time to research the online fashion reselling industry before laying the foundation. Analyze platforms, identify the gaps, and know your audience. Who do you cater to? Who is your potential audience? Defining the target audience will help you tailor your app’s features and aesthetics to build an app like Poshmark.


3. Define What Makes Your App Unique

This is the thing that will make your app stand apart from your competitors. Will you choose a fashion niche, such as vintage clothing and designer goods?

Will you have unique user engagement features, like integrated social media sharing or gamification? Define your app’s special features and benefits to users. These are the queries that should be clear before you begin to build an app like Poshmark.


4. Create App Design

First impressions matter, so invest in a visually appealing and intuitive app design to build an app like Poshmark. You can hire ecommerce developers if you want a website like Poshmark and create an attractive user interface. Providing an excellent user interface is crucial to keeping consumers on the app and getting them to interact with it. Also, you must prioritize user-friendly navigation, clear product listings, and efficient search functionalities.


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5. Start the App Development

Now that you have successfully designed the user interface, let’s start the app development. You must partner with an experienced Android app development company to develop a top-notch app. Start with a Minimum viable platform, then add features when you know more about your audience.

They would implement features like social sharing, live shopping, and interactive elements to enhance user engagement when they build an app like Poshmark.


6. Test & Final Launch

Before making your app available to the general public, give it a comprehensive test. Beta testers are able to offer insightful criticism. Make necessary changes based on what they say. Launch your application with the crucial attributes, and then collect user reviews. Be prepared for quick adaptations and iterations based on feedback from users.


8 Essential Features to Build An App Like Poshmark

The unique features of an online shopping app like Poshmark directly influence the user experience. It’s critical to understand that adding functionality drives up the expense of developing an app.

Thus, you should select and incorporate features in your online shopping app with the support of an accomplished Android/iOS app development company. But first, let’s explore the unique features to build an app like Poshmark.  


8 Essential Features to Build An App Like Poshmark

# Easy Sign-in

The first step in using your app is for users to register quickly and conveniently. To satisfy varying tastes, provide a range of registration options, including phone numbers, social network logins, and email addresses. Make sure users can easily upload profile photographs, personal information, and shipping data and modify their profiles.


# Listings and Product Upload

Flexibility is crucial when you allow users to make listings. So, you must provide an intuitive product upload UI that enables them to include numerous photos, thorough product descriptions, and price details. Also, to raise the level of listings, think about adding tools for picture modification and labeling.


# Search and Discovery

The core of every app’s popularity is a user-friendly search and finding system. When you build an app like Poshmark, you should execute complex search features such as category, filter, and keyword searches. A smooth user experience is ensured by features like sorting, recommended goods, and saved searches.


# Payment Processing

Payment processing needs to be done with a strong and secure system. To meet a range of customer preferences, hire dedicated developers to provide a variety of payment options, including PayPal, credit cards, and in-app wallets. Make sure that every transaction complies with industry-standard security protocols and is encrypted.


# User-to-User Messaging

It takes safe and efficient communication to foster relationships between buyers and vendors. Users need to be able to use a chat system to ask questions, obtain answers to their inquiries, discuss product details, and negotiate prices. Consider features like message archiving, image sharing, and instant messaging.


Expert Advice: Consider integrating “Virtual Fitting Room” with cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality or artificial intelligence to improve the user experience. With this function, users can see how apparel will fit them before making an order. 

# Ratings and Reviews

After an effective sale, let consumers write evaluations and suggestions for your site to increase visibility and confidence. You can even build an app like Zulily and consider adding features. When purchasing and selling, customer reviews and ratings assist other users in making well-informed judgments. Consider a function allowing users to submit complaints and flag obscene conduct or content.


# Push Notifications

To maintain user engagement, real-time alerts are essential. Inform users of new messages, comments, likes on products, and order status updates. Make sure users may customize alerts to suit their tastes.


# In-App Shipping and Tracking

You should hire mobile app developers who can integrate shipping and tracking solutions that allow merchants to print shipping labels directly from within the app to expedite the shipping process. Provide package tracking and delivery notification options to customers so they may stay up to date on the progress of their orders.


Prominent Online Shopping Apps Like Poshmark

Poshmark is not the only online fashion marketplace. There are many other options that have unique features. We have jotted down the top online shopping apps that can help you know the USP and assist to build an app like Poshmark.


Prominent Online Shopping Apps Like Poshmark


Apps like Poshmark Available Platform Downloads Ratings
SHEIN Android | iOS 500M 4.5
Vinted Android | iOS 50M 3.8
thredUP Android | iOS 5M 4.1
YesStyle Android | iOS 1M 4.7
eBay Android | iOS 100M 4.7


Shein is a mobile app that allows you to shop for a wide variety of apparels at affordable prices. Their pricing is low, and they provide a wide choice of designs, from fashionable to traditional.

The app is a terrific location to get stylish clothing without going over budget because it frequently offers discounts and promotions. So, with considerable success and growth, it can be beneficial to build an app like SHEIN by consulting with experts.


2. Vinted

Vinted is a well-known mobile app for buying and selling clothes and other goods. It’s an excellent platform for clearing out your closet and generating some extra cash, or finding unique pre-owned items at a fraction of the original price. You can also build an app like Vinted by integrating robust features for a better user experience.


3. thredUP

thredUP is a mobile app that allows you to shop and sell secondhand clothes, shoes, and accessories. The app has various items from over 35,000 brands—for example, Gap, Gucci, Lululemon, Zara, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor LOFT. You can also use an app like thredUP to find items for men, women, and children.


4. YesStyle

The app is easy to use and allows you to browse products, add them to your cart, and checkout quickly and easily. You can also track your orders and get alerts about sales and newest products. So, you can build an app like YesStyle if you are impressed with its growth and the features it provides to its users.

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5. eBay

The eBay app is a mobile application that allows you to buy and sell items on the marketplace. The eBay app development is a convenient way to shop for and sell items. It is free to download and use.


How Much Does it Cost to Build An App Like Poshmark?

If you are planning to build an app like Poshmark, always keep in mind the costs involved. These include the technologies used, the development of customs as well as marketing expenses. This part of the online shopping app development cost will have the most significant impact on your budget.

So, if we calculate the rough estimate of online shopping app development, it can cost you around $10,000-$25,000. However, the cost to build an app like Poshmark may increase if additional features are included, such as AR Try-On Technology. To make it more precise, the table below showcases the mobile app development cost as per the level of complexity.


App Complexity Cost Estimation Time Duration
Simple App $10000-$15000 2-3 months
Medium App $15000-$20000 4-6 months
Complex App $25000 8 months


To ensure that your Poshmark app development cost is successful and cost-effective, it’s essential to consider your budget and prioritize the features you absolutely need. Also, it is better to consult with a company to get an actual cost to build an app like Poshmark.


How Can Dev Technosys Assist in Poshmark App Development?

Dev Technosys is a leading e-commerce app development company for building an app inspired by Poshmark. Our experienced team of developers and designers will turn your vision into a reality by creating an intuitive, visually appealing platform to build an app like Poshmark.

We provide complete solutions, ranging from market analysis and conceptualizing to design execution and continuous maintenance. Also, we combine our expertise in mobile app development with a thorough understanding of e-commerce to ensure a successful launch.

Dev Technosys allows you to focus on your core business – nurturing and promoting pre-loved clothing. So, what are you waiting for? Just share your requirements with us and we will deliver your app in less time.



1. How Much Time Does It Take to Build an App Like Poshmark?

Building an app like Poshmark takes around 2-6 months for custom development. Using pre-built e-commerce software can speed up the process to a week. However, a minimum viable product could be built in as little as 3-4 months.


2. How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Poshmark?

The cost to build an app like Poshmark can be around $10,000-$250,000, depending on complexity and features. The e-commerce app development cost varies depending on factors like location, online shopping app development company, and desired features.


3. Where to Find App Developers For An Ecommerce App Project?

You can find developers from the following sites:

  • Dev Technosys
  • Hired
  • Clutch
  • Toptal
  • Upwork


4. What are the Benefits of Creating an App like Poshmark?

When you create an ecommerce store like Poshmark, it offers several benefits that we have jotted down below:

  • Access a large audience: Tap into the growing second hand clothing market with millions of potential buyers and sellers.
  • Generate revenue: Earn commission on each transaction, just like Poshmark’s successful business model.
  • Build a community: Foster a social shopping experience with features like follows, likes, and comments.
  • Encourage sustainability: Promote the reuse and reduction of clothing waste, contributing to a greener future.


5. How to Make Money From an App Like Poshmark?

When you build online shopping apps like Poshmark sellers make money by listing and selling clothing and accessories. They pay a 20% commission on each sale and a small shipping fee. Some sellers also offer discounts or promotions to attract buyers. To be successful, sellers need to take high-quality photos, write detailed descriptions, and price their items competitively.