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“Online shopping is the ultimate in convenience. No lines, no crowds, just the comfort of your own home.” – Oprah Winfrey.

Are you looking to build an app like Zulily? Read this blog to know everything about Zulily app development. In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, Zulily has emerged as a trailblazer, captivating shoppers with its unique approach to flash sales and curated product offerings.

As entrepreneurs and businesses aspire to replicate Zulily’s success, understanding the cost to build an app like Zulily becomes paramount.

The cost to build an app like Zulily can be around $ 10,000-$ 25,000. Let’s read this blog to know the actual cost and other aspects that will help businesses in app development.

This blog post delves into the intricacies of Zulily app development, dissecting the key factors contributing to the overall cost.

So, let’s begin.


What is a Zulily App?

Zulily is an e-commerce platform that offers daily deals on a wide range of products, primarily focused on women’s, children’s, and maternity clothing, as well as home goods and toys. The Zulily app allows users to discover and purchase discounted items with limited-time offers, creating a sense of urgency for shoppers.

Zulily’s business model revolves around flash sales, providing a unique and dynamic shopping experience for consumers seeking bargains on diverse merchandise. So, if you want to build an app like Zulily, you must hire dedicated developers who can integrate unique features that can take your app to success.


Market Stats of the Online Fashion Industry


Know the Cost To Build an App LIke Zulily


  • Retail ecommerce sales will increase in the next few years. They are expected to go from 925 billion U.S. dollars in 2023 to more than 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars in 2027.
  • Not only does Amazon own the highest market share, but it is also the leader in online shopping.
  • In the U.S., in the last quarter of 2022, 34 Gen Z consumers purchased a product from a social platform.
  • Mobile commerce sales will represent 38 percent of all online sales by 2022.
  • Revenues in the United States e-commerce market were forecast to increase continuously between 2023 and 2020 by 619.7 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Over one-third of all global orders are placed on online marketplaces like eBay, Alibaba, or JD.com.


Cost to Build An App Like Zulily

An online marketplace like Zulily demands significant financial and technological expenses to be built. The complex nature of the program and the technical stack used to build it determine how much precisely the mobile app development cost to design such a platform.

However, the following are approximate figures to build an app like Zulily:


App complexity Cost estimation Time duration
Simple App $10000-$15000 2-3 months
Medium App $16000-$20000 4-6 months
Complex App $25000 9 months


It’s essential to remember that these are only approximate figures and that the exact cost may vary depending on the project’s demands. To obtain a more accurate estimate of costs and schedules, it is usually advised to contact a few of the top mobile app development companies


Factors Affecting the Cost to Build An App Like Zulily

Several factors impact the cost to build an app like Zulily, including the wireframe, UI/UX design, app platform, features, tech stack, and more. Let’s take a look at each of the factors in detail below.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Build An App Like Zulily

A. Wireframe

Wireframing of an app is the process where the rough template of the mobile app is made to give the client an idea of the app’s outlook. The Zulily app development cost estimate to build an app like Zulily of the wireframe typically turns out to be more.


B.  UI/UX Design

When building an app for the marketplace, the flexibility and versatility of the app design ultimately set the tone for its mass adoption in the market. The cost of designing a mobile app development marketplace would increase because of how crucial and intricate the design element is.


C.  Development

This is where the magic happens, and everything from your ideas to your design is coded into a fully functioning mobile app. The marketplace app development cost depends on many factors – the number of resources working on your project, the range of functionalities to be added to it, hourly rates of the marketplace iPhone app developers, total development time frame, etc.


D. Team Size

Team size is another factor that impacts the overall cost of marketplace app development. For instance, when you choose a freelancer for a project, the overall cost of your app would be comparatively less compared to a fully-fledged buy cloth online app development team. Even though the latter increases the overall cost, the team’s professionalism and expertise are all worth it for a guaranteed ROI.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an E-Commerce Website?


E. App Platform

The underlying app platform will ultimately affect your overall app budget. Even though choosing between Android or iOS applications only has a negligible effect on your app budget, starting with a single platform is usually preferred. Once the app gains traction in the marketplace, you may transition to developing cross-platform apps.


F. App Maintenance

App maintenance costs can potentially sabotage your entire budget for app development. If you want to ensure your app’s success in the cutthroat market, you must keep an eye on its maintenance expenditures. These include developing new features to support the market analysis, working with new technologies, and implementing app upgrades.


Top 5 Online Shopping Apps Like Zulily


Top 5 Online Shopping Apps Like Zulily


Apps Like Zulily Available Platform Downloads Ratings
Amazon Android | iOS 500M+ 4.2
Alibaba Android | iOS 100M+ 4.5
Flipkart Android | iOS 500M+ 4.3
SHEIN Android | iOS 500M+ 4.5
Walmart Android | iOS 50M+ 4.7

1. Amazon

Amazon is a multinational online retailer that sells various goods, such as clothing, books, gadgets, and more. The Amazon app offers a personalized recommendation system, an easy-to-use design, and services like Amazon Prime that offer expedited shipping and special offers.


2. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the biggest names in e-commerce, especially in Asia. The Alibaba app connects buyers with a wide range of suppliers, allowing users to purchase products at wholesale prices. It has advantages like worldwide delivery and safe payment methods.


3. Flipkart

One of the biggest online retailers in India is Flipkart. A wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, and household goods, are available on the Flipkart app. It provides various payment options, discounts, and features like “Big Billion Days” for special sales events.



SHEIN is an international online marketplace where customers may purchase and sell both new and old goods. The app provides a bidding system for auctions and a straightforward buying process for fixed-price items. So, if you plan to build An App Like Shein, now is the perfect time to invest in it.

Online Shopping App Development Cost


5. Walmart

Walmart, a major retail chain, has a robust online presence through its app. A vast array of things, such as food, electronics, and home goods, are available on the Walmart app. It often includes features like free two-day shipping and convenient in-store pickup options.


Key Features to Build an App Like Zulily

A smooth user experience and a competitive edge in the e-commerce industry are achieved by carefully considering essential aspects while building an app similar to Zulily. Here are crucial features to build an app like Zulily:


Key Features to Build an App Like Zulily

1. User-Friendly Interface:

A clean and intuitive user interface is crucial for an e-commerce app. Provide a user-friendly layout, aesthetically pleasing design, and simple navigation so customers can quickly peruse your product selection. With the help of an Android app development company, you must include high-quality images and concise product descriptions to enhance the overall shopping experience.


2. Personalized Recommendations:

Utilize machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior, preferences, and purchase history. Ask the iPhone app development service provider to implement a recommendation engine to recommend personalized products. This feature creates a more customized shopping experience, increases engagement, and motivates purchases.


3. Flash Sales and Limited-Time Offers:

Create a sense of exclusivity and urgency by combining flash sales with time-limited promotions. Notify users about upcoming sales events and prominently display countdowns to create excitement. This feature can drive impulse purchases and keep users engaged with the app.


4. Social Media Integration:

Hire Android app developers to integrate social sharing tools and enable people to log in using their social media accounts. Enable users to share their favorite products or purchases on social platforms. In addition to raising brand awareness, this type of user-generated material may draw in new clients.


5. Secure Payment Gateway:

Establish a reliable, effective payment system that accepts a range of payment options. Ensure compliance with industry standards for online transactions and integrate popular payment gateways. Security is paramount in gaining user trust, so prioritize features like two-factor authentication and secure payment processing.


6. Order Tracking and Notifications:

You can keep users informed about their orders by giving them real-time tracking information. Send emails or push alerts at crucial points, including purchase confirmation, shipment, and delivery. Openness in the order fulfillment procedure increases user pleasure and fosters app trust.


ecommerce cta

7. Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Allow consumers to rate and evaluate the goods they’ve bought. Constructive criticism offers insightful commentary that benefits the company and prospective clients, while positive evaluations increase credibility and trustworthiness. Establish a thorough review system with a moderation procedure to preserve authenticity. You can build a shopping app like Catch and integrate such features for better user engagement.


8. Responsive Customer Support:

Provide prompt customer service using a variety of channels, such as phone, email, and in-app chat. Use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions and offer prompt support. A customer support personnel that is friendly and responsive goes a long way toward increasing client satisfaction and loyalty.


Tips to Reduce the Cost of Build An App Like Zulily

You can use a few strategies to lower the total cost of developing an app similar to Zulily, even if the price could vary. Now, let’s look at this:


Tips to Reduce the Cost of Build An App Like Zulily


●  Prioritize Features:

Determine which features are most important for your app and rank them according to how they affect user experience. By doing this, you may cut down on needless development expenses and concentrate on the most essential aspects.


Use Cross-Platform Development Tools:

When developing your app, consider using cross-platform development tools like Flutter or React Native. These technologies save development time and costs by enabling you to create code only once and run on several platforms.


Hire a professional development company:

By utilizing their knowledge and experience, hiring a professional e-commerce app development company may assist in saving expenses associated with developing mobile apps for e-commerce by eliminating the need for internal resources and training.


Optimize Design and User Experience:

Invest in a well-designed user interface to provide users with a smooth and straightforward experience. User-friendliness in design may save development and maintenance costs while increasing customer satisfaction.


Choose the Right Development Team:

Choose a development team with e-commerce app development experience. A competent team can quickly and cheaply develop An app like Zulily, cutting down on development time.


Minimize Third-Party Integrations:

To reduce complexity and development expenses, keep your program’s number of third-party connectors to a minimum. Integrate just the connectors required to ensure your app’s operation.


Plan for App Maintenance:

Consider the e-commerce app’s long-term support and maintenance during the development stage. By budgeting for upkeep up front, you may steer clear of unforeseen expenses down the road.

You may efficiently cut costs and streamline the development process to create an app similar to Zulily by heeding the advice in this section.



While creating an app like Zulily might be expensive, businesses can benefit significantly from the investment. Working with a reputable and experienced online shopping app development company is crucial if you want them to guide you through the process and ensure your project turns out well. Simply tell us what you need, and our engineers will quickly build an app like Zulily using the newest technology.



1. How Long Does it Take to Build An App Like Zulily?

Many factors, such as complexity, features, and the productivity of the development team, affect how long it takes to build an app like Zulily. It usually takes 2-3 months to a year or longer.

2. How to Build an App Like Zulily?

To build an app like Zulily, follow these steps:

  • Market research to understand user needs.
  • Define unique selling points.
  • Choose a reliable tech stack.
  • Design an intuitive user interface.
  • Implement secure payment systems.
  • Integrate a robust backend for inventory management.
  • Test thoroughly for usability and security.
  • Final Launch

3. What Are the Benefits of Creating An App Like Zulily?

Creating an app like Zulily offers benefits such as attracting bargain-hunting consumers with flash sales, fostering customer loyalty through exclusive deals, and providing a platform for small businesses to reach a broader audience.

4. What Are the Advanced Features Of An App Like Zulily?

An app like Zulily may include advanced features such as personalized recommendations based on user preferences, a dynamic and interactive user interface, push notifications for exclusive deals, a secure and efficient payment system, and social media integration for sharing and feedback.