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EV Charging Station Finder App

Get an EV charging station finder app from industry experts & experience the results!

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and charging stations are growing rapidly. The EV charging station locator app facilitates the users to find an EV charging station in their locality. If you are looking to launch an electric vehicle charging station finder app for business, it is the right time to do it. Dev Technosys will assist you with the best for it.

  • In-depth Experience
  • Skilled Developers
  • Latest Tech-stack
  • Agile Development

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Customized Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locator App Solutions

There is a surge in electric vehicles, and sometimes it is a hectic task to find an EV charging station. A mobile app can help them find a nearby charging station with ease. We are a well-known EV charging station locator app development company. We develop customized mobile applications based on the client's specific requirements.

The apps like Plugshare, EVgo, EVHotels, and ChargeGrid work fantastically. We can assist you in creating a Tesla app clone at the highest level of quality. Our experienced mobile app developers develop EV charging station finder apps for iOS and Android. The app will work remarkably when a user searches for electric car charging stations near me.

Planning For EV Charging Station Finder App?

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Power Up Your Journey With Our EV Station Finder Solutions

Embark on a seamless and electrifying journey with our state-of-the-art EV Station Finder apps. As a leading EV Charging Station Finder App Development Company, we empower you to power up your electric vehicle adventures effortlessly. Our advanced solutions help you easily locate and use nearby charging stations, eliminating range concerns and ensuring smooth travel. Get ready to revolutionize your EV experience and embrace the future of sustainable transportation with us.

App Like Electricpe

App Like Electricpe

Ready to charge up the EV market with an app like Electricpe? Look no further! Our expert team specializes in developing cutting-edge EV Charging Station Finder apps. We'll help you make an app that changes how electric vehicle owners find and use charging stations. Our solutions are customized, with advanced features and a smooth user experience. Let's spark the future together!

Apps Like Plugshare

App Like Plugshare

Ready to revolutionize the way electric vehicle owners discover charging stations? Look no further! Our team specializes in developing dynamic EV Charging Station Finder apps like Plugshare. We will create an app using our expertise and advanced technology. This app will be user-friendly and assist users in locating and utilizing charging stations. The purpose of this app is to encourage sustainable transportation.

Apps Like Chargefox

App Like Chargefox

Ready to electrify the market with an app like Chargefox? Your search ends here! Our expert team specializes in developing cutting-edge EV Charging Station Finder apps. We offer new solutions, cool features, and an easy design. These will assist you in creating an app that helps electric car owners easily locate charging stations. Let's charge ahead together!

EV Charging Station Finder App: The Pivotal Features

An app for EV charging stations needs features to quickly help users find charging locations when they need them. Here are important features of the EV charging station finder app that you'd want in your own app.

  • Basic Features
  • Advanced Features

User Panel

  • User Registration

    Using social media login/ email id/ or phone number, users can register on the app quickly. Once they register, the app will activate their account.

  • Create Profile

    It helps users to create their profiles on the charging station locator app. Moreover, they can modify their details such as name, address, contact info, and more.

  • Geolocation

    It helps users to navigate the charging station. On the map, they can view best app for ev charging stations nearby with details.

  • Search & Filters

    Users can search charging stations using filters such as station category, station amenities, charging plug, and more.

  • Slot Booking

    The electric vehicle charging station finder app has a great feature called slot booking. It lets users see and reserve their charging slots.

  • Add Your Station

    Users can also add the location of EV charging stations that are unavailable on the app. It will also help other users to locate them quickly.

  • Share Residential Charger

    Users can share the location of their chargers for earning. They can set a rental fee for it and display the details.

  • Bill History

    Based on the charging history, users can analyze how much they have spent on charging monthly or weekly.

  • Rating & Review

    The rating and review feature helps users to post their honest experience with the particular EV charging station nearby.

Advanced Features

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple payment options allowed app users to pay for charging their vehicles. It works seamlessly with a debit card, credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and more.

  • AI-based Chatbot

    If users require any information, they can obtain the desired information by chatting with a chatbot. It provides answers in real time.

  • Push Notification

    Push notification updates users about the addition of new charging stations, offers available now, coupons, and deals.

  • Subscription Plans

    Users can search for subscription plans available on the app or at any EV charging station.

  • Advertisement

    This feature is directly related to monetization. Here, third parties can showcase their products for sale related to electric vehicles.

EV Station Finder App Demo

Here is the demo of the EV station locator app. It will let you know how it works. You'll see useful features and functions that can help you when creating your next app for electric vehicle charging stations. While going through the demo, you can also analyze how your idea will work.

How Does An Electric Vehicle Station Finder App Work?

The app finds EV charging stations near users using geolocation to show their locations. Its working is effortless, and anyone can use it effortlessly.

  • 1


    Users have two options to sign up for an account. They can either enter their name, email, and phone number. Alternatively, they can use their social media login on the app.

  • 2

    User's Location

    The ev charging finder fetches users' locations to show them EV charging stations in that area. It works as you see locations on Google Maps.

  • 3

    EV Charging Spot Details

    The information displayed includes details about a specific electric vehicle charging station. This includes information about available slots, pricing, and facilities. The user can select a charging station on the map to view this information.

  • 4

    Slot Booking

    Slot booking is a fantastic feature that allows users to look for slots and book the desired one.

  • 5


    Users can pay by choosing multiple options, such as debit cards, credit cards, and internet banking. The best part is they can pay from an e-wallet.

  • 5


    While using the EV charging station locator app, users get updates and alerts about price changes, offers, coupons, and upcoming.

The EV Charging Station Locator App Models You Can Have From Dev Technosys

If you are looking at—How to Build an EV Charging Station Finder App in 2023? Then Dev Technosys is a one-stop destination for you. We have a team of comprehensively experienced mobile app developers that can turn your idea into a fantastic ev charger finder app. Based on monetization, we can develop your best ev charger finder app such as-.

Premium Model

We will develop your best app for finding ev charging stations with including all the premium features, and you can earn via

  • - Ads Free App
  • - Subscription Plans
  • - One-time App Purchase Model
  • - In-app Purchase

Freemium Model

You can onboard more users with this model.
The advantages are:-

  • - Third-party ads
  • - Trial period for users
  • - In-app Purchase
  • - Feature based add-ons

Here are the advantages of EV charging station finder app that you will have from us-

Dev Technosys
Leading app
Dev Technosys
Attractive Features
Dev Technosys
Seamless experience
Dev Technosys
Showcase multiple charging stations
Dev Technosys
Onboard wide range of audience
Dev Technosys
Multiple opportunities for monetization
We always focus on developing high-quality solutions for clients so that they can meet their business objectives. We are open to discussing and helping with the development of your EV charging locator app. Share your ideas with us.
Dev Technosys

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EV Charging Station App Development Cost Estimation

EV charging app features, functionalities, app size, and many more factors decide the cost of an EV Charging station app. So, here are some glimpses of it.

Dev Technosys

App's Complexity

The App's complexity is one of the top factors that decide the cost. The cost will be high if the complexity is more.

Dev Technosys

UI/UX Design

Designing also comes with a cost. To create an attractive app design, you need to invest in high-quality tools and hiring a designer.

Dev Technosys

App Platform

It's your choice on which platform you want to focus, such as iOS, Android, or Web; the cost will be accordingly.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

Tech stack covers a significant portion of the overall cost of developing an EV charging station finder app.

Dev Technosys

Third-party Integration

Third-party integration equips the App with additional functionalities. On the other hand, some APIs come with a cost.

Dev Technosys

App Hosting

To run an app well, you need a good hosting plan, which is also part of the app development cost.

Dev Technosys

App Testing

App testing is such a crucial process to ensure the quality of the EV station locator app. It shares a portion of the total cost.

Dev Technosys

App Security

Implementing security mechanisms is essential for app security, influencing the cost of developing EV station locator applications.

Dev Technosys

App Maintenance

Maintenance cost is optional but required for the seamless execution of the App and for creating the best user experience.

Learn How We Can Help You With EV Charging Station Finder App?

We follow a refined process to develop an EV charging station locator app. Here are the details of it:

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Requirement Collection

DevTechnosys BI team will collect requirements from you. We will analyze it and discuss it with you again to conclude.

Dev Technosys

Wireframing & Design

Before creating an app, we first make a wireframe to plan it out. Then, our experts build the app.

Dev Technosys

App Development

The next crucial step is EV charging station finder app development. Our experienced mobile app developers have expertise in it.

Dev Technosys

QA & Testing

Testing is as essential as development. We ensure that your app must be free from glitches and errors.

Dev Technosys

App Launch

We'll assist you in launching your app on Google Play Store and Apple App store.

Dev Technosys

Support & Updates

In case of any need for tech support, we will be there for you after post launch of the app. You can contact us any time.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are not the only ones who can make an app for your business. However, we guarantee that our product will meet your expectations.


High-Quality Assurance

We follow all procedures that can lead us to develop high-quality mobile apps for clients.


On-time Delivery

One of our specialties is to develop and deliver the app under the mentioned timeline given by clients.



We are transparent. No hidden costs. We deliver what we promise.


Affordable Solution

We understand the value of money, so we always develop cost-effective solutions and help clients manage their project budgets.


Experienced Team

Experience is key to our success. We have a team of talented mobile app developers having diverse domain expertise.

Dev Technosys

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Frequently asked question

  • How to develop an EV charging station finder app?

    To create an app for finding EV charging stations, start by coming up with your idea. Then, make a plan, design, build, test, and release the app. The better idea is to hire dedicated mobile app developers.

  • How much does it cost to develop an app for EV charging stations?

  • Do you provide support post-launch?

  • Do you sign NDA?

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