Fleet Management App Development

High-end fleet Management App Development Solutions from the Experts!

At Dev Technosys, we help businesses grow by creating powerful, GPS-enabled fleet tracking apps. We aim at presenting our innovative range of high-end fleet management software solutions allowing the businesses involved in the On Demand logistics and transportation industry remain at a competitive edge.

Our Professional Range of Transportation Logistic Software Development Solutions

We are a pioneer in creating and delivering the comprehensive range of top-notch fleet management application development solutions to the industry leaders –allowing them to leverage the potential of cutting-edge fleet management integration and solutions.

Fuel Management

With the help of the revolutionary fleet management mobile solution and effective fleet management software integration, the users can easily track the amount of fuel the respective vehicles are consuming. This is enabled through the utilization of attractive, information-rich charts and graphs making the overall process of data analysis easier for the business owners.

Vehicle Tracking App Development

At Dev Technosys, we help in building high-performance app solutions in the form of software and mobile apps that empower the logistics and transportation industry. By leveraging the capabilities of both mobile as well as the web platforms, our team of qualified and experienced app developers aims at enhancing the overall user experiences through high-end transportation software development solutions.

Fleet Management App Modernization

We help in designing and building high-end digital wallet apps with advanced features like ACH (Automated Clearing House) interface, cost-splitting, and invoice generation, and so more.

Sensor Integration

With the aid of the built-in sensors in the high-end fleet management mobile apps or software application, our team of professional app developers ensures effective fleet management integration with your fleet of vehicles. As such, the business owners can be assured of receiving notifications in case of any unusual activity.

Testing and QA

Dev Technosys provides precise, hassle-free testing and QA (Quality Assurance) solutions – catering to the specific vehicle tracking app development and maintenance requirements.

How We Empower the Businesses Involved in the Fleet Industry

At Dev Technosys, we aim at delivering powerful, business-centric fleet management mobile solutions to the businesses involved in the logistics and transportation industry –allowing them to manage the respective fleet effectively.

  • Satellite Viewing and Monitoring

    The business enterprises can keep an active eye on a fleet of vehicles and their respective activities through satellite viewing and monitoring. With this capability, the business owners can observe the live position as well as routes of the vehicles on the respective fleet management mobile app.

  • Automatic Driver Assignment

    In case the drivers of your vehicles would require assistance, the innovative fleet maintenance software can help your business by providing necessary assistance within a matter of few minutes.

  • Improved Security Features

    The business fleet tracking app comes with improved security features including GPS tracking and built-in vehicle tracking sensors that ensure the overall safety of the vehicles and the drivers at the same time.

  • Flexible Labeling

    Simple and flexible labeling on the vehicles makes it easier for business owners to distinguish the fleet effectively.

How it Works?

The overall working of the fleet management mobile app and fleet maintenance software solutions is quite simple. Our team of professional, qualified app developers makes it a hassle-free process to allow the businesses involved in the logistics and transportation industry to ensure the overall ease of top-notch fleet management software development.

  • 1

    Register the Fleet of Vehicles

    The first, major step is to ensure the registration of the fleet of vehicles to ensure effective tracking and maintenance of the same.

  • 2

    Tracking the Fleet of Vehicles

    With the help of the innovative fleet tracking app, you can easily track the vehicles in your logistics and transportation business.

  • 3

    Getting Real-time Updates

    With the help of the sensor-enabled and GPS tracking features of the fleet management mobile app, you can receive real-time updates about the overall status of your vehicle enroute.

  • 4

    Receive Notifications About Vehicle Tracking

    You can receive live notifications or alerts about the fleet of vehicles through effective vehicle tracking. You can get vital details including the amount of fuel left, the condition of the vehicles,the status of the drivers, and so more.


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Interactive Fleet Management App for Drivers

The interactive fleet management app allows the drivers of the vehicles to access the interactive dashboard and make use of the innovative app features of the overall enhanced experience.

  • Online Driver Education

    educating the drivers on tips and tricks to drive the vehicles carefully.

  • Driver Scorecard

    The drivers can receive the respective personalized scorecard on the basis of their overall driving performance.

  • Route Tracking

    allowing the drivers to track the new routes effectively without ever getting lost.

  • Insurance Services

    the app also provides high-end insurance services to the drivers, securing them in case of accidents or mishappenings.

  • Driver Behavior Tracking

    analyzes and tracks the respective behavioral traits of the drivers, making room for major improvements.

  • Real-time GPS tracking

    the drivers can track the lost vehicles through the real-time GPS tracking or sensor tracking feature of the fleet management mobile app.

  • Analytic Reports

    the app also generates information-rich analytic reports, allowing the drivers to enhance the overall driving performance.

Admin Panel of Interactive Fleet Management App

The Admin Panel of the interactive fleet management app allows the admin of the application to manage different users and activities on the app.

  • Maintenance Scheduling

    allowing the admin to ensure effective fleet tracking app maintenance through effective scheduling.

  • Service Availability

    the admin can check the availability of the vehicles or drivers for delivering logistics or transportation services.

  • Driver Management

    using the interactive dashboard, the admin can manage different drivers in the given business.

  • Specialized Solutions

    the admin can also look into and manage specialized solutions of the fleet management software solution.

  • Manage Vehicles

    the admin can also check into the availability, status, and condition of the vehicles in the given logistics business.

  • Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Utilization, and Performance Analysis

    allowing the admin to ensure effective vehicle tracking, checking the utilization of fuel, and individual performance of the vehicle and drivers.

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Interactive Features of the Fleet Management Mobile App

Real-time Tracking

Using the admin panel of the interactive fleet management mobile app, the business owners can track the vehicles in real-time scenarios. The geo-location and sensor capabilities of the app transmit the exact location of the vehicles and drivers.

Safe Driving

The commercial fleet tracking capability of the app helps the business owners to keep an eye on the drivers’ activities by receiving the notification in case of breaking any traffic rules.

Route History

The users can receive the detailed history of the routes traveled by the fleet –allowing the business owners to measure the overall running capability of the vehicles.

Automated Alerts

The professional fleet management application transmits automated notifications and alerts for various activities on the app.

Interactive Map

The presence of the fully customized map on the fleet management mobile app allows the business owners as well as the drivers to deliver great results–the way they want it.

Offline Tracking

In addition to real-time tracking, the users can track the fleet and drivers even while being offline.

Benefits of Transportation Software Development Solutions

The business enterprises that are involved in the logistics and transportation industry can look forward to availing the high-end benefits of fleet management app development by the experts.

Instant Casualty Response

With the help of the real-time updates about the fleet of vehicles and drivers, the business owners are better equipped to deliver necessary arrangements in case of any inconvenience and casualties.

Increased Data Credibility

The innovative fleet management mobile app minimizes the overall manual errors by making the overall process of fleet management highly accurate.

Effective Vehicle Maintenance

With access to all the vital information about vehicles and drivers, the business owners can be assured of effective vehicle maintenance in a simpler and interactive manner.

Overall Convenience

Right from legal paperwork to monitoring of the wide number of vehicles, the revolutionary fleet management mobile apps offer ultimate convenience to the business owners as well as the drivers of the vehicles.

Streamlined Operations

With effective fleet management with the help of mobile-based fleet management software, all the business-related activities become highly organized and easily accessible.

Digital Trail

The mobile-based fleet management solutions provide effective coordination which serves highly important for accountability and reporting.

Frequently asked question

What is the Best Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Management Software is mainly computer software that helps people to complete or accomplish the series tasks. This mainly helps the organization and companies to manage the vehicles and run everything smoothly. There are so many features that are there in the app that can help the customers and the companies. Devtechnosys provide custom fleet management system that helps the business to improve safety, quality, and improve the efficiency of their fleet operations with the internet connection software and sensors.

How do I use fleet management software?

Once the installation of a device is done in the vehicles, then the system gathers the data from vehicles and this can be done due to GPS technology, direction, updating locations, speed. this can be combined from their fuel card provider that helps in disclosing the powerful insights on how the fleet is performing. Fleet Management app development will help in accomplishing the series of specific tasks in the management of all aspects related to the fleet of vehicles operated by the government, company, or other organization.

What is the benefit of using a Fleet Management System?

No matter the fleet size managing the fleet of all the vehicles is very challenging. This one of the reasons that are most the fleet management depends on Fleet Maintenance Software. This helps in supporting the day-to-day operations in the vehicles, and to get the real-time visibilities. This even helps in increasing the driver's satisfaction and even decreases fuel usage through predictive analytics and accurate reporting.

What Does a Fleet Manager Do?

  • Only record the important information
  • Try to update the driver policy
  • Keeping a proper focus on cost is important
  • Try to attend an annual event and join fleet associations.
  • Then try to check the allocation of the resource.
  • The academic route into fleet management is important
  • Get the benefit of networking
  • In fleet management work-based route is also important.

The fleet management app will help in managing all the things properly without facing any problem.

Is Fleet Management Software the Right Choice to Manage My Commercial Vehicles?

Yes, there are so many features that fleet maintenance scheduling software comes up with that helps the managing commercial vehicles.

  • Real-time visibility
  • Full integration and an open scalable software
  • Driver management capabilities
  • Machine learning
  • Fleet dispatch and planning software
  • Driver performance and retention solution
  • Telemetric software and driver safety

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