An Extensive Range of Transportation Logistic Software Development Solutions!

With having years of experience and a proven track record, we have created many milestones regarding fleet management mobile solutions.

We empower organizations by crafting a GPS-enabled fleet tracking app that works real-time and provides an accurate tracking facility to fleet management. Our specialty is to develop on-demand solutions for the transportation industry, where customization is like gameplay for us.

Fuel Management

Fuel management is always a challenge for the transportation industry. However, if not managed appropriately, then it incurs more costs than expected. By keeping in mind, our fleet management software solutions are being crafted that helps the logistics firms to track fuel usage while performing their routine operations. In addition, our fleet maintenance software provides an integration-ready facility that you can incorporate with your existing monitoring system for having an extra edge.

Vehicle Tracking App Development

The prime functionality of any fleet management mobile app is to track the vehicle. At Dev Technosys, we always strive to take it to the next level for providing the enriched experience of vehicle tracking app development services. Our motto is to equip the logistics industry with high-performing fleet maintenance software solutions that cater to the needs in a well-mannered way. Our talented experts always aim to craft & produce high-end transportation software development solutions for enhancing the overall user experience.

Fleet Management Mobile Apps Customization

Our belief that one solution cannot fit all, so there is a need for customization for an individual project. You can't believe that we enjoy producing unique solutions in terms of fleet management app development for an individual logistics and transportation brand. Our real-time transportation software development solutions provide several industry best features in an advanced form such as ACH (Automated Clearing House) interface, cost-splitting, and invoice generation, and so forth.

Fleet Tracking Application Support and Maintenance

Besides the strong back-end, one of the core requirements of fleet tracking application support and maintenance is a creative and easy-to-use GUI that facilitates the administrators to perform their duty fine. So, our UI/UX team takes special care of it. They are experts in producing the design to navigate to the specific functionality quickly and smoothly while working on fleet management software. As a result, our fleet management solutions are performing very well, to confirm by the industry leaders.

Sensor Integration

High-end fleet management mobile solutions and built-in sensor integration need an hour now for any enterprise that deals in the transportation, shipping & logistics industry. Fleet maintenance software solutions by Dev Technosys ensure effective integration with your vehicles that empowers the management for impactful fleet maintenance and management. You will get all the updates at your end on a real-time basis with fine tracking.

Testing and QA

Our fleet management app development solutions are well tested, and QA certified. So, there will not be any discrepancy found after deploying it. Before delivering the fleet management software, we put it under rigorous testing under the supervision of our QA experts. Then, after eliminating all the doubts and bugs, we make it available for use to ensure its proper working.

How We Empower the Businesses Involved In The Fleet Industry

At Dev Technosys, we aim to deliver result-oriented, powerful and real-time fleet management mobile solutions to enterprise deals in the transportation and logistics industry. Our solutions are empowering many industry leaders to manage & maintain their fleet effectively.

  • Satellite Viewing and Monitoring

    The transportation or logistics firms can make the lively track their vehicles or fleets. Our fleet management mobile solution offers a satellite viewing and monitoring facility that provides accurate location. While using fleet management software, the business owners or admin personals can observe the fleet's activity to ensure the activities are going fine.

  • Automatic Diver Assignment

    In the event of an emergency or in any other case, if your driver(s) needs any assistance, then here, our innovative fleet management app for drivers, will be a great help for them. With its help, they could seek immediate assistance; on the other side, you will have an alert so the driver(s) can be assisted impactfully.

  • Improved Security Features

    The business fleet management software comes with improved and advanced security features that is best available in the market. Including the latest security features, others are GPS Tracking, Built-in vehicle tracking sensors, data analysis, real-time tracking that not only ensures the fine logistics or transportation operations also ensure the overall safety of vehicles and drivers at the same time.

  • Flexible Labeling

    Simple and flexible labeling is the much-required thing for distinguishing vehicles. So you will be able to manage it with your fleet management mobile app.

  • Data Analytics

    Fleet management mobile app provides real-time data about tracking & monitoring of vehicles, data about the time taken & distance coverage, fuel management and so forth. Our software allows you to download this data in graphs and charts to help fleet industry leaders chalk out further planning and strategy.

How does It work?

Fleet management mobile app is easy to use that offers industry-best features, including smooth operability. Our fleet management app development team comprises experienced developers who craft the app so it can help the fleet industry meet its business & operational goals. It covers all the aspects of the transportation & logistics industry. Crafting top-notch fleet management & maintenance mobile app is one of the specialties.

  • 1

    Fleet Registration

    You can easily register the fleet of vehicles, including all the details such as vehicle registration number & other details. It ensures effective tracking, appropriate monitoring and maintenance.

  • 2

    Fleet Tracking

    Via fleet management, mobile solution tracking will be easy. Even you can have vehicle coordinates on your screen with a single click.

  • 3

    Real-Time Updates

    The fleet management mobile app empowers the enterprise to have real-time updates and inch by inch tracking of the fleet. The data can be collected on a real-time basis with the help of sensor-enabled technology. It also includes route information, expected time to reach, and the exact time on which vehicle reached the destination.

  • 4

    Notifications & Alerts

    With the help of fleet management software, you will get notifications and timely alerts. Moreover, it provides crucial details such as fuel amount left, vehicle condition, driving status, and much other useful information through an impactful vehicle tracking mechanism.


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Interactive Fleet Management App for Drivers

The interactive fleet management app for drivers has a unique dashboard feature that facilitates have overall enhanced experience, data, reports, tracking, maintenance and monitoring.

  • Online Assistance to The Drivers

    Fleet management app for drivers assists the driver while enroute the vehicles via tips & tricks to maintain safe driving practices.

  • Driver Score Board

    The mobile app has a scoreboard where the drivers can check their performance and overall driving score to improve their skills. The management can also access it to suggest & guide their drivers best.

  • Route Tracking

    GPS & Sensor enabled technology allows the driver to keep an eye on the route, and in the event of a lost route, they can use it to get correct directions.

  • Insurance Services

    The fleet management app for drivers provides insurance services to the drivers that ensure security and medical help in any mishap or accident.

  • Driver Behavior Tracking

    It also tracks the driver's behavior that creates ample opportunities and space for the improvement in driving skills.

  • Real-time GPS tracking

    The vehicle owners or drivers can track their lost vehicles by the real-time GPS sensor tracking facility provided by the fleet management mobile app.

  • Analytic Report

    One of the unique features is report generations that give a perfect insight analysis that helps enhance the overall performance.

Admin Panel of Interactive Fleet Management App

At the admin panel, you will have a comprehensive dashboard that assists the admin in managing the routine transportation activities, maintenance of vehicles, cost analysis and activities of users via a fleet management software solution.

  • Maintenance Scheduling

    The fleet management mobile app allows the admin to ensure fine vehicle maintenance and tracking where the admin can schedule the activities as per requirement.

  • Service Availability

    The admin can check the availability of fleet vehicles and drivers to assign the task.

  • Driver Management

    Regarding logistics and transportation, interactive dashboard features assist in driver management.

  • Customized Solutions

    In need of any customization, the admin can also do it with the help of a fleet management software solution.

  • Vehicle Management

    It assists the admin to be ready with all the details handy such as availability of vehicles & drivers, the current status of vehicles enroute, vehicle condition, maintenance requirement, and many more.

  • Performance Analysis

    The interactive fleet management app dashboard is best for performance analysis and measurement. However, it is also worthy for the cost analysis. Via impactive vehicle tracking allows management to keep an eye on fuel utilization and driver's performance.

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Interactive Features of The Fleet Management Mobile App

We craft fleet management software solutions that fulfill the end-to-end requirement of the transportation industry. Based on fine requirement analysis collected from clients, we create unique solutions that support the business objectives.

Our fleet management mobile solution includes

Real-Time Tracking

The software comes with an innovative dashboard feature that assists the admin perfectly. The GPS sensor technology-equipped software provides real-time tracking data that helps in accurate monitoring of the fleet. It also keeps track of the driver's activity.

Safe Driving

The real-time tracking ability empowers the business owners to keep an eye on the driver's activity as mobile immediately sends alerts & notifications to the admin if the driver breaks any traffic rule or if their behavior is uncommon.

Route History

The fleet management mobile app records the history of vehicles while enroute from end to end. In addition, it records the traveled route history that assists the vehicle owner in measuring the performance of vehicles & drivers.

Automated Alerts

The fleet maintenance software sends automated push notifications and alerts on a timely basis regarding vehicle activities.

Interactive Map

The software is equipped with interactive map features that assist the drivers and management in routing the vehicles and reaching the destination on time.

Offline Tracking

Poor connectivity is not an issue now for the fleet industry, as our fleet management software allows offline tracking.

Benefits Of Fleet Management App Development Solutions

The organizations involved in transportation and logistics enjoy the benefits of our fleet management software development solutions. We believe in producing the solutions with a personal touch so they can be used with ease.

The following are the benefits that you will find very interesting

Instant Casualty Response

The fleet management mobile app provides real-time updates on the basis that in the event of an emergency, the business owners can immediately provide a response to the driver, including necessary arrangements.

Increased Data Credibility

Our fleet management solutions help minimize human errors to the greater extent that makes it more credible none other than any solution. Moreover, it provides the enriched experience of fleet management.

Effective Vehicle Maintenance

Due to the innovative and interactive dashboard, all information stays handy to the admin, ensuring effective maintenance. It provides information such as vehicle details, fuel updates, driver's activity etc.

Overall Convenience

Right from legal paperwork to monitoring of the wide number of vehicles, the revolutionary fleet management mobile apps offer ultimate convenience to the business owners as well as the drivers of the vehicles.

Streamlined Operations

Fleet management mobile app assists in finely streamlining the routine operations so there will be no chance left of discrepancy while performing the business activity.

Digital Trail

The fleet management software solution empowers the business for fleet management. In addition, it helps in effective coordination among all the stakeholders.

Frequently asked question

How do I develop fleet management software?

Fleet Management software comprises a GPS tracking facility, sensor technology and hardcore programming that enables the administrators or business owners to monitor the vehicle condition and diver's activity to ensure impactful business operations. It requires consistent efforts and innovative thinking. So, if you want to have it, you can contact at +1 415-992-5493 or write an e-mail at

What is the best fleet management software?

The essential specialties or features of the best fleet management software are interactive dashboard features, accurate tracking, effective monitoring, and data credibility. If the software has these, then you can consider it as the best fleet management software. Call +1 415-992-5493 (USA), +91 99832 63662(UAE) for more details.

What is the future of fleet management?

The future of fleet management software is bright as in upcoming times; there is ample need for fleet tracking software to ensure quality services and cater to the supply chain's demand. In 2017, the market size was 13.78 billion USD where till the end of 2022, it is expected to reach 28.66 billion USD that's a big difference. The transportation & logistics industry is one of the largest in the world, so there is ample scope for using fleet management & maintenance app development solutions.

What does fleet management software do?

The fleet management software helps the shipping, transportation and logistics firms to keep a constant eye on business activity and monitoring their respective fleet of vehicles. This software comes with dashboard features that help the admin or business owners to schedule the maintenance activity, tracking the vehicles, record maintenance, data collection and analytics to strategize things. You can get more information from here.

How do you manage fleet maintenance?

Manually, it is quite tough to perform fleet maintenance, so you need an effective fleet maintenance mobile app that can help you manage things perfectly. A well-developed solution allows you to handle the fleet maintenance task in a smooth way. It would be best if you consult with some experienced Fleet Management App Development service providers. Call Now! +1 415-992-5493 (USA), +91 99832 63662(UAE) for more details.

What is the benefit of using a Fleet Management App?

There are multiple benefits of using a fleet management app. It helps in managing all types of fleets irrespective of the number of vehicles you have. It is useful for all the transportation industry segments such as car rental services, taxi services providers, vehicle tracking, trucking and logistics services providers, secure transportation, service-oriented transportation, operation-centric solution, school bus management, and employee commuting police and public safety vehicles etc.

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