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Dev Technosys offers state-of-the-art transportation & logistic software development solutions that cater to the industry in the best way. Today, there is a huge need for fleet management software development solutions. At Dev Technosys, our fleet service app experts strive to provide the best solutions to logistics and fleet management businesses.

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Fleet Management Software Development

The supply chain network works as the backbone for the businesses such as manufacturing and distribution around the world. Fleet management app development is such a fantastic option for managing it smoothly. A good mobile application doesn’t only help with performance tracking but also provide reporting and analytics advantage. Statistics say the current fleet management system is expected to reach $28.66 billion. During CAGR (2021-2028) it is forecasted to reach $60 billion.

As an experienced fleet management software development company- Dev Technosys, we are known for innovative logistics app development for managing vehicles. Our solutions are worthy for real-time tracking, maintenance, smart transportation, driver safety and deliverables safety. You can keep a constant eye on vehicle whereabouts, route, arrival, departure, etc.

Elevate Your Fleet Operations With Our Smart Efficiency Solutions

Revolutionize your fleet operations and unlock unprecedented efficiency with our cutting-edge solutions. As a leading fleet management app development company, we empower businesses to elevate their operations to new heights. Our smart and intuitive platform streamlines workflows optimizes routes, enhances vehicle performance, and boosts productivity. With our tailored fleet advance app solutions, you'll gain real-time insights, reduce costs, and effortlessly manage your fleet. It's time to embrace the future of fleet management with us.

App Like Fleetio Go

App Like Fleetio Go

Ready to embark on a journey towards a seamless fleet management experience? Our team specializes in developing state-of-the-art apps like Fleetio Go. With our expertise, we'll transform your vision into reality, delivering a feature-rich and user-friendly fleet management app that empowers you to stay ahead in the industry. Let's build your app together!

Apps Like Fleetx

App Like Fleetx

Looking to create a game-changing fleet management app like Fleetx? Your search ends here! Our expert team is ready to turn your ideas into a robust and innovative solution. With our tailored development approach, advanced features, and seamless user experience, we'll help you revolutionize fleet management and drive unparalleled success in your industry.

Apps Like Uber Fleet

App Like Uber Fleet

Ready to disrupt the fleet management industry with an app like Uber Fleet? Look no further! Our skilled team is poised to bring your vision to life, crafting a dynamic and scalable solution that empowers you to streamline operations, optimize logistics, and revolutionize how you manage your fleet. Let's make waves together!

Fleet Management App Development :
The Pivotal Features

Admin Panel has a dashboard in fleet management software that helps admin manage different operations. This software development includes routine transportation activities, vehicle maintenance, cost analysis, user activities, among other things.

  • Driver Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

Driver Panel

  • Online Assistance to The Drivers

    Fleet management app for drivers assists the driver while enroute the vehicles via tips & tricks to maintain safe driving practices.

  • Driver Score Board

    The mobile app has a scoreboard where the driver can check their performance and overall driving score to improve their skills. The management can also access it to suggest & guide their drivers best.

  • Route Tracking

    With GPS & Sensor Technology, drivers get better routes. If they missed a turn or lost route, it help them correct the direction.

  • Insurance Services

    Driver’s fleet management app also provides insurance services. This ensures security and medical help in any case of an accident.

  • Driver Behavior Tracking

    It also tracks the driver's behavior that creates ample opportunities and space for the improvement in driving skills.

  • Real-time GPS tracking

    Vehicles owners and drivers can track their lost vehicles in real-time. This is possible through the GPS sensor tracking feature in-built into the fleet management mobile app.

  • Analytic Report

    One of the unique features is report generations that give a perfect insight analysis that helps enhance the overall performance.

Admin Panel

  • Maintenance Scheduling

    In the Fleet Management mobile app, the admin can look after vehicle maintenance and tracking. Admin can also schedule activity accordingly.

  • Service Availability

    The admin can check the availability of fleet vehicles and drivers to assign the task.

  • Driver Management

    Regarding logistics and transportation, interactive dashboard features assist in driver management.

  • Customized Solutions

    In need of any customization, the admin can also do it with the help of a fleet management software solution. Seek IoT fleet management solutions for advance connectivity and networking.

  • Vehicle Management

    It provides all the details to the admin on the go. This includes driver/vehicle availability, vehicle route status, vehicle condition, maintenance requirement, among other things.

  • Performance Analysis

    The interactive fleet management app dashboard is best for performance analysis and measurement. However, it is also worthy for the cost analysis. Via impactive vehicle fleet management software, you can keep an eye on fuel utilization and driver's performance.

Additional Features

  • Real-Time Tracking

    The software comes with an innovative dashboard feature that assists the admin perfectly. The GPS sensor advance software provides real-time tracking data that helps in accurate monitoring of the fleet. It also keeps track of the driver's activity.

  • Safe Driving

    Real-time tracking allows businesses to keep track of driver’s activity. If the driver breaks any traffic rule or does something unusual, the admin gets an instant alert.

  • Route History

    The fleet management mobile app records the history of vehicles while enroute from end to end. In addition, it records the traveled route history that assists the vehicle owner in measuring the performance of vehicles & drivers.

  • Automated Alerts

    The fleet maintenance software sends automated push notifications and alerts on a timely basis regarding vehicle activities.

  • Interactive Map

    The software comes with an interactive map feature. This helps drivers and management in routing vehicles and reaching their destination on time.

  • Offline Tracking

    Poor connectivity is not an issue now for the fleet industry, as our fleet management software allows offline tracking.

Fleet Management App Demo

It is the created demo of the fleet management app. It showcases that how a customized fleet tracking app works. You can analyze that what more you can add to your version of the app.

How Does It Works?

Our expert team of fleet management app developers delivered various solutions to worldwide transportation and logistics business owners. The following sections represent that it works that you can refer for better understanding.

  • 1

    Powerful Tracking

    From license registration and renewal to goods delivery, it tracks all the activities and documents shared while routing.

  • 2

    Asset Utilization

    Facilitates the best utilization of resources. The management can easily assign the drivers to the vehicles and assigns assets to the drivers.

  • 3

    Fine Accessibility

    The admin can access vehicle and driver details from anywhere.

  • 4

    Resource Monitoring

    It facilitates acceptable resource monitoring that includes documents monitoring, technical history, fuels logs, distance covered, and all.

  • 5

    Paperless Fleet Management

    The fleet management app works as a paperless solution where the admin does not need to manage bulky paper files. All the data can be viewed and controlled from the dashboard.

  • 6

    Route Optimization

    The app works on real-time traffic updates so that the routes can be optimized far better.

Complete Range of Fleet Management Solutions by Dev Technosys

Fleet management app development solutions promise innovative features and the best experience. Our services also help businesses grow. You can manage your fleet and control all the activities in real-time. It gives you what you want to manage your overall fleet business. The following are the core components of our fleet management mobile app development solution.

App For Drivers

The driver panel has many features. This includes route tracking, real-time navigation, fuel alert, distance covered, ETA to destination, and push notification, among other things.

Admin Panel

The Admin panel has several useful features. This includes real-time vehicle tracking, fuel report, vehicle maintenance report, performance analysis, service availability, etc.

Additional Functionalities

In addition to the driver panel and admin panel, we also provide many additional features. This includes route history, automated alerts, offline tracking, service history, etc.

With these mentioned core components, you can demand any of the mentioned below solutions from us-

Corporate Fleet Management App Development
Corporate Fleet Management App Development
Logistics Management App Development
Logistics Management App Development
Shipping & Marine Fleet Management App
Shipping & Marine Fleet Management App
Fleet Telematics App Development
Fleet Telematics App Development
GPS Fleet Tracking Software Development
GPS Fleet Tracking Software Development
Fuel Management App Development
Fuel Management App Development
Asset Management App Development
Asset Management App Development
Rental Fleet Management App
Rental Fleet Management App
Traffic Monitoring System Software
Traffic Monitoring System Software
Car Tracking Software Solutions
Car Tracking Software Solutions
We make sure the fleet management app is delivered as soon as possible. This will help you boost your shipping and logistics business.
Logistic Software Development

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Fleet Tracking App Development Services

For catering to the requirement of the supply chain industry, transportation and logistics are strong pillars. For managing the work effectively, the fleet tracking & management app is a perfect solution. At Dev Technosys, you will find skilled developers who can transform your idea into a fantastic vehicle management app. The solution will cover asset tracking, fuel management, compliance, ELD, climate monitoring and many more. Our experts are sharply skilled at providing a cloud-based solution that is the best fit for your transportation business.

It is our responsibility to help the organization with vehicle fleet management software. They also meet your business needs and goals. We have expert developers who have experience of delivering fleet management application development solutions.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Our portfolio have quintessential amount of On-demand solution product which are developed by dedicated developers. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

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Fleet Management Software Development

Intelligent Fleet Management Platform

Fleetx is a complete fleet management data platform and vehicle GPS tracking system in India from which fleet owner and managers can easily track their vehicles and drivers, analyze driver behavior and vehicle health in real time....
Fleet Management Software Development

GPS Fleet Tracking and Fuel Management Solution

Fueloyal Fleet Manager is GPS fleet tracking and fuel management solution which provide control over all your vehicles and asset. It has the ability for real-time tracking, vehicle status, street view, route replay, multiple map options, real-t...
Fleet Management Software Development

Fleet Management App Development Cost Estimation

The cost estimation of fleet management involves the cost of individual components in combination. The following sections represent the factors that contribute to the overall cost of the fleet management app.

fleet management Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Tech stack is one of the most important factors in estimating the cost of fleet management software development. It involves front-end and backend tools for developing an awesome app.

fleet management App Platform

App Platform

Android and iOS are two major platforms that users worldwide are using. For fleet management, there is the involvement of web platform also for the admin purpose. The platform based app development influences the cost.

fleet management Features


The cost of features is directly proportional to the complexity, and app development costs are proportional to the number of features. So in simpler words, you can understand it as for developing specific features and functionality, there is a cost required.

fleet management Tracking & Communications

Tracking & Communications

Tracking and communications systems work as the backbone for a fleet management app where an admin or management can track the overall activity of vehicles and drivers on their panel. It comes with several options that you can choose as per budget.

fleet management Operation Management

Operation Management

It facilitates the management to keep a constant eye on day-to-day operations such as fleet scheduling, generating invoices, route planning, etc. However, it remains a bit costly, so it covers one of the major portions of cost estimation.

fleet management App Hosting & Storage

App Hosting & Storage

Any fleet management is not an easy task where a large volume of requests and data transactions occur. A good software fleet management system with app hosting is an important part of the overall app and it's working.

fleet management App Maintenance

App Maintenance

App maintenance is also one of the factors included in the cost estimation of fleet management app development. It requires certain expenses to maintain the app post-development to ensure its working fine. Request a quote for the best fleet maintenance app now!

fleet management App Testing

App Testing

It allows developers to eliminate the bugs and remove discrepancies from the app. The app testing covers 10-20% cost of mobile app development that is being added to the overall cost estimate.

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Why Choose Us for Fleet Management App Development?

If you want to control your operations finely and implement a cost-effective fleet management solution, we can help you achieve that. To date, we have delivered multiple fleet maintenance apps that make us a prominent fleet management mobile app development company.


Deep Business Insights

Our fleet solutions help you gain insight into your business and prepare better strategies.


Analytics & Reporting

You can watch over the end-to-end operational performance of your fleet. It will add to the worth of your logistics business.


Improve Productivity

Our solutions optimize productivity to a greater extent. It eliminates all the chances that delay the routine operations.


Great Customer Satisfaction

The tailor-made fleet management systems help in delivering the goods on time. It will lead your brand to great customer satisfaction.


Fuel Management

For transportation business owners’ fuel management is one of the biggest bottlenecks that you will find easy with the fleet solutions developed by Dev Technosys.

Benefits Of Fleet Management App Development Solutions

  • Instant Casualty Response

    Fleet management mobile apps offer real-time updates. Thus, in events of an emergency, a business owner can immediately respond to the driver and make necessary arrangements.

  • Increased Data Credibility

    Our fleet management solutions help minimize human error to a great extent. Moreover, it provides an enriched experience of fleet management.

  • Effective Vehicle Maintenance

    Due to the innovative and interactive dashboard, all information stays handy to the admin, ensuring effective maintenance. It provides information such as vehicle details, fuel updates, driver's activity, etc.

  • Overall Convenience

    Following the legal paperwork, fleet management mobile apps add to the convenience of business owners and vehicle drivers..

  • Streamlined Operations

    Fleet management mobile apps help streamline routine operations. Thus, there will be no errors or delays in business activities.

  • Digital Trail

    The fleet management software solution empowers the business for fleet management. In addition, it helps in effective coordination among all the stakeholders.

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Fleet Management App Solutions

With having years of experience and a proven track record, we have created many milestones regarding fleet management mobile solutions.

Our GPS-enabled fleet tracking app works in real-time and gives accurate fleet management tracking. Our specialty is to develop on-demand solutions for the transportation industry, where customization is like gameplay for us.

Fuel Management App Development

Fuel Management

Fuel management is always a challenge for the transportation industry. However, if not managed appropriately, then it incurs more costs than expected. By keeping in mind, our fleet management software solutions are being crafted that helps the logistics firms to track fuel usage while performing their routine operations. Our fleet maintenance software can be used with the existing monitoring system, delivering added functionality.

Vehicle Tracking App Development

Vehicle Tracking App Development

The prime functionality of any fleet management mobile app is to track the vehicle. Dev Technosys always tries to push user experience to the next level. We use all of our knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible vehicle tracking app development services. We aim to integrate fleet management technology that delivers high-performing software solutions for the logistics industry. It fulfills business needs and helps improve operations. Our talented experts always aim to craft & produce high-end transportation software development solutions for enhancing the overall user experience.

Fleet Management Mobile Apps Customization

Fleet Management Mobile Apps Customization

Our belief that one solution cannot fit all, so there is a need for customization for an individual project. We enjoy creating unique solutions when it comes to fleet management app development for logistics and transportation brands. Our real-time transportation and fleet scheduling software development solutions have some of the best features. This includes ACH (Automated Clearing House) interface, cost-splitting, and invoice generation, among other things.

Fleet Tracking Application Support and Maintenance

Fleet Tracking Application Support and Maintenance

Creative and easy-to-use GUI is one of the core needs of fleet tracking application support and maintenance. This helps the admin improve business operations.Our UI/UX team takes good care of it. They are experts in producing the design to navigate to the specific functionality quickly and smoothly while working on fleet management software. As a result, our fleet management solutions are performing very well, to confirm by the industry leaders.

Sensor Integration

Sensor Integration

Our fleet management mobile solutions with integrated sensors are need of the hour. Any business that deals with the transportation, shipping, and logistics industry can benefit from this. Dev Technosys’ software for fleet management help with vehicle management and maintenance. With our software, you will get all the updates at your end on a real-time basis with fine tracking.

Testing and QA

Testing and QA

Our fleet management app development solutions are well tested, and QA certified. So, there will not be any discrepancy found after deploying it. Before delivering the fleet management software, we put it under rigorous testing under the supervision of our QA experts. Then, after removing all the doubts and bugs, we make it available for use to ensure its proper working.

Ready-To-Go Fleet Management Solutions By Dev Technosys

  • Connecteam Clone

    Connecteam Clone

  • US Fleet Tracking Clone

    US Fleet Tracking Clone

  • GeoTab Clone

    GeoTab Clone

  • Onfleet Clone

    Onfleet Clone

  • TN360 Clone

    TN360 Clone

  • Teletrac Navman Clone

    Teletrac Navman Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How do I develop fleet management software?

    Fleet management software has many features while helping admin monitor the driver activity and vehicle condition, improving the business operations. This includes GPS tracking facility, sensor technology, etc. It requires consistent efforts and innovative thinking. So, if you want to have it, you can contact at +1 415-992-5493 or write an e-mail at [email protected].

  • What is the best fleet management software?

  • What is the future of fleet management?

  • What does fleet management software do?

  • How do you manage fleet maintenance?

  • What is the benefit of using a Fleet Management App?

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