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Enhance your business by giving exposure to transportation management with GPS tracking software. Dev Technosys has been pioneering the GPS-tracking software development industry for years. We offer modern, expert solutions to update business operations and achieve corporate objectives.

Our knowledgeable software development team performs evaluations, analyses, and research and offers various services. We work in several industries, including GPS tracking software. Get in touch with us now to get premium services!

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Empower Your Journey to Success With Our GPS Tracking Software

Embark on a transformative expedition towards triumph with our cutting-edge GPS tracking software. As a pioneering GPS software development tracking software development company, we empower you to navigate the path to success with unwavering precision and efficiency.

Our innovative solutions unleash the full potential of your journey, offering real-time insights and unparalleled control. With our expertise, your aspirations will soar as you conquer challenges and goals. Trust us for software gps tracker development and we'll guide you towards triumph every step of the way.

App Like Waze

App Like Waze

Accelerate your dreams of creating a GPS tracking software like Waze with our expertise. Our skilled developers will transform your vision into a reality, delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience. Harness the power of advanced technology and revolutionize the way people navigate. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and success.

Apps Like Strava

App Like Strava

Elevate your ambition of developing GPS tracking software like Strava to new heights with our exceptional team. With our expertise in software development tracking, we'll help you create a dynamic platform that inspires and connects athletes worldwide. Let's revolutionize how people track, analyze, and celebrate their athletic accomplishments. Unleash the power of innovation and forge a path to success.

Apps Like life360

App Like life360

Embark on a transformative journey of building GPS tracking software like Life360 with our skilled developers. We understand the importance of safety and connection, and our expertise will empower you to create a comprehensive GPS tracking platform that brings families and loved ones closer. Let's revolutionize the way people stay connected and protected. Success awaits!

Custom GPS Tracking App Development Services

Dev Technosys, one of the well-known GPS companies USA believe in creating software with clever features to boost user engagement on the application. We have expertise in creating professional GPS tracking software for transportation, logistics, and other service industries. Here are our unique GPS tracking app development services.

Dev Technosys

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Monitoring the driver's behavior is vital to achieving the highest levels of productivity and efficiency. The software can reduce traffic accidents through effective, safe driving practices and driver behavior monitoring. A driver monitoring feature on your GPS fleet tracker is essential because it monitors acceleration, the approach of braking, and other driving behaviors.

Geo-tagging & Geo-location

This amazing feature of the GPS tracking app for business allows users to add location tags or metadata to photos, videos, or social media posts. The geo tracking software also provides location-based recommendations, local search, or social networking features. So, while planning for GPS tracking software development, businesses shouldn’t ignore these amazing features. It will help to add more worth to a business application.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Real-Time Location

Actual time location is one of the most frequent features in GPS monitoring software. It accurately provides information related to the location of your vehicle. You can keep track of your coworkers, drivers, and vehicle location through this. It also details vehicles moving, parked, or in directions and traffic jams. GPS tracking software has this feature from which you can access the data through the mobile application.

Fleet Management

The GPS software allows your massive fleet to be entirely under control. It controls your fuel usage and schedules technical repairs accordingly. The GPS softwares help monitor several activities, including driver speeding, vehicle repair, fuel consumption, and many more. With fleet management, you can increase productivity and cut costs by implementing advanced business tools in GPS tracking software.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Improved Security

GPS software development can result in improved security of your vehicles. With this software, you can locate a stolen vehicle, even if it is miles away, with the help of monitoring securities. You can offer your drivers instant assistance and encourage them to cooperate with law obedience in unfavorable situations. It reduces the chance of vehicle theft, resulting in reduced loss.

Trips History

GPS tracking solutions will provide you with analysis and reports of trip history. The trip history report will include the route taken by the driver, stop details, miles traveled, information on the vehicle during the trip, and much more history that can increase your productivity. This feature of GPS location software improve the driver's performance and activities. You can also measure the performance of the vehicle and driver.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

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Unique GPS Software Development Solutions

At Dev Technosys' our team prioritizes technologically advanced GPS software development to offer our clients the highest quality, streamline corporate processes, and boost employee productivity. We are the leading software development company, focusing on providing our clients with advanced knowledge to enhance business operations and help companies increase profits. Our team leverage the latest GPS development tracking tools to offer advanced geo locator app.

Custom GPS Software Development

Modify your business by opting for custom GPS tracking software development. Offer your customers your ideal customized software created by our team. Drop your requirements for GPS vehicle tracking system software development now.

  • Dev Technosys

    Real-time Tracking

  • Dev Technosys

    Route Replay

  • Dev Technosys

    Payment Gateway

  • Dev Technosys

    Driver Behavior Tracking

  • Dev Technosys

    Enhanced ETA

  • Dev Technosys

    Location Sharing

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

UI/UX Development

With the great UI/UX in software development, you can keep your existing customers and improve the experience of new customers. Let your customers feel an enhanced user experience with the best GPS software development by our team.

  • Dev Technosys

    Simple Interface

  • Dev Technosys

    Vehicle Tracking

  • Dev Technosys

    Route History

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Customer Support

  • Dev Technosys

    Driver Performance Stats & Report

Third-Party Integration

Utilizing third-party integrations enhances the security of GPS tracking software while boosting the effectiveness and productivity of business.

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Product Shipping

  • Dev Technosys

    Inventory Management

  • Dev Technosys

    Customer Relationship

  • Dev Technosys

    Invoice & Accounting

  • Dev Technosys

    Support & Assistant

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Asset Tracker Management

Handle mismanagement of assets through the software development for your business. We provide professional and flexible software development with a centralized system.

  • Dev Technosys

    Mobile Compatibility

  • Dev Technosys

    Lifecycle Management

  • Dev Technosys

    In-depth Reporting

  • Dev Technosys

    Easy Navigation

  • Dev Technosys

    Maintenance Planning

  • Dev Technosys

    Workload distribution

Driver Behavior Management

This software will provide an accurate, in-depth report of driver behavior in B2B businesses. We offer the software to boost a business's healthy environment.

  • Dev Technosys

    Total Distance Driven

  • Dev Technosys

    Fuel Used

  • Dev Technosys

    Routes Taken

  • Dev Technosys

    Harsh Braking

  • Dev Technosys

    Drowsy Driving

  • Dev Technosys

    Speedy Driving

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Shipping & Logistics

The owner will ensure smooth ongoing shipment and business logistics by developing the software. We provide an effective shipping and logistics management system.

  • Dev Technosys

    Automated Ordering

  • Dev Technosys

    Inventory Control

  • Dev Technosys

    Payment Gateway

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Vehicle Management

  • Dev Technosys

    Route Planning

Streamlined GPS Tracking Software Development Process

At Dev Technosys, we follow a streamlined GPS tracking software development process to craft unique business applications and websites. From development to optimization, our team works effectively to adhere to businesses' needs and help them scale up their presence in the market. Here’s the development approach that we follow.

develop a fitness app 01

Project Analysis

Properly analyze the project scope and make a strategy

develop a fitness app 02

UX/UI Designing

Create unique and user-friendly design for every app

develop a fitness app 03


Start the actual development process using documentation

develop a fitness app 04

In-depth Testing

Conduct in-depth testing to eliminate errors before launch

develop a fitness app 05

Project Launch

Finally launch the application on the desired platform (Android or iOS)

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Trending Technologies for Custom GPS Tracking Software Development

Businesses must keep their services updated with the most advanced trends in development. Professionals at Dev Technosys know this and use advanced technology to develop a geolocation app. Here are the technologies we use while developing a GPS tracking software.

On Time Delivery


Integrating blockchain technology into GPS tracking software development increases transparency and security. Our dedicated developers use blockchain to enable secure transactions and automate processes via smart contracts. It leads to more efficient and accurate GPS tracking with reduced risks of fraud or errors. Seek our blockchain-powered GPS tracking software development services today.

Visually Stunning


Improve your GPS tracking software with AI-enabled real-time monitoring and automated decision-making processes. Using AI/ML algorithms, our GPS tracking software development company professionals create software that can identify patterns, make real-time predictions, and automate processes to reduce errors and improve accuracy. Hire GPS tracking software developers to get the best GPS location software.

All Industries Covered


Say goodbye to the concern of real-time location tracking, route optimization, and asset management with our amazing IoT-empowered services. By integrating IoT sensors and devices, we create location tracking software that help businesses achieve greater operational efficiency and enhance the safety and security of their assets. Get the best mobile app developer for hire from Dev Technosys and experience updated security tracking software solutions.

Business Upgradation

Cloud Computing

Experience scalable, secure, and cost-effective platform for GPS tracking software GPS tracking development. Our cloud computing services possess high availability, data redundancy, and disaster recovery capabilities that help improve the GPS system's overall reliability. Share your requirements to create GPS tracking software and leave the rest to our dedicated gps developers.

GPS Tracking Solutions Cost Estimation

Discover the power of precision with our exclusive GPS tracking solutions. Wondering about the cost to develop GPS tracking software? Well, leave all your budget concerns aside while choosing Dev Technosys for GPS tracking software solutions. Get accurate cost estimations, ensuring you experience the pinnacle of efficiency without burning a hole in your pocket. Explore the future of GPS tracking solutions with us, where excellence meets affordability seamlessly.

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  • GPS Tracking Software Development Cost

    GPS Tracking Software Development Cost

    Elevate your business with bespoke GPS tracking solutions. Our development costs ensure cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs, driving efficiency and innovation.

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  • Cost to Hire GPS Tracking Software Developers

    Cost to Hire GPS Tracking Software Developers

    Unlock expertise with our dedicated GPS tracking software developers. Invest wisely in talent that transforms ideas into reality, ensuring your project's success at every milestone.

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  • GPS Tracking Software Maintenance Cost

    GPS Tracking Software Maintenance Cost

    Safeguard your investment with seamless GPS tracking software maintenance services. Our cost-effective plans guarantee optimal performance, updates, and support.

    Know Maintenance Cost
  • GPS Tracking Software UX/UI Cost

    GPS Tracking Software UX/UI Cost

    Immerse users in an intuitive GPS tracking experience. Our UX/UI cost ensures a visually captivating and functionally smooth interface, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

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Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Tractive GPS for Cats & Dogs

Keep your pet safe and healthy with this companion app for Tractive GPS trackers. See exactly where your pet is at all times. Detect potential issues early with Health Alerts. Keep them fit and healthy with Activity Monitoring. ...
Dev Technosys

Glympse - Share GPS location

Glympse is a fast, free and simple way to share your real-time location using GPS tracking on your mobile device, with any of your family, friends or co-workers! This is location sharing on your terms, you decide who sees your location and when...
Dev Technosys

FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

FollowMee GPS Tracker converts your Android mobile device (phone or tablet) into a GPS tracking device. Installing this app to the device that you want to track, you can monitor its whereabouts when you login to the website....
Dev Technosys

Unique GPS Tracking Software Panels

We aim to create a unique navigation software development to offer our clients unique solutions. Our GPS tracking software developers know new trends and use exceptional capabilities to develop GPS software with extraordinary panel features.Here are the user-friendly panels for our GPS tracking software.

Dev Technosys

User Panel

One of a business's primary responsibilities is to satisfy its customers. Our indoor navigation app development professionals use different companies' user-friendly features and keep their customers delighted.

  • Easy Sign-Up & Login
  • Simple User Interface & Filter
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • 24*7 Customer Support & Assistance
Dev Technosys

Driver Panel

To assist business owners in delivering goods and assets on time, we integrate the most excellent features into the driver's panel. All of these will help companies in creating large sales and profits.

  • Driver Behavior Tracking
  • Properly Managed Order Summary
  • Easy Route Navigation
  • Simple Performance Chart
Dev Technosys

Admin Panel

Promoting hassle-free workflow is what our team aims for. To help manufacturing owners with the same, we incorporate unique and valuable features during car tracking software development for the industry owners.

  • Vehicle & Asset Tracking
  • Professional Support & Assistance
  • Driver & Customer Panel Management
  • Customer Statistics & Analysis

Want to Make A GPS Tracking Software?

Hire GPS tracking software developers from Dev Technosys. Our team can meet all your project requirements and develop a perfect a gps tracking applications.

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Popular Tech Stacks of GPS Tracking Software

To attain exceptional business performance, companies must continuously update their services in line with current trends. Dev Technosys, a leading GPS tracking software development company, specializes in development. We employ state-of-the-art technologies when crafting tailor-made GPS software. The following is a sneak peek of the latest tech stacks utilized in our GPS tracking apps.

Blockchain Platforms

  • Ethereum
  • Multichain
  • Wax
  • Cortana

Front-end frameworks

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • VanillaJs

Programming Languages

  • Golang
  • C++
  • Python
  • Php

NFT Standards

  • Ethereum
  • dGoods
  • TRC-721
  • BEP-20

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
    IBM Bluemix
  • Kaleido Insights
    Kaleido Insights

Storage Platforms

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB

Why Choose Dev Technosys for GPS Tracking App Development?

Dev Technosys is one of the well-known mobile and web development companies worldwide. With a team of dedicated developers, we assure to develop the best GPS trackingsoftware at reasonable cost. Still, wondering, why choose us? Here’s what you need to know!

Years of Experience
Error-Free Work
Happy Clients
Projects Delivered
Dedicated Developers
Customer Support

FAQs on Android App Development

  • How Much Does GPS Tracking Software Cost?

    Depending on the features you want in software, the average cost to build personal GPS tracking software ranges from $8,000 to $20,000. The price varies from software to software and on a variety of variables.

  • Do You Sign An NDA While Developing GPS Tracking Software?

    Yes, for all forms of development projects, we sign NDAs. However, we must protect the privacy of our clients' data. Therefore, we ensure to maintain the project details and focus on not revealing your project idea or information to others.

  • In What Time Frame Can You Create GPS Software?

    It is essential to know that time is calculated depending on the project's complexity, scale, type and other factors. Therefore, you can email us at [email protected] if you have GPS tracking software development requirements. We'll soon get in touch with you after reviewing the project.

  • Why Choose Dev Technosys For GPS Tracking Software Development?

    Dev Technosys has more than ten years of experience helping clients worldwide. All different kinds of business apps we create by using our development services. You must know that our services don't focus on a particular niche. Therefore, share your business needs for a custom GPS tracking software system so we can create fascinating software for you.

  • How Does GPS Increase Productivity?

    Yes, GPS increases productivity due to driver management, vehicle monitoring and fuel management. You can reduce the cost by improving productivity with the help of GPS tracking software systems.

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