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Dev Technosys has a team of qualified and well-trained professionals that are highly dedicated to their tasks. Our staff is determined to deliver friendly and secure solutions to educational institutions.

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Admission Management

The most hectic and critical task for schools is to deal with admissions. Our software solution helps schools to easily save and access student information like test results, interview results, etc. It allows the admission department of a school to perform their regulatory trance with absolute ease and convenience.

Dev Technosys

Fee Management

Our school management software development solutions are efficient in keeping a track of fee collection and late fee payment fine, along with keeping a close track of refunds or defaulters. Our platform can easily configure the system that can send automatic reminders to parents in case of late payment of fees or due payments.

Dev Technosys

Student Information

Our School Management Software Development solutions allow educational institutions to store every single detail about their students. It is inclusive of managing the co-curricular or extracurricular activities, academic, cultural or club membership details, etc. If a section of students has a medical history or requires any disciplinary action, we make sure that you can keep a track of them and access them easily.

Dev Technosys

Payroll Management

The payroll management system for schools and other educational institutions is quite similar to that of businesses. It helps the school to keep a close track of the salary that has to be paid to the teachers, admin staff, clerks, janitors, etc. We can easily tweak the application as per your requirement and regulate its functions.

How Can We Empower School Software Development Processes?

Our platform has the expertise to deliver hassle-free school management services and being the top software development company, we relieve you from the unnecessary burden. Through our School Management Software Development solutions, we can reduce your efforts and simplify the institution operations for you.

  • Dev Technosys

    Exam Management

    Conducting exams is extremely troublesome for schools and equally hectic for students. The examination module of our software helps teachers to develop question banks and schedules, and analyze scores accordingly. We also facilitate them in preparing question papers along with assisting students.

  • Dev Technosys

    Staff Information

    Every educational institution or school requires to track their academic as well as non-academic staff regularly. Our School Software Development solution comes with a number of features that can help you to access and store their details in detail. Our developers make sure that you can perform various functions smoothly while managing the staff information.

  • Dev Technosys

    Timetable Management

    It is a humongous task for schools to create multiple timetables and students find it confusing to access their specific ones. Our software solutions make it easy for you to track the syllabus, availability, optional subjects, and various other parameters with a timetable. Our software allows teachers to create a study timetable, easily taking into consideration various factors.

Dev Technosys
  • Dev Technosys

    Attendance Management

    We have made it extremely convenient for teachers to track their students’ performances and monthly or quarterly attendance. We can configure advanced systems so that instant alerts can be sent to the parents if a student is found to be absent. Our developers are capable of integrating the latest models that can track student attendance effectively.

  • Dev Technosys

    Vocational Guidance

    It is extremely important for schools and other educational institutions to provide careers for vocational guidance to their students. Through our school management software solutions, we help the institutions to provide better career opportunities and guidance to students. And through our application, the interested students can apply for the same course easily.

  • Dev Technosys

    Improve Collaboration

    Our school management applications make it easy for schools to improve their collaboration among various segments. We also facilitate open communication between schools and their various departments including the fee department, sports department, cultural department, etc.

How Does It Works?

Our experts are all set to offer you control over the school management system with our user-friendly tools and services. As a School Management Software Development Company, we provide adequate opportunities for teachers to focus on what really matters for the students’ growth.

  • 1

    School Learning

    Our school management system comes with an embedded learning and informative assessment parameters. It helps teachers as well as students to sync in with the learning procedures and conduct the learning management strategies accordingly.

  • 2

    Performance Assessment

    Our applications align well with the performance assessment parameters and it makes it convenient for teachers and parents to evaluate the performance of every student. The performance assessment process helps the students to improve their grades from the previous ones.

  • 3

    Unified Grade Book

    We provide a unified grade book with our application solutions which makes it easy for a school or educational institute to store and access the grades of the students. The solution comes with an intuitive and user-friendly approach to make sure it remains accessible.

  • 4

    Special Programs

    We channelize special programs with our school management software solutions to unify the classroom learning process. This special program makes it convenient for students to adapt to the letter turning methods and algorithms.

  • 5

    Easy Learning

    At Dev Technosys we have the ability to personalize the learning process and streamline it as per the educator's requirements. The ease of learning helps students to remain proactive towards education and learning methods.

  • 6

    Automated Management

    We provide hassle-free and regulatory school management services to educational institutions and teachers. It helps them to disseminate the learning experience and help the students to adapt better.


REVOLUTIONARY On-Demand School Management System Development

Our on-demand school management application maintains an active interaction among the parents, teachers, and students. It helps them to improve their communication and remain updated with the institution's activities.

  • Student Information Easy to track student information like attendance, homework, etc

  • Parent Portal Parents can evaluate their kid's activities

  • Assessment Or Assignment Teachers can prepare multiple assessment sets

  • Report Cards Annual report card can be made easily

  • Fee Tracking Parents, as well as the school management, can track fees

  • Online Payment Parents are allowed to pay the amount easily and securely

Dev technosys

Are you looking for dynamic School Management Software Development

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering school management software development services.

SALIENT FEATURES Of Our School Management System Development

Our school management system provides complete technical excellence and expert solutions that support models to satisfy the browsing requirements of potential clients.

Dev technosys

Multilingual Services

Our application supports multilingual application modules to make sure people from different linguistic backgrounds can access our solutions. Our app solutions come in a number of local as well as international languages.

Dev technosys

School Bus Tracking

We have enabled a GPS tracking system in our school management application. It helps parents and teachers track kids and know their routes and the destination’s distance.

Dev technosys

Homework Entry

On our platform, we have expertise in creating highly accessible and advanced solutions. It means that teachers and parents can access and track the kids’ homework. Students can also track their pending homework through this feature.

Dev technosys

Library Management

This feature allows students as well as teachers to keep track of the available books and study material. This offers great help to the librarians of schools to manage the record of issued books.

Dev technosys

Managing Staff

We make it easy for schools and other educational institutions to manage their staff details and control accessing permission for the same. The school administrations can keep a track on leaves and attendance.

Dev technosys

Fee Management

Our school management software is capable of simplifying fee management procedures for schools and other educational institutions. Hence, teachers can circulate messages in case of a pending fee.

BENEFITS OF USING OUR School Software Development Solutions

The Dev Technosys platform has expertise in creating high-quality school management applications that remain accessible anytime anywhere.

Dev technosys

Managing 24×7

Our platform offers a dedicated support team to assist international as well as local clients with their queries. Here we create a functional set of education reforming models to influence the mind of every student in a better way. The professionals of our platform feel pleased to undertake a regular follow up of the process and fulfill requirements accordingly.

Dev technosys

Cost Effectivity

We offer the best school management software tools that can align well with the price strategy of schools based upon their enrollment size. We provide multiple packages to manage the budget requirements of our clients. Our pricing ensures maximum satisfaction and the best service commitment to schools as well as parents and other individuals.

Dev technosys

Simplifying Education

We provide a stable team of experts that guarantee in helping the education administrator to modify and access information anytime, anywhere. We make sure to provide sustainable education details to clients without any error. We deliver supreme quality school management solutions that are easily accessible.

Dev technosys

Quick Alerts

Our school management solutions have enriched an innovative learning model that fits the clients’ requirement specifications. Our experts understand how to locate the hardware and software-based function along with analyzing the technical aspects of the solution. In order to deliver absolute feasibility, we evaluate every aspect of our system and initiate alerts accordingly.

Dev technosys

Satisfying Students

As a School Management Software Development Company, we deliver strategic solutions in order to satisfy students and help them stay informed of the updates. Our application comes with numerous tools and services to help you to connect with potential clients and campus students very easily. We make sure to provide the best faculty and staff to students.

Dev technosys

Assisting Teachers

Our school management applications work extremely well for teachers as well as educational institutions. Through our solutions, they can streamline the learning process into a fun-filled activity and facilitate an intelligent approach among the students. Our apps are entirely focused on shifting the learning capability among the students.

Frequently asked question

  • How to develop school management system software?

    School management system solution is a collection of some computer instructions that is managed to do the day-to-day administrative tasks of the school. This helps in digitally monitor the daily activities along with managing all the resources and information on a single platform.

  • How do I make school management software?

    Educations are counted as the light of our society. To keep the track of a huge number of students and the teacher it becomes difficult for the school management to maintain the pressure. In this modern era, school management software is very essential for all schools.

    Features of the software:

    Student record

    Dormitories information

    HRM (Human Resource management)

    Asset Management

    SMS or E-mail service

  • What are the pros and cons of hiring a software development company?

    The pros:

    You will get access to a large talented team of programmers, and developers.

    The company will follow to achieve its vision and short-term goals.

    The professional have good knowledge about the trend and the technology.

    Knows the exact time in which the works are needed to be completed.

    The cons:

    May face problems related to quality control. Difficult to manage the code between the projects until you see the result.

  • How do I create a school management app?

    Several steps are needed to follow to create school management application software:

    First, pick the best template.

    Then configure the app appearance

    Here you need to personalize the app’s content

    Then your app is ready to launch

    Marketing is one of the things that is very important that will help in getting more traffic.

  • How much does a school management software cost?

    The average one-time cost $4,000 this even includes the basic features that you want to put in school management app development. There are so many things that you can add and this can increase the cost of the development.

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