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School Management Software Development

We deliver complete solutions for School Management Application Software Development for schools and educational institutes. It helps us provide a common platform for parents, teachers, and students to interact and discuss the regular class activities. Our highly interactive school management app is a perfect fit to achieve that purpose. The key features of a successful school management system are managing the admission process, student gradation, managing schedules, supporting multiple languages, transportation library management, etc. Hence, we include these distinctive features in our school management software.

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School Management Software Development

The school has been around for a long-long time. While schools are an essential part of our life for many reasons, handling schools isn’t all that easy. There are a lot of things to take care of starting from students’ attendance to notifying parents about different functions. All of this can be made easy with help of the School Management System.

Dev Technosys provides powerful yet affordable services for the development of School Management System Software. With our School Management Solutions, you can reach the best level of administration and improve the level of education.

Get Access To Our Smart Solutions For Seamless School Management Success

At Dev Technosys, we are revolutionizing how schools manage their operations with our cutting-edge school management software solutions. With a relentless focus on seamless integration and innovation, we empower educational institutions to streamline their administrative tasks, enhance communication, and optimize academic performance. Our team of skilled developers and experts work tirelessly to deliver smart solutions that cater to the unique needs of each school. Experience the power of our software and embark on a journey toward seamless school management success with us. Together, let's unlock the true potential of education.

Software Like Gradelink

Software Like Gradelink

Are you seeking to develop a robust School Management software that rivals the efficiency and functionality of industry leaders like Gradelink? Look no further! At Dev Technosys, we specialize in crafting customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Let us transform your vision into reality and create a powerful software solution revolutionizes your school's management experience.

Software Like Alma

Software Like Alma

Are you eager to develop a School Management software that mirrors the exceptional features and user-friendliness of Alma? You've come to the right place! At Dev Technosys, we excel in building tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your needs. Let us collaborate to create cutting-edge software that revolutionizes your school's management processes and drives success.

Apps Like Totheshelf

Software Like Fedena

Looking to develop a School Management software that rivals the comprehensive functionality and versatility of Fedena? Look no further! At Dev Technosys, we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that meet your unique requirements. Join us to create an innovative software platform that transforms your school's management and fosters educational excellence.

School Management App Development: The Pivotal Features

There are several benefits of our school management solutions. Schools and institutes can manage their work, and administration, among other things. Here are some key features of school management that you would like to read and know.

  • Student Panel
  • Teacher Panel
  • School Admin Panel
  • Additional Settings

Student Panel

  • Profile Creation

    Higher-class students can add or modify their details on the app. For this, they will need a login ID and password, which is given by the school.

  • My Assignments

    Here students can view subject-wise assignments given by their teachers.

  • Attendance

    Students can track their attendance with ease. They can see overall attendance of week or month.

  • Results

    This section showcases the obtained grades in class, term, and other examinations.

  • Leave Application

    The students who can manage their accounts can apply for leave.

  • Time-Table

    App also allows students to check their class timetable. In addition to this, students can check many more details and instructions given by teachers.

Teacher Panel

  • Teachers Profile

    The teachers can easily manage their profiles. They can add crucial details and alternative details, including their contact number and e-mail id.

  • Students Profile Management

    A class teacher can edit the details of a student profile if required.

  • Attendance Submission

    After finishing class, it is easy to upload the attendance via smartphone on the school management app or web portal.

  • Time-Table

    An individual teacher can see their timetable given by the school management. They can put their specific instruction there for students. It will also reflect in the students' app. Teachers and students can remain in sync.

  • Leave Management

    The school staff can apply for leave via the school management system. They choose to use a school management web portal or app.

  • Salary Details

    The staff can check their salary details.

  • Online Notes

    Teachers can upload their notes on the school management portal to leverage the students for their study whenever required.

  • Assignments

    Subject teachers can smoothly upload the assignments to categorize them in section and class vise.

School Admin Panel

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admin dashboard is a powerful feature of school management software. This allows school management to supervise in-app activities and data at the same place. This acts as the home screen.

  • Student's & Guardian Details

    The administrator can easily add, remove, edit, or modify the student and guardian details. They can also view more details with student’s roll no. You have to put it in the search bar, which is powered by advanced search algo.

  • Fee Collection

    The school can directly collect the payment via multiple payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and net banking. The receipt will be generated, and parents will get the submission receipt immediately.

  • Account Management

    The school management app also has features to manage school finances. With this, institutions can improve their financial analysis, monthly payrolls, and other expenses.

  • Admission Procedure

    This feature helps the school management to handle the admission procedure. This allows parents to directly apply for admission of their child.

  • Employee Details

    This section contains the details of school staff since their joining to the leave the job from school.

  • Time-Table Design

    A good algorithm allows the administrators or class to create the timetable for respective classes and subjects.

Additional Settings

  • Parent Portal

    While being beneficial for students and school, it also enables parents with many time-effective tasks. This includes fee submission, enquiring about kids, checking attendance, and other things. They can also see the marks obtained in the tests.

  • School Transport

    The school transport in charge can schedule the transport on various routes and observe the live location of vehicles.

  • Staff Attendance

    Admin panels have a lot of important information. Here, the admin can check staff attendance, received from biometric, present, absent, or number of absentees.

  • Library Management

    The library management feature facilitates the librarians to issue the books, inventory management and many other tasks.

School Management Software Demo

For a better understanding, you can go through the demo of the school management app. This gives you an idea of how our app works.

How Does It Work?

We follow a unique School Management System App Development process to facilitate teachers, students, and parents. The characteristics of our solutions are well-defined and easy to access. As a result, we deliver great school management applications to the concerned bodies in an essential manner.

  • 1


    Admin and staff have separate login & dashboard features to manage their respective activities.

  • 2

    Attendance Management

    School management can smoothly keep attendance records of faculty and students. Including daily, weekly, monthly, or session-wise attendance.

  • 3

    Staff Profile

    This section is segmented into two parts one is for admin and another for staff. Admin has total authority over staff management. They can add or delete a staff profile, they can also add or modify details.

  • 4

    Fee Management

    Admin has control over the fee management; they can see the overall status of the fee submitted and due. It also allows them to send push notifications for the fee submission.

  • 5

    Inquiry Management

    Helps admission in charge to manage all existing and upcoming inquiries.

  • 6

    Operations Management

    Management will control all operational activities and have the best experience of any other ordinary school management software.

Complete Range of School Management Software Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

With the School Management Solutions from Dev Technosys, you can get software that fulfills all of your school administrators and management needs. Our solutions are compliant with all of the major platforms including iOS, Web, and Android. In addition to this, the software we make can be used on different devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart tvOS, and others.

Our School Management Software solutions core parts include-

Software for Students

Through the student’s software, they can contact teachers, mark up their attendance, and update their assignments and homework.

Software for Teachers

Through the School Management Software for teachers, the teachers can keep track of students’ attendance, check the assignments, assign work, and much more.

Web Admin Panel

Through the admin web panel, the management can keep track of each and everything.

While all of the basic features are already included in School management software, there is always room for more. Dev Technosys can provide much more advanced features. Some of these are, as mentioned below:

School Management Software
School Management Software
School Management Web App
School Management Web App
School Management iOS App
School Management iOS App
School Management Android App
School Management Android App
Student Attendance software
Student Attendance software
School Chain Management App
School Chain Management App
Summer Courses School Management App
Summer Courses School Management App
Vocational Courses School App
Vocational Courses School App
Usually, the school administration software comes in a combination with student and teacher applications. In addition to this, there is also a web admin panel, which allows school management to keep track of each and every activity.
school management software company

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School Management App Development Services

Being a leading web and mobile app development company, you can have the desired solution from us. We have an experienced team of school management software developer who provides amazing school management software development services. Thus, with our expertise and knowledge, we deliver a school management app.

Our experts always use the latest tech stack to ensure a fully functional product with rich features. It is the best option if you are looking for a solution to help you manage your school administration. It will help you regarding attendance management, staff management, timetable management, fee management, etc. In addition, it offers several modules to handle the campus management tasks smoothly.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

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Our Portfolio

For years, Dev Technosys has been delivering successful websites and applications that help businesses grow. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:


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stuMagz- School Management Application

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School Management Software Development Solutions Cost Estimation

Dev Technosys provides School Management Solutions at the most affordable prices. However, there are a few factors and different aspects of application development that can affect the final price. Mention below is some of these factors that affect the final cost of School management software.

school management software Platform


There are different development platforms that are used for different purposes. However, different platforms have different costs of development. Thus, it can affect the final price of school management software.

school management software UI/UX Components

UI/UX Components

You want your School Administration Software to look visually appealing and it should be easy to navigate too. UI/UX are important components of software and they incur varying cost of development costs based on the complexity of the same.

school management software Features


To make the School Administration Software useful and productive, it has to be filled with all the right features. Now, the basic features don’t add that much to the cost of development, however, the more advanced features can be expensive.

school management software Tech Stack

Tech Stack

It is important that School Management System Software is built using the latest software. this allows it to be future-ready and always functional. However, different tech stacks come with different costs.

school management software Third-Party APIs

Third-Party APIs

By integrating third-party APIs in the school management system software, developers improve the overall functionality of the same. However, there are only a few APIs that come without a cost and others can be quite expensive.

school management Software Testing

Software Testing

Before the software is declared fit for use, it is taken through a range of tests. Here, it is checked for possible errors and bugs. The tools used in this process are paid and thus, it adds to the total cost of development.

school management Software Security

Software Security

This software deals with a lot of sensitive data. This is why we always make School Management Solutions safe and secure. But depending on the level of security this factor can affect the price of development.

school management Storage


School Management System Software deals with a lot of data exchange and flow. That is why it needs storage. Depending on the size of the same, the price can differ.

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Why Choose Us For School Management Application Software?

Our school management system provides complete technical excellence and expert solutions that satisfy the client’s requirements to a greater extent. The on-demand solutions such as the school management software contineuolsy helps in streamlining different industries in a way to make them efficient for the society.


Exam Management

Conducting exams is extremely troublesome for schools and equally hectic for students. The examination module of our software helps teachers to develop question banks and schedules, and analyze scores accordingly. We also facilitate them in preparing question papers along with assisting students.


Attendance Management

We have made it extremely convenient for teachers to track their students’ performances and monthly or quarterly attendance. The advance system can be configured as per need. This also enables instant alerts for parents, if the student is found absent. Our developers are capable of integrating the latest models that can track student attendance effectively.


Staff Information

Every educational institution or school requires to track their academic as well as non-academic staff regularly. Our school software development solution delivers a number of amazing features. This allows you to access and store many details on the go. Our developers make sure that you can perform various functions smoothly while managing the staff information.


Vocational Guidance

It is extremely important for schools and other educational institutions to provide careers for vocational guidance to their students. Through our school management software solutions, we help the institutions to provide better career opportunities and guidance to students. And through our application, the interested students can apply for the same course easily.


Timetable Management

It is a humongous task for schools to create multiple timetables and students find it confusing to access their specific ones. Our software solutions provide many benefits. This includes tracking syllabus, availability, optional subjects, and timetables, among other things. Our software allows teachers to create a study timetable, easily taking into consideration various factors.


Improve Collaboration

Our school management applications make it easy for schools to improve their collaboration among various segments. We also facilitate open communication between schools and their various departments including the fee department, sports department, cultural department, etc.

Benefits of Using Our School Software Development Solutions

  • Managing 24×7

    Our platform offers a dedicated support team to assist international as well as local clients with their queries. Here we create a functional set of education reforming models to influence the mind of every student in a better way. The professionals of our platform feel pleased to undertake a regular follow up of the process and fulfill requirements accordingly.

  • Cost Efficient

    We offer the best school management software tools. These can help you align with the school’s price strategy based on the size of the school. We provide multiple packages to manage the budget requirements of our clients. Our pricing ensures maximum satisfaction and the best service commitment to schools as well as parents and other individuals.

  • Simplifying Education

    We provide a stable team of experts that guarantee in helping the education administrator to modify and access information anytime, anywhere. We make sure to provide sustainable education details to clients without any error. We deliver supreme quality school management solutions that are easily accessible.

  • Quick Alerts

    Our school management solutions have enriched an innovative learning model that fits the clients’ requirement specifications. Our experts understand how to locate the hardware and software-based function along with analyzing the technical aspects of the solution. In order to deliver absolute feasibility, we evaluate every aspect of our system and initiate alerts accordingly.

  • Satisfying Students

    Being the best school management software development company, we deliver strategic solutions. This helps keep students informed and their academic needs satisfied. Our application comes with numerous tools and services to help you to connect with potential clients and campus students very easily. We make sure to provide the best faculty and staff to students.

  • Assisting Teachers

    Our school management applications work extremely well for teachers as well as educational institutions. Our solutions help them streamline the learning process. They can be changed into fun-filled activities and enable an intelligent approach among students. Our apps are entirely focused on shifting the learning capability among the students.

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School Management System Solution Models

School Chain Management App

School Chain Management App

This type of school chain management app is a perfect solution for institutes with schools at multiple locations. With its help, you can manage the administration of all branches. In addition, you can have all data on your screen in a single click that includes staff attendance, fee received, finance management, and many more features that you can't expect.

Summer Courses School Management App

Summer Courses School Management App

This app model is much helpful for those who run summer courses schools. It helps the owners recruit the staff, manage the summer courses, on-board the students and do other tasks. The best part is that the school management app remains light while execution but promises many rich features and benefits.

School Recruitment App

School Recruitment App

School recruitment App is the best option for on-boarding the talents in institutes. It provides a variety of opportunities to the schools and teachers. The schools or educational institutes can leverage it for finding talented trainers and teachers. On the other hand, teachers can find the right place to showcase their teaching skills.

Vocational Courses School App

Vocational Courses School App

Vocational or skill development school is also one of the best options to give the right turn to live. The students can learn various skills here, and by providing the skill developing education, vocational school management can earn great. The vocational courses school management app works like a platform for the students and skill development trainers. With the help of the school management app, you can connect with a large set of trainers and students.

Ready-To-Go School Management System App Solutions By Dev Technosys

  • Gradelink SIS Clone

    Gradelink SIS Clone

  • iGradePlus Clone

    iGradePlus Clone

  • FamilyID Clone

    FamilyID Clone

  • FreshSchools Clone

    FreshSchools Clone

  • ParentLocker Clone

    ParentLocker Clone

  • School Diary Clone

    School Diary Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How to develop school management system software?

    School management system solutions are a computer program that enables institutions to manage their day-to-day school administrative tasks.This helps in digitally monitor the daily activities along with managing all the resources and information on a single platform.

  • How do I make school management software?

  • What are the pros and cons of hiring a software development company?

  • How do I create a school management app?

  • How much does a school management software cost?

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