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Utility App Development

Launch a utility app offering multiple functionalities and useful features!

Utility apps are such fantastic examples of mobile app development that how an application can help end users handle routine tasks such as bill payment, updating work status, finding a location on the map and many more.

Dev Technosys is one of the perfect choices if you need a uniquely built utility app. While discussing ideas, you can also demand customization with us. We have an experienced team of utility app developer who can develop a tailored solution in the form of a perfect and fine-functioning utility app.

  • User-friendly GUI
  • Multiple features
  • Robust Backend
  • Data Security & privacy
  • On-time delivery
  • Scalable App
  • Third-party Integration
  • Experienced Developers
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Dev Technosys can help you with the following solutions -

Gym Training App
System Utilities
Fitness Tracking App
File Management Utilities
Fitness Workout App
Storage Device Management
Customized Workout App
Miscellaneous Utilities
Nutrition & Diet Planning App
Scanning Applications
Fitness E-commerce App Development
Backup Utilities
Yoga Training App development
Self Defence Training App Development
Disk Management Utilities
Sports Physiotherapy App
Disk Clean-up Tools
Weight Lose Training App
Clipboard Managers
Weight Lose Training App
System Monitors
Weight Lose Training App
Expense Tracker

Develop A Utility App With Dev Technosys

Utility apps are one of the innovative segments of mobile app development, designed and developed to support professional or personal requirements. Usually, the utility app remains pre-installed, but you can for customized utility app development.

Dev Technosys is one of the leading utility app development companies. We have a team of experienced utility app developer who can assist you with Android utility app development or iPhone app development. Our priority is constantly developing innovative utility apps so businesses can leverage them per their business goals.

Powering Efficiency With Our Ultimate Utility App Solution Like

Step into a world of unparalleled efficiency and convenience courtesy of our extraordinary utility app solution. As the premier utility app development company, we are committed to empowering you with a revolutionary tool that transforms how you manage your daily tasks. With our ultimate app, you'll unlock a realm of streamlined functionality, intelligent automation, and user-centric design, revolutionizing how you optimize resources, streamline utilities, and maximize productivity. Experience the true power of efficiency with our game-changing solution.

App Like GasBuddy

App Like GasBuddy

Looking to develop a groundbreaking utility app like GasBuddy? Look no further! Our team of experts specializes in crafting innovative solutions that revolutionize how users interact with utilities. From real-time gas prices to navigation and rewards, we'll help you create a feature-rich app that empowers users and enhances their daily experiences. Let's fuel your success together!

Apps Like GlassWire

App Like GlassWire

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you monitor and protect your network? Introducing an opportunity to develop a utility app like GlassWire, empowering users with real-time network monitoring, bandwidth management, and security insights. Let's embark on a journey of innovation where connectivity meets control, all within the grasp of your fingertips.

Apps Like IFTTT

App Like IFTTT

Unlock the true potential of automation and seamless integration with a utility app like IFTTT! Imagine a world where your devices effortlessly work together, orchestrating a symphony of productivity. Embrace the opportunity to develop an app that empowers users to connect, automate, and simplify their digital lives like never before. Let's embark on this transformative journey of limitless possibilities!

Utility App Development : The Features
You Will Have In Your App

Utility apps work like a complete solution. It facilitates users to self-manage their tasks, app accounts, and services. Based on your utility app development requirements, our expert can turn your idea into an app that will transform the users' smartphone into a multidimensional device. Here are some crucial features of the utility app that you will get from us-

  • User App

User App

  • Custom Features

    Customized features will help you to meet business goals. Moreover, it will also help you to meet customers' expectations.

  • QR Code Scanner

    Most mobile apps use QR code scanners, which helps for seamless payments and information sharing.

  • Live Chat Integration

    Live chat integration is the best medium to have a strong customer relationship. Additionally, it is also required for customer support.

  • Cross-platform Ability

    The cross-platform ability will widen the audience base as the app can work on all types of mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone.

  • Dashboard

    App maintenance and monitoring are necessary for every professional app that can be possible with the Dashboard panel. You can generate the reports for analytics purposes.

  • Rich User Interface

    The soul of any app is its interface because it is the component that makes a bond between users and apps. A rich interface is also required to create the best user experience.

  • Scheduled Backup

    Taking a backup of the app's data is a good practice, and with our utility mobile app development solutions, you can do it the best way.

  • Push Notifications

    Send direct notifications to the users about the new launch of the project, offers, discounts and more. You can send messages via SMS and WhatsApp.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Multiple payment options are one of the essential features of any app. It works super fantastic for the utility app as well.

Fitness Trainer App

  • Registration

    The fitness trainers and gym instructors can register themselves on the app by entering vital details like profile name, proficiency, types of services, cost of services, and user reviews.

  • Trainer Profile

    Trainers can create profiles with their ease. They can mention their services, contact numbers, experience in the fitness industry, and other details.

  • Availability

    The fitness trainers can accept or cancel appointment requests from the end-users with the app itself. In addition, trainers can toggle status anytime or whenever they require, based on availability.

  • Live Status Tracking

    The app offers the ease of live status tracking to the trainers.

  • Activity Training

    The trainers can track the progress of all trainees. For example, they can see how many hours they have spent training, their current fitness training status, and more.

  • Starting Appointment

    By accepting the appointment, the trainers can start the appointment from the app itself.

  • Customer Reviews

    The trainers can go through respective customer reviews.

  • Customized Fitness Plan

    The trainers can customize the plan for an individual based on the current fitness progress. Once the plan is updated, the fitness app user will receive a notification.

  • Upload Tutorial

    Trainers will find watching the exercise video on the app very interesting. They can make videos and upload them on their account so the users can refer to them.

Admin Panel

  • View Current Engagements

    Using the admin panel, the admin can get an idea of the current engagements between the users and the fitness trainers.

  • Creating Bookings on Demand

    The admin can create new bookings upon an increase in the overall demands of the app services.

  • Live Status of the Users

    Admin can view the live stṣatus of app users. It works as an admin can watch how many users are taking training sessions at a time, how many trainers are online etc.

  • Admin Dashboard

    The dashboard allows the admin to control the app, the user's activity, and the trainers' activity. With the help of a dashboard, the admin can move to any section of the app.

  • Analytics

    The analytics feature allows the app admin to click and generate reports for defining appropriate business strategies. In addition, it generates data related to all types of app activities.

  • Subscription Plans

    The app has all sorts of functionalities to modify subscription plans. If there is any update in the subscription plan, then the user will get a notification immediately.

Additional Features

  • Wearable Integration

    The app will provide synchronization in the best way. It can have integration with the smartphone, wearable devices or fitness trackers. Its functionality will be like Mi Fit or Fitness+ by apple.

  • Real-Time Activity Tracking

    The fitness trainer app tracks the user activity in real-time and captures all the data for report generation and statistics that users, admin or trainers can see later.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notification is one of the most required features for any modern app. It helps the admin send alerts to the users and trainers about any change in the app or its policy.

  • Feature Preference

    It facilitates the users to add or remove the pre-built features available in the app. For example, suppose any user does not want to use a video tutorial. They can remove it from their account.

  • Subscription Module

    It allows the admin to customize the subscription module. For example, using an on-demand fitness trainer app, the end-users can select a monthly/yearly subscription and pay accordingly.

  • Gamification

    One of the most interesting features of the fitness coach app is gamification. Personal trainer app users can learn exercises from animated videos with ample explanation.

  • Secure & Safe Onboarding

    The user onboarding remains safe and secure as our fitness mobile app solutions are equipped with the latest cybersecurity mechanism.

  • Review & Ratings

    The users can rate the services easily and also write the review. So you can use it for improvement in services.

Utility App Development Demo

If you need to see what your utility app will look like, we can create a demo for you. It will help you analyse how the app works and its features.

The Ways Of Monetizing of Utility App

For developing a utility app, an in-depth understanding is required. On the other hand, for earning, you also need to focus on the app's monetisation. Usually, monetization refers to how your app will earn via following different ways. So, here are the ways that you can follow-

Freemium Model

As its name implies, it is free for all. Still, you can earn from it by offering the users an in-app purchase. The users can purchase additional features on the app and will pay for them.

In-App Advertisement

Allowing other third-party services provider to run their ads on your utility app is an excellent idea for monetizing the app. Your app can generate good revenue from it.

Subscription Model

One of the most popular monetization models that app owners follow is to generate revenue or monetize the app. Under this model, users will pay as per their chosen subscription.

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Utility Mobile App Development Services

At Dev Technosys, you will get the project done by experienced Utility app developer with long years of track record developing Utility apps for businesses. They efficiently develop mobile applications that offer a seamless user experience while in use.

Whether Android app development, iPhone app development or cross-platform app development, our Utility mobile app development services work best for all where you can also demand customization while in runtime. Our app development services are based on quality, transparency, and modern tech.

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Our Portfolio

Your search to find the best fitness builder app comes to an end here. For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

ZENTRA Utility

ZENTRA Utility Mobile is the newest way to interact with your ZENTRA System devices. Using Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), you can wirelessly connect to your devices, view information about the device and sensors, and configure the device according...
Fitness App Development

Utility App Development Cost Estimation

The cost of utility app development depends on multiple factors, and the development cost factors are the same applied to the other mobile apps. Each factor has it contributes to the overall cost of mobile app development.

Fitness App Tech Stack

Tech Stack

For developing a fine utility app, the latest tech stack is required. It contains the development tools like frontend development tools, backend development tools, UI/UX development tools, and others.

Fitness App Features


Features are one of the biggest influential factors to the app development cost. If features are more advanced, it will increase the cost of utility mobile app development. With a limited budget, you can opt for the MVP version.

Fitness App UI/UX Designing

UI/UX Designing

The most crucial factor or component to make an app interesting is from the users' perspective. Users always interact with GUI, not the code, so developing an easy and interactive GUI cost is involved.

Team of Mobile App Developers

Team of Mobile App Developers

For developing a utility app, you need a team of experienced utility app developer. They will help you to convert your idea into a reality. So, the point is clear regarding the cost of utility app development cost of developers is included.

Fitness App Platform


The subsequent essential thing influencing cost estimation is the platform, i.e., web, android, and iOS. The value of every platform-orientated app isn't the same as others. For example, iOS mobile app improvement is barely greater than an android app.

Fitness App Data Privacy

Data Privacy

One of every business and app developer's main concerns is saving the app from cyber threats and online fraudsters. A security mechanism is required to implement it, which comes with the cost.

Fitness App QA & Testing

QA & Testing

The QA & testing ensure the best operating of the app. the foremost vital method involving utility mobile app development facilitates the utility app developers to eliminate the bugs or any probability of the app malfunctioning.

Fitness App API Integration

API Integration

The API integration helps in including additional features and functionalities to the app. The APIs are prebuilt code for a specific purposes such as payments, push notifications, SMS, and other.

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Why Choose Dev Technosys For Utility Mobile App Development?

One of the best reasons that Dev Technosys is a perfect choice is an experienced team of Utility app developer with a proven track record. We are one of the leaders in the mobile app development market, helping businesses to bloom with their ideas.


Latest Technology & Tools

We use the modern-day tech stack made of new-age growing tools, programming languages, cloud storage, and much greater than expected.


Perfect Customer-Engagement Model

Dev Technosys also focus on the best customer experience due we have shaped ourselves to provide multiple options regarding customer-engagement models.


Experienced Developers

The utility app development team consists of experienced, intermediate and junior utility app developers who work with the responsibility of creating something unique.


On-time Delivery

We always value customers' time, and our whole team stays focused on delivering the project on time. To date, we have achieved a success rate of 98%.


Rich UI/UX

Rich UI/UX helps in engaging the customers in the best way. You will be amazed to know that our dedicated UI/UX developers are experts in it.


App Maintenance & Support

We will always be available for you even after post-development. You can contact us any time for app maintenance & support.

Benefits of Utility App Development

Utility apps are one of the modern concepts in utility mobile app development sector that helps the users to handle their routine tasks such as fund transfer, bill payment, calendar schedule, emi calculator, and more. It is also beneficial from the business point of view. Here are some of the following of it-

  • Improved Productivity

    The utility app improves productivity and everyday life experience. It helps the users to tackle professional and personal tasks.

  • Real-time Usage Reporting

    With utility apps, real time usage is very easy. In a singe click a user can generate a complete usage report.

  • Easy to Use

    There is no expertise required to use utility apps. These apps are built for anyone and offers easy features to the users for their tasks.

  • Time Management

    Utility apps offer multiple functionalities that can save you time in real time. Within a click, you can perform specific actions.

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Ready-To-Go Utility App Solutions By Dev Technosys- A Leading Mobile App Development Compnay

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    IFTTT Clone

  • Fitness Buddy Clone

    Smart Tools

  • JEFIT Clone

    TickTick Clone

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    Otter Voice Clone

  • MyFitnessPal Clone

    E-Z Fix Clone

  • RunTastic Clone

    Key Ring Clone

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best examples of a Utility App?

    Utility apps are built to perform a specific task effectively. If you are looking for the best examples of utility app development, these are calculators, disk fragmenter, phone cleaner apps, music-making apps, meditation apps, and time management apps.

  • How much does it cost to develop a utility app?

  • What is the maintenance cost of the Utility app?

  • Who owns the code of the Utility app?

  • What are the hiring models available?

  • Do you sign NDA?

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